Did The CIA Just Prove Existence Of Aliens? — Part of Partial Disclosure? ~ Jan. 21, 2017


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(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The Central Intelligence Agency recently released millions of documents, a seemingly strange move given its adherence to total secrecy in the past. The documents contain several references to UFOs, psychic investigations, remote viewing and influencing, and more. Various investigators have already started pouring through the once classified pages, but the question is, was this part of partial or limited disclosure?

Based on the assumption that the shadowy organization is not, all of a sudden, turning a new leaf and deciding to disclose their activities, this move suggests something more nefarious could be at work.

Some insiders and analysts have suggested that the truth embargo or secrecy agenda was never meant to last forever. Instead, a slow and steady release of information acclimates the public to fringe topics while a campaign of ridicule is used to downplay the importance of what is released. If this normalization campaign is done properly, the data quickly fades into obscurity within the minds of the mentally inactive public. Once complete, almost all the secretive activities of these agencies can be “hidden in plain sight”—revealed to a public who could careless or is incapable of comprehending the importance of what is revealed.

If this perspective is correct, there will likely be more disclosures coming as time goes on but very little in the way of discussion regarding what it all means for the human race.

Thankfully, the people can still take up their powers of consciousness and think about the information. In the process, the truth magnitude of these revelations can be understood. Chiefly, that the mystical and fantastic nature of existence has been seriously investigated by the government, which has expended enormous amounts of energy keeping it secret. And as such, these hidden and often downplayed attributes of life should be recognized and understood—most importantly, to reclaim our true status as harmonious custodians of the Earth and the life on it.

– Justin

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