as we shift – the ascension illusion ~ October 29, 2016


This is a GREAT post! Ok…we’ve all “bought into” the woo-woo spiritual stuff in that someone’s going to save us, the ET’s are going go make it all right for us, somebody else is going to heal us.

I agree with Sophia…it’s really ALL up to us, on an individual basis, to save ourselves, to heal ourselves, to KNOW WHO WE ARE!

So…examine your own divinity, read this piece, and…


What we are here to do is in such contrast to what we see that it is not to be believed.

We set it up this way, as part of the game. Deep within even the most hopeful dialogue is embedded slavery.  We must see this and call it out for all to appreciate.

Relentless and tenacious, it is upon us to shout the truth. There is no salvation in finding a great job or the perfect outfit or the love of your life or the right answer.  Salvation is not necessary.  Realization is.  You do not need to be saved or rescued or rewarded or loved.  You ARE THE SAVIORS, THE RESCUERS, THE REWARD AND THE LOVE. 

There is no you and there is no me.  There is us. As you do to another, so you do to yourself. 

A few minutes ago my partner got a phone call. He was fired.  He has been home from a 2 week hospital stay for just 5 days, long enough for strength to return; and long enough, apparently, for him to be able to handle this news of his dismissal.

Here is why I bring this up.  He did not get angry.  I did.  “That was heartless” I cried.  “No, that was business” he responded.  And such is the world we occupy today.

This is not a world I want to focus on or make any larger or more solid than it appears to be right now.  I notice (with his dismissal) that we will not find lasting comfort in any of the places we have relied on.  Not in a full bank account or a kind word or a warm blanket or a healthy lab report or an elected official.  These things are part of our collective illusion.  They are nice sometimes and not nice others.  What they have in common is their impotence. 

We are together learning what this ascension is… It is at all times individual.  It is also part of this fantasy life we lead.  There is no place to ascend to, not really.  WE ARE BEINGS OF LIGHT. Period. 

There are reports of the necessity to perform works of service and percentages of love reached before you can ascend.  That’s bullshit, if you’d pardon the phrase.  We have been each other.  We are One. This is a circular journey.  As you do to another you’ve done to yourself.  As you do to yourself, you’ve done to another.  The heartless business associates that fired my partner are only perpetuating a myth.

It is the myth of conditions, of quotas and of passing test scores.  It is the myth of not being enough to join the others; the myth of separation. It is still a myth we subscribe to.  All of us. Notice how they are kept separate in this posting by the word “heartless”…

As long as we believe this myth it is perpetuated.  This whole story can change when we stop believing it is telling us the truth. 
Yet, even when belief is reached (In Oneness) there is another part, and the place I find myself today illustrates it perfectly.  It is the blame.  It is the separation.  It is judgment.  Although it feels necessary (in some situations) and is always personalized, what is emerging lately is that most blame comes up when those persons are intertwined with business or institutions or money.

What we may be saying now, instead of “I hate you ____________” (Fill in the blank with appropriate and specific person), is “I hate this ___________” (Fill in the blank with an appropriate corporation or system or organization or belief system).  And this, my fellow light workers, is an astounding transition. 

In the last week or so I’ve had multiple conversations with Muggles (non-magic folk) and it has been about the presidential race here, but NOT about the people as much as what they represent in us.  It is fascinating to watch.  What is emerging is oneness.  There is no other conclusion.

It is surprising to see how much we agree, and OUT LOUD.  Anyone within ear shot of a few words that include “election” or “Hilary” or “Trump” walks right into the conversation, and these are complete strangers.  They are united in their humanity, in compassion, and in equality.  This is the gift we have given ourselves with these candidates.  We are so cool, and so good at disguises.

We disagree on many things, and that’s okay.  Yet what we agree on is dignity.  This may just be the tipping point to push us off the cliff to fly.  Ascension is an illusion. 

You already have wings, yet they are crumpled and shrunken from lack of use.  It is not blame or hatred that gets them to work, it is movement.  It is practice.  It is action. You have to let go of that cliff and start running or jumping for any of that to happen. Wings are useless if you are stuck to the ground.

What’s on that cliff and holding you there is blame and self-pity and judgment and disappointment and anger.  All of these depend on the presence of some OTHER.  There is no OTHER.  There is only ONE.

What’s beyond?  We will find out together.  We are entering this next part, pushing ourselves off one by one and shouting back… “Come on!  It is spectacular here!”

Each setback is a gift, which is also known as a present.  Accept and love each present you notice.  It is meant for you and created by you and there is always another waiting for you.

We are the ones we are waiting for.

Thank you,
With so much love,

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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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