How to move from anger to LOVE!

Anger…everyone gets angry…it’s part of being human. The only beings I am aware of that never experienced anger were Mr. Spock and Data on Star Trek! Well, ok…they are not really human, but humanoids. In getting back to anger, what pushes people into anger? And let’s not forget about the variations of anger such as disappointment, being emotionally hurt, getting pissed off, becoming heated, disgruntled, infuriated, furious, and indignant which drives people into a negative frenzy.

We have a LOT of words to define our sense of anger and I suspect this is because anger is so darn common on our world so let’s examine anger. At this point, I want all to know that I AM NOT a trained psychologist, merely an avid observer and these comments are my own observations and reflections.

Why do people get angry? In my opinion, anger is a direct reaction to fear, so when we are exposed to something we fear…one of our first reaction is to become angry about that fearful situation. Anger then causes adrenalin to be produced, which is evolutions answer to fear producing events. You know, the old “fight or flight” response that produces anger at someone/something else instead a throwing a spear at a mammoth!You know the signs of the body’s response to anger…flushed face, loud voice, taut muscles and negative energy just flows out of the body.

Ok, that’s an explanation of anger from a physiological stand point, so let’s talk about the emotional aspect of anger that ties into considering a spiritual aspect of anger. A lover’s tiff; they are mad at each other sometimes without apparent reason, so what’s going on? As the lovers yell at each other, underneath it all, they are fearful of something deep underneath it all. One might be afraid of their lover leaving them and of being alone again, the other lover might be afraid of finances, of not “having enough”. Fear from individual issues produces anger, sometimes justified…sometimes seemingly not.

What to do, what to do about anger? The “Anger Management” classes don’t talk much about recognizing the best antidote to anger and that is LOVE! Love reduces/replaces the fear in people which results in anger. Love… sounds great, but how do I feel love for the uninsured driver who smashed into my car at the stoplight? Love means treating and FEELING about that driver as you would about yourself. Try and stand in his shoes for a moment and react accordingly with compassion.

The heart FEELS, the brain (mind) forms action plans. The heart silently urges, the brain compiles and calculates situation data.The vibrations you FEEL influences your future while rational thoughts from your brain keep you stuck in place. “Letting go” of your brain’s reaction allows your heart to respond to every situation with love!

It is admittedly difficult to stop fear and anger, but LOVE can do that. Love replaces fear and redirects the negative emotion of anger into the positive emotions of loving care and concern. This article discusses fear and anger from a spiritual standpoint, Spiritual growth yields love instead of anger and this growth widens the heart allowing the constant generation of love!


By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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