Editor’s Note: I really like to see articles like this one that urge us to really explore ourselves in order to find out who we really are! Yes…it is past time to merge heart feeling with head thinking. This has not been encouraged in our current society, but…the time’s they are a’ changin, my friends!

Please read this article, balance heart with head, and be…



Greetings, friends.  Rosalie has urged me to share some of the thoughts that I have been expressing in another medium.  I have been working on improving my ability to express myself though the use of artwork, namely, through the use of embroidered images that I have been creating with embroidery digitizing software.

Among the many encouraging messages imparted by Kryon in channelings by Lee Carroll is the expectation of a vastly improved human consciousness.  Among the many improvements, I have chosen to illustrate this one:  There will be a balancing of masculine and feminine energies within the human population that will lead to a greater degree of harmony than we have ever known in our history.  This potential is very reminiscent of the vision we find in The Book of Revelation, in which “the lamb will lay beside the lion,” symbolic of a new paradigm of relationships among all living things, one in which those who were once predatory will be so no more and those who have been the victims of such predation will live in peace.

Listening to Kryon acquainted me with another very similar prophecy, the prophecy of  The Eagle and The Condor.  Instead of using the symbols of lion and lamb, I have used the symbols in that prophecy, the eagle and the condor,  in the embroidery design which  I have included in this post.

This is a prophecy that is found among several of the Native American peoples in both North and South America. You can find out more about it by doing a search on the words “The Eagle and The Condor.” There is much more to the prophecy than I could squeeze into my wording, sorry to say, but that is part of the challenge, saying as much as I can within very limited space– a BIG challenge for one who is well known for his verbosity!

The main theme of the prophecy begins with an observation that anyone who is the least bit familiar with human history can see: Human civilizations  have developed along divergent paths, one main path, has been that followed by highly industrialized societies; the other path has been followed by those in the non-industrialized, traditional native societies. The industrialized societies are said to have “taken the path of the head;” whereas the non-industrialized societies are said to have “taken the path of the heart.” These words, of course, are symbolic.  One group has placed a high value on the intellect. They have sought to use their brain to control the forces of nature and of the physical world to maximize physical comfort. This path produces highly developed science, technology and material wealth, but pays relatively little attention to spiritual, non-material development. Some see these as “masculine” traits and to these they add aggressiveness and, in the extreme, being “cold-hearted.”  If the symbology of the Book of Revelation were used, these would be “the lion.”  Using the symbology of the native cultures in the Americas, these would be “the eagle.”

Civilizations that have taken the second path, the path of the heart, place relatively little value on material wealth or even physical comfort; they do not revere the intellect as the only or even the best source of knowledge; they revere “feelings” and intuition rather than intellect. Rather than seeking to control the forces of nature to maximize physical comfort, they see themselves as integrated with nature and seek harmony with the spiritual dimensions of nature and all living things. Some see these as “feminine” traits and to these they add passivity and, in the extreme, being irrational and over-emotional.  This group could be symbolized as “the lamb,” or, as is done using the symbology of the native cultures in the Americas, these would be “the condor.”

There is room to add more contrasting traits, and certainly room for debate about what those traits may be, but in any case, the prophecy identifies these two basic “paths” along which the industrial and non-industrial societies may be seen to travel.

But the prophecy contains more than a description of these paths. Like the famous Mayan calendar’s prophecy, it points not to an inevitability but to a potential for change, a change which depends on whether humanity evolves toward a higher consciousness regarding the advantages and limitations of each path. If we take advantage of this potential for a higher level of wisdom than we have so far, the energies of these separate paths will converge and form a new energy, one which recognizes the value of both the physical and non-physical, corporeal and spiritual dimensions of all human beings. We can come to recognize that the Eagle and the Condor “fly in the same sky.”

Can we become neither over-intellectual nor over-emotional? Can we recognize that the capacity to love is as vital to our prosperity as is the capacity to think rationally? Can we also recognize that “being spiritual” does not require that we live in poverty; that we do not have to withdraw from the physical world in order to live a spiritually sensitive life?

Frankly, I hope so.

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Facebook Libra & Cryptocurrencies Are a Trap: Do Not Participate! Make This Viral [audio] ~ June 23, 2019

Editor’s Note: The Dark ARE losing and are pulling out ALL of the stops to prevent their loss of global control of the Earth. One of their last tactics is the creation of yet another “digital” currency, which is of course…a scam.

Here on Planet Earth where the Dark have convinced us that we need to BUY everything….home, health, education, food, etc., we have long been accustomed to trade items considered “valuable”, the stuff everyone else wants. The trouble is…now they want to convince us to use a particular digital currency called “Libra” which will be connected to Facebook. Really?

The trouble with any digital currency is that it is NOT real! A Libra, Bitcoin, or whatever else digital currency holds NO VALUE. Please do not confuse the digital bank account with digital currency. You have the ability to walk into your bank and withdraw cold, hard cash from your bank account.

Don’t get me started as current banking practices are a scam any way, The time is coming when mortgages and interest rates will disappear, and…it may not be too far off! Please read this article, understand the digital currency is NOT for anyone (except the dark), and be…



Don’t allow the El-ite criminals to wow you with their fancy double-speak manifesto for the Facebook Libra or any cryptocurrency. Bitcoin—any digital currency, blockchain, open source—would be the end of Humanity.

We have to get the truth out about this plot immediately. It’s not the answer to our prayers—no matter who sings its praises. There are wolves in sheep’s clothing running around misinforming the alternative news community.

“Digital wallets” sound wonderful, but when you learn the truth about this financial system created by the CIA, NSA, GCHQ, etc. you won’t want anything to do with it.

Many of us understand how the globalists have mislead us in the past and misrepresented things only to trap us. There is no honour in their community or in their intent. Everything they do they do for their own benefit—NEVER ours.

They masquerade as Truthers and benevolent members of the alternative news community when they are the grim reapers.

Can you see the “666” in the image above? Do you see the “13” for the thirteen bloodline families and other symbology? How about the skull in the one below? I understand that is a super-high magnification of the back of a Bitcoin that popped up when I wasn’t looking for it.

As Thomas points out—why call it CRYPT-o-currency? What’s a crypt? Thomas explains more about that in the show. There are no accidents, folks.

Thomas Williams did a special show tonight to alert us to this last desperate tactic by the dark to stay in control. The good news is that we are now in the cleanup phase of this war; the final countdown, but we have to work together to dismantle the last of the vast,evil web set out to ensnare us. We must all be on the same page and not doing and undoing. Focus is required, and we have the accurate intelligence we need to understand the situation.

Thomas spells it out in great detail in the following audio. When he uploads the video to YouTube I will add that below. He connects more dots than you ever knew could be connected.

The banksters launched the Libra system last week but they do not have the funds to run it. They have had all their slush funds and bank access cut off by Kim, Trustee of the Manna World Holding Trust. They are desperate, and will con The People into loading their money into the Libra system to fund it.

Thomas explains what happens down the road, and indeed, what has already happened in Canada, in case you hadn’t heard. People whose funds were in the Quadriga system are SOL because the $145M in cryptocurrencies was placed in “cold wallets” by Gerald Cotton the CEO and founder of the company and he up and died of Chrone’s disease while traveling in India and no one admits to have access to the money. (crypt + cold wallets—you can’t make this up.)

People who invite a cashless society because they buy into the flowery language and like the “secure” aspect touted or the “convenience” may soon find themselves cut off from everything they hold dear with the flip of a switch.

AND, once your digital wallet is set up, the NSA etc. will be loading ALL your personal data including a voice file (for those who bought into the Amazon Alexa toy) and then have a complete digital version of you—all they need for cloning—and when they have a clone, who needs you? They can replicate you a thousand times over. You’re expendable.

There’s far more to it as you will discover in the audio and I thank Thomas for going to the effort of researching and preparing for the show and Kim for far more than we can ever adequately thank her.

Please do your part to help us eviscerate the cabal once and for all. Help protect unsuspecting people by sharing this information. When we all understand the motives behind cryptocurrencies, blockchain, opensource and a one world currency, we wouldn’t touch them with a 10-foot pole. They would mean certain disaster for Humanity.

Another macro look at the reverse side of the 2018 Bitcoin shows images of piracy; bony fingers grabbing your money away from you. Coincidence?

Money isn’t everything, not by a long shot, but with cash we have full control; without it, we could be signing our life away and it could get very ugly. We have to stop this underhanded, evil attempt to destroy us in its tracks. Ignore this warning at your own peril.

Listen ASAP to this fascinating intelligence briefing from a man who has been in the trenches a long time and was lucky enough to survive multiple attempts to take him out.

As Thomas reminds us at the end of the show—no fear. We have won, but the mopping up is important as well as how we deal with these despicable people left roaming the planet without a moral compass, motivated only by greed and a false sense of superiority.

I would boycott the ‘Dimensions of Disclosure’ event in Ventura, California in August until a few select imposters are removed from the roster. They don’t deserve a red cent.  ~ BP

THI Special “Clowns in panic” 6/22/1

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Schumann Resonance Today – Update ~ June 23, 2019

Editor’s Note: No wonder I slept well last night! The Schumann Consonance energies were definitely out in force list night from about 12AM until 7ish (MST). If you look at the graph above, you will see energetic activity every day. My personal feeling is to see these energies continuing to pour out on the earth, well…from now on!

We are reaching that stage of “No Return” for going back to “the way things used to be” under Dark control. Are you ready for a positive changes in your life? It’s coming… so pay attention to the monitoring of Schumann Resonance, stay in your heart, and be…




Schumann Resonance Today. We will try to keep you updated about the variations of the Resonance with this page. The great variations that nobody can explain but that give us a clear sign that the planet is changing. The Earth is vibration higher and higher, just like us!

RS Base Frequency 7.83 Hz.

Schumann Resonance Today Peaks:

  • 6/23 17:00 UTC – The day continued with moderate activity, the strongest peak remained the one shown just before 2 am Tomsk time corresponding to yesterday’s 20 UTC previously reported. Today at 14 UTC there was another 20 Hz peak at 14 UTC.
  • 6/23 10:00 UTC – Today’s chart shows a sparse activity but but with amplitude values greater than the last days. The first peak occurred at 20 UTC yesterday and reached 36 Hz, this is the strongest so far. A second peak, of lower amplitude but longer duration, occurred from 7 to 9:30 UTC (ongoing) and the maximum amplitude reached was 22 Hz at 9 am.
  • 6/22 17:00 UTC – Another day of light activity, it began at 7 and lasted until 14 UTC with the highest peak at 26 Hz at 7:30 UTC.
  • 6/21 17:00 UTC – Today’s activity shows moderately scattered peaks, the maximum amplitude was 25 Hz at 14:30 UTC.
  • 6/20 17:00 UTC – Calm.
  • 6/20 14:00 UTC – Today it stands out as a day of light activity, the significant variation occurred from 5:45 UTC to 9:30 UTC and during this time, at 8:30 UTC, the highest peak was at 44 Hz.
  • 6/19 17:00 UTC – From 8 UTC, the time of the peak at 55 Hz, the activity continued in a minor way with other peaks one of which, at 11:30 UTC, reached 40 Hz. In the last 3 hours, from 14 UTC, the values returned normal.
  • 6/19 08:30 UTC – There has been no real movement interruption since yesterday at 3 am UTC. The movements were continuous and also very strong, the first in the new chart occurred at 22:15 UTC with an amplitude of 49 Hz. From 2:30 UTC a new series began which led, at 4:30 UTC, to today’s most powerful peak so far and reached 87 Hz. A further peak at 40 Hz occurred at 7:15 UTC followed shortly after by one more at 55 Hz.
  • 6/18 17:00 UTC – After the powerful activity of the previously reported period the day continued with other significant peaks even if of a lower amplitude. The most significant ones were at 9:45 UTC at 46 Hz and at 20:10 UTC at 32 Hz.
  • 6/18 08:00 UTC – Today we’ve already seen a very strong peak in a quite short period of activity. The movements started at 3 UTC and within 2 hours they first reached 67 Hz at 4:30 UTC, then 92 Hz at 06:15 UTC.
  • 6/17 17:00 UTC – The 55 Hz peak reported previously was followed by another at 52 Hz at 11 UTC. After this last, the amplitude quickly returned to normal values.
  • 6/17 13:00 UTC – The calm did not last long, at 23 UTC yesterday the movement started again with two “introductory” peaks just above 20 Hz. What appears to be a powerful activity so far began at 6 UTC with 20 Hz again and then passed at 35 Hz at 7:45 am and to what for now is the strongest peak at 55 Hz at 10 am UTC.
  • 6/16 17:00 UTC – Today’s activity was characterized by calm with the maximum amplitude that reached 10 Hz, this until 15:30 when an isolated peak, lasting about 30 minutes, brought the maximum value to 25 Hz for then return to normal values.
  • 6/15 17:00 UTC – Today’s activity has manifested itself in the form of constant micro peaks from 22 UTC yesterday until 11 am UTC today, the maximum amplitude has reached a low level, 14 Hz.
  • 6/14 17:00 UTC – Today’s activity (from the chart) was moderate but lasted for a long time, around 17 hours, returning to normal values around 13 UTC. The most powerful peak was the one reported previously at 46 Hz.
  • 6/14 09:00 UTC – After the 46 peak reported below it was not calm but moderate activity that continued with peaks, throughout the period, between 15 and 30 Hz.
  • 6/13 17:00 UTC – After 6 hours, from 14 to 20 UTC, during which the amplitude remained “calm” we are seeing an increase of movements with the first one at 20:20 UTC close to 20 Hz. This was followed by a stronger spike at 46 Hz at 22:30 UTC.
  • 6/13 17:00 UTC – The strong activity of today has lasted 8 hours, from 6 to 14 UTC, the central phase is the one that has seen the most powerful peak at 65 Hz. Currently the amplitude values are back to normal.
  • 6/13 10:30 UTC – A massive activity is taking place at this time, the “total white” started quite suddenly at 6 UTC and from 8 UTC is constantly above 40 Hz, the most powerful peaks so far have been at 60 and 65 Hz respectively at 8:30 and 9:30 UTC.
  • 6/12 17:00 UTC – Today’s activity started at 4:30 UTC with peaks rising to 18, 22, 25 Hz. After that, the highest values of today arrived, 28 Hz at 10:50 and 40 Hz at 11:45 UTC followed by another isolated peak at 25 Hz at 10:30 UTC.
  • 6/11 17:00 UTC – The peak at 37 Hz was the strongest today as the activity took place with sporadic peaks between 17 and 20 Hz.
  • 6/11 08:00 UTC – It may seem like a calm day but in reality there have always been small amplitude movements. At 6 UTC instead there was a significant peak at 37 Hz which seems to be the start of today’s activity.
  • 6/10 17:00 UTC – Today there were no significant peaks, the relatively moderate activity continued however throughout the day with the maximum peak reaching 19 Hz at 12:20 UTC.
  • 6/9 17:00 UTC – Today’s activity started quite suddenly at 5:30 UTC and continued for about 7 hours, the strongest peak at this time was at 30 Hz at 8:10 UTC. From 13 UTC the amplitude has returned to normal values.
  • 6/8 17:00 UTC – Today’s most powerful peak occurred at 13:30 UTC in isolated form and reached 46 Hz.
  • 6/8 09:00 UTC – It seems that there can no longer be calm days in succession as before, even today the activity started with two moderate isolated peaks at 20 and 30 Hz at 6:30 and 7:30 UTC. It then continued from 11 UTC with peaks rising to 42 Hz at 8:00 UTC.
  • 6/7 17:00 UTC – Let’s recap the situation, since the “red” coloration started yesterday until the activity break, about 26 hours have passed, that is until yesterday’s 21 UTC. Today the activity started at 6:45 UTC with a peak at 30 Hz. From this moment the activity continued until it reached its highest peak for today at 45 Hz shortly after 11 UTC after which there was a drop towards lower values.
  • 6/6 17:00 UTC – Since the activity began, at 5 UTC, it has continued until now, remaining between 20 and 50 Hz until 12 UTC. This significant activity was followed by approximately 2 hours at relatively low values and then started to increase again from 14 UTC to reach the maximum peak on today’s chart which was 65 Hz at 16:30 UTC.
  • 6/6 09:30 UTC – What we could call “Red” lasted about 10 hours, until a new series of peaks started at 4:30 UTC. The maximum peak so far has been 60 Hz at 5 UTC and was followed by others in rapid succession between 40 and 50 Hz. In the last 4 hours the minimum amplitude was 18 Hz.
  • 6/5 23:30 UTC – This new chart for today shows an unusual situation of difficult explanation, the amplitude is found to be on normal values, the only things that have a relationship with the red shown are the graph of the Quality and the Frequency.
  • 6/5 17:00 UTC – After the 60 Hz peak, the amplitude gradually returned, within 5 hours, to normal values.
  • 6/5 07:30 UTC – There were 14 hours of calm, from 11 to 1 UTC today when a modest peak at 20 Hz has slightly moved the flatness of the amplitude chart. At 5:45 UTC, however, a new movement began and reached initially 55 Hz and was followed at 6:10 UTC by one at 60 Hz which is the strongest so far.
  • 6/4 17:00 UTC – After the strong peak at 83 Hz previously reported we had about 3 hours in which the amplitude registered normal values, at 11 UTC a spike to 35 Hz and then returned to a state of calm.
  • 6/4 07:30 UTC – A new powerful peak occurred, after about 5 hours of calm, at 5 UTC and reached 83 Hz. Once again it seems to witness the pattern of gradual increase in the duration of the variations in amplitude that we have already seen several times in the last times.
  • 6/3 22:00 UTC – Just after midnight on the chart, which corresponds to 17 UTC, there was a new series of peaks that reached 47 and 45 Hz.
  • 6/3 17:00 UTC – The peak at 49 Hz has remained the most powerful of today. The activity lasted 5 and a half hours, from 7:30 to 13 UTC.
  • 6/3 12:30 UTC – After a couple of days of “rest” the activity started again today at 8 UTC with an initial peak at 30 Hz. The amplitude continued to increase until it reached the maximum peak, until now, of 49 Hz at 11 am UTC. May Interactive PDF archive can be viewed/downloaded here.
  • 6/2 17:00 UTC – Today we had four minor peaks, the first on the graph is shown at 21 UTC at 20 Hz, the second just before 2 UTC at 14 Hz, the third at 21 Hz at 10:30 UTC and the last one always at 21 Hz at 13 UTC, all had a short duration. The Images Archive has been updated with May’s images. We will soon post the Interactive PDF.
  • 6/1 17:00 UTC – Calm.
  • We added a new charts below, we’ll try to post it daily to show the actual peaks above 40 Hz.
  • Frequency means how many wave cycle happen in a second, 1 Hz. means 1 cycle per second, 40 Hz. means 40 cycles per second, Amplitude is the size of the vibration, how big is the wave, the chart shows the frequency variation in Hz and the amplitude using the white color.

The Chart time is based on Tomsk – Russia – UTC +7 Source


The Ancient Indian Rishis called 7.83 Hz the frequency of OM. It also happens to be Mother Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm Schumann resonances are named after professor Schumann who was involved in early German secret space program and was later paper-clipped into the United States. The frequencies of Schumann resonances are fairly stable and are mainly defined by the physical size of the ionospheric cavity.   The amplitude of Schumann resonances does change and is bigger when ionospheric plasma gets excited. Ionospheric plasma excitation happens because of solar activity, thunderstorms, use of scalar plasma weapons and HAARP and lately also when the Light forces are clearing the plasma anomaly.

Schumann Resonance and Micro-Events

This is my opinion on the connection with the soul of the Planet Earth, Gaia, which is happening to a large number of people and which can involve phenomena of various kinds. We are at a time when the Planet, Gaia, is moving towards 5D and there is a feeling that it is nearing completion, this change is happening regardless of what the people living on the planet will do.

There are a number of micro-events going on and the number of people awakening and increasing their vibrational frequency makes the difference on the number of these micro-events and their time frequency, the more people awake the more micro-events number.

I think that what we are experiencing with the Schumann Resonance is connected to the growth of our frequency and to our connection with the terrestrial energy network. It’s a powerful connection and can cause some discomfort sometimes, we’re adjusting our vibrational frequency, we’re tuning in to Gaia’s.

I don’t think there will be what the “Narrative of the Light” calls the Event, let’s say that timeline has changed, there are a series of continuous events, some even on the physical plane; someone in the future may even decide that a particular moment can be called “The Event” but when that happens it will have lost its meaning completely. Schumann Resonance

Disclosure News

Dependencies Amplitudes Schumann Resonance 31-12-2018

Dependencies of Amplitudes Schumann Resonance June 23 2019

Dependencies of Quality Schumann Resonance

Dependencies of Quality Schumann Resonance June 23 2019

Dependencies of Quality Schumann Resonance

Dependencies of Frequency Schumann Resonance June 23 2019

Schumann Resonance Differential Peaks


Schumann Resonance PDF Archives

Read and Download

Images Archive

All the SR daily images in one single pageSee the Images

Web Hosting
Explanation of The Chart

What is the Schumann Resonance?

The Herathbeat of Planet EarthRead


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Pills Disclosure News Italia


The best slave is the one who thinks he is free.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX Begins Launching 4,425 New Satellites Into Low Orbit For StarLink ~ June 23, 2019

Editor’s Note: As we can see from this article…the race is on my friends to completely subjugate humanity to even more control by the dark…but, I Am not fearful because I know positive changes are set to occur very soon!

So…please join me in reading this article, know that this plan for negatively affecting health globally will fail, and be…



Joe Martino,


  • The Facts:Musk’s SpaceX has begun launching satellites into Earth’s orbit that will provide wireless infrastructure to the world. They will be launching hundreds more over the year.
  • Reflect On:Are we acting too quickly on technology without safety testing? Are we as humans more connected to having the latest greatest technology than we are to our own health and wellness?

SpaceX has already begun launching satellites into space, which are set to provide 5G-like internet to the world. Intensely focused beams of microwave radiation will begin hitting Earth. This is not an image of fear, but one of deep questioning: Are we jumping too fast on this technology, despite the fact that it’s already showing signs of danger for our health?

The untested 5G plans of telecom companies around the world aim to install millions of cell towers on electric utility poles, public buildings, schools, bus stop shelters, in public parks, and anywhere else they want–including national parks and on federally owned land. Public concern has grown immensely over the past while, and rightly so, these are untested moves with big health implications.

There is no denying the technological upswing with 5G. The internet will be FAST. There is also no denying the obvious, that bringing high-quality internet speed to the world would mean better connectivity, more efficiency, and would solve problems like the ones I face living in a rural area–I don’t have good internet.

But at what cost are we attempting to solve these issues, and why do competition and capitalism overrule the need for safety testing? Does this not reveal humanity’s lust for money and technology over their own health? Perhaps our internet connection is good, but is the connection to ourselves and each other good?

People with concerns about 5G are often laughed at within pop culture today as well, as if there is nothing to be concerned about. As Dr. Sharon Goldberg has put it:

“Wireless radiation has biological effects. Period. This is no longer a subject for debate when you look at PubMed and the peer-reviewed literature. These effects are seen in all life forms; plants, animals, insects, microbes. In humans, we have clear evidence of cancer now: there is no question. We have evidence of DNA damage, cardiomyopathy, which is the precursor of congestive heart failure, neuropsychiatric effects… 5G is an untested application of a technology that we know is harmful; we know it from the science. In academics, this is called human subjects research.”

That in contrast to a social media post from the CEO responsible for the latest push of more wireless infrastructure:

First 60 @SpaceX Starlink satellites loaded into Falcon fairing. Tight fit.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 12, 2019

As you can see from Goldberg’s comments, it’s not whether or not these effects are there, we know they are, the question becomes how much will they affect us when suddenly towers are lining the roadways every 500 feet, as per what’s required with 5G technology.

The dangers associated with EMF radiation and 5G are clear, this isn’t really a debate. The question of why we don’t seem to be doing much about it is the part that’s odd.

Musk’s SpaceX To Launch

SpaceX was given approval by the FCC on March 29th, 2018 to launch 4,425 satellites into low orbit around Earth that will begin to layout a wireless internet infrastructure in space. The total number expected to be put into low and high orbit over the coming years will be about 20,000 across all companies. SpaceX will top out at 12,000; OneWeb at 4,560; Boeing 2,956; Spire Global at 972. This is what’s planned out as of now.

A look at SpaceX’s StarLink program.

The first two test satellites were launched by SpaceX in February of 2018. Hundreds more are set to launch in 2019 alone, and the full set of 20,000 are projected to be in orbit during the next 2 years. You can compare that to the 1,738 operating satellites that have been in Earth’s orbit as of September 2017. By the end of two years from now, the number of satellites over the earth will be increased by over 1000%.

Perhaps worse, the satellites will be about the size of a small refrigerator and weigh about 880 pounds. The life expectancy will be 5 years, and once they are no longer functional, they will become space junk until they eventually fall back to earth and burn up in earth’s atmosphere.

The Takeaway

I have the ability in my rural area to increase my internet speed so I don’t have to drive 10 minutes to the local coffee shop during days I’m not at the CE office and need to upload a large file, but I won’t improve that internet connection because my option is a 5G frequency range that will push even more harmful waves at me, my family and my house.

This would be even worse than those we already naturally get from WiFi and cell signal. People look at this and think “well you are already getting hit anyway, so who cares?” I care because the damage from this stuff is cumulative. The more there is, the worse this problem gets. So if you don’t limit exposure, you’re simply being unconscious of reality. This isn’t to say you live in fear, in no way am I afraid of EMF radiation, I am simply connected enough to the reality of the situation that I act on it.

I also find it odd that our culture glorifies people so heavily who act in ways that obviously are highly controversial to human health. Musk has done some great things, let’s recognize that, but we also avoid the fact that he is setting up a microwave system over top of the entire Earth, with no safety testing. Why are we not saying more about this?


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A Major Gateway Has Broken Open ~ June 23, 2019

Editor’s Note: I like this way this guy thinks and writes! I found him on Kualepele’s blog and wanted to repost this particular article. Yes…we, as a society, ARE getting ready to “wake up” on a big kind of way. People are (finally) understanding that most human s have been duped for all of our lives about, well…everything!

NOW is the is the time to evolve? Evolve…what’s that? I Am not referring to physical evolution (although that will come then the time is right), I Am speaking of evolution of the way you think, feel, and act from a heart-based perspective, not your analytical head.

What am I talking about? Life should be based on how you feel. Emotions, instead of being tamped down and controlled, are actually very good tools for indicating how close you are to BEing on the path that is right for you. When you feel good, you are where you need to be, when you don’t feel so good, well…it’s time to change something affecting your life to where you DO feel good.

Some say that emotions need to be balanced, or regulated, or monitored. I say that human emotions sort themselves to appropriate levels as the heart is followed more and more and more. While I Am not a mental health professional, my thought is that real love and care may just be more effective than drugs for healing your heart/mind connection. Just sayin…

I Am truly excited for the real change in human society that seems to be slowly taking place. Who know? This July 4 may just hasten changes necessary for human survival! Please read this article, know that you ARE loved, and be…



The Human collective consciousness has experienced a stunning expansion, purging lost traumatic ancestral timelines, opening new levels of conscious exploration and shifting the fundamental timeline flows of the entire species.

The sun has increased its pulsing in relation to the level of conscious ability to broadcast light as explained in last week’s update.

This has thrown the powers that shouldn’t be into a tailspin of frenzied reparation of their black magic systems designed to hijack the collective future of humanity for their own benefit.

Much on this planet is not of the light and beauty that we know is possible inside of each and every one of us. Much of this planet creates extreme darkness. This is not something natural.

When we look at a healthy person, without traumatic history, they naturally draw towards feeling good, physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. They naturally withdraw from pain, things that create pain, behavior that injures themselves or others and emotions that do not feel good.

Naturally, without traumatic Ancestral DNA programs being passed down, every human would feel extremely generous, benevolent and loving to the world at large.

What we are looking at right now is a product of a self perpetuating system that has gone wildly out of control, creating increasing levels of violence, hatred, darkness and warfare to get the same level of emotional reaction from humanity….and it has failed utterly and completely.

With the latest rash of mainstream coverage of UFO’s, from heads of state to military pilots giving professional testimony, a major gateway has broken open.

With the government admittance of having reverse engineered alien tech for the past 70 years, many asleep portions of the population have just been dropped a major red pill.“If they have been destroying people’s lives over this for the past 70 years, what else have they been lying about? What else have they been training us to ignore?”

The vast majority of the asleep collective just had the proverbial bell ring incredibly loudly and uncomfortably and it has dissolved many levels of dense/dark/heavy framework/programming on the etheric levels. Of them, the most mentionable is the major black magic pools of strength, flow and power the elite black magicians have been using to hijack the collective and direct humanity into the 1984 Orwellian police state feeding the war machine that we see today.

With these cracks in the collective, we are seeing programs purging on every level and unfortunately, many do not know what trauma release is and get caught up in the emotions that are releasing. The two that are louder than any others in the collective at the moment are mistrust and shame. This is directly related to not only being lied to and mistrusting their own judgement, but realization of a perpetuation of these programs is being discovered, exposing a deep collective shame on these levels.

Things are shifting incredibly quickly right now. Light and information are streaming into the planet on a scale unknown in history and many are feeling the call to rise up and become more.

What we can do: Be the light. Be the example. See the world in chaos, division and warfare around us and recognize that we cannot change this problem on the same level it was created. We cannot fight ourselves into peace. We have to find the reasons for the warfare inside of us and transmute it into what we actually want to see in the world at large.

As we do this, as more and more of us tap into this collective field that WILL be the majority, the resonance becomes stronger. The frameworks of density that are containing the human collective become weaker. We can expand. We can naturally evolve without limitation.

Start stepping off into that great unknown. If you have that business you want to start, make steps now to do it. If you have that skill that you love, PRACTICE!! ENJOY!! FOLLOW THE EXCITEMENT!! If you have that person you are to shy to let know you are interested in them, speak up! If you have a fear, put yourself in the middle of it and breathe your way into release.

Grow! Evolve! LIVE and truly exist right here, right NOW.

Now is the only place where anything truly interesting happens anyways

Be that light, be that spark. Be that torch in the darkness, that whirlwind of laughter and love.

We got this!!

From my heart to yours,


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Headlines and Updates for June 22, 2019: New Frequencies Not Agreeable to All [videos] ~ June 22, 2019

We’re watching… and seeing a lot of eye-popping things. It’s quite a show on multiple fronts and there is plenty of worthy stuff in this post today.

The new energies flowing in are good in many ways, challenging in ways for a few, and possibly the death knell for others.

Before we get to that, here’s a blast from the past in one sense. Back in the day… when nothing was happening… we used to watch the crop circles in the summer. They were quite beautiful; some simple, some complex, and some even striking.

Here’s one from this month in France. There are folks who “decode” crop circles and you can see more here.

Notre Dame of France, Near Moisselles, France. Reported 1st June.

Check out Angela Merkel in this next video. Chilled to the bone or…???  Thanks, J.

Simon Parkes said…

Merkel the German Chancellor has uncontrollable shaking fit. Just as Hitler did in the last year of the war.

“Last year of the war” has a nice ring to it. Are we going to wrap this up in 2019?

The events unfolding around the world (even if it’s flat) are astonishing. We sympathize with those suffering from the Earth changes. Hang in there.

This video compilation from Nared King is, I think, even more mesmerizing than the last—nearly all from June alone. And look—there’s a clear shot of a saucer.  Thanks, L.

This happened on our Earth !! p / 3 last events from all over the world

Steve at WSO brings us another collection of his subs’ shots of the skies.

Our Skies in 2019 – Footage from the World

As new information comes out, we get down to the meat and potatoes of the situation in DC—dished out in small portions so the uninformed public doesn’t choke on it. Like feeding a baby; one tiny spoonful at a time. And if they spit it out—shove it back in until they swallow.

BREAKING: General Flynn Uncovered Massive Clinton Scandal Linked to Terrorist Funding – Was Immediately Targeted by Obama Deep State

Linda and Leonard bring us the updates on the military tribunals at GTMO.

Gitmo Military Tribunals – Transcripts Coverage by C-VINE – June 17&19

Understandably, the deep state cabal/globalists don’t want the truth getting out to the public and the platforms where we share it are seeing more and more censorship.

We’re now watching to see if social media is going to go down for 10 days beginning either tomorrow, June 23, or 24th, as we believe was predicted through scraps of information provided by QAnon and other clues. Some patriots are quite the sleuths and it does sound possible we may experience “10 days of darkness” for a particular purpose. It would be a strategy of the White Hats, not from the dark ones.

Whatever will we do if we can’t share videos, articles, memes, Tweets, rumours, news clips, decodes, and the latest developments across the planet? Perhaps we’ll have a taste of what life used to be like years ago before we joined the army of digital soldiers and began spending our days and nights on the front lines, in the trenches, and in our bunkers. Perhaps we can go out into the sunlight and get a new perspective on our changing world.

As long as our blogs and websites are still up then we will soldier on, and we can always call out the lying turds at their legacy media websites.

For a taste of the “interference” that can crop up when sharing information, listen to the first few minutes of this video with Sean at SGT Report and Pastor Casper. Unprecedented, he said.


Before I forget, Thomas Williams is having an additional show tonight at 8:30 pm EDT/5:30 Pacific and he says it’ll be a “fun show”. I don’t think he meant “fun”, exactly, but it will be a good one. Listen live on or at the Think Different website

If you didn’t listen to the Thursday call, you would benefit from listening at least to the last portion about the reality here, the division/separation at the time of the “rapture”, if it occurs, and the implications.

Whether social media goes down or not, Scott Mowry will probably hold his weekly Sunday intel roundup conference call for the Miracles and Inspiration group. If the call in number etc. is the same as previous weeks, it will be as follows at 6:00 pm Pacific time/9 EDT:Our conference call line is:Dial-in Number: 712-770-4598Access Code: 767664#Replay Number: 712-770-5402Access Code: 767664# / followed by # again (not a code, as stated)

We, the Patriots/Anons know not to get uptight about what is unfolding, but it’s interesting to hear the perspectives and commentary of those paying attention AND we want to keep putting out the REAL news for those who are recently woke and wanting to innerstand.

While some are running around with their heads cut off screaming that the Neocons are going to start WWIII in Iran, we know everything happens for a reason and nothing is left to chance.

The White Hats will adhere to The Plan and President Trump cares not what anyone thinks of his strategy, behaviour, statements, or Tweets. It’s all carefully choreographed, and The Plan is working beautifully! The more drama there is, the better the result.

How do we know?  Thanks, L. Priceless.

Video: Pelosi and Schumer caught on camera dancing after thinking Trump would attack Iran

It’s all for show, possums. But you knew that.


Another change in plan from POTUS

Trump delays operation to deport migrant families

Patriots Are Now Dismantling & Defunding The [DS], Messages Transmitted – Episode 1899b

In 2016, Mary Matalin said Trump had a 100% chance of winning the election. I wonder what she would say now, because in 2018 she certainly felt he had performed miracles. See the video at the link.

Mary Matalin: “Nothing Short Of A Miracle” What Trump Has Got Done In The Face Of Constant Thwarting

I’m going to leave it there for now. Suggest you watch or listen to what appeals to you ASAP in case there are restrictions on some of it tomorrow.

Thank you to the crew for all the great links, videos, and updates on various things. It’s busy out there and it takes a team to stay apprised.  ~ BP

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Personal Divinity ~ June 22, 2019

Being a Pisces, I can run pretty deep and think I have been able to get a glimpse of what is happening on our world, and why it is happening. The geo-political stage we are all excited about is driven by spirituality, which is…the battle between Light and Dark.

My concept of soul growth gives of a better understanding of how both Light and Dark operate on our world. Many folks are now coming to the realization and understanding that our time on Earth is indeed a personal journey prompting spiritual growth. Our souls are either growing by gaining even higher vibrations, and/or growing by remaining steadfast in lower vibrations.

Many may not appreciate this point, but everyone wins from their spent on Earth! The dark have a “mission”, as do those of the Light. The big “experiment” here on Earth has been conducted to test out the that fact that…the highest vibration is that of Love. Biological humans are in the process of showing that heart-felt love cannot be controlled by the Dark, regardless of the horrific conditions used to test this fact…but, someone had to be here to cause dark actions! I do not promote, or agree with tactics used by the Dark, but I do understand the need for the actions of the dark in this “experiment”.

The questions have been: Can Love prevail as the 3D race of biological humans becomes subjected to continual and massive amounts of external control designed to promote negativity? Can Love become the focus of souls blinded to their level of spirituality? Can Love become the driving emotional state negating efforts from the dark to quell and stop the flow of Love on Earth?

Those of the Dark are doing their darnedest to stop the flow of LOVE by designing “workflows” emphasizing FEAR in humanity. Although life on Earth is a game, and is an “illusion”… 3D tactics causing “False Evidence Appearing Real” have been very much in play causing humanity to reach for personal survival although economic slavery measures are, and have been, in place.

Now (in the present moment) counter-tactics used by the Light (Trump, Q, Allied Resistance) are being recognized globally causing humanity to find hope which holds a higher vibration than Fear. Hope alone sets the stage for humanity to consistently hold a higher vibratory state and higher vibrations ARE the state of BEing which allows humans to consciously create that which they want. This IS the state of personal (soul) understanding which opens doors, and closes doors, that are in keeping with our own personal mission here on Earth.

So…now we have humanity holding higher vibrations, and what does that yield? Higher vibrations stem from the heart, and as the heart re-awakens to self-love…self mastery (personal divinity) is realized. When you consider humanity has consistently been told verbally (and subliminally) that we are disappointing, dumb, and ineffective…the re-awakening of the heart is tremendous (!) and leads to a greater sense of personal value!

Yes…the personal realization of self-love IS the ticket leading to holding consistent higher vibrations. When you love yourself deeply…despair is NOT possible! Events and circumstances will begin to be positive in your life. Those folks holding lower states of consciousness, of BEing dark will no longer appear. Fear of anything is eliminated because You are “in control”.

No one knows how “the details” for how the humanity of freedom will occur…we only know it will arrive like a “thief in the night”. So…no one knows the timing…what can we do? NOW is the time to raise your vibrations and the best place to start is with loving yourself. Once your heart thinks you are truly great, you will then be able to effectively love whatever, whoever there is to love and your life will become grand!

My main message? Although these concepts sound so very simple, due to our consistent negative “training” they are difficult but oh, so beneficial, to achieve…Love yourself, BE in control of yourself, lose dark baggage, and be…


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