Cmdr Ashian: Your new telepathy ~ August 8, 2020

J: I have to laugh, because I have felt you nudging me for hours to write this post: Hello!  And welcome!

Ashian: Thank you!  It is always a pleasure to share in your energies and to participate in the unfurling process that is ascension.
We have information we wish to bring forth.  Many have struggled with loss of contact with loved ones in the lock down.  Yes, there are phones and zoom calls and all manner of ways to connect, but the intense emotional intimacy of being in the physical presence of a loved one, of hugging and interacting with a loved one, was absent for many.  There was a hole, a pain, created in each being that was deprived of the physical presence of their loved ones.
This is as the dark side would wish it to be.  They thrive on pain and negative energy, and I do not say that to make anyone feel bad; honestly acknowledging any negative emotions and feelings frees that energy of its darkness and converts it to the light energetic.  

This is the crucial alchemy that starseeds and light workers across our precious Gaia are performing, for the benefit of all who lack the skills to do this work at present.
However, what was not so clearly anticipated by those forces, is that this enforced distancing has led to the rise of telepathic neural networks within the human collective.  

Unconsciously, many of you have been connecting on different planes with your loved ones; you have said prayers for them – which evokes their spirit; you have had ‘imaginary chats’ with them – which evokes their spirit; you have dreamt of them – which evokes their spirit.  You are beginning to get the picture!
Physical presence creates an emotional intimacy; spiritual presence also creates that emotional intimacy, albeit in a more refined vibration.  

Without knowing it, many of you have been reigniting the foundation and framework for your – soon to come – full telepathic abilities.   The lock down has expanded your spiritual abilities.
At present, this is akin to when children learn to draw; the colours wash gloriously across the paper and the child proudly declares they have painted a cat, as the equally proud parents try to decipher ‘cat’ from the shades and squiggles!  However, with practice and guidance, a shape that is identifiable as ‘cat’ emerges.
So it is with your telepathic abilities.  You have begun, you are now in training, exploring and playing with this new ability.  

Imagine hugging the person you are separated from, this will be registered by them and will evoke a deeper sense of intimacy within you, between your loved one and you.  Have conversations where you see them sitting with you; you are not imagining them, their soul is present, you are in connection, a more refined connection but, as you get used to it, you will come to experience it as emotionally intimate as physical contact.  

If there is someone who is willing to practice with you, all the better!  It will strengthen your ability.
With the coming Light jump, or shift, many ‘new’ abilities will come to the front and telepathy is one that you can begin to practice now.  Even if you feel that you are not successful, you are reawakening these neural pathways and strengthening them, which will make it easier when your new abilities are consciously held within you.

You may like to know that, on this ship, we are mostly telepathic.  

J: Thanks Ashian, that’s wonderful to learn… or ‘telepath’!  Sorry, what a terrible joke!

A: 😃 It is always our pleasure to share with you all: you are we and we are you.

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Editor’s Note: Malik anyone? Pay attention to the Trump press conference today and watch the miracles happen! Just sayin…while we are all Majikal in all ways, and in…

Quantum Joy!


The BLUE MONKEY MAJIK WAVESPELL starts with KIN 131 exactly at the central point of the TZOLKIN CALENDAR which represents HUNAB KU – the Galactic Butterfly, which is aligned with the Galactic Center and the Great Central Sun. The Maya believe that SOURCE energy flows through Hunab Ku. The exact centre of the Tzolkin is the ZERO POINT field of the torus. At this point we have direct access to the forces of Creation. So to say this Monkey Wavespell is extra powerful is an understatement!

This Wavespell is located in the central column of the Tzolkin which is the 7th column. The number 7 represents everything Mystical, Majikal and Spiritual which perfectly describes this passage. This is very potent and significant. We are in the CORE area representing our SPINE, the EYE of the Storm or as the Egyptians called it – threading the EYE of the needle!. This is the VOID of CREATION, where Majik and Miracles can happen! .
The Monkey Wavespell is the 11th Wavespell (out of 20) and commences on the 11th day in this central column. The MONKEY is also tribe number 11, so we have a plethora of CODE 11 in operation which represents a DOORWAY between worlds. Indeed this SPACE in the Tzolkin is called the MIRROR WORLD, as it is the overlap between the two Worlds depicted by the Tzolkin. The Mirror World is where the veil is thin and ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

The WHITE MIRROR Wavespell preceded the Monkey Wavespell in the first 10 days of this central column. The Mirror Wavespell energy had an inward spin of the energy focused on reflection, analysis and finding the TRUTH through our inner work. We dove into the Hall of Mirrors very deep into the CORE of our being, stripped to the bone of all falsities, down to our skeleton, the very foundation of our bodies. This process was about honing and polishing the beautiful Diamond💎 essence within our inner being.

Which brings us to the BLUE MONKEY Wavespell this is where we connect with that Pure Diamond 💎 Essence through our pure Divinity. The return to our original Innocence, finding the majik within our Divine Child who just wants to PLAY, be spontaneous, explore his/her surroundings with natural wonderment and have FUN, FUN, FUN. The child just wants to create, and express its pure joy and inner BLISS. The purity of the Divine Child beckoning us to return home to our SOURCE as pure sparks of creation.

BLUE MONKEY also represents the dolphin energies,🐬🐬🐬 which also hold the codes for 5D Consciousness, which is our natural state of BLISS. This is in perfect alignment as the Divine Child is our passport to access God Consciousness. This wavespell symbolizes the emergence of the joy filled Dolphin from the deep waters of the womb of creation into the LIGHT of a new day/dawn of a New World. This energy is outwardly projected as we begin spinning our toroidal field from the inner rim, outwardly to our entire World as our JOY and BLISS permeates out to all those beings lucky enough to be in our presence. .

CHUEN 🐵– the BLUE MONKEY is the MASTER MAGICIAN🎩 who holds the HIGHEST LEVEL of MAJIK in the DREAMPELL.🎆 The BLUE MONKEY Kin are the TIMELORDS and the keepers of the Dreamspell Codes, holding the keys to time and space in their energetic signatures. Jose’ Arguelles/Valum Votan, the creator and father of the Dreamspell is a Blue Spectral Monkey and beloved siStar Vasumi Zjika, who has spent two decades dedicated to teaching the Dreamspell globally, is a Blue Rhythmic Monkey. In my experience the Blue Monkey’s operate in their own realm apart from the other kin, in a much higher dimension! They definitely hold a mystical and undefinable energy with an air of mystique, you cannot help but be drawn to their unique and alluring genius!.


Ariel Spilsbury author of The Mayan Oracle sums it up as such “BLUE MONKEY represents the Divine Child, the child that is ever in a state of open-hearted wisdom, innocence, trust, simplicity and joyful wonder. What would it feel like to actually BE a magical child in this culture and time? The secret that very few know, (because they may feel more comfortable trying to protect themselves) – is that the divine child offers the strongest of all protections, the invulnerability of openhearted Love. Through innocence, a kind of immunity is created that allows the divine child to be TRANSPARENT so that the apparent ‘slings and arrows’ of the world can pass right through without being personalized into wounds, reactions or hurt feelings. This is the path of innocence regained. Transparency is the path of the new consciousness. Your spontaneous, divine child will usher in and anchor the new frequency. How can you heal your inner child? Explore what truly gives you joy. Find types of work that support your sensitivity and create deep satisfaction. Be simple: love, play, dance, draw, colour, sing. These activities are for all divine children – they serve the expression of the magical child in everyone. Consciously make time for the joyful freedom and magic of play! ”


🎆🎆WARNING!!! BLUE MONKEY is also a Master Illusionist and Trickster so there may be a tendency to fall prey to deception, illusion, deceit, betrayal or trickery which is the SHADOW side of BLUE MONKEY. Be very ALERT, discerning and AWARE over these next 13 days so you are not taken advantage of. Be aware when signing legal documents or contracts over this period too, as applies when Mercury is in Retrograde as the cheeky and often mischievous monkey’s personality is similar to that of Gemini people, who’s ruler is Mercury. Keep your VIBE HIGH and manifest the LIGHT SIDE of BLUE MONKEY. p.s. You can also make offerings to placate the Monkey from turning mischievious – he loves bananas 🍌 and watermelon 🍉 and totally blisses out on Mangoes!🍊


So GET READY, it is PLAY TIME, summon your Majik Carpet and join me for a majikal carpet ride filled with wondrous adventures. RetrIieve your MAJIK wands and bring out all your majikal and sacred tools during this cycle. Whatever it takes Crystals, affirmations, vision boards, majik spells, moon ceremonies, prayer or even wishing on a STAR. Check in what you have flying in your CREATION VORTEX, sift out the small stuff and magnetize your grandiose dreams and desires. THIS IS IT FOLKS, the MAJIK show is about to commence!

So our journey during this majikal 13 day cycle, is one of opening up to MAJIK and creating more BLISS, JOY and extreme happiness in our daily lives and our world. Who is up for that?

So beloveds get out your wands, it is time to start pulling rabbits out of your majik hats!!! LET’S DO MAJIK!




I UNIFY in order to PLAY
Attracting ILLUSION
I seal the process of MAJIK
With the Magnetic tone of purpose
I AM guided by the power of MY OWN POWER DOUBLED!

Read this mantra through once, then REPEAT it out loud as a COMMAND using your breath and pausing between each line tuning into the feeling it evokes in your body. This will attune you to the frequency of the daily KIN energies activating the POWER within your cells and DNA. .

🐬🌈 ❤🐬🌈🎆❤🐬🌈❤🐬🌈❤

Namaste’ 🙏❤🙏❤🙏
In Lak’ech a la kin
Christina White Magnetic Worldbridger – KIN 66 🌏🌈

PICTURE CREDITS: 1. Boy and his rabbit – Unknown Artist 2. CHUEN glyph D. Malmos 3. Tzolkin Blue Monkey Wavespell – Tortuga 13:20 DIVINE GRATITUDE 🙏❤🙏❤🙏

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Venus in Cancer – Emotional Empathy & Deep Healing ~ August 8, 2020

Venus has been in Gemini since April 3:
she completed her retrograde cycle, recently squared Neptune, and formed a conjunction with the North Node.

The Goddess of Beauty and Love is finally entering Cancer, the archetype related to home, family, and nurturance, on August 7, at 11:22 AM EST.

The transit of Venus through the sign of the Crab will inspire us to cultivate empathy and kindness.
It will remind us to protect ourselves and our loved ones from negative energies and toxic influences, and to nurture all our relationships.

With the Sun in Leo, Mars in Aries, and several planets in Capricorn, it can be easy to focus on doing and achieving, and lose sight of our need for emotional closeness and nurturance.
The transit of Venus in Cancer reminds us to dedicate enough time to self-care, rest, home, and family.
Taking good care of ourselves and others is key to making the most out of the cosmic energy available to us at this time.
The Yin side of Venus

Venus traditionally rules two signs: Taurus and Libra.
While Libra expresses the Yang side of Venus, correlated to the way we relate with other people,
Taurus represents the Yin side of Venus, symbolizing the relationship we have with ourselves, our bodies, our values, our needs, our resources, and our capacities.

The collective expression of the Yin side of Venus is going to be particularly emphasized during the transit of Venus through Cancer, a Yin sign ruled by the Moon.

venus in cancer

In Astrology, planets represent functions of consciousness, each of them has a specific mission.
The purpose of the Yin side of Venus is to unite and integrate discordant aspects of our personality, allowing us to know ourselves and become aware of our unique talents and gifts.

The Yin side of Venus illustrates the relationship we have with ourselves and the way it evolves throughout our life.
It includes the way we inwardly feel about ourselves, which generates a magnetism that attracts others who reflect that same vibration.

The transit of Venus through Cancer invites us to take care of our heart, of our feelings, and our inner child’s needs.
It reminds us to embrace a sense of compassion for ourselves and to accept our flaws, our shortcomings, and mistakes.
Doing so allows us to naturally cultivate the same feelings for others.
Venus in Cancer: Seeking Safety and Security

Emotional volatility, reactivity, and confusion are extremely common right now, all over the world.
The main need that Venus in Cancer brings up is feeling stable, safe, and secure: that’s not something many of us are experiencing.

For this reason, displaced emotions relative to our childhood may come up in a way that we don’t understand logically.
In difficult and uncertain circumstances, our emotional reactions tend to be disproportionate to the event or situation provoking them.

Our fear of abandonment may be triggered during this transit.
The current planetary energy is inviting us to overcome our anxiety of separation, our fear of vulnerability, and the hesitance of trusting others fully.

The highest purpose of Venus in Cancer is to inspire us to open up to our loved ones and share our emotions clearly, in order to connect with them on a deeper level.

It is crucial to understand that for this to be possible we must express and verbalize what we feel and need.
If we don’t do it, we can’t expect that other people understand it.
Exploring Our Values and Our Inner Reality

Venus is the planet representing what we value and need, as well as our talents and capacities.
The cycle of three squares we had between Venus and Neptune during the last three months might have brought up confusion and uncertainty regarding these topics.

Now that we are out of the influence of this aspect we finally gain clarity, recognize our true necessities, values, and capabilities.
We have the opportunity to find a new sense of direction, rooted in emotional honesty and in the awareness of what we truly need to feel happy and satisfied.

Towards the end of her journey through Cancer, Venus is opposing Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn.
These aspects are going to bring us back to what happened during Eclipse Season and throughout the month of July.
The importance of finding a compromise between the demands of society and our professional life will be emphasized:
we will need to find balance between the time we invest in ourselves and our personal relationships, in our family, in our career, and in self-care.

Venus in Cancer: Emotional Empathy and Deep Healing

Any therapeutic modality that helps us to elaborate and release repressed emotions is highly recommended during this transit, especially if it involves touch.
Touch is something we are often deprived of: take advantage of this energy to reconnect with your body and the five senses, and liberate the emotions that have been trapped there.

venus in cancer

Venus in Cancer helps us become aware of the specific causes and origin of each feeling coming up, and encourages us to process our emotions in a safe space.

If we manage to tune in to the current energy, we can easily tap into our natural ability to empathize with others and have compassion for them, which is something deeply healing for everyone involved.

Ultimately, the planetary energy of the moment is encouraging us to navigate our chaotic and ever-changing inner state.
The influence of Venus is supporting us, and it is extremely beneficial for our healing journey.
The current transits are inviting us to minimize external dependencies and to learn to feel safe and secure within ourselves: this is the higher purpose of what we are experiencing.
@Cosmic collage

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Lisa Renee ~ August 8, 2020

It is clear to all of us in the spiritual community that these are unprecedented times in which we entered a new era in 2020.

Everything we have known is progressing into something else, an entirely new game on a new playing field, the reality is being reset in the fields as we speak.

A new era in which we can observe the metaphysical layers of spiritual warfare begin to manifest itself into the physical world, and that seeing, feeling and knowing that this warfare is happening in real time, is extremely disturbing and sometimes, emotionally painful and depressing.

There is a saying, those that know cannot sleep, and it is a part of the energetic burden that this spiritual family shares as we watch the unraveling of the controller matrix together.

Since last December, there was an event that occurred during the week of the Galactic node alignment, in which Guardian teams made note to communicate – “The Time is Now!” It can take some time to understand what the heck is happening when the worlds seem to part in the sky, and these cryptic messages from the fieldwork actually reveal themselves to be truer than true, as this was the pre-warning that we were going into spiritual battle for the end game.

The end game is the timeline of the singularity into zero point which is the organic timeline of Disclosure as it is made to the earthly inhabitants.

This is the God creator plan, and no matter what kind of opposition, resistance and entity tantrums rise to destroy the world for people to become consumed in the forces of chaos and violence, the infinite Creator has a benevolent plan for all, and there is no stopping it. – Lisa Renee

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The Power of Your Love by the Venus Beings ~ August 8, 2020

Greetings, we are the collective energy and the collective consciousness of the Venus beings. We bring forth the power of the Creator’s love through our beings to you. We do so to remind you of the power of the Creator’s love within your own being. We are simply representatives of the Creator’s energy; our purpose and focus are to bring about and to awaken the presence of love. We study, create, and discover so much about the Creator’s love, it is so intricate, detailed, and yet so simple and powerful. We come forth to you today with a message concerning and encouraging the power of your own love.

Each of you are aware that the presence of the Creator exists within your being. You may also be aware that this presence of the Creator emanates unconditional love, a love that is eternal, free from limitations, boundaries, and judgements. A love which is simply love and nothing else. This eternal and limitless love exists within your being.
We, the Venus Beings, invite you to contemplate how many times a day are you aware of the unconditional eternal limitless love of the Creator that is within your own being?

It is so important to connect with this energy several times a day to bring your awareness, focus, and mind to the unconditional, eternal, and limitless love within you. The love within you is born from Creator, it is an expression of the Creator that flows through you. You can emanate, direct, and create with the love as well as grounding the love into the Earth, your own being and into other people and beings. Therefore, you are a key role in the expression, embodiment, and grounding of the Creator’s love. It Is important to remember this several times throughout your day.

Anchoring the Power of Your Love into Your Reality

We, the Venus Beings, invite you to think of a situation in your reality that is causing you difficulty, upheaval, pain, or stress. Imagine if you approached the situation with the awareness that unconditional eternal limitless love exists within your being and that it is your role to express, embody, and ground this love. This means love would manifest through your actions, reactions, expression, creations, and thoughts. The way you communicate both with yourself and with others would alter and transform dramatically.

Try to imagine the unconditional eternal limitless love within your being at this moment.

Imagine, sense, or know it is radiating outwards.

Then think of the difficult situation, radiate this love to the difficult situation. As you do so observe your perspective, the way you perceive yourself and the situation. Notice if it changes in any way.

The more love you send to the situation the more it will transform within your being. The difficult situation will transform within your being because it was created from an energy within your being. Therefore, this will naturally be projected into your reality, experienced by you in the coming hours, days, weeks, or months.

Imagine if you approach every single situation and experience from this space, you will begin to create a momentum. You are the catalyst for change and the creation of love. With a focus on the power of your love, you create a loving reality and a loving sense of being for yourself to experience daily.

Your Belief
We, the Venus Beings, invite you to acknowledge and ask yourself, what would hinder your experience of the love of the Creator whether within your being or your reality?

You may have many ideas, insights, and inner guidance, we, the Venus Beings invite you to follow your inner guidance and the insights you receive. We also wish to offer our own Insight. We believe that one of the most powerful things that could hinder your experience of the Creator’s love within your reality is your belief in the power of your love. Could you say on a scale of one to ten, one being the least powerful, 10 being the most powerful, how powerful your love is and how much you believe wholeheartedly in the power of your Love?

Your response is for you to contemplate and evaluate in your own time.

It is our understanding that there is a need to increase within your being, your belief in the power of your love, through doing so not only will you be able to experience your love more fully, you will also be able to recognise how powerful your love is. An example could be, and this is quite a simple example, imagine a room full of people. Do you believe that if you emanate love it would impact these people, without you even talking to them or creating any form of action? Do you believe that your love emanating from your being would impact these people in a certain way?

Again, this is something for you to contemplate and evaluate.

What do you believe your love is capable of in your reality?

We, the Venus Beings, invite you to write a list of all the things the love of the Creator that emanates from your being is capable of. We invite you to keep this list open, continuing to add to this list. Soon you will begin to acknowledge the power that is really within your being, the power of your love.

When you recognise the power of your love, wielding it, and following your inner guidance, your reality will transform. The realities of those around you will transform, even the reality of those in the world and the collective consciousness of humanity will transform.

We invite you in meditation to sit peacefully and focus on your unconditional eternal limitless love. You may wish to affirm, ‘I am the love of the Creator that is unconditional, eternal, and limitless.’

As you repeat this affirmation focus on the presence of love within your being. Allow it to radiate calling upon us the Venus Beings, to surround you. Let us send our own unconditional eternal and limitless love into your being, feel as if you become a battery of love so energised with love. Send this out to all the people you love, to Mother Earth and everyone in the world. Send the love to wherever it needs to go, to situations in the world and your own reality. Send the love to where healing is needed and where enlightenment is needed. Let your love and yourself as a battery of love wield your power. You are immensely powerful. You can no longer hide the power of your love away. It is time for you to completely master the energy and power of love, delivering it forth.

We, the Venus Beings, are present to assist and guide you.

We thank you and love always,

Venus Beings

the Venus beings bring the energy of the collective consciousness


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Headlines and Updates for August 8, 2020: The Auspicious Lion’s Gate On the Eights [videos] ~ August 8, 2020

Coincidence? It’s 88 days until the Presidential election.

Today… 8/8… or ∞/∞—it’s your lucky day, according to traditional astrology. Make it count.

If you’re not already feeling the powerful roar of Leo season 2020 in your life, trust that you will soon — because on Aug. 8, the blazing Sun in Leo will link up with the bright star Sirius and create a cosmic alignment known as the “lion’s gate portal.” Because of energy of this alignment (and the charmed numerology of the double 8s), Aug. 8 (or 8/8) is a supercharged day for manifesting abundance and dreaming big. It’s set to be one of the luckiest days of 2020, and understanding the significance of this date can help you take advantage of its magic.

Learn more about the astrology and numerology at this link.

Because it is such an important time, we expect dark rituals. Jim, the Unknown Lightwarrior told us this week…

“Most of us have noticed the Cabal is attacking the 188 degree Ley line again, with further explosions in United Arab Emirate (UAE) and Paris, only a day after the explosion in Beruit … during this crucial 8/8 Lion’s Gateway period that began with the full moon on Monday.

Judging by these events, they may try another event this Sat – 8/8 – right on the Lion’s Gate galactic portal that opens up.

New intel update just released by FM144 has confirmed the importance of the Lion’s Gate galactic portal.

There’s certainly plenty of speculation that the White Hats have something in the works, and the Cabal are trying to drop the timelines by attacking the 188 degree Ley Line to prevent it.


This Saturday’s 144K Mass Meditation will be about 30 mins & extremely helpful in actualizing the full higher octave possibilities of the Lion’s Gate 8/8 galactic portal…

… and not to mention countering dark rituals on this date by the dark ones, who will attempt to skew & subvert the incoming portal energies, to create the lowest possible timeline octave.”

Wow… what are we looking at on the LASCO camera? A fascinating share from Yellow Rose for Texas.

Night Operations. Are you ready? We are…

The Germans held another anti-lockdown march in Stuttgart on Saturday, and there is a massive protest demanding the Israeli government step down for the vicious attack on Beirut this week. We’re still left wondering why Kew told us the patriots are leaving Israel for last. Does this  have anything to do with it?

LIVE: New round of protests take place in front of Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem

And look! Québec, too!

What’s up? Support required. Riots and chaos in the Belgian City #Blankenberge earlier today…

Morning Patriots. These next 5 days are really important. Please PRAY for POTUS, his family and all of the military and white hats in harms way. Godspeed!

Did you catch it? Listen to these decodes.

Mad As Hell=Take No More [POTUS Safe]

Almost five months after lockdowns began, we’re still asking the question… and still learning why nothing makes sense.

The testing procedure skews the numbers. See the Tweet below.

Does anyone actually have anyone in their life with the Covid-19 Virus?Carlton Gore@Corky_GoreKnow several people that had it and nothing crazy but taught me why the numbers are off. Most that have it need to get tested again and get a negative result so they are not spreading it. If they test too early and are still positive this counts as a new positive.6:44 AM · Aug 8, 2020

And a doctor told us the reason some hospitals claim to be overloaded is because they laid off so much staff months ago, AND, they allotted a specific number of beds for COVID patients and many are in use so when they say they are at capacity for beds, they aren’t referring to all the beds in the hospital—just those.

Hospitals in general are not full, it’s not a pandemic, and we should all go back to living a normal life. Even people in large families aren’t spreading it to other family members without distancing, people are telling us.

And that’s why they’re protesting in Germany so much, as well as other places in Europe. It’s absurd to call this a pandemic. It’s simply nothing of the kind but the New World Order has objectives to meet and a global health crisis fits the bill.

The Pavlovian scientists will now command the population to accept another toxic vaccine—far more advanced than any other. They have the marketing campaign all ready to go, to shame us, ridicule us, scare us, threaten us—all the tactics they’ve used in the past to get the sheep to comply and compel others to do likewise.

So now they can tell Americans it’s “patriotic” to do anything and they’ll bust the doors down to comply? I don’t think so.

CONFIRMED: Doctor Arguing for Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations in USA Today is Bankrolled by Big Pharma

The globalist have been controlling disease for a very long time and you might need a chill pill after watching the following in-depth examination of just how far they have gone and how deeply duped we are.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and the governing bodies responsible for directing disease research and the dispensation of pharmaceuticals have committed crimes against Humanity and they’re still at it—using the same dog-eared playbook from days gone by.

The medical establishment loves to glorify their hatchetmen and turn them into heroes but we are now seeing these criminals exposed to the public for who they are, and the COVID hoax will ensure we are never fooled again. There’s nothing glorious about notoriety in infamy as a mass murderer.

Here’s the introduction of the video featured by Brasscheck TV.




A deadly new virus is discovered…there’s no treatment or cure…it’s highly contagious…everyone is a potential victim…the world is at risk from asymptomatic super spreaders…new clusters of cases reported daily…

Everyone must get tested even though the tests are unreliable…positive antibody tests are called “infections” and “cases” even when the patient has no symptoms…every politician gets involved…media hysteria in high gear…activists demand salvation from government and Big Pharma…

Billions of dollars are authorized for fast track drug and vaccine research…simple, effective remedies are rejected while expensive, dangerous ones are pushed……presumptive diagnoses…exaggerated death statistics…falsified death certificates…

Covid 2020?


AIDS in the 1980s.

Every single fraud technique being used today to “sell” CoVid hysteria was invented in the 1980s and 1990s by Tony Fauci to sell the AIDS fraud.

Are you surprised to hear AIDS called a fraud? You won’t be after you see this film.

This is the first and only film to put Fauci where he belongs: squarely in the middle of the AIDS fraud story.

Share widely.

Demolishing the AIDS fraud is one of the keys to undermining the CoVid Con and it will save millions of lives here in the US, in Africa and around the world.

Click here to watch the video, which is 1.5 hours long.

Twitter is off the rails, deleting followers of Uncle Rob and Josh, who, along with Rob is rustling up voters in the gay/LGBTQ community for Trump.

There’s that “deer in the headlights mind-controlled look” again.

24 JULY 2012 MUGSHOT OF 24 YEAR OLD James Holmes suspect in Batman Theater Massacre in Aurora, Colorado

24 JULY 2012 MUGSHOT OF 24 YEAR OLD James Holmes suspect in Batman Theater Massacre in Aurora, Colorado

Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook school massacre shooter in “Sandy Hoax” where no one died—not one child, December 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut

Is this guy a procurer for the El-ites? Is that why he got such a light sentence?

No Prison sentence only community service for man who admitted having indecent images of children

It’s right in our faces.

Eyes to the skies! James Gilliland brought us a quick glimpse of the activity overhead in July at ECETI Ranch in just over a minute.

UFOs – EETI July 2020 – 7.30.20

That Dan Scavino is a rascal.

Closing for now, folks, and wishing everyone an excellent weekend. Thanks for all you do.  ~ BP

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The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light: ~ August 8, 2020

Mount Shasta
The cosmic alignment of the Lion’s Gate Portal (July 28th – August 12th) plays a big role in moving the Earth into a new trajectory. 

The Earth is a living consciousness and corresponds with all celestial movements. In conjunction with the mass consciousness of humanity, this year’s Lion’s Gate energies are the most intense they have ever been.

As you are stepping through this powerful energy portal, it is stripping away the old paradigms and beliefs of the lower dimension.Then, as you are crossing the threshold on August 8th, you are integrating the new paradigms and beliefs of the higher dimensions.

Your entire physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies are being restructured and activated to the next vibrational level.Everything that doesn’t serve you anymore is being shaken loose and is leaving your reality.Everything that is in alignment with the Divine New Earth is coming into your reality.

It is important to remain very calm, flexible and fluid during this transition and always, always turn your awareness to your Divine Inner Being.Establish an inner knowing that the Source within you is carrying you through this Grand Shift…Remember that all unpleasant experiences simply invite you to turn away from the illusion and turn inward…

You came into this life time, knowing that you will make it through these times and to lift the planet into the higher dimensions with the power of your focus and attention.  
We are holding the vision of the New Earth with you and from our vantage point it is glorious. 
We are with you, every step of the way.

You are loved beyond measure.

We are with you… always. We love you.We are you.

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Headlines and Updates for August 6, 2020: Fighting Our Own Battles: It’s Show Time [videos] ~ August 6, 2020

The patriots are coming in hot this month and the vermin under extermination don’t like the lights shone on them, exposing their crimes.

The CuteTeam is silent again, so we know there are major ops under way. It’s getting easier to see that the onslaught is real but some are still denying arrests are in progress. Faith is in short supply in some cases.

The patriots are taking out the deep state vermin. That’s what the President means when he talks about the “virus” and the US Military delivering the “vaccine”. That means it’s “show time”.

PQTUS made this his pinned tweet…He is letting the Normies know to buckle up! 💥💥💥It’s almost show time! #DrainTheSwamp #ObamaGate #PAINIsComing #EnjoyTheShow 🍿🍿🍿

— Q_An0n John 🇺🇸🐸 (@QStorm1111) August 6, 2020

How much more confirmation do we need about 17? Trump and his family are all edifying our favourite letter of the alphabet.

On Monday alone, @realDonaldTrump answered 17 questions from reporters. Joe Biden answered NO questions yesterday and has not answered a single question since July 28. 

When will Joe stop dodging serious interviews & tough questions? The entire country sees through this sham…

— Eric Trump (@EricTrump) August 4, 2020

Scott Mowry assured us on the Miracles Intel Call last night that a great deal is taking place behind the scenes. How can we tell? How about the explosions and fires this past two days?

Did you see this? I suppose we should have expected something more would be revealed about that event.

A bent missile

— John Titor (@JohnTitor33621) August 6, 2020

The “random attacks” are a sure sign of the utter fear the cockroaches are feeling because the public is so close to having their minds blown with legal repercussions for the treason, sedition, etc.

They are like petulant toddlers who strike out in an effort to get us to call off the attack. Ain’t happening. We are never going to stop, no matter what. No matter what they do, we must complete this mission to eradicate these demons from our planet.

Scott’s high level military sources have confirmed that off-world assistance is engaged in this battle with us. Expect more retaliatory events from the psychopaths, however.

He also says the Patriots will play a “series of Trump cards” as I have said, between now and the election. Some have already been played, but subsequent ones will no doubt generate a response from the enemy.

We are reminded the Patriots are in control, and this takedown will unfold in the safest way possible for the People of Earth. It cannot be done without sacrifice or collateral damage and as Kew has said, “nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.”

As expected…

There’s an awful lot of fires and explosions all across the globe right now. But I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence. … –

— Mark Taylor (@patton6966) August 5, 2020

9-11 folks. What is unfolding now is the cabal’s 9-11 from which they will never recover. They just keep digging themselves in deeper and deeper.

A fire has broke out on the top floor of the World Trade Center of Brussels in Belgium.

— Deep State Exposed® (@DeepStateExpose) August 6, 2020

Not a coincidence. It’s meant to distract from what’s happening in Washington. The exposure of the criminality of the Obama administration and the deep state efforts to prevent Donald Trump from ruining their sixteen year plan to destroy America and the world. I believe we will see that John Durham will indeed deliver—at the perfect time. The Plan was decades in the making and they will follow it to the letter.

BIG NEWS! The Political Crime of the Century is unfolding. ObamaBiden illegally spied on the Trump Campaign, both before and after the election. Treason!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 5, 2020

Maybe there will be justice after all

— Juanita Broaddrick (@atensnut) August 5, 2020

This is big news from this morning, and surprising.

NY Attorney General files lawsuit to dissolve NRA

Dave brings us a comprehensive round up in his latest X22 Report from yesterday.

Big News Coming, Absolutely Breathtaking, It’s Worse Than We Originally Thought – Episode 2242b

We’re not supposed to speak of the truth about anything. It’s the media’s job, globalist puppet Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC told us, to establish and control the narrative. If you oppose them, you’ll get slapped—no matter who you are.

REAL doctors have told us that no children have died of COVID—only pre-existing conditions. I believe it is fact.

‘The President was stating a fact’: White House attacks Facebook and Twitter for ‘flagrant bias’ after they removed video of his interview claim that children are ‘almost immune’ from Covid-19

Does this shock anyone? Arrest Fauci! The CDC is corrupt and has NO credibility. Make HCQ over the counter!#ArrestFauci

— Mark Taylor (@patton6966) August 6, 2020

how is Senate stenographer going to accurately transcribe Yates’ virtual testimony when much of it is garbled by the technological glitches from her home video conferencing? this should NEVER happen again. if Senators can be in hearing room, WITNESSES must be in hearing room too

— Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) August 5, 2020

They are good at distracting from legal proceedings that will expose the dark cabal. Fireworks? I don’t think so. Imagine being in this car when the explosion in Beirut took place.

For a better idea of how powerful that explosion was…

— Greg (@greg_scott84) August 5, 2020

Days Before Tuesday’s MASSIVE Explosion in Beirut Democrats Added Funding for the Lebanese Military Back Into House Bill for Some Reason

Holy crap. Beginning Thursday, August 6 every 6 – 8th car will be selected for random checks. Tyranny in the disguise of public protection.

Never necessary before; not necessary now. When will the revolt begin?

CHECKPOINTS Being Setup At New York City Bridges and Tunnels, $10k Fines Being Enforced!

Americans are beginning to realize they must stand up and fight for their rights and freedoms; to protect their homes, neighbourhoods, jobs, and their country. It’s happening in Oregon.

MUST WATCH: Eugene Residents Confront Black Lives Matter Mob, Tell Them to Get the F Out of Their Neighborhood

You know who the enemy is because they’re upside down. He’s are she’s, and vice versa. Someone picked up on Terry Tam’s Adam’s apple early in the game.

We’ll be dealing with the the plandemic for the next two to three years? Really Dr. Tam? Well, if we do, you won’t be around to see it. You’ll be in jail. Perhaps we should just vaccinate all the members of the cabal and be done with them.

Jesus Dr Tam wtf. 
HCQ works as a drug and vaccine yet we still need a muzzle? The curves been as flat as your chest.

— Bitter🍁🌻Cnadian💫 (@BitterCnadian) August 5, 2020

How many “health experts” and government officials have said it will take years to get COVID eliminated? As if that could ever happen. Their plan is transparent. A Canadian speaks.

My mother bought a plane ticket to go to the USA

They credited it to her for two years… the credit for 2 years? I was very confused as to why for 2 yrs? 

The Airline co, knew what the general population did not know

They planned to shut us down for 2yrs, PLANNED?

— Warrior for life 🎯 (@Warrioroftruths) August 5, 2020

We continue to warn about vaccines. I hope the word is getting through to a lot more people.

The medical industrial complex has never been about healing. It’s about eliminating as many Humans as possible in a way so subtle we wouldn’t catch on. It’s also about profit. They bankrupt people in America to “heal” them from their cancer. They will take everything they have, as well as their life—and lie about it. And then they ask us to donate to their “cancer research funds” which they never use to find a cure because there already is one. But they’ll never tell us about it.

Vax Zealots Try to Put Their Message in A Bottle

Walgreen’s just said they can state their mask policy but cannot force anyone to wear a mask, or refuse you service. I just got somebody in big trouble. Come one. Mess with me. Go ahead!

— LadyWarAnon⭐⭐⭐ (@ChristinePolon1) August 5, 2020

This is a video we would benefit from watching for facts about the coronavirus supposedly plaguing the planet. It’s just not adding up, folks. It’s a hoax and they’re covering it up so we don’t know the truth about it and a of people know that now and are trying to alert the rest.

Very few have died of CV19. It’s less than 15 minutes and loaded with important facts you may or may not know—not only for our friends down under—and some have said that too many people in Oz are also deeply “under” the trance and compliant.


EXCLUSIVE: Hard-Hitting Blistering Raw Interview on Anthony Fauci Uncovers FAR MORE Disturbing Dirt — Top Virologist Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes Disturbing Intel

I must admit I have wondered if all the “victims” of CV-19 actually existed. You?

Queer Indigenous Arizona State University Professor Who Died of Coronavirus Didn’t Actually Exist

More questions about #coronavirus mortality numbers. Someone struck by lightning listed as #coronavirus fatality?!

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) August 6, 2020

Here’s an interesting Tweet. Junior sure comes up in a lot of conversations these days. He is definitely going to be one of the Trump cards when he “emerges from his watery grave”, lol.

“Gentlemen, watch the water, that’s my boy.” 😁

— 🌵⭐Rαιʂιɳ’⭐Cαιɳ​⭐🌵 (@LightworkerCain) August 5, 2020

The pedophilia network that keeps all the players in line will be exposed. How deep they will go, we don’t know, but they will have to reveal the threat eventually so Earthlings innerstand and this can never happen again. They’ve been dripping on the public for some time now, and judging by the “Save the Children” marches taking place now, it seems they’re ready to notch it up and accept a more sinister truth about the threat to Humans.


I know that good people have permitted themselves to look the other way and say nothing because they don’t want to think about it. They are part of the problem. We’re allgood people and some of us have been speaking out for years. What’s difficult is understanding how you can abandon children that way for your own comfort and peace of mind. A whole lot of forgiveness is going to have to be awarded to cowards.

I don’t know what’s worse, folks; murder hornets or coronavirus? Is there no end to the BS they spew?

That explains it. I’ve had the coronavirus since 1984.#virushoax

— Grey Beard Hiker  ⭐⭐⭐ (@MulliganTrails) August 6, 2020

The censorship is very noticeable now to me. You may have run into it, as well. From difficulty leaving comments, to interference on conference calls, and reports of strong tactics for those doing interviews such as with Simon Parkes. Emails don’t always go through for me—and that’s Proton Mail. Supposedly encrypted. I trust no one.

I hope not too many people are still having difficulty reading this blog. For a minute yesterday I almost had the same problem when the dark screen took several seconds to slide up so the white text was legible. It eventually did, however.

I’m going to close now so this information gets out. My internet already went down briefly this morning. Ciao for now. Enjoy the show. Eat popcorn.  ~ BP

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ZAP ~ AUGUST 6, 2020

“AG Barr has gleaned a lot of information that’s been valuable in helping them understand the CIA’s role in all of this and what they were likely to do when this all came down, so, DECLAS is everything because the NSA and Trump have Everything.

“By June of 2017, only 6-months in office, Trump had, for the most part, cleaned most of the swamp, restructured the DOJ and the FBI, which is most important and some other key offices closer to home, closer to the Pres., were all cleaned out and the proper people that they had waiting in the wings were put in place.

“In the Summer of 2017 Trump first went to Saudi Arabia. He paid a visit to the Crown Prince Alwaleed bin Talal at that time. Alwaleed got right into the adrenochrome thing and the harvesting of children and Saudi Arabia began to put in massive tunnel networks underneath the ground because Alwaleed got sucked in by the cabal/the 13-Families as a HUGE player, one of the 3-main arms of their cabal weaponry.

“He was exalted with enormous power among the minions. Alwaleed became one of the key minions by going really evil and there were a lot of Saudis that didn’t like this. You can say what you want about their beliefs but a lot of people draw the lines with children. This is why Alwaleed needed to be taken down first.

“There are articles everywhere in the Mainstream media, CBS news, do your own research, after Trump left Saudi Arabia in July 2017. He was arrested, taken down, and in his place was Mohammed bin Salman (Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia) who was not okay with what Alwaleed was doing.

“Alwaleed hand-picked Obama as somebody they could work with, exalt into power, and he’s the guy that funded Obama and that’s why Obama has this real kind of Muslim background, because Alwaleed of Saudi Arabia was the one who decided they’d make Obama this lynchpin of US Presidents.

“If you’re not aware of this as a kid, Obama was passed around as a sex toy in these big gatherings of powerful men. He was sodomized so it explains a lot about B. Obama but it doesn’t excuse him for anything, just suffice to know he had a rough upbringing, so he was ripe for the picking and Alwaleed funded him. Alwaleed got Saudi Arabia heavily invested in adrenochrome and child sex

trafficking and the set up and the murder of all of these children for adrenochrome.

“So when Trump arrived in the Summer of 2017, he laid out all the documents. That’s what they did to everyone. They had huge folders and the folders had all the documents, photographs, disks, CDs and DVDs and the CDs and DVDs had fantastic production value and it had all of their footage doing the most horrific things.

“The NSA has it all on all of these people. The BIG things that scared them the most were these DVD compilations of their greatest hits of evil/horrific acts. So Trump was there the first day and handed all this stuff out. The 2nd day both the Crown Prince and the King both submitted publicly control over Saudi Arabia to Donald J. Trump.

“We know this, because they publicly held the Sword Dance ritual, which is a very big deal in the Muslim culture, only the King holds the sword, but we have the images here, and who’s holding the sword? Who is at the very center at the top of the podium, who everyone else is in support of? Donald J. Trump is holding the sword. He is at the center of the state. This is Saudi Arabia publicly capitulating and in one of the photos we have it shows the Saudi King looking like he’s about to die, he’s in so much pain at what’s going on here.

“They just handed over the keys to Saudi Arabia to Donald J. Trump in the Summer of 2017. That was Step #1.

“After the declassification of the documents by the NSA… this was Step #1. Saudi Arabia was the big player, so they had to get on site. What is important to know is where Trump went next, he went with Saudi Arabia as part of his Team. Trump didn’t just go there and take them down, they’re now working for him, earning credits towards their own safe salvation and their own not being as harshly punished as they could have been. We’ll see how that all plays out.

“Saudi Arabia is part of the Q-Team now and the new Crown Prince that replaced Alwaleed was bin Salman and he really stepped up and became a key player and did a lot of things to help Donald Trump.

“Step #2 Trump went immediately to Israel. Remember how angry everyone got at those pictures of Donald J. Trump at the wailing wall confirming all of our worst fears that he was a Zionist tool? Let me burst your bubbles here a little bit. This whole thing of Israel being the lynchpin, none of its even real, It’s all fakery, subterfuge, there’s no such thing as a genetic Jew. There’s Hungarians, Poles, Germans and Czechs, Jews are just like us, there’s no genetic race called the Jew. Israel is the ultimate Trojan Horse designed to take you down a rabbit hole and there’s no getting out of this rabbit hole because none of this really exists. Just like they’re playing the black card now [BLM] they love to play the Jew card.

“So they invented all of this with the Jews and then bad Jews, the Zions. I feel so terrible for all the people who were dragged into this, beautiful people. Remember folk, there’s just the Venetians, just those 13-families. They created this ultimate Trojan Horse.

“Trump went to Israel and he sat down with everybody in front of the camera and behind the camera with people who are really in power and he laid it all out on these minions. I’m talking to you, he said, not who you try to present yourself to be. I’m talking to YOU, minion, Netanyahu and everybody else, who is a child eater. This is for you and you have a choice to make here. They were balking at Trump, even though the Saudi’s had signed over. The Israeli’s were balking at Trump and were not prepared to sign over and that’s why Trump stayed an extra day. Trump was not going to leave Israel until they capitulated to him.

“The ‘how do you know moment’ is after visiting the wailing wall Israel publicly submitted by allowing the US to move their embassy to Jerusalem with our US Military protection. This is a symbolic act to show who has the power even in the Holy Land with the Jews and the Zionists. It was only done for one reason, to show those who had eyes to see it that Trump had now taken down Israel. So Step #2 was completed. Saudi Arabia and Israel are on board as part of the Q Team.

“Then Trump went to the Vatican and presented to Pope Francis a massive folder and said, ‘Take your time, have a look. You may want to put your red shoes.’ Trump is saying, I’m not leaving here until you sign some documents for me. It took the Vatican only that night and the next day they capitulated to Donald Trump.

And there’s a very famous photo in that Summer of 2017 of POTUS in Vatican City, next to Francis where Francis looks like he’s been run over by about 60 semi-trucks and Trump has a look on his face that is a mixture of victory, joy and mischievousness, like he knows he’s committed a big act here, a massive grin on his face.

“Now what did the Vatican have to do to sign off? The Fed is controlled by a certain group within the Catholic Church who went forth and spread the teachings of Christianity they twisted. They’re the Jesuits, the real MAFIA, not holy men.

“Every little group of Mafia in every single town across this vast Earth, every little MAFIA pays homage to this particular group in the Catholic Church. They are in charge. They are the true Mafia and they were in control of the Fed. The MAFIA acronym stands for ‘Morte Alla Francia Italia Anelia’ or ‘Death To The French Is Italy’s Cry.’

“So Trump did not leave until Pope Francis issued a Papal Bull (a public decree, charter issued by a pope) announcing that by a certain date that the Vatican Bank, which was in charge of, the exchequer of all of the Earth-wide Federal Reserve banking systems in each country, will be handed over to one Donald J. Trump. Donald J. Trump is not marked just the executor, the exchequer of the US Treasury and therefore the Fed within the US.


“He is the exchequer for the Treasuries for every single country on Earth. No human being in history has ever been more powerful, owned more things, or richer than Donald J. Trump.

“Where does this leaves the Rothschilds? At this meeting that cut the legs off at the knees of the Rothschilds in London. London was the financial arm of the cabal, Washington DC was the Military, Rome was the Central Brain, they call it Spirit, but it’s not, it was the Central Brain of this unholy trinity of power and what they did by doing this? Trump’s thinking is like the CIA and the Rothschilds and the Financial City of London is too evil, too far gone, don’t even want to work with them and he’s not, he circumvented them.

“Like the crucifixion in human physiology you can’t get through atlas, the 33rd vertebrae, so you have to go up and around. Trump went up and around the Rothschilds who are really a nasty evil piece of work.

“The atlas is the first cervical vertebra, commonly called C1. It is an atypical cervical vertebra with unique features. It articulates with the dens of the axis and the occiput, respectively allowing rotation of the head, and flexion, extension and lateral flexion of the head.

“The City of London, in the Summer of 2017, and I’m talking about the real City of London owned by, ultimately, the Venetians, but run by the Rothschilds, had their legs cut off at the knees and they have not been a real player ever since. All of their power was cut off. They have been forced to do some really humbling things over the last 18 months in particular by POTUS. So the Rothschilds are still looking for their legs from the knees down. That was Step #3. The 3 main arms of this evil unholy pyramid have now been controlled, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Vatican, his first 3 stops.

“When Trump left Rome he flew directly to Brussels and you all know the 2 big players that are in Brussels the European Parliamentary for the EU and NATO. Trump called a meeting. They were all there, the political heads along with their finance ministers and then all of the behind-the-scenes individual players were all there for this meeting and Trump very famously came late, he made them sweat this out, they didn’t know what to think and what was coming, so Trump makes them wait. He walks in late and throws this big folder on the table and said, ‘We have it all.’ What’s your answer? He played incredible hardball with the EU and NATO and in short order those little cowards all capitulated in very short order.

“There was a whole bunch of things that occurred in the following days from there including the EU backing down on BREXIT and NATO having to step up and basically pay for the bulk and all of these different Nations instead of the US having to fund all of them. It’s not like that’s a big deal in terms of saving money or anything, it’s symbolic.

Donald Trump said to Them, ‘YOU’RE GOING TO PAY FOR NATO FROM NOW ON, WE’RE NOT, BECAUSE I’M IN CHARGE and you do what I tell you to do.’ When the photo op came for this famous meeting in Brussels, Trump again came late. All the film crews are there and all these heads of the EU and NATO are there all under bright lights in their fancy suits and they’re all sweating like crazy. He walks in late, acknowledging none of them and he’s whistling when he comes in and he just showed everyone who was there that he was in charge of the meeting, He disseminated the information to the press and then he left. He owns the EU and NATO and that’s why they’ve done everything they’ve done ever since.

“In October of 2017 there was an attempt on the life of the new Saudi Crown Prince, bin Salman, who replaced Alwaleed as he was helping Trump in this little operation that was set for him in Las Vegas (Hotel Mandalay Bay) was taken down at the last second and he was protected.

There’s conflicting reports whether Alwaleed is still in custody or if he’s been exterminated now for this indiscretion from behind-the-scenes.

“What happened at this Las Vegas battle when bin Salman was saved by the US Military through the INTEL received by the NSA and then given to bin Salman by Trump is that he was asked to take on an even bigger role and he agreed to do it. He basically said to Trump, ‘Anything my brother.’

“So what happened next is that staying in the US on Trump’s behalf, bin Salman went to all of the major corporations, in particular the Media Companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, all these main companies were all targeted by bin Salman on Trump’s behalf and he visited all of them. This is all verifiable. I’ve got all the documentation, all of the imagery showing all of these meetings taking place in late October, early November of 2017.

“This is bin Salman essentially helping Trump to do all of this work for him. He visited all of these puppet heads for all of these puppet companies and he basically read them the riot act, showed them the documentation that the NSA had on all of them, and basically said, ‘You play for Team Trump. Trump is now in control of these corporations or DECLAS. All of this information will be declassified one by one and each one of you will be offered up to the masses as a child murderer.’ So they all capitulated and there’s the money shots of all of these heads of all of these various companies including Jack Dorsey for Twitter.

“So all this stuff that’s been going on lately of the censorship of Trump by Twitter is all part of the game being played-out for people to get angry and to wake-up to what the heck is the evil that’s going on and to say something about it.

“From there, in late Nov. 2017 Trump took his Asian tour and again it’s the same thing. He went to Japan first and did the same thing and the Japanese capitulated without much fight at all.

“The symbolic gesture was at this Sumo Wrestling Championship Event that was taking place. They had Trump come on stage, and this is only supposed to be the highest figure in the land, to present this enormous trophy to the champion Sumo wrestler. It is the symbolization of Japanese submission to Trump, the NSA and the Q-Plan.

“From there, and Q-Anons did great stuff working this out, all of this stuff with North Korea that started when Trump left Japan and flew directly to South Korea and this first meeting was ostensibly to see if they could talk peace with North Korea. But no, what it was to get all these Asian governments to capitulate their control over to Trump via all the documents / DVDs / CDs they (NSA) had. Remember, one of the biggest arms of procuring children for adrenochrome has always been Asia and Southeast Asia and the Southeast Asian countries have been in cahoots with Hollywood and Washington DC politicians.

“So a lot of these people who NEED children have leaned heavily upon these Southeast Asian governments to procure for them children they demanded from them and they’ve done it for years. So Trump showed up showing all the documentation that they (NSA) had showing that they were all complicit and that these were all capital punishment criminal acts, so they all capitulated.

“And in secret, when Trump had that first meeting, he went to the North Korean border and met with Kim jong un and began the process of peace talks with the North Koreans. Trump in subterfuge, in silence, completed those things on his own and then as a HUGE surprise to the Mainstream Media announced his treaty with Kim and the North Koreans.

“All of this was done because all Trump had to do was to show him the power that he had, and that was now all of these countries and all of these countries are not just stepping down from doing evil, they are also being forced into helping the Q-Plan. All of these countries are now part of this process to help.

“The next stop was China, and this was huge, and I know you have been very pleasantly surprised to see what the Chinese Free Peoples have announced publicly through Steve Bannon the ‘New Federal State of China.’ Another story the Mainstream Media forgot to tell us about. China has kicked out the Communists-devil-worshiping-satanists. It’s huge and the Mainstream Media ignored all of it.

“In the Spring, not long after Trump had become President, President Xi Jinping visited Trump at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, Trump’s big resort house in Florida. Trump hasn’t been president for that long and people were absolutely shocked. Mainstream Media didn’t do much of a job reporting on this. He came all the way from China and met Trump at Trump’s leisure at Mar-a-Lago. That’s huge!

“So after Trump cleaned all the houses in Southeast Asia he then went to China and He meets Xi in the Forbidden City. This is HUGE! It’s called the Forbidden City for a reason because it’s a very private, Spiritual, secretive place to Chinese heritage and culture,

“And that’s where they met and that was at Trump’s request with every one of these things there’s always a marker showing how each of these Nations has capitulated powerfully to Trump as their overlord. Meeting with Trump in the Forbidden City is probably the biggest one! You can’t imagine how big this was. And of course the Mainstream Media was silent about all that.

“And at that meeting, apparently, the Americans were very surprised to find out how desperately these Chinese officials wanted these evil Communists within their midst to be kicked out. They wanted to get away from all of this evil.

“Remember, some of the worst possible things have taken place in China and it is horrifying to people who have a conscience. Not everyone is an evil person.

“So they met Trump with open arms and capitulated to Trump’s authority willingly because they wanted this end to the cabal-rule over them through the subterfuge of a Communist State.

“I know it’s felt that the general public is not ready to handle this explosive information yet, and yet I’m able to reveal all this stuff on the podcast today, maybe tens of thousands of people will hear this. Very limited far from the Mainstream general populous getting to hear about this. I was the first one to say that no, EVERYTHING IS A LIE. And I mean EVERY-THING IS A LIE. And then going into the Religious aspect of things that Jesus is this figure of this Swiss looking dude by the name of Jesus Christ isn’t real. He’s got some good stuff, granted, and he and Colleen and good people for what they do, working so hard with all of the Animals.

“So there’s a reason why we have 4,000 subscribers and not 40,000 or 400,000 when all we teach is the Holistic Truth so we’re kind of insulated by TELLING THE TRUTH.

“We’re very safe to have this knowledge to come out no matter what happens moving forward our services are going to be desperately needed and some of these others, not so much. It’ll all come out in the end, I promise you.

“So after China Trump went to Vietnam in Nov. 2017 and at this very public ceremony Trump was placed slightly ahead and to the right of the Vietnam President and showed himself to be in charge so what the Vietnamese promised was to stop their participation in procuring children, human sex trafficking.

“They capitulated quickly. Most of these did not put up a fight, folks. Israel put up the biggest fight.

“Now this is a big one for me, you talk about going into the Lion’s den, the big one after Vietnam and the end of the Asian tour for Trump. In Jan. 2018, Trump attended a very famous meeting because of everyone who was purported to be there at Davos, Switzerland.

“This was quite a big deal. Soros was there as well at this meeting. You’re talking about the biggest international corporations in the world, these are the key players, the most evil met at Davos, Switzerland, it was called by Trump. That’s not what they said publicly, of course. Trump came in late again, sat at the very middle of the table, and basically everyone was wrapped around Trump because he was the boss of this meeting.

“Trump laid out documents and folders. He started with envelopes, very similar to what occurred at the George H.W. Bush funeral when he first arrived and you had a lot of very worried people for the meeting the next day because of what was said in these envelopes the day before.

“And then the next day at this meeting he provided a whole bunch more information about each one of these evil ___ and the meeting went very quickly. This is a very scary place to go to Davos, Switzerland with the caves and tunnels underneath those mountains and they could have abducted him and said that this was some kind of kidnapping and they don’t know where he is. This is BIG!I’m sure he didn’t go there alone. This was Trump at his most vulnerable was this Jan. 2018 meeting in the Lion’s Den at Davos, Switzerland. Must have had crazy security for that trip.

“And like scared little rodents they capitulated quite quickly. Trump played it quite well with those envelopes the first night and then made them sweat it overnight and then the folders the next day and they capitulated and Trump did not leave without them.

“And remember, this is not just saying to Nestle that you’re not going to poison the water anymore, but you’re also working for us. And, ‘What we ask you to do, you do and if you don’t we go public one by one, we don’t make this look like one big conspiracy, you’re a lone nut, a sick child abuser and we’re going to pick on you individually. We’re going to single you out and eat you alive,’ That’s what Trump said to each of them.

“So they all capitulated at this meeting and this is a huge one because these are the biggest companies. HSBC was there, this is evil, the faces of evil were at this meeting and George Soros was at this meeting.

“There has been a notable absence of ISIS terror attacks. I don’t think we’ve heard from ISIS for a good couple of years or more. Let’s do the John McCain map here. When John McCain was alive, when was John McCain spending a lot of time in the Middle East and when did John McCain get taken out with dishonorable discharge and dishonorable funeral? He was dishonorably discharged from the Military before he was shot in the back of the head. Then ISIS seemed to go away. John McCain had to nurse those idiots into doing the things they did. ISIS was his charge and that’s why you have so many shots of McCain in the Middle East hanging out with all of ISIS evil heads.

“Then Trump went to India. He took India and made India work for him.

“Then the Central Americas, starting with Mexico, Amlo (Andres Manual Lopez Obrador, President of Mexico since Dec. 2018) he was quite resistant. He didn’t want to give up eating children or give up his power to Trump, but he did.

“From Mexico City he went to all of the Central American countries, they all signed over and in all of these meetings, all of these various leaders, AMLO included, all were clasping their hands together, their wrists together like they were being bound.

“We get to Brazil and the new Brazilian Pres. of Brazil thinks he’s got the best job in the world because he’s far away from the bright lights of the Mainstream news and he can just rape and go to the bank in Brazil. Trump pays him a visit and tells him he’s working for Trump and so they have this public meeting where once again, Pres. Bolsonaro submits to Trump as well.

“And then after Trump leaves, one of the first acts that Bolsonaro did as the Pres., and this is very key, all of these key arrests after Trump leaves these countries of key pedophilia cover companies and individuals and Bolsonaro arrests Oprah’s best friend, that beautiful man of God Faria, who is running one of the largest child trafficking and adrenochrome production facilities in the world, an absolute monster, Oprah’s best pal, He was arrested shortly after Trump left Brazil.

“Then he went to Argentina, which has long been a safe haven because it’s as far as people can get away. Obama was planning his safe escape, his retreat there, if certain things should come out. He spent a lot of time in Argentina as did a lot of people.

And the Argentinian Pres., who is such a corrupt person, Mauricio Macri (2015-2019). He’s just brutal. Trump was so disrespectful to this guy. They had the G7 in Argentina so they had the global banksters there. Trump’s behavior to this Argentine was just brutal, treating him like the scum of the Earth that he is. Of course he capitulated.

“The press always presents this as Trump not observing protocol. This big thing with this Argentinian Pres. is that Trump just up and walked off the stage. Trump had felt he’d spent long enough on stage, for like 5 minutes, for a photo-op. it’s a power move, basically saying you’re scum of the Earth, we know who you re, just obey what we tell you to do or else.

“And then at the G7 Summit in Canada. He had horrific pedophile and adrenochromer Justin Trudeau was hosting the meeting. He was there. Angela Merkel was there as well and she was one of the big ones Trump wanted to have be there as well because she didn’t play a major role back in Brussels, so at this meeting he got everyone there but in particular, it was the capitulation of Justin Trudeau of Canada and Angela Merkel of Germany. Both of them did the same thing, spent most of the G7 meeting with hands clasped like they were in handcuffs. Trump did a lot of very suggestive gestures to Trudeau as well, kind of pointing out some stuff.

“One of the ones Trump treated the absolute worst was the French Pres. Macron, who is so known for being a Rothschild stooge and a horrible adrenochromer. And the stuff that Trump did with this clown in public, in front of the press and the media to make him look bad was actually incredible, so he got Macron to capitulate also.

“Now, Teresa May in the UK resigned to allow Boris Johnson to take over as a Trump supporter. Remember May crying and crying and she couldn’t control herself? The real reason she was actually crying is not just all the stuff they had on her, but Trump showed her INTEL from the NSA that the Venetians were actually planning on taking her out. She was actually set for an assassination. Trump showed her all the INTEL all the detail on where and when she was going to be hit and how, so he basically saved her life. The objective of taking her out was perhaps to get Boris Johnson in. They must have had somebody else they wanted in. Boris Johnson is a strong character. he does appear to be strongly evil, but if he is playing this role.

“At the speech at the UN. and the first half of that speech, Boris Johnson showed you that an evil mechanism is in place, the cabal is running things. But then he ended with covid and the vaccine. Remove this fake evil gov’t from power. Don’t wait till 2020 to do it. Johnson should be taken down. He’s been a horrific Prime Minister surrounded by horrific people.

“And then of course, his famous trip to Buckingham Palace and there’s a lot of conjecture if that was even the real Queen that was there that day, because she famously has the most body doubles in place, but his behavior was just incredible. He just walked all over her everywhere he went and that Camilla Parker, she really hated it. She was incensed by Trump’s apparent lack of protocol. Trump walked right up to Prince Charles, that’s a good indicator that Charles wasn’t even there. Trump stepped ahead of Charles and started to walk away at a pace that Charles couldn’t keep up. He walked over to Charles’ private guard and began shooting the breeze with him.

“The coup de grâce shot was Trump managed to have a photo-op in Winston Churchill’s leather-bound-chair, looking like the Boss.

“And then from there he went to Norway and met Putin there. At this meeting between the 2 of them, they’re both at the podium. Putin has a soccer ball. It’s symbolic about the adrenochrome molecule that looks like a soccer ball. It’s horrific, horrific, but you couldn’t put it more in plain sight in front of all the press taking their pictures and video. Putin hands over to Donald Trump and he famously says, ‘The ball is in your court now, Mr. Pres.’ so does everyone get that Putin hands Trump at this public conference. Putin is saying ‘We’re on your Team, please don’t have us killed, the ball is in your court and we just want you to know we work for you now.’ I’m sure that’ll all come out eventually who in the Political realm is working with Trump.

“Not a bad first 3-1/2 years of work. A pretty good track record. Even away from all the Trump stuff, the adrenochrome stuff sticks out like a sore thumb. The mechanism for eventually communicating all of this to the masses is presumably going to require an emergency takeover of the Broadcast Networks and what’s going to happen is that the only thing that will be available via multiple sources of signals will be the one channel and it will be from GITMO, Guantanamo Bay, the Military Tribunals where all of these people who are left are going to be accused and sentenced.

“That’s the big thing how this all plays out because there’s no real defense. They all tried to make their defense by capitulating. Again, Kevin Spacey, Geoffrey Epstein, the Bush family, when everyone was at the funeral service for GHW Bush when they were all served those letters, they requested meetings with Trump after that.

“Trump arrived late at good old Timberwolf’s funeral and interrupted the service. He was in the front row and he interrupted all of these past sitting presidents and the entire service. He made a mockery of this service to monster George HW Buch, code name ‘Timberwolf.’

“And they all had an ashen face after they got their envelopes. And let me throw you the punch line. Trump had them and he’s had famous people deliver pizzas in public. Do you see the significance in doing this?

Image: Hillary served, Pence served, Biden served, GW Bush served.

“Why would he have Kevin Spacey deliver pizzas in public? Why would Donald Trump have George W. Bush serve pizza to the Secret Service during the shutdown? And make sure this was a photo-op and have photos taken of it? It’s submission and it’s also symbolism will be their downfall and also what these Secret Service guys had to witness as security for these evil folks.

“There were millions of victims in WW3. It’s just different, these Secret Service agents, all of those Royal guards where Trump famously outpaces Prince Charles. What do you think he’s saying to the Royal guard, ‘I love you guys, I can’t imagine what you guys have had to witness, just know that help is coming.’

“So there are a ton of victims, the #1 victims are the kids, when the numbers come forward you’re going to be sick to your stomach. This is WW3. This is the worst war ever. It doesn’t seem that way, but it is. We are saving the children and it’s certainly worth pausing the world to do so.

“He took Nancy Pelosi down very famously, Gavin Newsom, Gov. Jerry Brown. He took them down very publicly. In fact, it’s after those Paradise fires in California… there was a video of Trump with boots on the ground checking out the source of the fires and for 3 straight minutes both Newsom and Jerry brown had their hands wrapped together behind their backs, they were told to have their hands behind their backs for the whole 3-minutes as their walking in the wreckage, the insanity of those Paradise fires.

“Trump forced New York Gov. Cuomo with his nipple piercings in showing under his shirt, and not a single person in the press said anything, and in one shot Cuomo was forced to pull back his jacket and unveil the whole front of his chest. Hey Gov. why are you wearing nipple piercing? The back story to this is the footage that Trump had on Cuomo is there was a ‘party’ where there was child murder, torture going on, and Cuomo was all beaded up in ceremonial paint with these big nipple rings.

“You can see how Trump can be pretty tough here. You’re pretty proud of those nipple rings when you’re killing kids. How about you wear those nipple rings at your next press conference? And he did what he was told.

“If the cabal knows its days are numbered, there’s every chance they might try to roll out every weapon they have in their arsenal at this point you would think. So they pulled the George Floyd, Black Lives Matter stunt out of their toolkit. Have they been so muted by now and rendered so impotent as so many of the ringmasters have been put out of action, so they don’t really have that many tricks up their sleeve. just the Mainstream media and all the propaganda and fear that they can spread through that.

“We do you expect more false flag stunts between now and Nov., but not to the same extent. Soros has been removed. I’m not saying that I know that Soros has been murdered or not, because a Soros trial publicly would be exactly what they want. Just like Oprah, people are calling. ‘If they killed Tom Hanks, please kill Oprah.’ No they don’t want to do these things. They want people to have their first of 2-judgement days, the only one that really matters and they want one for Soros. Soros has been removed, but I think he’s still alive. They want these key people for these trials.

“The ones that they have killed, they have had to do so. When one child’s life is at risk they made the decision to execute. So the ones they have executed are the ones that posed the greatest threats to children, and that’s why Tom Hanks has been taken out. We were told Rita Wilson as well, I have no idea whether that’s true or not, but she might as well be. Did you see those pictures of Rita Wilson in her last days? Or last photos that exist of her? She was missing her adrenochrome so much.

“There’s a picture that Tom Hanks had taken in Australia of some Vegemite spread on some toast, and there appears to be an image carved into the Vegemite on the toast, Again more symbolism. Most people didn’t get the symbolism of the glass of water tilted up on the side of the plate but the water is level. People are saying see it’s a mistake. No, this is Australia and he’s been taken into custody by the US Marines and the Marines are the ones that have been going ship-to-shore all around the world. Marines have been doing all of the International arrests, so he was on a US Naval Ship. I take all of that that he was going to be executed that day. That was his last message. The image was of a hanged man.

“It’s a disgusting good-bye, talking about little boys, little kids) and I make no apologies. That’s Tom Hanks being a devil to the absolute end. So if you’re wondering why Hanks was taken out? It’s because they could not guarantee the safety of children with that man alive. So how sick and evil was Tom Hanks?

“And it’s all going to come out, what he was really doing and what he was really behind. Tom Hanks was behind a massive, massive organization. How does that psychologically affect you? It affects me because I liked Tom Hanks as an actor and I used to think he was a fairly decent person. And just knowing that I even liked someone like that, and the thought of the things that he’s done. It just makes me want to take a shower I feel so dirty.

“The takedown of the deep state criminals and all these pedophiles, etc., is something that will be welcomed by anyone in their right mind. Everyone would want that! What lies beyond all this? What will the world look like once this system has been dismantled under Donald Trump? So when he enters his 2nd Term how can we be sure it wouldn’t just be another expression of a kind of New World Order One World Government just under Donald Trump in his vision? And also, what will happen at the end of Trump’s 2nd term? Presumably he’s going to get re-elected in Nov. That will take him to 2024 then by which point he’ll be 78 years of age. What happens then?

“Trump is going to walk away from all of this. He’s not going to continue on with this much longer. This has taken an incredible toll on him. He’s done it at his age because Trump is a very remarkable Soul. He has a strong will of life. There’s a lot of things about Donald Trump that people don’t know. His maturity and wisdom, about the Spiritual side of Donald Trump as well.

“If you really understood your numerology and symbology you’d absolutely know, and so the biggest reason we know and are absolutely sure about so many things is for all the numerology and symbology that has always been used by the Q-team, by Q, by John F. Kennedy Jr., by Donald J. Trump. There’s never been a mistake in a situation where they used the wrong symbology. It’s always beautiful.

“Trump and the Q movement are trying to really create leaders. We are to all become leaders. And that’s why they will give it back to the people but before that, we need to find out who we really Are. And what’s really been going on. And that’s what the Great Awakening is and that’s what all this is about and that’s why we’re doing what we do, and why you all do all you’re do. We’re trying to create Leaders, not followers, or creating money for ourselves. It’s about creating a mindset for people to go and discover their own truth. There’s a truth out there we need to discover. It’s been hidden from us. When we realize all of that we will be the people that we need to be.

“We can then run our own Shambhala Communities completely free of the techno-matrix and eventually money. We don’t need politicians and so-called authorities. We will not let ourselves get into this predicament again where we give our power away.

“What do we have to prove that Trump is going to do this? I think we’ve laid out a lot of who Trump is and what he’s about and we have to have faith at some point. And we have to grow up. We have to become responsible for our own lives, for our families and our own actions. When that happens we will be the regenerated Ascended Master that can do all of those wonderful things and share in this incredible world that they say, ‘We’ve taken the evil, now what am I going to do?’

“And if this does turn out to be just another Social Engineering psyop it would be just about the cruelest psyop ever played on the public psyche. One of false hope. It would be but I know it’s not. And again, that’s not just a hope statement, if you know your symbology, if you know your numerology, you know all of this is relatively real in the Dream. This Awareness is ancient Spiritual Godly, as is the symbology and numerology. It’s beautiful and what they use all the time.

“Trump is constantly making references out of the Bible to the highest, most beautiful thing and when Trump talks about Religion or his Spiritual nature or when Q—John F. Kennedy Jr., it’s always God! The ultimate power is God and why would we not go straight to God? The ruse of Religion is they’ve become the intermediaries between you and God. It’s all going to come out.

“Big things have always been the Plan. They’ll continue the resurrection of GEORGE from the pages of GEORGE magazine ‘Platform 2020’ on GEORGE mag with the Full Moon over Mount Rushmore. Donald Trump has announced he’ll be there. It happens to be on a magazine cover of Feb. 1998 owned by his best friend in the world, John F. Kennedy Jr. who said, ‘If my dear friend Donald Trump ever decided to sacrifice his fabulous billionaire lifestyle to become President–he would be an unstoppable force for ultimate justice that Democrats and Republicans alike would celebrate.’ ~ John F. Kennedy Jr., GEORGE magazine, June 1999

“When you hear these stories from behind the scenes that Donald Trump is doing this to aid in the completion of his favorite President, which is JFK, to help the dream of the President’s son, JFK Jr. who went to such an extent that he faked his own death and went underground for 21-years to put together the master Plan that will take down this fake techno-matrix world. ‘I will expose my father’s killers

no matter who they are, even if I have to bring down the whole government.’ ~ John F. Kennedy, Jr.

“And then he disappeared and there’s a beauty to this and people who don’t get this have anger in their lives. The people that get this have Love in their hearts. Those that are not getting this and are worried that suddenly this Angelic Creation in Donald Trump who’s doing this like he needs this like he needs a hole in his head is somehow evil? These people lack Love and balance inside.

“That’s why we teach meditation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, diet—all of these things are going to be so important as we move forward in the year 2021. HEALING is what is going to happen.

“Society is going to be very slow to get back to work and pretty soon it’s going to be the election, after that election, after the Winter Solstice when the Sun is the lowest that it can possibly be there’s going to be a time for Soul reflection and that’s when these tribunals are going to start and that’s when all of this is going to come out in 2021. Then all of us will be needed to help everyone fully Awaken and lead the way of all exiting the cities of the dying techno-matrix system into the Shambhala Communities that will eventually replace all cities worldwide.

“I know these things and I know that Donald Trump is aiding John F. Kennedy Jr. in avenging his father’s death and completing the Plan. It was his Father and his Uncle’s Plan of giving back Liberty to those that have the strength to grasp it and freeing Humanity completely from the techno-matrix.”

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