Are you Ready? Just Sayin… ~ Jan. 2, 2017


Lot’s of things are happening out there, my friends. I AM not a soothsayer, but like to take a look at the facts, and then see how it feels!

Now, The Donald won the US Presidential election…we think. The Electoral College has met and announced the result of their vote, which will be announced on Jan. 6, 2017…that’s when the results become “real”. BUT…evidently THIS can be overturned as well, as is mentioned in the article below.

I haven’t heard ANYONE else talking about this, which to me, seems like they way things are going to go. You know, the ole “keep ’em busy thinking about something else, while we do THAT” routine!

Now, I AM not into fear-porn, but also believe it wise to stay aware of the tactics the cabal WILL use in their final push for ultimate world domination. The sad thing is that whatever play they use will NOT be successful! Far too many know far too much about their failed plans…and now you do too!

Now, if this election-trauma plays out at the same time the financial RV takes place, that is what I think the cabal/Illuminati want to see…mass political chaos combined with financial chaos. But…KNOW that this will be THE last play of the dark forces on Planet Earth. As this plan is foiled, nothing but good will arise! That, my friends, is FACT!

So…please read this message I found on, do your own research, and…


Expect something radical to come out of Vatican controlled Vice President Joe Biden’s mouth on January 6, 2017 when he reads aloud the official and sealed electoral college vote, which by Constitutional Law is still uncounted despite mass media reports. Meaning, no US President has yet to be elected per the Constitution. And even if Trump were to get to 270 electoral votes, any Congressman or Senator can object to the voting process and through quorum, the Congress can throw out the electoral college and popular vote…naming their own President and Vice President… as was the cabal’s secrete Constitutional “break the glass” design circa 1804.

However, a theory has recently evolved after another non-performing weekend as it relates to the RV, which we now understand might release or roll out in direct relationship to the electoral college vote reading. In that, this weekend’s full scale final test run for all North American exchange centers was deemed successful yet conducted in preparation for next weekends release. Thus, the Chinese Elders must have always planned to sync up the RV release in North America with the public counting of the Presidential and Vice Presidential electoral college vote Friday afternoon, which nullifies the election results simultaneously with east coast banks and markets closing.

And if the Trump Administration is suddenly dismissed by the House of Representatives and Senate, it will clearly absorb North American media attention (and the world’s for that matter); thus creating an organic distraction until a new President and Vice President can be selected by the Congress and inaugurated by January 20, 2107. This would mean that both the popular and electoral college vote will have been thrown out, legally, yet at the same exact moment as the financial transition begins in earnest (i.e. revaluation of currencies globally).

Talk about a monumental quickening moment!


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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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