LISA RENEE – WHAT IS WHAT IS ASCENSION? – Courtesy of Ashtar Command Crew – 1-19-19 ~ January 19, 2019

By Lisa Renee

This is a basic primer to review the meaning, context and mechanics of the Ascension Cycle, and open dialogue to discuss the various awakening symptoms that many humans may encounter during the consciousness evolution process that is happening on planet earth. I have placed many articles and tools on the website that may help support an improved awareness to further investigate and explore the impacts that Ascension has upon human beings, the planet and consciousness. It is important to develop strong discernment of the energetic signatures that we come to interact with, while learning how to distinguish personal resonance in order to help guide us forward. Please only take in the information that feels right for your personal journey and discard the rest.

Humanity is undergoing a consciousness shift which requires a re-education of values and a change of priority in lifestyle. Much of the information on this website is a guideline to support people that are awakening and being guided towards stewardship or leadership roles in order to help others move through the consciousness shift that Ascension creates on the planet. It is also important to share awakening information with others in order to not feel fear from unusual consciousness experiences that occur commonly when integrating higher light-energy bodies. This information comes from my direct consciousness experiences with the Guardian Krystal Star Host and a kundalini awakening that began during the Grand Cross Alignment in August 1999. This was a very personal and frightening physical awakening process that dismantled my entire reality and ego in a very short period of time. During intense spiritual awakening phases, we undergo ego dismantling, and this is called the Dark Night of the Soul. I share my experiences to be of service to anyone that may benefit from this information. I have had many unusual, mystical manifestations appear in my life since my spontaneous kundalini release many years ago. Those of us undergoing the first wave of awakening are the Ascension Guides for the majority of humanity who have not yet experienced a direct spiritual awakening or have had enlightened extra-dimensional contact. This website is dedicated to the Starseeds, and those endeavoring to evolve as Guardian Stewards in order to help participate and build the required consciousness structures for this planet and humanity.

The Law of One comprises the necessary principles of behavior, practices and belief systems that humanity is required to learn in order to achieve spiritual freedom and sovereignty, by committing to re-educate themselves to expand consciousness into higher frequency realities that allow them to progress into the future GSF Timelines, during the Ascension Cycle.

Navigating kundalini current surging throughout my body made functioning in life in the 3D reality extremely painful, isolating and difficult. At the time, there was not much information available about Ascension, awakening or how to manage kundalini. At that time in the earlier stages of awakening, there was not a spiritual teacher or mentor to explain what was happening to me. As a result, my ego-personality was terrified that I was losing my mind, along with losing my identity in the life that I had known up to that point. Who does one call upon during multidimensional awakening experiences or when feeling sick with the kundalini flu? Who on Earth do you talk to when you are introduced to other interdimensional beings of every shade of light, grey and darkness and then begin to perceive an organized spiritual hierarchy of otherworldly human and non-human entities? Why are some of these dark entities attacking people that are awakening? Why could I tell the difference between artificial intelligence and organic consciousness? These were some of the questions that I had to explore in personal awakening, which pushed me to isolate and deeply search for inner truth and higher understanding.

Further, during the early phases I experienced many unusual physical ailments. The pattern would show up during these times when the inner spiritual light force was greatly increasing, when light was being activated from within me to build my lightbody. In certain phases of spiritual development, I felt emotionally devastated and physically ill, not the sensations of bliss that others would speak of in the New Age. No one told me that spiritual awakening and rising kundalini forces can not only be devastating, but that there are many dark forces on the earth that will begin to target you for energetic harassment in order to stop spiritual progress. The sense of intimidation and bullying to incite fear would show up as dark entities, dark portals, and many levels of AI implants. During my awakening process, I did not find anyone in the public talking about dark attack and spiritual oppressions that are connected to the process of spiritual awakening.

Many years later, having this knowledge eradicates the fear of facing the unknown mysteries that are lying within us. Once we are spiritually initiated into these mysteries of self and our relationship with God, there is no turning back. Since the planet is accelerating so quickly into higher frequency patterns, many more people will experience spontaneous awakening and consciousness altering experiences, that may feel scary without proper context. Many awakening people will not be in spiritual or metaphysical settings when this consciousness shift occurs to them. This can be the sudden and spontaneous awakening of the office professional, the banker, the medical doctor, the average 3D person in the current mass consciousness.

Spiritual awakening is not a disease. Spiritual awakening should not become labeled as an unexplained pathology by the unequipped medical community in so that people are medicated for ascension symptoms. Ascension is a natural biological process for expanding human consciousness and it is inherently a function of human DNA. The ultimate liberation of the human Soul-Spirit comes through this blessing of spiritual awakening or spiritual initiation. Humans must embrace that the planet is shifting consciousness, and prepare themselves for the consciousness change that will forever alter the way that humanity perceives and interacts with the reality. This process is the divine destiny of all humankind and our beautiful planet, a planet that is the heart principle of this Universe. We are enduring an accelerated consciousness evolution timeline and it is time to prepare ourselves.

Many people have been suppressed and mind controlled to reject the spiritual-energetic reality of consciousness shifting and what that actually entails. The Controllers do not want Planetary Ascension information given freely, as well as sharing information about many other unapproved topics like disclosure. They believe they can control and herd people easier when they are scared and dumbed down. Thus, those awakening now are the forerunners and the mapmakers of the future planetary changes to help shift the timelines to higher reality outcomes that go beyond artificial intelligence technology used to control people on the earth. In order to be effective, we must gain self-mastery over our own mental and emotional states, as well as have proper evolutionary context, and an awareness of the hidden extraterrestrial agendas, and the human controllers that carry out their plans.

The Mechanics of the Shift

First, let us review the meaning of Ascension and why humans are experiencing physical, mental, and emotional symptoms, as well as a shift in consciousness.

Currently we are in a phase transition of consciousness expansion into the higher dimensional realms in which we may experience ourselves as multidimensional human beings co-existing with many other forces that are living in this planet. During the Ascension cycle, human beings will experience many varied physical symptoms, as we shift our cells into higher frequency patterns and embody more light.

Ascension is about bringing in more layers of light, the spiritual-energetic forces that exist within the levels of our spiritual bodies by descending these layers into matter. This means the embodiment of our higher spiritual identity into our physical body, our original single soul occupant, not imposters. Simultaneously, Ascension is a shift in energetic frequency patterns held in a dimensional space which, when absorbed and activated into the layers of the planetary and human bio-energetic field, activates its DNA template instruction set. This catalyzes a chain of events that creates a complete transformation and transmutation of various patterns and programs held in the energetic templates of the soul’s journey through time. When spiritually activated, these patterns begin to shift, re-emerge and clear from the layers of experiences coded into every cell and memory pattern held as an energetic vibration within the bodies.

The Ascension process is about moving the consciousness from one reality to another, along with an awareness of possible multiple realities existing simultaneously. Since a reality is a dimension, what we are undertaking is, in essence, a complete dimensional shift into another reality. A dimensional reality is held in place by a complex layer of coded energetic grids to create the illusion of time and space for the consciousness to perceive and to participate in its own experience within the broadband widths of that particular range of frequency. As the dimensional grids shift its frequency, and the magnetic attributes change, all things existing within that broadband will also shift and change. The natural laws governing that time and space as we know it, will also change. This means that the perception of our spatial awareness, our relationship to time and space will also change rather dramatically.

Thus, to go through this shift one must prepare and adjust one’s way of thinking and being to that which is in alignment with the soul’s great purpose and true divine essence. Learning how to surrender to the flow of present awareness and gain greater self-love and acceptance are the main characteristics we need to facilitate an easier time. In order to shift the old behaviors and thought patterns that are not serving the soul’s higher purpose, it requires that we become aware of these harmful beliefs, that we see the imposter influence and then take the appropriate steps to clear and heal them. The spiritual development process will surface our deepest fears, limited beliefs, and old pain patterns through events that trigger them into our current awareness. We must consciously acknowledge and see our fears, in order to resolve and heal them. Our fears and pain is what allows us to be controlled and manipulated by others, who seek to have power over us.

Some of these issues we will need to clear are ancestral and inherited from the family of origin. They may feel rather odd yet familiar, when they are brought into our awareness. We are not only clearing our own individual mental patterns, but also addressing the karmic mind implications that are recorded in the collective consciousness of the human race mind, the planetary mind.

We can reframe the circumstances in our mind into the point of view of the observer. Observing specific issues that have risen to the surface of conscious awareness in order to have the opportunity to witness them and then clear from within the lightbody. Appreciate and acknowledge your inner light for accepting the assignment to participate in this spiritual-emotional clearing, rather than claiming it as a part of the personal identity. By allowing ourselves to let go of the pain and fear, and doing this repeatedly, we clear our emotional and energy bodies of the long-held traumas. These fear-based beliefs have impeded our ability to experience our true inner light and authentic being, which brings more joyful purpose into our lives. Once the emotional body is resolved and cleared of an old pain or trauma, the physical body then is enabled to clear its equivalent of that energetic blockage.

All of this happens simultaneously within all of the layers of the bio-energetic field when each healing is being cleared. In effect, it is a full clearing and release of these painful events held as patterns in the body from the soul’s record and cellular memory. Also, as these painful patterns are removed from the soul record, the clearing recodes our DNA so our body can hold more inner light. Thus, sustaining our new frequency that helps to expand higher consciousness and multidimensional perception. As we hold greater light and a more advanced genetic package in our bio-energy field, it enables others to ascend, through the principle of resonance. Through higher resonance, those awakening start to vibrate at the increased frequency rate and activate inner potential and begin to claim the divine inheritance of Ascension.

Emotional clearing is the main process we will experience as we shift through the Ascension cycle. Since emotional pain and energetic imbalances are responsible for our states of dis-ease, many of us will experience physical releases clearing from our body. Some of this energy clearing is dropping density from the karmic, genetic or ancestral soul lineage. Some lightworkers have chosen to clear states of energetic imbalance for the collective or for a specific group. This will feel as movements of energy being transmuted or transited through us, as our spiritual-energetic being may act like a cosmic filtration system for the greater whole.

The goal of this information is to inform you of these dynamics that we are currently experiencing on the earth. As the energies accelerate, we need to be prepared by openly and clearly discussing the various possible physical symptoms from the position of having developed a neutral association and observing consciousness. To more easily navigate the pressure of internal and external changes, we must find what works for us personally by cultivating intuitive discernment, and opening our heart to compassion and empathy. Along with taking the time to educate ourselves to have an informed awareness and greater context for planetary awakening or Ascension.

The information shared below about physical symptoms is to not alarm you, but is intended to be used as a tool to keep you better informed. We will not be given anything we cannot handle, although we are required to develop our inner relationship to our spiritual guidance. Much pain can be avoided by becoming more self-aware and taking the time needed to heal through emotional clearing and listening to our body when it is requesting support and rest. Our spirit has given us many tools for our Ascension toolkit to support our consciousness evolution in the smoothest possible way. Ask for assistance with a pure and sincere heart and it will be given!

Transmutational Symptoms

During the Ascension process as we accrete frequency and light we may undergo a variety of ascension symptoms, at all levels of the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual-energetic layers.

These transmutational symptoms can be moderate to extreme. The 12D Shield is helpful to help harmonize the body through many ascension symptoms. Many of the ascension symptoms are vague to describe and inexpressible in linear thought and language. When people go to doctors, they are being told to take drugs or they are being instructed to seek professional psychological help. This site is not professing to be giving any medical advice. It may be beneficial for some of us to seek out medical or psychological treatment during our awakening process. We must follow our own inner guidance on how to proceed with what is occurring within our physical and energy body systems at this unprecedented time of acceleration.

Certain symptoms are now becoming more apparent and when we know this as a process and that many others are feeling the same things, a certain serenity can be brought into the mind. Many can rest in the knowledge that they are being transformed in ways that may feel extremely unusual and difficult on the physical body.

Some of the most common symptoms reported include:

cranial pressure and headaches
extreme fatigue
heating up of the physical body
joint pain
body aches
muscle cramps in legs and calves and shoulders
flu-like symptoms
kundalini experiences
feeling out of sorts
muscle pains
skin rashes
tingling in body parts
having specific awareness of a internal organ or body part unlike the past
diminution of spatial awareness
feverish feeling, kundalini rising
feelings of being there and not being here
loss of visual acuity
memory loss
changes with body and head hair
lack of the ability to concentrate
feelings of standing up or moving too quickly that create vertigo
the feeling that you cannot accomplish anything because there is not enough time
anxiety attacks that happen suddenly and disappear just as suddenly
Seeing multidimensional energies, i.e. colors, entities, matrices, numbers, symbol codes
Seeing extraterrestrials both human and nonhuman in appearance
Communicating with nature, animals and people that have passed on

Also, our bodies often experience a rush of heat and energy bursts that are not comfortable. Our bodies are being shifted in thermodynamic ways and with so much light entering the fields of the body, some of the symptoms we experience are actually preventing our physical vehicles from bursting with the intensity of light. We may experience a triad sleep pattern (waking up every 3 hours) or interrupted sleep as we are being recalibrated and worked on energetically at night. This adds to our feeling restless and tired in the morning.

Remember to be gentle with your heart and only allow others within the boundaries of your personal inner sanctum that treat you with the same loving respect. This can be an extremely vulnerable time emotionally. We need to release many fears, such as fears asking for help and take time to invest in ourselves to feel more balanced and healthier. Massage, bodywork, more hydration, organic and clean foods, supplementation, energy healing, spiritual counseling may be helpful.

If I could impart the most important message from the Guardians, it is to emphasize how humans are so deeply loved and cared for by God’s Spirit, Krystal Star and Law of One Light Hierarchies, from all those who serve as One. The impact of our collective consciousness work during this evolutionary time cycle to shift future timelines, is generally beyond the comprehension of the lower human mind.

Starseeds and Indigos agreed to be the Light stewardship and Ascension Guides for the changing reality structure. Humans are expanding consciousness to become increasingly multidimensional, and finding our heart and true love with God is only one part of the human equation. Clearing ego and emotional wounds, learning to discern the difference between negative ego and the higher self intelligence, reclaiming spiritual light-bodies, and evicting Imposter Spirit parasites, is a part of having an accurate assessment of the requirements upon the shifting earth. The earth needs new ethical guidance and true enlightened humanitarian stewardship. The Galactic community, those in communication with enlightened intelligence fields and higher dimensions, are the first ascending waves to meet those challenges of building structures that support humanity evolving into multidimensional spiritual beings. Our community is the repository of building and supporting the integrated ascension path, as well as cultivating self-leadership in order to lead and support humanity made through a personal example.

Lightworkers, Starseeds, Gridworkers and Ascension Stewards, Thank you and with deep gratitude for all of your amazing support and work for the Ascension!

Stay in the luminosity of your Avatar heart and Christos-Sophia path! We are here to reunite the Holy Mother and Holy Father and reclaim the Christos Diamond Sun body for all!

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Multi-Dimensional New Earth: A Quantum Physical Reality ~ January 19, 2019

Join us as we discuss a barrage of multi-dimensional topics to assist with various processes and phases each experience as an organic and natural part of our NOW Photonic DNA Evolution, as well as the transitions from Old Earth to NEW, and from carbon-based to Quantum Photonic Plasma Crystalline Physical LightBodies….. which dictates each’s physical reality here.

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The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council ~ Meetings On The Starships ~ January 19, 2019

Via: Daniel Scranton

(Originally Titled: Meetings in the Astral Realm ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council)

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have arranged for a meeting to take place that will include many of you who are receiving this transmission. You see, we often meet with you individually in the astral plane, while you are asleep. And so, we decided to bring you all together at a time when most of you are asleep.

There will be certain arrangements made to include as many of you as we can in this meeting, and the meeting will be about the primary goals that we all have for humanity. We want to get on the same page with all of you, and we want all of you to be on the same page as well.

So there will actually be several meetings like this, not just because you all sleep at different times, but also because we want there to be a progression of ideas. And while we never come to a complete and unanimous consensus in these types of meetings, it is our desire to get as many of you in agreement as we can so that the focus for humanity can be on the common goal of expansion, growth, and ways in which you all can come together as a collective.

This is a brief list of our goals for humanity, and we are not alone. There are many beings in the higher realms who share these desires and who are working to bring about the experience of a common ground amongst as many of you as we can.

And then we will get to the part where we implement a plan to bring this goal and all of these goals to fruition. We are seeing much more cooperation than we have amongst the awakened, at least while you are asleep, and we will continue to facilitate this coming together of humans.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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This year 2019 is a year of intensifying light. Light is shifting everything across the planet. This is creating a certain acceleration of ascension symptoms and also external chaos where there is a vibrational dissonance between the inner reality of intention, thought, belief, desire and feeling and the external reality being experienced. The light seeks to align us with our authentic truth even if that means creating a certain amount of chaos to get there. Now the prime directive is to live out our authentic truth, awaken our inner potential and complete our Soul Contract psychic energyof service on the planet.


Wherever we are in this process, it is important to own full responsibility for our choices, words and actions. We must also own full responsibility for any supposed ‘block’ or obstacle on the path. Blocks and obstacles are chosen, even if this choice is made unconsciously because of a belief inherited from another lifetime or a family pattern we have adopted. Blocks and obstacles create a certain damming up of psychic energy which can result in enormous pressure. This pressure seeks to break through the ‘block’ or obstacle and often the momentum of breaking through can carry us quite a distance along our intended path.

This psychic pressure is being felt at a personal and collective level. Let us look at the Collective pressure for a moment. Right now forces have been building within the collective consciousness that seek to tear down political and financial systems that create injustice. These systems have increasing become unjust over the past decade or so. This pressure in the collective recently broke through with the yellow vest demonstrations in France which spread to other parts of Europe. Psychic pressure will continue to build this year. Old systems of control that do not resonate with light are losing their energetic integrity. Even though many within the controlling structures are aware that they are losing ground there is also a great disbelief and naivety about this. The idea that the masses are ignorant sheep to be controlled has been prevalent for too long. Yet, the sheep are revolting as the mass consciousness becomes better informed about what the 0.001% have been up to. Whistle-blowers have helped greatly in this process. This is why so much effort is being exerted by Britain and the United States in bringing Julian Assange to so called justice. Although there is pressure to tear down systems that create injustice, many systems can be transformed by the light. This is part of the Divine Plan, not to destroy but to transform. For example, in the past Christianity surpassed paganism by building churches on holy pagan sites and celebrated certain festivals on pagan festive dates. Christianity would not have succeeded if it has sought to destroy pagan religion outright. Similarly, in this time some old structures will be transformed rather than be destroyed. An example of this is the financial system on the planet, which is responsible for much collective misery and injustice. Destroying this system without anything to take over would throw the planet into chaos. Instead of destruction, having new financial platforms and mechanisms come online that break apart the old control system without sending the planet into chaos, is a better option. Similarly, controlling bloodlines such as the Royal British Monarchy, can be taken over by the light. The most notable starseed to enter therein was Princess Diana. This was an amazingly brave soul who was able to bring about an injection of a new higher frequency energy into the bloodline. This was a difficult mission and one that ultimately cost her, her life. Yet, this has opened the door for more starseeds to enter therein.

When we understand the nature of ascension, we will also realize that this is a journey from dark to light. We have passed through a very dark time on the planet and we are emerging into a bright new dawn. This year 2019 is a time of dawning light for many. The old dark forces are losing their power to control and interfere. A war has been waged against starseeds on the inner planes by dark forces seeking to block ascension. Many have felt under psychic attack. Many have felt constrained from following their true authentic path of light. More and more tools and dispensations are coming online to banish the darkness from our reality. I have shared some tools on this YouTube channel and there are so many offering different methods and techniques. A few decades ago there was not so much information available in dealing with dark force interference. There was not much awareness that dark forces could interfere to the extent they have been. Now everything is coming up to the light to be witnessed, healed and released. We have passed through many lifetimes where the dark has been in the ascendance. In this year 2019, the balance has swung, now the light is in the ascendance.

So, in this year 2019 we are being asked to align with our deepest truth. For those that have passed through the time of awakening from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly this year has great potential. This year is where we can fully release old patterns of struggle, suffering and limitation. This year can bear much fruit and joy. New doors of possibility can open. New gifts and abilities can come online. For those who are still passing though stages of awakening then there are still old energies to shake off and new energies to align with. There are still lessons to be embraced and learnt. This is well summed up by Portia Nelson’s poem, There’s a Hole in My Sidewalk. Do check it out!

If you do not find yourself very much supported in this process by those around you in the physical dimension then you must look ever more powerfully to your support team in Spirit. Do not forget to ask for help and support. This year it is important to neutralize all channels of fear including mainstream media that only drain and lower our energy. Stay in touch with what is happening in the world without being influenced by the negative agendas of those who seek to control your energy and consciousness.

Rather, this year focus on your dreams. Set intentions that resonate at a high frequency level. Do activities that nurture and support you. Self-care and self-love are important to allow parts of the ego that need these energies to heal and align with your Soul Path. Remember, we are the magicians and map-makers that are here to create a new world. This year some people and situations may drop away from your reality allowing new people and opportunities to enter therein. This is how it needs to be. This year manifestation can become much quicker and more graceful. So this year open to expanding all limits to joy, all limits to love, all limits to connection, all limits to magical manifestation and all limits to your Soul Path.

Many Blessings


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Crystalline DNA Activation with Sandra Walter ~ January 19, 2019

ove, Sandra Walter

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The Group ~ A Time of Love: The Equalization ~ January 19, 2019

By Steve Rother

Greetings, Dear Ones

Beginning of the Game

We join you this day as a collective. We have watched you move through multiple levels of your existence since the very beginning of them game. Planet Earth and the family of E came together and said, “Let’s have a game with no rules whatsoever. We’ll see how it develops and if people can open their eyes and actually re-member who they are.” And so, it began then continued for eons of time going through different levels and junctions of time space. Now, here you are stepping even further into another level of existence. We are so incredibly proud of you! As we mentioned several times, we have been watching these energies of separation which have permeated your planet. Much of the separation has to do with the propagation of fear, and the way that it often easily spreads from one thing to the next.

Fear Only Exists in the Future

Fear and love are complete opposites. Although you think of hate as being the opposite of love it isn’t, be‐cause the opposite of love is actually fear. You can only be afraid of things that are in the future. And the easiest way to think of fear is as missing information. We’d like to start filling in some of that information for you, which is why we have been upfront and open about everything that we see coming. Dear ones, you don’t always see how incredibly proud we are of you and the amazing work that you have moved through as humans. The bringing of your spirit here to have this experience in this astounding way is reaching far beyond any plan you could have made. You’ll see it when you come home, we’ll show it to you. You’ll see the effect and how it ripples out and touches everything. On Earth this generally shows as the opposites of love and fear, but in reality, each person spreads a full spectrum wave. Yes, therefore we are encouraging all humans to work in any way possible towards unity. Why? Because expressing Unity attunes the spirit to experience the full spectrum wave.


It is an incredible time for you to be here and your place has been reserved for exactly that reason. So, here you go. You have this opportunity now to take these next steps. And we look forward to the next steps that are in front of humanity right now. Today, we wish to speak about a natural equalization process that exists universally. There is always this back and forth motion, which quite simply is used to balance anything that is out of balance. When the wave changes direction it has completed the process of Equalization. In fact, there are black holes throughout the universe to help provide equalization between dimensions. There are a lot of things that you’ll start to understand as you step forward into this new reality, but one of the most beautiful aspects is that you will have an equalization of love. That is beginning on Earth right now. However, the state of equalization can also close back up abruptly and without warning.There are those who will try to control it, but with a little encouragement that equalization can open and bring a balance
that all can enjoy. The timing for that is right now. You see, over the last several years, humanity has moved into a general feeling of fear. It’s not right or wrong, but simply the way things move. Fear is not wrong, dear ones, it’s simply an emotional reaction to a projection. What you do with it is up to you.

Of course, fear is one way of motivating yourselves. You might have setup many things in your contracts throughout life to bring you that example, to push you
in a certain direction. When you start to move in a certain direction, sometimes you have to wait for the energy to equalize before the universe brings it to you. Here you are, just taking one step after the next. It’s absolutely incredible for us to watch. Yet we know that during these changes there has been more fear experienced on the planet than love.

That has an opportunity to change and it begins right now. Wherever you
are in the world and whatever your circumstances, political beliefs or financial status, that is your so-called player, the individual piece that you are moving around your evolving game board.

Your Player Can Be Changed

You can change so many things, dear ones. You can even change the game board, which you are just starting to become aware of and that is the magic that we wish to talk about.

The equalization is actually very simple.

You can feel the changes of planet Earth, the intensity of all the energies coming together as it brings humanity into a great period of change. The natural reaction to change is fear. “What if I don’t make it or don’t change? What if this change is not as good as the last one?” Well, what if we tell you that every single change leads to something better, even if it does not always seem like it at the moment that it
is happening. Even when you look back at some of the worst decisions you have made or things that have happened to you in your lifetime, would you really change them if you could? No, it isn’t part of your system. More than an experience in your past, it’s part of what makes you who you truly are. Mastery of this means that
it no longer controls you and that’s absolutely beautiful. All of humanity steps up during this period of change, bringing their metamorphic shell around them tightly after falling into a period of fear. But it doesn’t seem out of order because everyone’s walking around with their metamorphic shells pulled very tightly around their body, as if it had become fashionable somehow. It’s now the norm to carry that much
fear and to deal with it. Yes, the nice part about fear is that the illusion can be filled.

Fill in the Blanks

So that’s what we’re here to help you with, filling in the missing information.

Whatever your belief systems or whatever you’re working with, fill in the blanks first and that’ll open all sorts of doors for you. You won’t even have to worry about the second step, because things will start opening very quickly. You can simply follow the movement of the energy. That is the other piece that’s happening on a global basis, but how deeply that love goes or how well it is shared is entirely up to humanity. With all this fear, you’ve been pulling back and bringing your shell closely around you. As a result, there has been a lack of love, because you simply can’t hold both fear and love at the same time. This is starting to change now because the opening has happened and it’s beginning to equalize.

You’re now likely to see more goodness from humanity than you’ve ever seen before, which can be a brief experience or the start of a larger trend. Does that mean that you’ll turn on the news and everything will have suddenly turned the direction that
you wished? No, that’s not what we’re talking about. Everyone’s been so concerned about which way things turn and that has caused even more separation. So, what about just going to love? That’s what’s opening for equalization, it’s the imbalance that now has a chance to change and there is a wave of love that is taking place on planet Earth right now. How deeply will it go, how much will it affect other people
or help improve the situations on planet Earth? That’s entirely up to you, dear ones. That’s your job and it’s happening right now.

The Opening

Humans have a need to love and be loved. You cannot live on this planet without love.

Because all of humanity has been moving into the fear of uncertainty, the love has been pushed out of the way. And that is the equalization opening now. Although it is only a brief opening, if used it can become wider. How can you step up into the next level where the love is? You can love your way out of the difficulties. That’s
what’s taking place. We’d like you to fall back in love with yourselves, which is the hardest part. Whatever your belief systems are, no matter which faith or traditions you follow, these are the times that you can open your heart and make a difference. Keep in mind that being surrounded by this fear makes it more difficult to open your heart,because it may make you feel vulnerable and that can be difficult. When it makes you want to close your metamorphic shell and crawl back into that space, that’s when you tend to hide things and cover them up. But that’s the part where you can stop looking at yourself as a part of God. We love you so dearly as individuals, not just as the collective of light workers. If you can feel even a por‐
tion of the great love we have for you, dear ones, you’ll realize there’s only one way to hang on to it and that’s to pass it on to others.

A Time for Falling in Love

Fall in love with someone else, even just for a moment. No, you don’t need to confuse yourself or change your life. You don’t even need to get wrapped up in sexual energy. Just follow the unconditional love ever chance you have. It could be as simple as experiencing the beauty of a rose, as you hold it in your hands. Can you stop long enough to fall in love with the snow, as it falls from the sky landing on the tree tops? Or even that slight interaction that you had with your neighbor, as you were both taking out the trash?

Wherever it is look for those opportunities to fall in love, for this is the time more than ever before. You have the opportunity to take this wave of love, which is now prevalent on planet Earth, and stretch it into your own life. Bring it in in some way and express it. Give it a space to grow and move. Dear ones, this is more important than the future. It is more important than what’s taking place on planet Earth, what’s happening in politics or even what is occurring on Wall Street. You’re closer than you think, dear ones, you’ve opened the door to experience inter dimensional time space. It is now open to you completely because you’re living in the fifth dimension and learning how to work with it. We’re incredibly proud of you. Keep following your heart, dear ones, taking one step at a time. The other day, the Keeper was driving somewhere himself and he came upon one of his old belief
systems. As he pulled up to a stop light, there was someone standing in the median with a little sign that read, “Help me.” Well, the Keeper’s belief systems started kicking in and he looked the other way. You see, he was taught that if you give to beggars then you are part of the problem instead of being a part of the
solution. He had all these rationales, because at one point in his life he actually knew people that would go out and make a living of standing on those street corners. That was his problem with his belief systems, until we made him reach into his pocket and give the gentleman some money. That finally released him
from the old beliefs. Was it his responsibility what the man does with the money? No, the true gift was given to him the moment he gave the money.

See a Spirit Fall in Love

Find a way to express love, bring it into your life and amplify it. Bring it further into every expression of who you are.There is a wave of love on planet Earth and once you start and continue the momentum, you’ll feel all that incredible energy coming forward to support you and make that connection. What hap‐pens when two people open their eyes and truly see each other’s spirit? They fall in love. Oh, yes, there’s a
lot of resistance to that. One may look away and say, “Well, I’m not supposed to be doing that.” But what if you just fell in love with no expectations, just for that moment? We appreciate your ability to let us love you during the time that we had been here together. Your path forward is of great importance to all of us. We’re so incredibly proud of everything that you’ve done here on planet Earth, and we can’t wait to see what you do next. Take this wave of love, for you are the beings who can equalize it. Know that you’re on an incredible path. It is with the greatest of love, dear ones, that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another and play well together as you celebrate these beautiful times of love on planet Earth.

The group.


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The Creator Writings ~ The Incoming Shift… ~ January 19, 2019

transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

There may be times when you lose your way and, in the process, lose a little of your light.  Your Earth plane existence may become overwhelming and downright difficult.  These are the times when you need to take a deep breath and a step back.  Instead of asking, “What’s the point?” ask yourself, “What am I learning?”  Give yourself a moment (or more if needed) to re-calibrate then take that next step.  The incoming shift will be providing much needed information for you to move forward safely and comfortably.  Remember, when your conscious awareness shifts, so does the outcome. ~ Creator


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