Headlines and Updates for September 16, 2019: Ready or Not, Here It Comes [videos] ~ September 16, 2019

While the patriots are ready for what they’re about to deliver because they are in control, the dark ones can never prepare for what’s coming.

Everything we see now will be a stepping stone to the total annihilation of the corrupt deep state, and the timing of each has the precision of a Swiss watch. Watch the cascading effect of each revelation add to the momentum of the next until that D5 avalanche is rumbling at breakneck speed, taking out every criminal in its path.

Here’s the morning update for a little perspective and news you may have missed over the weekend…

Phoenix is stoked. The remainder of 2019 will be quite a ride.

Patriot Intel Report 09 16 19

Laura Walker goes into more detail on the theo-astrological energies, what to watch for, and what it will mean for our world.

THE ORACLE REPORT | September 16, 2019 – “Glow With The Flow”

The Canadian deep state addresses fake news. Not.

They’re providing censorship. Like they have the right.

CBC launched ‘Chat Bot’ tool to investigate “fake news” & attempts to disrupt the election.

So disguising election meddling by saying they’re helping to prevent election meddling?

“The goal is to give tools to spot it & avoid sharing untrue information”https://t.co/L3q2IlNdVX

— LΞIGH (@LeighStewy) September 16, 2019

I received my email confirmation from Elections Canada and my name is on the voter register. I will receive my voting kit in the mail and after completing just need to mail it back to them by October 21st, election day, and hope it gets counted and put in the right pile—the one for The People’s Party of Canada. They are Canada’s best shot at stemming the flow of blood and bringing the change we need in my homeland. We hear a lot of the representatives and their constituents are Q followers.

Juan O Savin called into the the Abel Danger show this morning and had the usual very interesting things to say about the civil war ongoing in America, what it’s about, who the enemy is, what will happen shortly, and what we can expect as the wayshowers. Juan shared his usual deep wisdom about how we engage in the waking process of those who just now are coming out of the spell and how it would benefit us all to treat those “greenhorns”.

He spoke of Hillary being “an unapologetic, real, broom-riding witch” and addressed the days-long torture process the satanic worshippers engage in to fully adrenalize their victims to enable them to harvest the full potency of the “adrenochrome”. He also ventured into the QAnon realm to venture a possible scenario we might entertain based on past experience with the Q posts.

QAnon said Hillary Clinton would be arrested on October 29th in the past. She was not at the time, but we know for a certainty now that Q predicted no—confirmed! dates of events in the future that proved accurate to the day. That is why Q began early on to say, “Future proves past.”

So… would it surprise us to see the witch arrested just prior to Hallowe’en? Could anything be more appropriate? Fingers crossed, folks. It’s a possibility.

Juan’s call came around 19 minutes in and lasted almost an hour and I highly recommend listening as he later ventures into some esoteric stuff you might not expect that will benefit us all because we don’t all fully understand the nature of our reality, our history, our future. What we do today matters.

He encourages us to dwell in the eye of the storm, take deep breaths, and refuse to be pulled into the drama and to behave in an honourable way we will be proud of when we look back on how we weathered this storm as the awakened ones. He recommends we don’t waste our time and energy arguing with AI bots.

Juan mentioned that he writes articles occasionally for the American Spectator under a pseudonym, if you’re interested.

As an aside, Field McConnell said that 50 members of the cabal’s pedophile police force were arrested recently according to his sources—and Field’s intel has proven to be very accurate in the past from my experience.

Timothy’s VICTORY Inspires Catholic REVIVAL and Public Acknowledgement of Corrupt and Evil Acts By B

Naw… really? American politics is a bloody nightmare. I have to hand it to the brave people who put everything on the line to take down the ruthless, deep state regime. It can destroy your life, and even take your life or that of your loved ones.

New Brett Kavanaugh Accuser Worked For The Clintons

In this video, activist Shaun Atwood is on location at the London home of Jeffrey Epstein’s main squeeze and child procurer, Ghislaine Maxwell. I share it not only for the great deal of information he shares throughout the video about this member of the human trafficking ring and her family, but because someone actually answers the door when he knocks and they are able to document the white bannister of the staircase where they believe photos of Prince Andrew were taken. This may confirm that Maxwell was supplying underage girls for the Duke of York—whose goose is royally cooked, if I may say so.

Filming At Ghislaine Maxwell’s London House: Epstein Procurer For Prince Andrew

We’ve discussed the many ways election rigging has occurred for decades in America and Douglas Gabriel expounds on that as a crusader for truth and justice as we near the 2020 elections. The problem must be recognized and addressed to ensure a legitimate, incorruptible voting process.

Even paper ballots are not the answer as we have seen patriot footage of election officials carting boxes of ballots in and out of waiting vehicles—including at an airport. It’s going to be a tall order to police it when the stakes are so high, but it can and must be done.

This is a nice look for you, Douglas.

Patriots STOP Election Rigging

When we say things just aren’t going the deep state’s way any more we are glossing over the satisfying details, like this.

Banking on HRC to win?
You never thought she would lose.
Banking on BRENNAN to bring you home?
You never expected a new DIR to be appointed.
Agency rogue elements still in control of OP?
~ Qhttps://t.co/anKkkHohdl

— Praying Medic (@prayingmedic) September 16, 2019

It’s happening… slowly but surely. Evil corporations are going down.

OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma files for bankruptcy

Here’s where to watch the Trump KAG rally in Rio Rancho tonight. Right Side Broadcasting is streaming here, since YouTube shut them down, and they are interviewing supporters already as they line up to enter the venue.

President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Rio Rancho, NM (RSBN Coverage)

I have a busy afternoon so I’m signing off for now.  ~ BP

THE ORACLE REPORT ~ July 8, 2019


Editor’s Note: Although I Am not an astrologer, or really know not much about Sanian Symbols or the Mayan Calendar, its is refreshing for me tp read Laura’s reports because my senses tell me , her reports are right on the spot as influencing events on taking pace on our world.

So…join me in better understanding the question of why our world is as it is today, understand the best moment is the moment of NOW, and be…



Monday, July 8, 2019 – A New Day Dawns
Crescent Moon Phase: persevere through any challenges

Moon in Aries Tzolkin: 2 Dog (yay!)

Skills: focus on the brightest angle; note any messages from the
information field

True Alignments: creativity, taking your time, Divine Time, tempering a
temper, seeing other people’s sides, throwing off inhibitions or limitations, glimpses, mediation, steadfast, paying attention to patterns and
synchronicities, finding the way

Catalysts for Change:  carelessness, not paying attention to details, know
it all’s, impatience/pushing things before their time, the need for more
practice, avoidance, disinformation, hot tempered, losing the way

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a clown caricaturing
well-known personalities” (exaggeration in order to show the truth)

Sabian Sybol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “fairies dancing in the setting
Sun” (sunset on the new world order) As hard as it may be to believe,
today all of the astrological energetics are opening up a crack that leads to Second Renaissance – a world of freedom, creativity, and love. This opening will continue to crack and become larger and larger until January 11-12, 2020, when it becomes  a wide open gate. Because the proof is in the
pudding, here’s how it happens today:

1 – CHIRON STATIONS RETROGRADE – At 7:39 pm EST/11:39 pm UTC. 
Energetically, Chiron begins to go back in time.  It goes back in time all the way to March 16, 2019.  What has transpired for you since then?  Any and
all efforts made to bring light to self, others, and the world at large will be re-empowered.  Chiron will do this until December 12-13, 2019. Ways
forward will be brightly lighted.  We know this from the wisdom of the
degree of Chiron’s retrograde – “a square brightly lighted on one side,” and the degree where Chiron will station direct – “a comedian entertaining the group.”

2 – TWO COMEDIANS – So we have the energetic of “a clown caricaturing well-known personalities” in play as well as “a comedian entertaining the
group.”  Looks like it will be quite a show.

3 – MORE FAIRIES – This year, the archontic control systems are scheduled for serious, sustained, debilitating blows.  This comes from the energetic for the entire astrological year – “fairies dancing in the setting Sun.”  More
fairies enter the scene today, as Venus squares Chiron (as Chiron stations
retrograde) and discharges “two fairies dancing on a moonlit night.”  As if by magic, more power is added to this great Time of Showing. Venus and
Chiron together bring themes of money, markets, things in need of healing, and learning.  To learn is to become enlightened. Most importantly,
however, Chiron BUILDS BRIDGES.  Two bridges are being built: a bridge
between east and west and a bridge to higher consciousness.  This could
not be clearer to me.  I hope you can see it, too, but if you can’t just yet,
remember light is just beginning to beam through the crack.

4 – LOAD-IN OF INFORMATION AND NEWS – Mercury stationed
retrograde yesterday, and today Mars meets it head on.  Mars is conjunct Mercury at the energetic that lies between the old world and the new
world – “rock formations tower over a deep canyon.” The deep canyon is
the past.  It is/was treacherous.  NEW FOUNDATIONS are forming on the
olid ground of the past – or, the things that were good and worked well for all. Mars rules energy and the power to accomplish.  Mars is empowering Mercury the Messenger to bring us what we need to know.  Actually, Mars conjunct Mercury usually brings us a lot more than we maybe even
wanted to know – and it brings it fast.  So, take notes of what comes to you
today, and then come back to it a little at a time.  It would be taxing to the
body to try and understand everything that crosses into our information
fields today. What happens today foreshadows our future. The Big Date for the Big Gate is January 11-12, 2020 – the behemoth Saturn-Pluto

5 – SEEDS – And just to top it off today, the Sun is discharging “the seed that grows into knowledge and life.”  What more can I say? That’s all for today, except a BIG thank you for donating and supporting the Oracle Report.  It
is much appreciated, and it is my honor to open the gates of Second
Renaissance with you.  

Thank Your for Supporting The Oracle Report

The Oracle Report – Monday, June 4, 2018 ~ June 4, 2018

The Oracle Report

Mighty Uranus leaves 01 Taurus, “a clear mountain stream,” moving to 02 Taurus, “an electrical storm.”

Since Uranus rules electricity, get ready to get electrified!  The storm is on.

Uranus will move to 02 Taurus at 2:52 pm ET/6:52 pm UT today.  With Uranus, the transition from a clear mountain stream to an electrical storm may bring a bit of a challenge, especially if the Chiron Point is dominant in your chart (Uranus is conjunct the Chiron Point, the encapsulated energetic of the Wounded Healer and Teacher, and presses upon wounds).

As this progresses today, we also have the following themes:

1 – LOOK AND DO DIFFERENTLY – The Earth is discharging “the ground hog looking for its shadow on Ground Hog Day.”  Look to the past and look to signs for answers.  Under this energetic, answers are usually found in past experience and not repeating certain patterns of action or mindsets.

2 – PUT PRACTICE INTO ACTION – Mercury is discharging “a world famous pianist giving a concert performance.”

3 – COMMUNICATE, EXPRESS, AND RELATE what is heartfelt.  Venus is discharging “Venetian gondoliers in a serenade,” and the Sun is discharging “two Dutch children talking.”  Tomorrow, Venus is going to make exact opposition with Pluto, and the Sun and Mercury, which rules communications, will make conjunction.  In preparation, today it’s a good idea to keep communications clear and from the heart. The energetics of tomorrow’s astrological aspects are already filtering in (since the energy moves in waves).  Maintain high intent and integrity; choose your words wisely.

Over the weekend, Chiron moved to 03 Aries, “a cameo profile of a man in the outline of his country.”  We had “a flag that turns into an eagle that crows,” “a soldier receiving two awards for bravery in combat,” and “the mask comes off.”  At the same time, a contingent of military veterans from far and wide descended on Arizona to rescue child trafficking victims, doing what law enforcement refused to do (or even help with).  The task was so massive, that a call went out online to fellow veterans for backup.

This is a pivotal moment.  It shows us many things, but one of them is that Sophia is using the grassroots to implement her solution to the archontic problem, which is the root cause of the trafficking issue (and the trafficking issue is THE UNIFYING ISSUE).

Another thing it shows is that Americans will no longer tolerate the inaction of government.  This is a Lexington-Concord moment.

In Greek mythology, Chiron was the “father” of the Arts of War and the teacher of Hercules and Achilles (among a variety of other things).  Archetypally, Hercules and Achilles have been unleashed on the cabal.  There will be no turning back now.

There is so much more to discuss, but I will leave the report for today here, and address the wider analysis separately.  I have too much to say to write it here.


UPDATE: 01:15 pm ET: https://www.neonrevolt.com/2018/06/04/veterans-on-patrol-discover-blueprints-for-a-larger-underground-complex-in-tucson-operationbackyardbrawl-wherearethechildren-qanon/

In honor of the Heroes of the Children, music of the spheres today for Son Volt fans:


Disseminating Moon Phase:  communicate, share

Moon in Aquarius

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia: Tara, She Who Comforts

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete: Ian, He of the East

Oracle Report ~ May 21, 2018

SPECIAL REPORT from Laura Walker of Oracle Report: IMPORTANT ASTROLOGY MAY 21 – 29, 2018. . .very strong energy this week! This is an audio report which will be the routine using Bit-Chute in a few days. Be aware!

https://www.bitchute.com/video/2CVZvt54gBbA/  or www.oraclereport.com