The Matrix Story; the Truth of Our Imprisonment ~Nov. 18, 2015


Molly, from Starship Earth: The Big Picture sure “hit the nail on the head”! Now we know why this dreadful terror attack happened in Paris…to keep us distracted as a global community and prevent active meditation this coming Sunday that will bring “The Event” into fruition!

The dark forces on our planet do NOT want you, nor I, to raise our level of consciousnes one bit therefore rely on distracting us with negative rhetoric to prevent just that. Of course, they do not know their battle for Planet Earth has already been lost, because LOVE WINS!

So…please read her short article, concentrate on the links in her article which exposes a lot of truth, and…


This is great background or refresher information about how we came to be trapped on this subservient prison planet and at the whim of those who enslaved us, out of reach of those who would set us free—for the moment.

That is all about to change, but it helps to understand WHY the positive military has not made their move.

The Prepare for Change group sent an update yesterday that reads thusly:

It is clear the Paris attacks were put on by the illuminati to distract us from our very important mission of manifesting the Event. This attack came on the heels of Cobra’s recent request for the upcoming meditation and many of you have been experiencing heightened attacks since then. This is a clear indicator that we are on the cusp of the Event and it is up to us to manifest the Golden Age.

Prepare for Change and Cobra ask that you participate in the upcoming meditation on

Saturday, November 21
This could make all the difference in the illuminati losing their power and humanity having Gaia back.
For instructions on the meditation please see: and light,
Prepare for Change Team

Since I have to work all day today, I appreciate the following history lesson thrown my way. Thanks, J. Good stuff. And thanks to Therese Zumi for compiling it, and to Cobra for keeping us apprised on a weekly basis at

It’s lengthy but fascinating, so grab a cup of something soothing and toast to the Victory of the Light!  ~ BP


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