Weaving the Tapestry of the New Reality ~ March 28, 2020

By: Jenny Schiltz


For about 2 weeks now there has been a change in my evening meditations. Normally during this meditation time, I connect deeply with the earth and the cosmos and work on my rainbow light body.

Recently what has happened is that my Crown will open, and iridescent streams of energy will come out my head wrapping and weaving and then connect to something. When this happens, I feel a tremendous amount of peace. I know within my heart that everything is happening as it should and within the Divine plan. I also feel as if I am not alone but rather part of a group that is growing in number and size.

The other day I asked to be shown what these streams of energy were connecting to and why. What I saw was that the streams of iridescent pinks, oranges, golds, blues, greens connecting to what looked almost like a weaving machine. Imagine a machine that could make a blanket the size of the earth and what it would look like as it takes individual strands and creates an image.

What I was shown is that we’re all contributing to the creation of this image, this tapestry which is also a collective timeline. All the fear, panic and uncertainty are creating a massive amount of energy that is then being used to create a collective timeline.

It’s an energetic loosh that is designed to feed agendas. I saw these as swathes of black and dark brown on the tapestry being weaved. Unfortunately, this took up most of what is being created. The fear that is being drummed up is being used to create a tomorrow that none of us want.

Then I was shown this flow in the tapestry of the iridescent colors and understood that this is what I was contributing to when I centered and meditated. It is this gorgeous glowing river in a sea of fear.

What is so amazing about it is that at any point in time any of us can connect into that portion of the collective timeline. When we connect into it with full faith and trust we can then begin to contribute to it and make that the predominant energy of the tapestry that is being weaved.

It was also shown to me that we would be able to connect with one another through this flow in the ethers. This is important because when we stand together unified in our creation it becomes much more powerful. It also can become a shelter or a location to tap into when one is feeling lost in the sea of fear.

Take a moment open your crown and heart chakras and intend to connect with the beautiful iridescent energy. Breathe it in and know that you are connected, held and safe.

I want to take a moment and talk about the virus that has dominated our world. Mid January I went to Turkey to see a new grand baby. I was shocked at the airports in Germany, the amount of people with masks on and the fear that was thick in the air. I took some time and asked my team some hard questions.

What I learned is that the virus is real, it is potent and infectious. I was told that people would die, but that they would be using the virus as a way to leave this experience verses leaving through cancer or an accident. They were very clear to say that all leaving have agreed to leave in accordance with their soul contract.

This does not mean there will not be grief and loss. It simply means that even through this we have a choice.

While this virus may seem disastrous ALL THINGS are utilized by the higher light.

This virus is slowing us down. We are now being forced to see OUR creation. These quarantines will force us to really see the world we have created. We have to look at our relationships, we have to look at our children, we have to look at our homes. We have to look at what’s really important in life.

Relationships will either flourish or fail as we will each have to come face to face with ourselves, our fears, our beliefs, and our dreams and aspirations.

We are being shown very clearly where this world has been upside down. Where the very few are deemed more important than the many. Where money and image has become more important than life and truth. People are seeing where their jobs either value them or don’t. We are also seeing the true colors of the leaders of this world.

Our world is so busy and noisy. It is easy to get lost and distracted. The routine and the struggle for survival keeps us locked in. For most of us on this journey we have received giant shakeups that knocked us from our sleep and began our journey inward. For many this virus is the shakeup

We knew this was coming , we didn’t know it would look like this, but we knew that there would be events coming to where every single one of us on this path would be asked to step up and energetically & physically assist others to create the highest timeline by trusting deeply in the Divine plan. Through all of this we have to hold the vision of the highest potential, the highest path.

The fear swirling around this virus is a thing… it has substance and life to it. It is very easy to get sucked into the river and lose your center. The mind will take over and lead you away from your center, your peace very quickly.

I found that this happened to me and my husband recognized it and immediately said that I needed to get outside. I went outside and sat in the sun and connected to Mother/Father God and asked for help not getting lost in fear. I then watched as black goo was lifted from my heart space and mind and then sent to sun for purification. I have sense removed similar things from clients that were overwhelmed.

When I was lost in the fear I couldn’t center, I had this stressed, panicked feeling in my body. I found myself getting lost in the insanity of news reports and social media.

If this is how you are feeling, take 10 deep breaths. Count to 5 on the way in and 5 on the exhale to balance yourself. Then call in your team, the angels or whomever you work closely with and ask them to remove the fear.

Realize that is a program that is working to take over your creator abilities. The more you fear, the more you contribute to the Collective timeline that is not in our highest good.

Understand that you can be scared and uncertain and still centered within your being, knowing that all is happening in the Divine order. You can be sad and grieve and still centered with a deep knowing that all will be OK.

This is a big test, mastery in fact. Are we ready to step into the full power of being a creator being or will we allow our abilities to be manipulated further? Can we hold trust and faith in the divine plan? It really is FAITH over FEAR.

This is not an easy time and we will all have our moments where we can get lost. Ask your team for assistance. Connect with the iridescent river. Take solace in the fact that there are others out there holding space. Join this river, add to it and trust.

Lots of love to each of you. Be well.

Jenny Schiltz


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Ivo of Vega ~ Your Spiritual Eyes ~ March 28, 2020

Channeled By: Sharon Stewart


My Post: I was shown. All my life I was shown….. Every minute of every day I was being shown something….

– drug addicted alcoholic boyfriends – reflected my own addictions back to me, yes, but also with compassionate eyes I see how men (not all men, but many) are stifled in this world. There are female drug addicts of course, but I didn’t know any so I guess it wasn’t part of what I had to be shown.

– I was shown firsthand dirty corporate tactics and how they fly in the face of the legal system. How they are there for themselves and not the employees they so loosely term “family”. I was fired off a sick leave and then screwed over by the insurance company that was to give me long term disability benefits (deep state).

– my own experience as an oppressed woman, child abuse survivor, daughter of two narcissists – I was shown what passes for child rearing in some circles, and I was shown on a smaller, personal scale how the Matrix works

– I was shown pedophilia when my nieces were abused by their grandfather

– I was shown the depravity of the toxic male in the workplace through personal experience

– I was shown how “trusted” medical professionals are anything but that

– I was shown how corporations “overlook” some of their own “values” with respect to environmental issues, because they’re making money

– I was shown how the worker is not valued in the workplace except as an expendable source of revenue

– I was shown how the medical system doesn’t work for some people and I turned to holistic medicine

– I was shown how people on the street live, how they think and how they don’t fit in with the rest of society

– I was shown the futility of the normal 9-5 work week, and of working in general

– I was shown that money basically means nothing. Sometimes you have lots of it and other times not so much and I’m still here regardless

– I was shown the futility of some people’s lives. My neighbors showed me this as they are basically addicted transients, moving from one place to the next as money runs out to pay the rent

– I was shown the system doesn’t work for everyone

There’s more. That’s all I can think of right now. If your eyes are open and you meet the right people, you can learn a lot.

Me: Ivo, I’m going through some awareness here.

Ivo: You are.

Me: I just post or blog about it but it’s my life’s process really. Here’s how I see this:

At 28, I dated a guy who just hated women, because he’d had such a hard time and was so let down by his mother. Of course, I got the brunt of it, and we broke up 3 months later. He got back into doing hard drugs again probably because of everything he’d revisited from his childhood from our relationship. This is called projection by the way and it can heal you or create misery for you as you re-experience your traumatic past. It depends on how you want to use it. But it is not living in the moment. It’s living in the past.

My response could be:

3D (shadow): That stupid jerk. He made my life miserable. Why did I waste 3 months dating that guy? I can do better than that!

3D: I need to find a man. Everyone has one but me. I have to have one too.

4D: Man, he was really going through a lot of stuff, but then so was I. I had my own stuff to heal from.

5D: This poor guy had a miserable childhood. He had a mother who did who knows what to this guy. He suffered as a child. Children shouldn’t suffer. They should be loved. He told me some things about her, clearly she was going through some stuff as well. I feel for this guy. He was just re-experiencing the emptiness of his childhood, over and over.

The point of my post wasn’t even what it ended up revealing to me. The point of it was that I went through Hell so I could see the hell people were living here on earth. I was being shown by my higher self, that’s all. It was information I needed to do this work now.

It turned out that I ended up feeling a lot of compassion for other people who are going through these things. My ex-boyfriends, my parents, everyone who is going through the hell of life on earth right now, self-created or not, but they’re going through a lot of trauma and I ended up feeling for them.

Then I posted, “Until you see with compassion, you are blind,” no offense to the unsighted, there’s just no other word to use.

I just intuited that seeing with compassion is your spiritual eyes opening.

What say you, Ivo?

Ivo: This is correct, my love. All who are of higher vibration see with these spiritual eyes of compassion. There is no judgment. There is no comparison, no hating, no revulsion towards others, no wish to punish. There is compassion for their hard journey. This is something you have touched on and shut down, touched on and shut down, and now it seems to be within your grasp to hold on to, my love. But it takes willpower. You must want to stay away from the ego who cries that your life is not fair. Your life is of your choosing and your experiences are also of the choosing of your soul.

Me: Yeah, I’ve gotta talk to her. LOL

Ivo: You have chosen to see these things in your life and you had teachers such as Glenn who showed you life on the streets of Toronto. He actually instructed you and showed you the ropes.

Me: Yes, I remember.

Ivo: It was because you wished to know. It is your ego that stands in the way of your feeling compassion for life on earth as you harbor resentment towards this person.

Me: Well, Ivo, he used to throw glass objects across the room, he harassed the neighbors and the landlord, he made my life hell for 3 years until I finally left him.

Ivo: And had you had compassion for yourself, it would have been much sooner.

Me: So who do you have compassion for, yourself or others?

Ivo: Both. You can have compassion for someone yet not tolerate their ruining your life. You also realized that codependent behavior was behind your lack of boundaries. You must have compassionate boundaries for self. We will get on to the subject of sacred boundaries soon enough. This is a prelude to this.

Life is about compassion. Life is about reverence. Life is about feeling joy as you live in these states. Your desire to help all those who do not feel this way is at the root of your will to live. Because we know that in order to live, we need others. We are not creatures who walk alone, we are social creatures who are all of the One.

The goal is to experience balance and when living with open hearted compassion for others, and for self, with reverence for all life, then you achieve this balance.

What shuts it is fear. Fear closes the heart, and closes the spiritual eyes of the soul.

Yes, the chakras. The root is the body chakra, the sacral is the emotion chakra, the solar plexus is the mental chakra. The heart is above the body because heart comes from higher frequency. The first three chakras are about existence. It is possible to exist. But heart is needed to create a spiritual life in the physical. It must be open.

The fourth dimension is about learning to keep the heart open and not to close it out of fear.

Then one will access the spiritual voice as you have in the throat chakra, the spiritual eyes – the third eye and the spiritual mind which is the crown chakra. The spiritual mind aligns with all other minds of higher consciousness.

To be able to live with compassion means the third eye is open because you see that life is about compassion for all. This is why we of the galaxy and the universes above us, work to help those in the lower dimensions.

It is tantamount that you know which voice you are speaking from. Are you speaking from your wounded shadow? Are you speaking from a third dimensional egotistical perspective, are you speaking from a heart that is opening to understand that all is love, or are you living from the perspective of understanding that all is love and all need compassion?

Me: That’s cool, Ivo. I’m all over the map some days. Depends on how I get triggered.

Ivo: And to learn to see your triggers with compassion for yourself, and compassion for those who had triggered you is the point, for they are learning as well.

It is easy to measure where you are spiritually by the lessons you attract. You can see how much love you have for others and how much compassion you have for others, when you understand your immediate reaction. In the case of yesterday, someone stole from you and you went back into your wounded ego.

Me: I hate being stolen from!

Ivo: That person gave you that lesson to help you heal. We discussed this in our video, “Life is Love in Action.” Understanding the message in this video and applying it to all situations in your life will put you firmly into a fourth dimensional frequency.

Having compassion for those same people will put you firmly into a fifth dimensional frequency. It is that simple. Compassion for all including oneself is unity consciousness, it is unconditionally loving because you have removed all conditions that your lower mind would have applied to this person, such as they stole from you.

Me: Aha.

Ivo: When you see with compassionate eyes, you see that a particular family member who you have fallen out with is reacting from her wounds. She is also going through her own ascension process and because you are familiar with how rocky that can be, you understand her with more compassion.

Me: True. This is being shown to me.

Ivo: Yes. Bear in mind that pity and compassion are not the same thing. Compassion reveres the personality of the other, it does not degrade it into a sorrowful mess. Compassion feels wonderful, pity does not feel good.

Me: Got it. Thank you Ivo. I think our viewers who are carefully going through all the video’s will enjoy this spiritual lesson.

Ivo: Compassion must be awakened upon your planet if you are to gain unity consciousness. There is no other way. Your survival depends upon it.

And your other post is correct, which will follow here. Your wounds will stifle your compassion. Your ego will pull your frequency down so that compassion will not be felt. To feel compassion is to be set free of your own ego traps. When there is compassion, no rancor is held.

Me: Yes, it felt freeing.

Ivo: It is. I thank you my love, for this opportunity to serve you and all listening.

Me: Thank you Ivo.

What stifles compassion?

The codependent tendency (compulsion) to want to fix someone.

Why do we want to fix others? So we don’t have to see them go through uncomfortable circumstances, or that we as empaths don’t have to feel their pain. Also so we don’t have to be reminded of our own pain perhaps, or that we don’t want to be reminded of the fact that living here is not always so nice.

It’s hard sometimes to stop yourself from interfering, but universal law requires that you don’t. I’ve “had my hand slapped” (figuratively) by guides for interfering in others’ lives, for doing for others what they should be learning to do themselves.


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Everything Accelerates Yet Again in April ~ March 28, 2020

By Hare in the Moon Astrology

Saturday March 28 2020

“Hope is not about proving anything. Its’s about choosing to believe this one thing: that love is bigger than any grim, bleak shit anyone can throw at us.” Annie Lamott

A heads up! As the outer world polarises beyond anything you’ve experienced before, frame it as walking the razor’s edge between two lines of force- between Saturn/Pluto’s soul crunching contraction, collapse and destruction of the way things used to be and the Seeding of the New. Paradoxically, both vectors are necessary, both are liberating us from the individual trance of hopelessness and helplessness into the beginnings of progressive collective collaboration. The seemingly endless, brutal systems collapse along with the wakeup call of climate disaster and this viral pandemic is catalysing a global rebellion which will grow and grow.

This transitional weirdness of not all there and not all here yet either is deeply uncomfortable. The ego craves company while spirit wants to connect in solitude. Frame this social distancing as an unprecedented opportunity to shift into the next cycle of remembrance, to release yourself from expired karmic contracts. To see through 3D reality distortions on every level and where they were anchored, weaved, embedded and imprinted. Develop Emergent Thinking by choosing to shift out of past entanglement towards seeding an entirely different future, deliberately re-routing your habitual knee jerk responses.

Ask that part of you who Knows:

Now that my old maps have disappeared, what new strategies do I seem to be navigating by?
By having to go “offline” from 24/7 busyness, what is my own guidance and wisdom showing me?
Now that I’ve stopped struggling, striving, seeking, and searching, what new freedoms am I enjoying?
Since I stopped linear planning and trying to control the uncontrollable, what are the next steps materialising in front of me?
As I continue to shed what I am not, stripping back to essentials, what is the greatest surprise and gift?
As I open to the possibilities in the collective chaos, instead of focusing on what I’ve lost, what is sparking my interest, summoning me to explore further?
When I find that place inside myself that is already thriving, what will get created?

New ! Everything accelerates yet again in April……
Sign up to my just published April 2020 5D Report:” To the Edge and Beyond” at: www.hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk
for inside information on the dates of the 3 conjunctions; April’s doozy of a Super Full Moon; Covid 19 and Embodiment; Financial Upheavals; Truth Time ,Renewal and Regeneration plus strategies for staying Sane and Awake in this time out of time.

“April’s 5D report is phenomenal, Lorna. It shed so much light on our current global situation, and allowed me to focus on the (as yet unformed) potential in the unnerving collapse of the structure of my old everyday life. Thank you for your vision, guidance and generosity” Jemima W Melbourne Australia


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It is Not the End, It is the Beginning! Judith Kusel ~March 28, 2020

Editor’s Note: Yes another message bringing us the truth of the matter…that our entry into another dimension of BEing is on the cuspice of happening…what utter delight as we who are awake writhe for Being in…

Quantum Joy!


So much is happening in the inner planes and this is an upgrading of the highest degrees.

Allow these intense upgrades to happen now and keep your energy fields crystal clear, go into deep meditation and contemplation, and listen deep within!
We are being pushed into immensely higher Frequency Bands, and this means that we need to keep ourselves from negativity, and mass fear contamination, as it will pull us down.

It is a time of expansion, as I have said so many times before.

The old systems and way of life will disintegrate for it cannot hold form in the highest vibrational state, the higher frequency band.

Let go. Do not cling onto anything and anyone.

Allow yourself the freedom to be reshaped, reinvented, as our higher crystalline bodies and forms are now being upgraded even more, so that we can circum-navigate these shifts.

My Seminars in Sedona and Mount Shasta later this year, will bring important information and activations for those souls ready to the receive these. It is the deepest activation of the Soul on all levels, plus the collective expanded soul of humanity and immense energy shifts.

The virus is serving us immensely in shaking us awake and in truth this is a time where we have the opportunity to be quiet, en masse, and go deeper within and reconnect with your soul and soul groups and the DIVINE at the highest levels.

It is not the end!

It is the beginning!

The rebirth to the highest degrees!

The 5D is here and it is shaking us awake and showing us that we need to keep our own energy fields crystal clear so that we can navigate the shift!

What a gift and what a blessings!

I greet you with so much Love – love to overflowing!

Judith Kusel


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ENERGY UPDATE BY ST. GERMAIN – White Spectral Mirror – HUMANITY’S GREAT SHIFT ~ March 28, 2020

Editor’s Note: The truth is here! The truth of the matter IS at hand! The truth is revealed and is both comfortable and affirming. Our long wait of seemingly endless work is finished, as those who are aware, now dissolve into holding and Being in…

Quantum Joy!


Channeled by James McConnell 💜

I am Saint Germain. I am HERE at these moments NOW to tell you, You have Arrived! We have All Arrived!

These are the moments that you came Here for. You are on the Cusp NOW, of many, many changes that are coming to this planet, coming to the Consciousness of man, to the Collective Consciousness.

Even though those of you that are on this call, those of you that resonate to these words after: you are the Ones that understand.

You are the Ones that can see between the lines, see BEhind the headlines of the Mass Media. You are the Ones that can see BEyond. For you Know, each and every One of you KNOW that you have Arrived in these moments, that you have planned for, that you have worked for. Not only in this lifetime, but countless lifetimes previously as you volunteered so long ago to BE Here.

And there are many more across this planet NOW that are Awakening, that are coming into their own, coming into Know and Remember who they are and realize that everything that is happening NOW is All Happening for a Reason.

Yes, of course, there are those that have not awakened. And there are those that will not awaken in these moments. It is Not their time. It is Not their place. But yet, so many more are.

And it is up to each and every one of you, you, the Awakened, you, the Chosen Ones, the Ones that choose them SELVES to BE Here NOW.

You are the Ones to help more and more of those Awakened as they are ready. And I can tell you NOW that many more are going to Awaken as a result of All that is occurring NOW.

This viral pandemic that is happening, have we not told you many times before through many different sources, not just this one I speak through now, but many sources, we have told you that we would NOT Allow a pandemic of any kind, a viral pandemic, or a nuclear war, or anything that would keep you, this planet, from continuing on to BEcoming what it is destined to BE:

A Fifth-Dimensional and BEyond planet, and All of the people on the planet to BEcome a part of the expression of the NEW Higher Consciousness that is HERE. All of those that are ready for this.

But as you KNOW, all will not be ready. They are all given the opportunity. But there are those that will shy away from the LIGHT. They are already doing so. They are choosing to remain in the darkness, and that is their choice. But they will receive their just Rewards as a result of this.

But I am Not Here to focus on the dark forces or the removal of such. I am Here to tell you to Rejoice NOW, for the Christ Consciousness is BEing Reborn in All of You, in All of Mankind NOW, and in the planet it SELF.

And you are that Christ Consciousness in every One of you if you Allow it to BE, if you Allow it to Come Forth.

You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life, or the LIGHT. Just as Yeshua was and is. He never left.

He is Here, just as I am Here, Archangel Michael is Here, Ashtar is Here, the One Who Serves (collective) is Here, all of the Galactics are Here NOW. They are preparing for the final phase of their operation.

Do you understand what that means?

The Final Phase of their Operation is in Motion NOW, where they can reveal them SELVES to the majority of mankind that is HERE at the time of the Changeover. This is not yet the Changeover, but it is the BEginning of it. You are moving in to that Final Operation, even Here on this planet.

There have been many phases that you have gone through, and you are entering the Final Phases NOW of this third-dimensional illusion, and the Changeover from this, BEcause you have Arrived.

And everything is, indeed, BEing Orchestrated just as we have been telling you. The Plan is in Motion, has been in Motion. And you have been told to ‘Trust the Plan.’ Just as it is BEing Worked Out NOW.

Will it BEcome more rocky yet? Very possibly. That is not yet for sure. BEcause everything changes in the moment as you look at it. You always have to remember that.

Nothing is written in stone except for This: There is NO Going Back NOW.

The Changeover is coming. The Solar Flash is coming. The Event: it is all coming. And it has already happened in the Higher Vibrational Frequencies of the Higher Dimensions. It has already occurred.

It NOW only has to BE brought down–not into the third dimension, though. The third dimension cannot hold the Solar Flash. It cannot withstand the Event. But the fourth dimension and Higher can and will.

So Trust NOW in who you are, who you are BEcoming. Because you are in those moments. Believe in your SELVES. Believe in those leaders that you have chosen to guide you and direct you. Those leaders that are BEing over-lit NOW by those of us to help to guide them.

And your One leader of this country, your President, is certainly being over-lit not only by myself, but by those various ones coming as the Galactics that are here to assist in this entire process to make sure that everything goes according to the plan.

Even though it appears at times, and certainly does by many across the planet, that all is lost, that this is the end of the world, this is anything but the end of the world.

But to those who remain ensconced within the lower frequencies within the lower dimensional illusion, they may indeed see this in that way. They will see it just as they are believing they will see it.

But you, those of you, and all of the New Ones that are Awakening, will see it for what it really is:

A NEW Awakening, a NEW Dawn… The Blue Dawn of the Aquarian Age. This is it!

The New Republic.

And I say the ‘New Republic,’ because it will, indeed, BE NEW. Just as those forefathers, those ones who designed this plan, the Constitution, to lead this country into the LIGHT of the world, to lead the world ahead.

The New Republic is coming, along with all of those promises that have been made to you, that you have heard for many years, NOW, that you have been preparing for, for lifetimes.

And even though I was there at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and I helped those of the forefathers to create this Great Nation, as I AM Back Here NOW again to continue to assist in this process. But those who are in Motion NOW are the Ones who will continue to lead this forth.

Have NO fear. Let fear Go. For fear will only hold you back.

Feel, NOW, the LOVE within each and every one of you rising, the LIGHT within you Glowing. As you BEcome the LIGHT that you were each meant to BE Here.

The LIGHT to a NEW Nation. The LIGHT that will illuminate all going forth NOW. And how you will find as the New Dawn approaches. Even though it became darker and darkest before the dawn, the LIGHT approaches. And the LIGHT of the many Suns will illuminate all across the planet and the entire Solar System.

I AM Saint Germain. And I leave you NOW with the Violet Flame to continue to purge out all the old programming within each and every one of you.

Let that Go once and for all. For you are all, we are all, in this, indeed, together! Together as ONE!

We shall continue to move forward and BEcome Not only the Nation of illumination, but the World, the Planet of Illumination.



shared with LOVE 💜
Pars Kutay

~ 💜 ~

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The Late Edition for March 27th, 2020: New Q and Stormy Days [videos] ~ March 27, 2020

It’s a done deal. POTUS signed on the dotted line. Mnuchin is standing there like a soldier on his best behaviour.

Don’t you just love The Plan? Enjoy the show.

Trump signs $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “The average worker who has lost his or her job will receive 100% of their salary for up to 4 full months.”

“Unlike normal unemployment benefits, independent contractors & the self-employed will be eligible.” pic.twitter.com/qQOVYST1Jl

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) March 25, 2020

Q just quoted another Patriot on Twitter…

RIP Federal Reserve!!!

This is Huge!!!!

“This scheme essentially merges the Fed and Treasury into one organization. So, meet your new Fed chairman, Donald J. Trump.”https://t.co/HHIoebmfxq#WWG1WGA#QAnon#EndTheFed#Freedom pic.twitter.com/YFHNY61LsC

— Ir0nbelly (@Ir0nbelly) March 27, 2020

See more Q drops here.

It’s Happening, Restructure Activated, [Fed] Is Now In The Economic Crosshairs – Episode 2133a

The draconian empire strikes back!

Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti Announces Water and Power Will Be Shut Off for Non-Essential Businesses that Don’t Close

Chicago Mayor Warns, Those who go Outside to Exercise are Subject to Arrest

Cuomo with all his daily bloviating fails to address the one glaring truth. Cuomo was told to buy 16,000 ventilators in 2015 for New York to be prepared for a pandemic or any major respiratory outbreak including the common flu. He spent all the money on other things instead.

— Roscoe B Davis🎖⭐⭐⭐ (@RoscoeBDavis1) March 27, 2020

It was sheer bedlam on the House Floor with a dimm rant in pink gloves. Oh, the pain.

Michigan Dem. Rep. Haley Stevens Has Meltdown On Floor Of The House

Corey Lynn has a new article about one more dirty old freakazoid; Canadian fashion designer Peter Nygard.

Peter Nygard and harem

Is Peter Nygard The ‘Canadian Jeffrey Epstein’?

These people believe they’re special. They’re just especially perverted. Video at the link below.

And what is it with them and their Caribbean islands? Do we believe the story on the “dredging” Nygard was doing in the waters off the coast of his island? After Epstein’s Island was suspected of harboring evidence of Human rights abuse and Epstein filled in all the tunnels beneath Little Saint James, we might wonder… although they make this out to be a long, drawn out battle with a neighbour. Who knows?

Nygard Cay; a Mayan monstrosity resembling a theme park.

South of the 49th we’re working our way through those sealed indictments…

US coronavirus cases hit 100,000

Remember when lightning just happened to hit St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City? That was just the beginning.

Coronavirus: Italy Sees Worst Day Yet, 969 Dead in 24 Hours; Death Toll Exceeds 9,000

Dave’s second update for today ties up a number of threads we’re watching. The deep state actors are skewered on the hook, folks, and we’re watching them squirm. Sometimes you just have to shake your head. These people are despicable.

Message Sent [P], Panic Everywhere, Puzzle Almost Complete – Episode 2133b

That concludes our second update for today. There’s so much to watch and many blessings to count.  ~ BP

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ANCESTORS ~ March 27, 2020

by GalaxyGirl

Greetings light holders. We ancestors step forward. We see from a vantage point different than your own. We see the interweaving patterns of love, of creation from Father Sky’s hands to Mother Earth’s womb. Such balance is returning to your world. Humankind must feel the aliveness of the earth under bare feet once again, must realize all is sacred. Mother Earth is to be loved and protected once again as the native peoples of her form taught and practiced.

The sky people are returning. We see them with uncloaked vision. The sky people offer wisdom, hope, new beginnings, new medicine. We have been in understandings of their ways.

When we were embodied they would visit, they would teach. We would learn of the sacredness of the starlight reflections on the rippling water, of the energies that were infused within the Mother. We would feel how she would share her energy, her prana with us, in the food we would grow and harvest. She would nourish us with her plants, her animal life is sacred to us, we could drink from her waters without illness or disease. Disease came to our land when the white men came. We have forgiven them this. But now is the time of the rebalancing and this history is not to be repeated. New days dawn. Father Sky has brighter colors of blue, of the throat chakra of the higher dimensional vibrations. Mother will be green again, the heart chakra blessed for all who see and feel her energies of deep love for humanity.

We native peoples are Lemurian seeds, many of us. Many of you were us. Many of you feel this ancient wisdom, this stirring deep within your cellular memories. You remember dancing naked with joy in the drum circles. You remember your warrior ceremonies to protect those you love, your mother, your child’s mother, your planetary mother. All life is sacred.

The divine feminine is returning in her full form. She is beautiful. She will be free once mankind ceases her destruction, so that she can grow and heal.

We are the ancestors of your past, of your native lands when they were lush and full of life. They shall be again. We see the sky people returning rapidly in their sky canoes. We know them. They are our friends. We are here to tell you to welcome them. The oppressors that bred fear within the hearts of men are being removed. We see this as happening now. The sky people mean no harm, they offer healing for the mother and for humanity. The change is here. We dance the native dance. We sing the native song. We celebrate the victory. The prophecy complete.

We are the ancient ones, the ancestors of your past memories. We see you as our own, for our lineage lives on within the cellular memories of the Nova Gaians reborn. (I am seeing waterfalls and hearing the loud roaring of water. Lush greenery surrounds, many animals are nearby watching). Yes, young one. The Earth is pristine in her beauty. The animal kingdoms, expectant.

So too should those of you who resonate be expectant of all good things. These bows and arrows of fear melt into smoke and mist to the awakened ones who command it to be so. The point of the spear of truth is sharper than any fear of the mind. Master your mind and master your fear. The enemy we see evaporating into the mist of long forgotten dreams to be replaced with better memories.

Young ones, old ones, wise ones. We see you in your struggles. We hear the mother’s cries as she gives birth to the new. You are her children. You are the rainbow warriors of the way, from the stars, to be soon joined by the star people of your other lineage. You have many pasts, you have many futures, but there is only now. Feel the warm earth of the Mother beneath your feet. See the woven tapestry of creation. See the warrior within you as balanced and compassionate, whose goal is to serve and protect family and home. We shall see peace on earth again.

We surround you, young one, in a circle of light. We place our woven blankets of heritage over your shoulders, for such is the story of life. Knots, threads, dead ends, new patterns emerge, beads of many colors representing the mineral kingdoms – the jewelry of the mother, all interwoven in the massive story of earth. We place a feather headdress upon your head, crowning your crown chakra so that you may hear the star people and your own inner whispers more clearly. We smudge you with holy smoke. We paint your face with the clay of the earth. The sacred clay shall give you strength in the coming days. You are one of us. Peaceful warrior, be at peace, be truly at peace. Remember your calling. Protect the mother and all things shall fall into line.

Honor your brother, your sister. Respect your elders and care for the less fortunate. Share your plenty of harvest. Form your village. Feel your calling. It is time for new moccasins. A new path has arrived. You are ready. We are the ancestors. We honor you this day.

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