Beam Me Up…

Now I will admit straight our that I AM a fan of Star Trek…a Trekkie if you will. My favorite is the original series complete with Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and DR. McCoy. As time has passed it has been kind of spooky to see show props mirrored in real life. Just think, flip open cell phones, microwave foods, and racial equality (kind of). I AM also not insolent enough to believe that humans are the only life form out there in the Universe!

My belief is that all things in this Universe consist of energy. The energy rate at which these vibrations occur determine if humans can sense that particular vibrational rate. Concrete, dirt and the furniture in your house all seem quite solid to humans, yet these objects vibrate…but so slow is their vibration that they appear to us as being solid. Light and sounds are also vibrations that we can sense, provided the frequency falls within the appropriate range for humans.

Knowledge of vibrational theory lays a foundation for my belief in ET’s. These beings have figured out a way for stellar travel that is probably based on their advanced work with gravitational vibrations. This could be an elegant solution for the power needed to travel seemingly huge distances of space and time. Ok, enough of the mental stuff, now it’s time to play! Watch this video, Beam Me Up!


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