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Ok folks,,,there’s a LOT going on right now, mostly behind the scenes, as humanity, the cabal (Illuminati), the Resistance Forces, and our of-world allies prepare for completion of our “end-times”. There are some good resources we have for information, although…there is a LOT of disinformation out there as well. Me…I kind of like to read all the information out there and then determine what feels true for me.

I pay a lot of attention to what Sophia Love has to say on her blog, Through the guidance I have found through Sophia’s writings, I have been able to (finally) determine who I AM in that I firmly understand that I AM a spiritual BEing currently inhabiting a human body. Knowing this, I AM now unafraid to delve deeply into my self for my truths, as well a slowly learning to be unafraid of, well…everything!

This inner knowledge also allows me to discern and filter alternative news items. What this means is that I no longer automatically believe all information solely because it refers to, or implies off-worlders are coming to “save us”. We, as members of humanity must take up the challenge of (1) Learning Who We Are, (2) Applying this knowledge to our hearts, which leads to, (3) Making better decisions and actions for our BEing! This also means our egos become what they were intended to be…a resource for our survival on Earth, not an instrument for our ultimate control!

Of course, the impetus from knowing Who We Are is based on allowing Love to envelop our physical body, mind, and heart allowing each of us to…Love Ourselves! For it is only as we Love ourselves that we can even begin to know truth and discredit any “disinformation”. So…that being said, today I offer the latest interview of Cobra. Cobra seems to be highly involved with the liberation of this Planet from dark forces and offers much insight into spiritual forces at work for said liberation.

So…please read this, go within to discern if his information is truth for you, and…


Thanks again to Cobra for giving the time and great quality answers !

The gridwork project i mentionned in the previous interview is on-going. We will be present physically near the Cern on the 21st of june to do a ceremony for the Light. You are all invited to send violet flame to that location on that day, throughout the day, as many times as you like.

Those who would like to participate physically can email me at Participation is free of charge.

I will then be in Venise in Italy, and Athens in Greece soon, those who would like to do ceremonies in key places there can also email me. Participation is also free of charge.

And here’s the usual song 🙂 From my last sound healing CD. It’s called Cinta Mani, and was created in sacred frequencies and largely inspired by an actual Cinta Mani stone.

Enjoy !

Interview Transcript

Untwine : Can you explain what shamballah refers to exactly ?

Cobra : Shamballah is one name for the underground kingdom of Light, where light forces have been anchoring and grounding light for the last 25000 years, since they have been driven away from the surface of the planet when planet earth became a quarantine 25000 years ago.

U : Ok. Can it also refer to cities on the etheric and astral plane, above the surface ?

C : Of course all the underground cities of Light also have their etheric and astral counterparts, and some of those cities are also located above the Earth surface, high in the stratosphere.

U : Can you talk about the stories about the king of the world, what do they refer to ?

C : The king of the world is an ancient wise being of Light, that has been guiding the evolution of this planet for many millions of years, and he’s actually an ascended being so that being has gone beyond illusions of space and time, he has gone beyond this dimension of space and time, and he’s actually an enlightened being.

U : Ok. So is he still present on the planet at this moment ?

C : He is not present on the planet at the moment, but his consciousness is focused on the planet at the moment.

U : Can you talk about the energy center in the lower back, where our stem cells are created, what it corresponds to ?

C : This energy center is actually one of the keys to unlock the mysteries of DNA. Also I would like to say that there is too much attention on DNA itself, what is more important is that there is a higher dimensional blueprint, especially in the etheric body, which then manifests as physical DNA, and this energy center is regulating the flow of energy regarding this.

U : You said before that the milky way and andromeda galaxies are of opposite polarities, and that the central sun of the milky way is a giant goddess, does that mean that the central sun of andromeda is a giant god ?

C : I would not simplify it this way, opposite polarities on those dimensions are not linear like men and women, they are more like magnetic polarities, + and -.

U : So it has nothing to do with masculine and feminine energies ?

C : On that level masculine and feminine energies happen in a slightly different way, so calling one central sun god and the other central sun goddess is interpretation which is quite limiting.

U : So there, masculine and feminine are integrated fully ?

C : I would say the description of what’s happening on those planes is not easy to describe with human words, but the best possible approximation would be different polarities + and -, like magnetic and electric fields, but even that is a very very rough interpretation of what’s actually happening on those levels of creation.

U : Did similar anomaly such as what we have now with darkness happen in previous versions of the universe ?

C : Yes there were various versions of this anomaly, but it did not manifest fully before this cosmic cycle.

U : So now that it manifested fully, it’s gonna be fully resolved ?

C : Now it’s gonna be fully resolved, after it has been manifested fully yes.

U : Are the planets beings who have gone through the evolutionary path like animal humans, and then ascended and then evolved further into being a planet ?

C : Not really, most highly evolved beings never went though animal evolution, the lowest point they reached was the human experience. There’s actually two main streams of evolution, one is coming directly from matter and ascending through mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdom and up into spirit, and the the other stream of evolution is actually descending from spirit, going downwards towards the human experience, then ascending back upwards, so we have two different streams of evolution which are actually complementing each other.

U : What is the next step in evolution after ascension ?

C : Ascension is actually a beginning of the homeward journey, back into One, and it’s a continual process which results in final integration with the Absolute.

U : Are there all kinds of animal headed beings in the universe ?

C : Most of those animal headed beings were results of genetic experimentations on occupied planets.

U : Ok even like the lion headed beings for example ?

C : Not all of them but a majority of them.

U : Is there any tree or plant humanoid beings ?

C : Those things were attempted also in Atlantis, but they were not very successful, this is rare, and in liberated universe this is not exactly supported.

U : What’s the original meaning of baphomet, the goat headed being ?

C : This is, I would say, manipulation of very old archetypes by the cabal, there are archetypes of capricorn, archetypes of very ancient gods and goddesses, that have been merged into this symbol that has been mis-used by the cabal occultists, especially in the last few centuries.

U : Who created that symbol originally ?

C : It is not a symbol which was created, it’s a merger of different ancient symbols, and this merger has been done by the cabal to misuse the energy behind those symbols.

U : Can this symbol be used for the light as well ?

C : It can be, but I would say that there is too much negative energy associated with it. So it’s good to purify that energy, and there are many other symbols we can use which are much more neutral, not so much loaded with meaning.

U : Ok. Who is Kali ?

C : Kali is an ancient Goddess, she’s a being of Light, and her purpose is transmutation of outdated forms, and liberation of outdated patterns.

U : Can you talk about the situation of faeries under quarantine Earth ?

C : Especially after the archon invasion in 1996, the faeries, and all other elemental beings of Light, did not have a very good time because the etheric atmosphere was poisoned a lot with radioactivity and as a result of distorted harmonics of extremely low frequency radiation from scalar devices so they did not have a very good time and it was very difficult for them to exist, and they have actually sought out locations which had the least of that kind of pollution, so it was not easy to find them anymore in urban areas.

U : Has there been unicorns during quarantine Earth ?

C : Yes but they were rare, they actually did exist and they are not easy to be found.

U : Mostly on the etheric and astral yes ?

C : Mostly on higher planes yes.

U : Can you explain the difference between linear time and spiral time ?

C : It is basically a perception of the time flow. The time flow is physical reality, how we perceive it is a matter of level of consciousness. Linear time is the time which we actually perceive through the filter of the mind by using calendar. Spiral time is the time that is actually connected with the natural cycles, and when we are connected with the natural cycles we can see and feel and experience those cycles converging into a spiral of evolution.

U : So this is one way the dark forces manipulate time, by amplifying linear time yes ?

C : To a certain degree yes but this was not the main focus of their endeavors.

U : Can you explain other ways in which they manipulate time ?

C : They were not manipulating time as much as people are afraid of, because it is not easy. There is a lot of talk about time travel and most of that talk is not based on reality. It is very very difficult to receive anything from the future. Because for anybody to receive anything from the future, you need to have the right state of consciousness. So the cabal was not able to connect with future timelines, despite of what people might try to say, they did not succeed in doing that.

U : You mentioned a few years ago that you were working on a project about timelines, can you reveal something about it ?

C : I would not say much at this time but yes there are projects where we are working on timelines, healing the past timelines and opening the future timelines, but maybe it’s a little bit too early to speak about that in detail.

U : So for beings of Light, is time travel possible ?

C : Not in the way people are understanding it. Again I would say this subject has been greatly exaggerated, and is not as simple as people think it is.

U : Can you talk about the Phoenix lights event, what was happening there ?

C : This was one of many sightings of extra-terrestrial crafts, there were many other sightings. I would say there was cracks in the matrix when the light forces and different civilisations were able to show a little bit of their presence.

U : Is life on planes above the mental plane, also based on form and sacred geometry ?

C : Life above the mental plane is not based on sacred geometry, it’s based on fluid patterns of love and light.

U : Can the etheric astral and mental bodies die like the physical body does ?

C : Yes of course they can.

U : Ok, so when you die on those planes, your consciousness goes to the higher planes ?

C : Yes then your consciousness then goes to the higher mental plane if you are evolved enough you spend some time there and in most cases on this planet you incarnate back again.

U : Is it true that our thought forms or emotions can become beings of their own ?

C : Actually there are elemental beings that form, that are the building blocks of our emotional states. So if you are feeling anger for example, that anger is a certain vibrational frequency that is made of a certain elemental being that is a life form on its own.

U : The blue and red colors are often used to symbolize masculine and feminine, and the union of those two colors become purple. Purple is also the color of the crown chakra where the masculine and feminine kundalini are merged, is this why the violet flame is so powerful ?

C : This is not related with the violet flame, the violet flame is the color of transmutation, and by using the violet flame we’re actually invoking the presence of a certain archangel, his name is Zadkiel, and that energy of that archangel transmutes all outdated forms, and actually transmutes part of the primary anomaly,

U : When you wrote the name Isis in your post about the IS:IS portal, you wrote it with two dots in the middle, can you explain the meaning of the two dots ?

C : No

U : Can you explain what kind of light being, and what kind of process is involved exactly in arresting the archons ?

C : That’s a process that involves many different groups of the light forces, if you’re speaking about the ones on the surface of the planet, this is mostly done by the resistance movement.

U : How about on the etheric plane ?

C : On the etheric plane there are other, I would say, galactic light forces, that are carrying out those operations, but I would say there are not many archons left, those who are left on the planet are mostly infiltrated in the jesuit and other organizations, and most of them will remain on the planet until the Event, and they will be arrested at the time of the Event.

U : How about Chimera, who is arresting them ?

C : It’s the same, the physical ones are being arrested and removed from the planet by the Resistance Movement, those who are on the etheric and plasma planes are being removed by the galactic forces.

U : Who carved the moldavite chalice of the order of the star ?

C : This was created by the galactic confederation, upon the instructions from the central civilization millions upon millions of years ago.

U : What is the purpose of Lybian tektite ?

C : The purpose of Lybian tektite is actually to transmute the darkness of Orion inside, so this is a very powerful healing stone for those who have been having interaction with Orion energy in their past incarnations, it can transmute and transform those energy, from within their energy fields.

U : How was the cinta mani stone created on Sirius, and was there a special event that brought it here ?

C : Yes actually there was a planet in the Sirius star system, a planet of light blue color which actually exploded, and parts of that planet were travelling in all directions and a small part of this actually reached the planet Earth, and fell on the planet millions upon millions of years ago. This has been collected by the Light forces at that time on planet Earth and has been kept in the Agatha network, and parts of this has been given to humanity, especially at this time to assist in the Event.

U : The archangels who dived into contingency and became disconnected 8 million years ago, when they started becoming insane, how did it start, what was their first actions ?

C : It happened very fast because they have actually created devices that have subjected them to very strong electro-magnetic fields that distorted space-time continuum around them, and as soon as that happened, that created a very strong trauma in those beings, and the trauma was so strong that they lost connection with their soul, and this was a very fast process, and a very fast mutation happened, and nobody was able to predict it or to prevent it.

U : Ok. So they started attacking other beings right away ?

C : Yes exactly.

U : How was life at the beginning of the quarantine, was it like a stone age ?

C : The vast majority of the surface was in a stone age phase, it was like a mixture of stone age communities and highly advanced isolated islands of Atlantean civilization, and they were not interacting much with each other.

U : So these highly advanced civilization, how long did they last ?

C : It lasted for another 12 or 13000 years, until the final deluge of Atlantis.

U : Do you have any insight about how to release unwanted negative emotions and thoughts in a healthy way ?

C : There are many techniques you can use, especially in the spiritual circles there are various techniques that can assist people in releasing accumulated tension, emotional and mental tension. The other thing that’s very healthy and beneficial is the element of water, and nature itself can absorb much of this. And the other aspect of this is healthy communication, which can sometimes, not always, resolve those emotions. Basically all of those emotions and thoughts originate from the implants. And when the implants will start dissolving, it will be much easier to disintegrate and transmute those emotions and thoughts.

U : Has a strangelet bomb ever blown up anywhere in the universe ?

C : In a controlled way yes, by the light forces.

U : So they did it themselves to study it ?

C : They did it to develop technology to absorb and transmute it, it was under controlled laboratory circumstances.

U : I see there’s a lot of sacred geometry in the burning man festivals, the way they build the sites. What are the intentions for this, and also in the rituals they do at the end when they burn the man effigy ?

C : The burning man festival is an interesting mixture of light and dark. There are strong light and strong dark factions present, in the organization of the festival itself, and also being present there. So this event has a great potential for the light if approached in the right way. The other aspect of this is that surface population is not yet completely ready for something like this.

U : Can you name some of the most important Goddess vortex on Earth ?

C : The most important Goddess vortex is, I would say, number one vortexes are in Syria, then you have very strong vortexes on Crete, in Greece, in Egypt, in Ireland, in Ukraine, in the Caribbean. You have them in many many places around the world. You have them in Australia, in Tahiti islands, you have them everywhere.

U : How about God vortexes, the major ones ?

C : The major God vortexes, the masculine vortexes, I would say, in many cases, the sacred mountains, like Mount Shasta, Mount Fuji, Mount Kilash. There are other important God vortexes like Stonehenge, the pyramids, some of them in major cities around the planet.

U : You said before that almost no soul had entered the quarantine since it started, so is there any truth to the indigo and the crystal children stories ?

C : Very few, very few of those are real stories, most of this is just new age fiction.

U : What made Sirius so strong that it was the only star system in a 1000 light years radius around the Earth that did not get invaded in 1996 ?

C : The Sirius star system is a very strong portal directly to the galactic central sun, and the light forces have chosen to accumulate their energy to protect this star portal to ease the flow that has reached planet Earth, because the Sirius star system is very close to Earth, and having such a strong presence of the galactic central energy so close to Earth was the strongest possible protection for this solar system and for Earth especially, from 1996 onwards.

U : Is the negative energy on this planet one of the reasons why free energy devices don’t work very well ?

C : Many free energy devices work very well, but those that work very well are usually hijacked and sabotaged by the cabal.

U : Ok, so the negative energy on this planet has nothing to do with it.

C : No. There are very simple physical principles that work regardless of the amount of the primary anomaly here. And those devices work very well but of course the cabal doesn’t like it and they seize them or suppress them or destroy them.

U : What has been the role of hidden Cathar lodges who have survived to this day ?

C : The Cathar group is one outer expression of the inner brotherhood of the star, there are many beings of Light who have incarnated in various cathar groups to hold the light against the jesuit invasions throughout the planet.

U : Have some european resistance groups from world war 2 kept existing after the war ?

C : Most of those groups have been dissolved and disbanded, some of them have remained in a limited form and kept a low profile, and some of them reconnected again in the last few years and connected with various positive groups, templar groups, and other groups that are working for the liberation of the planet.

U : Can one soul incarnate in different bodies at the same time before ascension ?

C : You can only be in one body at one moment before ascension. Of course you can leave the body and enter another one and then change again, that’s possible, but in a specific moment in time you can only be present in one body.

U : What is the light forces plan if parts of the population start being violent after the event ?

C : If this happens after the event, of course the resistance movement together with positive military and local law enforcement will be able to calm down the situation. That is not a major problem.

U : What is the story behind the statues in Easter island ?

C : These statues are remnants of an old giant race that was inhabiting the island many millennia ago.

U : Can you explain what is going on with the off-world meetings that Corey Good is participating in, what’s happening with that ?

C : My sources can not confirm that he is actually having those meetings. I can confirm that he was involved in a secret space program and he has some very good intel, but my sources did not receive confirmation for those off-world meetings.

U : Why do crop circles appear in only a few countries, England especially ?

C : Because there are portals open for those crop circles to appear, there are strong Pleiadian portals in England, and the Pleiadian ships enter through those portals, do the crop circles and then disappear.

U : Who originally built the sphinx ?

C : The sphinx was built by the egyptian positive mystery school about 16000 years ago.

U : Would the critical mass be lower if all the people doing the weekly meditation would gather in the same place physically ?

C : It does not matter the location itself, but what does matter is that people physically do the meditation. The critical mass is determined and has not been reached yet.

U : Is Dou Mu ascended ?

C : Dou Mu is not ascended, but is coming from the liberated universe, so she is purified enough, she does not have any personal blockages, or any personal anomalies, and she is completely connected to the Source.

U : Why does she need the laser technology to keep her pineal gland open, because of the anomaly on this planet ?

C : Because of the anomaly on this planet, and because of the big potential difference in the vibrational frequency, on the surface of the planet and where she’s coming from. It’s like if you’d be diving to the bottom of the ocean, you need something to survive.

U : Is she able to remote view everything on Earth ?

C : She’s able to remote view a lot of things, but not everything because even to her, certain things are classified. The Earth is a very strange planet. Many secrets.

————-End of Transcript————-

Much Love and Courage for everyone.

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