Cosmic Awareness: About The Current State Of American Politics ~ Jan. 12, 2017


Gosh knows…LOTS of news out there right now that seems to be building to dome sort of head. Trump, Netanyahu, Zionist influence, Pizzagate, satanism, war with Russia…and the list goes on.

But regardless of your own personal feelings about these transitory issues, let cut to the “heart” of the matter, and read this message by “Cosmic Awareness” who brings us to an understanding of the core issue involved…that this is a time of personal reflection that ultimately brings us to a point of Being ONE with ALL and say “Thank you! I love you! Forgive me!”.

So…please read this channeled article found on Galactic Connections, perform your own personal reflection, and…


Cosmic Awareness General Reading – December 29, 2016

Michelle, Interpreter; V. Sharp Questioner & Energizer


Does Awareness have a message about the current state of politics in the United States?


This Awareness observes a demonstration of the factions that run the country is coming to the surface. It is becoming increasingly obvious even to those outside the realms of conspiracy theorists that the structures of the Republican and Democratic Party are illusions. This Awareness acknowledges there are many entities that are coming forward and vying for positions of power and attempting to create sway among the populace through their use of media.

For this reason, this Awareness suggests viewing media with great discretion, for the entities of the population of this country have been conditioned to be highly volatile and easily manipulated, drawn into a fervor with great ease and then dismissed and placated equally as efficiently.

This Awareness suggests taking nothing for granted. There is very little truth that is being published or reported at this time. The fragments of truth can be picked out with great effort and great discernment. These factions are continuing to vie for positions of power and this will continue until that point of divisive action is taken.

This divisive action will come from a source that is beyond the Elite. It may not be noticeable within the media circles, may not be immediately noticeable to anyone on the planet, yet for those that are seeking to know when this shift or decision or action occurs there will be noted a very subtle, yet very unmistakable shift in the energy within mass consciousness.

The Current State Of American Politics
The Current State Of American Politics

This Awareness would give the analogy of a pageantry show, and each of these factions have presented its best players, its best models, and speakers to parade before the audience and before the judges, each vying for the Best of Show, for the most accumulated points and energetic rapture from the audience.

This Awareness suggests that if one can observe and witness oneself within the audience and detach oneself from the experience of interaction, of being at the whim and fancy of those upon the stage and the judges throwing their votes, to instead become the witness of the witness, witness of the spectator, witness of the show, witness of the judges, and witness of the auditorium, to step back and to step back, one will begin to observe the flow of energy as it flows, as each faction applies its tools and efforts to manipulate the judges, to manipulate the audience and to manipulate the energies in the room.

Then you as witness will be able to immediately observe this is occurring and then make a conscious decision to offer gratitude and love for the opportunity to see and feel this experience within the human platform.

This again creates a ripple effect that affects everyone within the room down to the atomic structures. The more that one owns one’s own personal domain instead of becoming a reactionary object, the more one can shift one’s vibration to one that is sovereign, yet deeply connected to all that is in existence.

The Current State Of American Politics

This Awareness observes there is great opportunity within the United States for great harm to come to all on many different levels, through many different avenues as these factions begin to seek out which aspect they would sacrifice for the opportunity to wear the crown, to hold the scepter of power, each faction must determine a sacrificial unit and each must obtain a highly charged aspect of each individual’s personal domain in order to qualify to become the King or Queen of the Pageant, or this country of the United States.

The Current State Of American Politics

The entity known as Trump is still viewed as a dissident by many of the entities that voted for him. While the decided outcry is that he is lying and deceiving those that would follow him, this Awareness would suggest that this too is a faction vying for control. If one is seeking to deepen one’s understanding of the outcomes that are available, to the potentialities that are running concurrently at this time, that one detach, to step back and step back, and step back again into the position of witness, into the stillness of that pond where reflection is absolute, and to become that point which is able to observe 360 degrees and send forth emotively: “Thank you! I love you! Forgive me!”

This is the time of great reflection. All that is coming forward is coming forward as reflection of the self seeking the self, thus to acknowledge the self, to acknowledge that this is one’s experience being called forth, one initiates the progression of change, the progression of transmutation, and the progression of transcendence is initiated.


Awareness it is hard to do when you care about our country. I’m wondering as we sit and watch as the potential cabinet members are chosen, and know that their interests are in the total opposite of the cabinet they are representing. How can we find out what the truth is so that we can make a difference? I’m speaking specifically of the EPA, but all the cabinet members nominated are billionaires unless this is a lie too!

The Current State Of American Politics

This Awareness indicates that these entities that are being positioned to effect great influence upon the policies and laws within the United States are there in part because some aspect of yourself has called forth this opportunity for reflection. This Awareness suggests that you are seeking empowerment. You are seeking to understand that your voice is meaningful, even though it is seemingly drowned out by the cacophony of the office that is taking form.

The entities that are assembling are those that would seek to plunder the earth, to harvest all the resources that are best left untouched. This Awareness would suggest that you have called forth this opportunity of such dire circumstances because within your soul you recognized that unless the situation was dire, you would be hesitant to take action within yourself.

This Awareness suggests that for many within the United States and within and upon the globe itself that are in a state of shock as they observe what transpires at this time; the emotions, the fear and the intensity cause them to look within: “How is this happening? How is this happening to me?” The self is seeking reflection, a reflection that will lead to actions of empowerment, to positioning oneself so that one owns their personal domain.

If the factions that are vying for control of the cabinet, of the planet, of the United States, of the states themselves, of the resources within the states—if each of the entities that make up the population were to step within themselves and refuse to allow their personal domain to be inhabited by anyone but themselves and they owned their own potency, owned their own power, then those factions would lose their footing and would crumble, because each and every one of them is built on their ability to manipulate and control the population.

This Awareness has provided opportunities, exercises, analogies, and reflections in an effort to suggest ways and means that allow oneself to step into that position of empowerment that you are seeking. The answer is not without, but is within. The reflections that entities observe outside of themselves are the symptoms of what the individual is seeking within… that moment of stillness wherein the revelation that, “I have the ability to detach, to become the witness!” is the step toward empowerment, to owning one’s domain, and the ability to send out such waves and ripples of self-acknowledgement and forgiveness and gratitude for that reflection, that others begin to detach and claim their personal domain as well, and that is action that cannot be controlled by another.

The Current State Of American Politics

It is an action that those that seek to manipulate cannot foresee, nor can they act against it. Does this answer your question?


Yes. What is actually going on with the United States and Russia right now?


This Awareness observes there are factions making pronouncements, that much like in a game of cards, one has been called out, their hand has been exposed; yet everyone at the table knew that this was going on, so for it to be called out means that there is another play in motion, and that would be for whichever faction is presenting itself to lay down their cards, to show how they have usurped the power.

This could be in a demonstration of sacrifice. It could be in a demonstration of natural disaster, or it could be very quiet. There are still many opportunities for potentials to play out. There are many moving parts at this time, each and every one of them vying for greater power and control.


So Awareness, as we watch others vying for power and we stay watching from afar, is all of this stuff going to be kind of a way where everything is being exposed, little by little, more and more?


Indeed, because more and more entities are stepping into a position of personal power. They are claiming responsibility for their domain, and as they do this, the factions lose footing and must scramble to regain it, and each time this occurs, more of their shadow is revealed.

A Visualization To Open Your Transmutation Gateway

Cosmic Awareness General Reading – September 1, 2016

Michelle, Interpreter; V. Sharp Questioner & Energizer


There are several hundred factions, main parties, secret societies, fraternities that are employing the funds, energies and time of several thousand other factions and secret societies, secret government departments. Each is vying for a position.

The scope of the energies at hand can be difficult to comprehend. This is not just a changing of leadership within the United States. It is a passing of the torch on a much larger scale… This Awareness would offer this visualization at this time.

Observe oneself sitting beyond the atmosphere of the earth, becoming aware of its spinning, not only on its axis, but also through the galaxy; thus two aspects of revolution are occurring: one upon its axis, and one upon the solar system as it moves forward, progressing into a new space within the galaxy, within the universe.

Bring your attention to earth, and zooming in to the atmosphere of the earth, placing oneself within the bubble, the magnetic sphere of the earth, choosing to see souls in their bio-photon induced bodies. These bodies are filled with soul energy that is deeply entwined with the earth, creating within oneself an awareness of the toroidal field that extends from one’s heart.

Visualize that you are your bio-photon body, and encased within it, like a massive energetic geode, is your physical form, suspended at the core. This toroidal field becomes energized by your love. Feel your heart beating in your physical form and observe your bio-photon field, that body, become brighter and brighter.

A Visualization To Open Your Transmutation Gateway
A Visualization To Open Your Transmutation Gateway

Without words, send love to the earth’s heart. Continue to send until you recognize that your heartbeats have synchronized. You will feel her love, like waves of warm celestial water flushing through the axis of your toroidal field. The bio-photons of your soul body will begin to shimmer in response to this joy. Acknowledge the feeling of “Yes, I accept! Yes, I am here! Yes, I am willing!”

Once this process of initiating rapport with the earth is complete; direct one’s heart to the beings in their photon bodies upon the earth, those that are participating in these factions, and those that are participating as the ones that will implement the will of these participants. Feel within yourself the recognition: “I too have brought this harm to pass. I see you and I love you, and I accept you!”

Observe, as the lights of these beings begin to flash in response. Witness as the earth sends love through them to you in response to your act of accountability and forgiveness. This Awareness suggest that this is a means by which humanity that has chosen a state of being awake, can call forth from the most intimate levels of reality that which is of the highest truth.

Allow it to be initiated at a scale that supersedes the false light, that supersedes the programming and that supersedes all that would seek to create misalignment, for at this level, only truth exists. This Awareness observes and suggests that this is a starting point. Those entities that choose to participate in this exercise will bear witness to great changes within themselves, for this level of self-awareness transcends third dimensional reality and the complications that arise from navigating the programming that exists upon the surface of the planet.

A Visualization To Open Your Transmutation Gateway

Creating the intimate rapport with the earth is highly beneficial as it creates protection around you. She, the earth, is seeking this intimate bond with each entity that walks and lives upon her. To acknowledge her in this way creates a bond that is timeless and eternal. Once it is created and nurtured, it can never be undone or infiltrated or manipulated, because it operates at the very foundation of What Is.

This Awareness indicates that this exercise is a gateway. Each entity that participates will be guided from this point to transmuting and transforming those areas, those aspects, those energies, those patterns, beliefs, paradigms, world-views, and misalignments of Universal Truth that their soul has specifically agreed to address. Thus, this Awareness suggests that upon initiating the statement of “I am willing!” one accepts accountability to the earth and to those souls that have agreed to be here at this time and create an opportunity for those that wish to participate in this act of transmutation and transformation on a global scale.


Thank you Awareness. That was very deep. By doing the exercise that You just told us about, we would all be able to see when something was false. Is that correct?


This could be one purpose for pursuing this exercise…

This Awareness observes there are many factions at play that are seeking to create division, that are seeking to create for themselves the opportunity to claim sacrificial blood as their own, and thus to offer themselves an opportunity to rise to power in the new leadership that is coming to the forefront…

This Awareness wishes to make clear that the Powers That Be are no longer associated with America. America is a moot point. The country that was once known as America has essentially ceased to exist. The country itself has devolved into several hundred factions recognized around the world by those governments that are seeking to play in this power struggle…

This Awareness suggests removing the belief structures that suggest it will be one country against another, for this is false.

The Powers That Be are composed of factions, groups of individuals, groups of souls that have identified themselves with the obtainment of specific sacrificial energies. Remove the concept of one country, and replace it with the understanding that hundreds of factions are seeking to create a sacrificial energy pool through which they can arrive at a position of greater power. Some seek immortality, and some seek fame. Others seek a sense of domination over others. Some seek to inspire fear in others.

Fundamentally, the concept of governance in its altruistic form in this current reality is no longer present. Those that are puppets of these factions are just that: they are puppets. To acknowledge the truths of this situation, to name them, to call them as they are, instead of the fictional forms that they would have you relate to, one becomes competent and capable of seeing the deeper truths. The lines of energy become easily revealed, for truly, this Awareness observes there is very little covering them anymore.


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