Headlines and Updates for Sat. October 5, 2019: The Liberation of ‘Peoplekind’ In Progress [videos] ~ October 5, 2019

Ship’s bell on the yacht belonging to John F Kennedy inscribed with Where We Go One We Go All

The world is in an uproar. Protests are growing and spreading like wildfire as we were told they would.

Here’s a wowza for you… Check out Chapter 7 of this book in the Tweet below. Coincidence?

(Relax, Joe. Chapter 10 is not about you.)

It’s clear to me now that “the storm” is very much about continuing the war against the Illuminati/NWO/Deep State begun by President John F. Kennedy.

Cool. Not liking chapter 10 much though. https://t.co/HLblzwuoUE

— Joe M (@StormIsUponUs) October 5, 2019

More protests!

LIVE: Protesters march for Scottish independence in Edinburgh

Marches in Germany, too. Thanks, J.

Refeed: Right-wing march “We for Germany” takes place in Berlin

Protests continue in Ecuador for latest rounds of economic measures

Hong Kong protests continue in defiance of face mask ban

After the protests in Baghdad and other locations in Iraq… declaring war on the media? What a concept.

BREAKING: Gunmen have attacked the offices of the following TV stations in Baghdad, Iraq: Dijla, NRT, Arabiya, Arabiya Hadath, Fallouja, Alghad Alaraby, Al-Sharqiya and Skynew Arabia. They ransacked the offices, destroyed their equipment and broadcast facilities

— BNL NEWS (@BreakingNLive) October 5, 2019

Because we’re fighting back and the cabal is in a desperate corner, we are seeing a rise in incidents like this. It can happen anywhere.

Knife attack at Paris police headquarters, 5 dead

President Trump is afraid now, is he? I don’t think so… but we know who is. This is a great video.

Hunter Biden is “the hood ornament of the swamp jalopy.”  ~ Gutfeld

Biden comes out swinging against Trump: You’re not going to destroy me

This is blatantly poor behaviour from the never Trumpers in the evil deep state propaganda news.

CNN Refuses to Air Trump Ad Exposing Biden’s Corruption

Tom Fitton: JW Uncovers Rosenstein’s Secret Communications; State Dept. Forced to Release Smoking Gun; JW CA Election Law Victory! 

Read more here.

Family reasons. Uh-huh. It always is. Mnuchin’s still there though…

Treasury Undersecretary Leaving Trump Administration

As Frank Vaughan of the People’s Party of Canada stated, we must call out the violence from these radical, violent thugs and ensure there are serious consequences. That is happening in many cases in America, but not so much in Canada.

When will the establishment media start covering the epidemic of leftwing violence against trump supporters?

Antifa protester pleads guilty to assault, gets 18 months https://t.co/WhhKPcs4O4

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) October 5, 2019

Buckle up, indeed. Learn about the GCHQ (British Intelligence comparable to the United States NSA) documents pertaining to the removal of Donald Trump. This document is top secret; the highest classification possible.

We’re talking James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong and Pizza fame, pedophilia, baby pornography, child sex trafficking, and pizzagate. There’s a massive network of Human trafficking operations that President Trump has taken important steps to stop and prosecute.


Stop the Coup Against Trump, Rosenstein’s SECRET Communications w/ Mueller, & MORE!

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton: Stop the Coup Against Trump, Schiff Collusion, Rosenstein’s SECRET Communications w/ Mueller, NEW Clinton Email Smoking Gun, Big Court Victory Anti-Trump Scheme


He’s absolutely correct. We measure a man by his accomplishments and don’t expect perfection.

To criticize anyone who puts their life on the line, and the safety of their family to fight for freedom, peace, abundance, sovereignty and truth when they’re doing a miraculous job is to show an appalling level of ingratitude, in my opinion.

Eastwood is sticking his neck out because for too long almost no one did. Now we have no choice. We have to speak up, and stand up for what we believe in; the sanctity of life, and truth.

Thanks, L. He just made my day.  ~ BP

Not sure if the following is a direct quote from Eastwood or not.

Far Alamo ~ May 7, 2018

This is a great video sent to me by my hubby that you need to see. It seems this video is a compilation of clips from well-known and standard western movies with stars of the past such as John Wayne, Yul Brynner, Clint Eastwood, Richard Widmark, and many more. Yep, you get to see Henry Fonda loose his head (cleanly)in the fight, bit not too much other gore.

The creator, Fabrice Mathieu, really spent some time piecing together clips from various movies to create this short film on Vimeo. The closeup of men’s faces in the heat of preparing for battle is quite riveting. Let’s add a spiritual twist here…is this really the fight of humanity against the seemingly overwhelming odds brought to us from dark forces? This IS a message for humanity…let’s DO it by using the weapon they cannot withstand…LOVE!

You know how this movie will end and the positive ending is a true reflection of how humanities fight for freedom has already been won!  This movie instructs me on a deep, subliminal level to just sit back, stay alert, and enjoy the show as we watch the fireworks that are centered right now on political intrigue. I daresay other more colorful visual sparks are not too far away!

So…please watch this movie, see how clips you can identify from old Westerns, know that humanity is already free, and…




Headlines and Analyses for March 23 – 24, 2018 | FAITH [videos] ~ March 24, 2018

Here we go again! LOT’s of news on the political scene and Molly from Starship Earth has done an incredible job of bringing us a variety of commentary on the latest episode of “swamp drama”.

Please read this article, watch the enclosed video’s, and know that all is as it should be, Really relax, and…


Link to QAnon posts

There are no slow news days any more. We can’t escape the avalanche of independent media coverage of everything under the sun, any topic.

Some are pleased and even excited about the recent developments in Washington and elsewhere as well as the QAnon conversation, but others are wary, distrustful and even angry.

It seems “faith” is the order of the day—but not blind faith.

No matter how the QAnon thing goes, this dialogue will go down in history. Never have we seen this level of engagement between the military/intelligence/executive and the general public. If the goal was to wake up and inspire patriots, it worked. Engage!

Analysis of the most recent Q posts references to “red castle, green castle” follows. What do you think?

This one, in addition to headlines, shows us the “fine print” on our cell phones telling us that the app has permission to use the microphone and camera whenever it chooses… and people don’t read it, or just accept the terms.

He also tells us Clint Eastwood is breaking from Hollywood and exposing the pedophiles. And that, is the epitome of “the good, the bad and the ugly”, isn’t it? I don’t think anyone will mess with Clint.

Here’s a positive take on the situation in the swamp.

And another happy camper…

Col. Potter displays his usual “show me the money before I jump on the happy train” attitude. He is consistent in holding the President’s feet to the fire.

Dr. Jerome Corsi is probably our best window to the personality that is QAnon, and he is all in. This discussion with Jason Goodman and Charles Ortel explains Dr. Corsi’s background and why he is certain the Q Team is what they claim. He has a unique foundation with which to examine the dialogue (breadcrumbs) and even tells us what President Trump did, said, and is thinking. He has his sources.

If you’re trying to wrap your head around just what is unfolding in Washington and the global stage, this is a very revealing conversation and they have some laughs, as well, so it’s not as dry as breadcrumbs.

The uproar over Facebook and the SES is eclipsed only by the jaw-dropping antics of Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who continues to go where no politician has ever gone and is completely blind to the moronic figure he is.

The good news… if there is any… it seems Canadians can no longer ignore it and his absurd insistence on politically correct terms has backfired—and where have we heard that before? The globalists can’t do anything right, but I’ll be very glad when the cabal gets its hooks out of Canada.

Daddy Pierre had “fuddleduddle”, his son has “peoplekind” and Canadians are embarrassed to be from the Great White North. (This writer included.) There seems to be no end to the eye-rolling and head-shaking above the 49th any more. One commentator has referred to Trudeau as a teenage girl in a man’s body. Canadians have historically been very traditional and respected people, but this version of a leader has tainted us all. How do we stop the pain? Eject and elect.

Another Canadian, and very well-spoken, but particularly in contrast to Mr. Trudeau, Stefan Molyneux brings us this news in his video…

‘Deep State Whistleblowers’ Form Supergroup To Expose Illegal Surveillance, Support President Trump