Editor’s Note: Yummy…another video from my good friend Alexander who discusses how the energy of self-love awakens ALL whether they be male, feminine, or transgender. This life experience will have it’s own lessons to learn.

Please read, view, learn own your individual lessons, and BE…



In this video, we touch on the topic of Masculinity, reconciling its modern definition and the resulting expectations with the true meaning behind the masculine energy. Whatever gender you have chosen in this incarnation, if you have ever found yourself struggling with the expanse between how you see yourself and how society wants you to behave/see yourself, this is definitely for you.

11.11 Meditation: Activation of the Original Template, Merging with Creation Energy

This powerful group meditation will take place on the 11.11.19 at 11.11am PST (Pacific Standard Time). We will venture within and connect to our own Source energy, removing all blockages from our chakras, and allow the new energy to flow through us as a conduit for renewal. We will go through an initiation and receive an Activation energetic download from Source helping us ground and manifest our Original Template into reality, reaching closure on our old lives, and establishing a long-lasting connection to the Creator’s Light, and our own Infinite energy of Light. You will be able to repeat this meditation at your leisure throughout the entire day. We look forward to connecting with you on this momentous energetic portal.…