Sophia – Cosmic Explorers & a Healer ~ Feb. 2, 2016


Ah! another message of “soft disclosure” from my friend Sophia Love. In this message, Sophia, a telepathic empath, communicates with off-worlders who might be just becoming aware of the human race on Earth. Her conversations with this group are interesting to me because they open the door to learning just why humans are of such interest to the Universe. (Is that my ego talking?) Human ability to love is a very sought-out emotion!

There is no doubt that humanity as a whole is very beleagured and stressed and pressured byt the chaotic times we live in. At this point, i think the best we can do for ourselves is to simply STOP for a while, and meditate. That may be the sanest way for us to stay sane!

So…Please read this mesage, place your own meaning on her conversations, focus on love, and…


The following took place on June 1

st, 2015.
“I’d like to know who woke me up last night and why?”

You have been contacted by us.  We would very much enjoy a meeting with you and reached out at that time because it was felt you would have more time then, to devote to an interaction.  We did notice a lack of enthusiasm. (LOL)
It was 1:30 AM.  I start my day 3 hours after that time and wanted more sleep.  I did not sleep well after that however. The way this works best is for me to reach out when I can devote some time and effort to our connection.
Yes, we see that now.  We are anxious to speak.
Who are you and why do you want to speak now?
We are (nothing came through)
Who are you?
We are a faction of (again, nothing)
Okay – one word only at a time, please.
We are a party of explorers, developers of systems, anchors that set in place beginnings.  We come to you now as we see the beginning that is happening.
 Although you may deem this a slow start – by our view it is rapidly evolving.
We come to you by way of desire – the emotion here is powerful and we would like to employ it for our own use.
We are not parasites, as you have some beings here such as those. (I imagine this is a reference to the Archons) We are not looking for negative power or any.
So we are wanting to experience the emotion of earth and have waited until there was a celebratory mood.
There is not now.  I wouldn’t describe it as celebratory.
You underestimate the potential force of joy and creativity.  It is present in greater amounts on earth now than previously existed.  Your numbers may be relatively small – yet the strength of their energy empowers whatever vibration it encompasses.  From your view, you do not see the effect of that.  We do.
This is why we are anxious to engage in a real way.
You are not familiar to me.
You have not encountered us before now.
Again, explain what it is you do and what you are looking for in this conversation?  My purpose is to provide information, truth, where it was missing or hidden before.
What we do is encounter and then (we) establish systems.  This takes place on a level unseen by you in your present form and so far into the nuances of life as to be invisible.
We are sort of “place holders” and again looking for newly formed arenas where we can insure a structure is in place.
I am not following you.
There is an organized chaos to life – all of creation holds court on a blueprint – a map you could call it, and the magnitude of this is beyond words.
My group, the one I am a part of, keeps a watchful look out for places where the “new” emerges within the fabric.  We sort of oversee, insure that the semblance of order necessary for continued successful evolution is present.
In Earth’s case, the evolution of consciousness happening now is creating a split and this must be accounted for in the blueprint – there are several choices happening – all of them infused with powerfully creative energies on both sides of polarity.
We reached out to you as the creative side promoted by your “people” is one we are looking to understand.  It is relatively new in all of creation and the opportunity to be close to it intrigues us.  It is powerful in a way unseen by those holding it. (A reference to ourselves, Sophia)
If this was harnessed…
I am seeing something here.
We are sending, yes.
I see a huge wave moving across a grid and changing it as it ripples through.  The entire grid is altered.   It is blue, with lines.
Yes.  We see the potential of human love as something of a super-conductor.  We felt, if we could understand it on a personal level, we could perhaps understand the best sort of grid/blueprint for it to set up; one that encourages its growth for all of creation.
The earth grid is not set up that way now.  We will be able to offer an assist.
How do you plan to get close to it?
Merely connecting we experience your energy and those of your readers – there is power there.
Okay.  I must go now.
You will hear from us soon.
The conversation ended.
Note: I did not hear from these “explorers” again.  I believe this is because I questioned their reasons for interaction.  There was a level of trust that I did not feel, based on what they said was going on.  I did not doubt the truthfulness of their communication, only their benefit to me and to us. This could be my own lack of complete comprehension as to their purpose and methods.  Yet the “to what end?” question was not answered satisfactorily for me. And it was my energetic signature they were latching on to for whatever work they were into.
At that point, (early June 2015) I was not declaring “For Assistance Only.” I began to do so not long after, and these sorts of things did not happen.  They were clear as to their objectives, yet from this end, there was little benefit, as far as I could tell, to us.
There have been several times when the connection was cut off (by me), due to the fact that the beings reaching out for contact were sort of “joy riding” or “playing” or “checking me out”.  There is no harm in this, perhaps, yet it isn’t really beneficial. 
In other words, there was no point to it.  It would proceed usually from some sort of really exuberant, party like greeting and the impression of lots of beings in the group sort of smiling or waving.  Fun, yes, don’t get me wrong; yet much like talking to someone at a party after his or her third beer, sort of pointless.  😉
This next conversation took place the same week last summer, on June 3, 2015. It is an answer to my personal questions, given by a healer who shares my energetic signature, (if at another moment in “time”).  I include it today because this energy shift has recently gone into rapid acceleration.  This plays havoc with our physical selves.  I hope that it helps you.  I know when I found and read it today, it helped me.

“I’d like to ask some questions.  They concern what is going on physically specific to me and in general to everyone.  Is there someone who can answer?”
There is.
My question is – Why am I exhausted?  Why is it such a challenge to move, (even) to walk?  Why the congestion for me? (I never get colds.) Why the allergic reaction for everyone I know?  And for me?
These are good and important questions.
Can you answer them?
I can.
Who are you?
 I am a fractal of you who was a healer.
Go on.
This all you’ve run into is created out of two things.  Your desire for growth and physical stamina has the cells of your body in a rapidly moving state – you are changing.
As you move more and attempt to match the acceleration you sense, your body tells you to stop.  This is new.
As these changes occur around your, they occur within.  You are not separate but a part of your environment.  Rapid frequency cannot occur in isolation.
Your body responds by desiring rest and also by releasing toxins it no longer supports.  You are not sitting there today in the same body you were sitting in even a week ago.
The exhaustion comes from several places for you.  You are eating differently.  And as well you’ve intended new.  New means change Sophia, new means change.
As your body works to keep up with your declarations – you push it from the outside.  The only thing it knows to do is attempt to release the allergy with congestion and as well force a shutdown, (create exhaustion).  With the signal message of exhaustion being sent you get a very clear imprint – this body needs to rest.  As you ignore and continue to push it will continue to feel and send a message to STOP.
I’ve been told the body lies.
Yes, well, this is sometimes true.  In this case though, it is not.  Massive upgrades you would call them, are occurring.
As you change you are more fragile and susceptible to germs and viruses.  These things too, are altered by the frequency shift.  You can be affected now and are vulnerable.
Is that it?

What is the most productive thing for me to do?
As a healer I recommend quiet.  You are so very stressed.
You are in need of calm.  This rapid acceleration is wearing you down.  You are pushing beyond what the body can successfully do.
How long will this go on?
Until a new stasis is reached; there is not one yet – not for you or for anyone.  But you are all at different levels of acceptance and health.
(There was some personal information and the conversation came to an end.)
Okay.  I will go.  Thank you.

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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