Late Headlines & Updates for November 16, 2018: America is Holding Their Breath [videos] ~ November 17, 2018

Editor’s Note: Hold on tight folks a the storm on Earth continues. Through my ongoing research, I have learned that action IS taking place currently on the low, mid, and high Earth orbits. Could our battle almost be won?

Breath deeply, stay aware of unfolding events, keep you cell phone charged for breaking emergency news, and…



Something is afoot. There are whisperings of secret plans unfolding in America. The military are saying they’ve been put on 72 hour notice—even inactive military have been called up for duty.

The remainder of 2018 is going to be very interesting.

Washington is shakin’ up, California is under attack in so many ways it’s overwhelming what these people are going through. We never know what we’ll hear next, so heads up, all.

MARCO RUBIO BOMBSHELL: Democrats Planned Voter Fraud Day After Midterm Election — And There’s Proof

Well, of course they did, and I’m confident there’s ample proof and it’s well documented.

We’re told high school students proved they could hack voting machines. Easy peasy. Surprised?

New Video Provides Proof Florida Voting Machines Contain Hackable Modems

The shuffling of the deck continues as President Trump moves his men into winning places on the board. Out with the old and in with the new.

BREAKING: Lindsey Graham to Take Over as Chairman of Senate Judiciary Committee

Can it get any worse in California?

The Latest: Outbreak of Norovirus at Wildfire Shelter

Officials say there has been an outbreak of norovirus at a shelter housing people who evacuated their homes to escape the massive wildfire in Northern California.

What’s up? Not sure, but Marfoogle got some intel last night directly from a US soldier on 72 hour notice for domestic deployment which he says is not normal. They may be headed to Texas, he suggests. Listen to his call on the live show. His convalescent leave was interrupted for this notice which is again, almost unheard of.

Not only that, ex-service members have been called up, too. All hands on deck, in other words. Very interesting.


You Are Free TV brings us her take on things, and she echoes my sentiments. California—you are under attack and you need to organize and do something about it. Now.

#DEWSOS!! USA is Under Attack! CA Today, Your Town Tomorrow! #NIMBYNOMORE!