Shekina Rose ~ October 18, 2020

Blue Ray Empath Transmission Ascension Energy Updates ~ Crown Chakra Activation

The new energetic wave flow is emerging. Can you sense and feel it? Through all that is taking place in the world, the holy sacred frequencies continue to awaken your Christ Crown Christos template (aka Cosmic Christ Consciousness). The Blue Rays and many Starseeds are empathic sensory intuitive beings. You are here to awaken those sacred empathic ley lines of Lemuria (Mu) and the Divine Human Blueprint. Downloads of information, awakenings and healings are translated through your empathic sensory awareness—the becoming of Divine Angelic Human (homo luminous). The celestial wave energies are fluctuating and vary in intensity from day to day, with solar storms; powerful astrology; Central Sun downloads from Solara; Mother Earth Gaia frequency; shifting of timelines, including your own and group consciousness; where you have a day or days of waking up tired from lots of dreams and working in the dream state and then can be energized and balanced the next day. Some days you may need more rest and to be more mindful to do this ever more deeply “in the flow”. And to be honoring of your Sacred Divine feminine energies. Times of hearing ringing in your ears and/or hearing and seeing the wave frequency and feeling it in your body. As Blue Ray transformers, Grid Workers, New Forerunners, Angel Healer Empaths, you naturally allow this process to happen by being recharged and upgraded through alone time and being in Nature.

Blue Rays and Angelic Sensitive Empaths

You have strong intuitive abilities and need to be able to connect with your own essence and energies to be happy and healthy. Your etheric body is more sensory aware. This is who you are and have been working on, to be more attuned to your Higher Self, Guides, God and Creator. Know your telepathic abilities, healing and empathic unity are increasing. You are very adaptable with your innate water element and are able to flow, transcend and transform with these energetics. The need for inward reflective meditation time to just be and nature time. There are Starseeds and especially Blue Rays who are feeling a huge spiritual shift taking place; a whole new essence of their being is emerging. How they relate to all they have been is feeling different, renewed and expanded. During this time, many of you will feel a need to take a step back until you feel more settled in your new surroundings, and as moves, endings and new beginnings may also be taking place. As you sense this is one of the most significant periods of your spiritual life of embodiment, you may not be able to put it to words as it goes beyond. One cannot describe the awe when their very own human technology is being upgraded nor do they want to. Live it. Enjoy it. Embody it. It’s an expansion of many realms, times, dimensions that has culminated to this now moment. Be in wonderment as it’s all true, but be quiet and reflective as it’s happening inside of you. Gratitude for this bittersweet experience. Changes can feel unnerving; trust in the process that is happening in you and allow for the merging of the yin and yang within, creating a wholistic being (unified within/beyond duality). Crown chakra activation is of one-ness, beyond duality. The thousand-petaled lotus opens of its own accord when your time is ripe. Sustainable, true wealth. Please feel free to share to assist and connect others ~ Thank you Love Shekina ************************************************************* 💙💙💙Are You From The Blue Ray? Ultra Senstive Empaths Star Seeds of the Sacred Divine Feminine As a Blue Ray Being, you came to transform the damaged, mutated DNA of humanity, and set the stage for the other rays to come. ************************************************ Shekina Rose Angel Messenger, Language of Light Songstress, in the 528 Hz Miracle frequencies Sound Healer, Blue Ray Emissary and Channel, Intuitive (Empath) Spiritual Psychic, Creator of the Sedona Vortex Frequency Crystals ~ Pendants and Activators Sacred technologies from her regular physical and telepathic visited by the Archangels & Ascended Masters, Fairy realm Kingdoms ***************************** Free Sacred Angelic Language of Light Transmissions of Healing Awakening and LOVE ***************************************** Soul Readings, Galactic Origins & Sisters of the Sacred Rose Swarovski crystals bracelets ****************************************** Crown Chakra Goddess by Carol Cavalaris…

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Isis Channelings ~ October 18, 2020

New Moon and The 9 Nights of Mother Durga; Navratris and The Mother Wound Today the New moon begins with the celebration The Navratris ( 17 0ct-25 oct) , the most significant and auspicious period dedicated to the 9 forms of The Divine Mother/Shakti / Mother Durga .

While Traditionally the Navratri , or 9 nights of the Goddess/ Mother/ Shakti represent the battle of Good over Evil ie when Ma Durga battled the demon Mahishasura / Lord Rama battled the demon king Ravana….ie a period of cleansing and purification of our inner evils of Ego, lust, greed, anger etc….at this time specifically we are currently confronting and releasing attitudes, attributes, patterns and distortion’s associated with the Distorted / wounded feminine and more specifically the mother wound. Where are we holding on steadyfast to past hurts and betrayals and projecting our sense of victimhood (perceived and/or otherwise) via obstinate, rigid and illogical behaviour. The Mother is our first caretaker and protector (physical and emotional), but as an unhealed /not in her power entity she may have been emotionally absent to the very nurturing , nourishing and protection responsibilities towards her offspring . The child is thus raised in an emotionally unstable environment rich in undercurrents of guilt and victimhood projections and unbalanced giving and receiving paradigm the scars of which are carried through lifetimes and the ancestral lineage till healed (or repeated).

As we confront ,heal and release our Ancestral and Karmic Lineage of this distorted Feminine behaviour and mother woundings ,You may feel this acutely at your Root chakra (pain and stiffness in lower back) extreme bouts of tiredness and slight flu symptoms as we release these distortions and patterns .

This period begins with the New Moon in Libra which this year culminates in the full moon/ Blue moon of Taurus/ Hathor , both of which are ruled by Venus. Venus is currently at Heart Chakra at Gate of Compassion on her shamanic 8 year Journey (2020-2028) of tracing the 5 Petaled Cosmic Rose in the MOTHER Avatar (2012-2020 was the maiden Avatar). She is guiding us currently, as we revisit old wounds of the Mother and distorted feminine, to heal old hurts by Heart medicine of Forgiveness , Compassion, Non Judgement and Acceptance, Gratitude and Grace , to move beyond the old stories that hold us hostage to the past and embrace Bold actions guided by Faith and Trust as we regain our Power and to strive to achieve a balance between receiving and giving and hence greater balance in our relationships ( within and without)!!

For those who would like some more information on the Navratri;

The Navratri’s (9 nights ) of the 9 forms of Mother Durga are divided into 3 sets of 3 nights devoted to Goddess of Power/ Mahakali (where we purify the Root / earth and sacral / water chakras), Goddess of Spiritual Wealth / Goddess Lakshmi ( fire/solar and heart chakra) and Goddess of Wisdom/ Goddess Saraswati (throat and third eye chakras).

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The Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston, Choctaw ~ October 18, 2020

Editor’s Note: I Am in love with the word used below…: “emergence” for this is humanity’s future! The emergence for humanity from the (too) long held chains of violence depends of each member of humanity finding, holding, and BEing a new spiritual path.

Let us all rejoice in these end times of chaos. As a scientist, I understand humanity is now involved in a paradigm change. A few now realize this to be based on spiritual change, and these will be used to teach the many. This is why you are here.

Realize your significance with your Magnificent Heart, open your pathway for the emergence of your BEing in unconditional and Quantum LOVE, and then find yourself in…

Quantum Joy!


“Something sacred is coming this way.

That is how my ancestors would have said it.

In the midst of all this turmoil and confusion, when we cannot clearly see the path before us, when we feel trapped in a situation we cannot control, then I believe the wise elders of my holy heritage would climb to the high place of the heart, draw the circle of reason and faith around them, and stand to sing their prayers into the open sky of the history to come.

They would not shrink into a corner afraid, but rise up to catch the first light of what was coming into being all around them.

We are living in a time of emergence.

We are the witnesses to a great renewal.

The world is full of the fear of birth and change, but that transformation will one day be our blessing. D

o not be afraid, but be believing.

Come to the place where the ancestors are already standing.

Come and see.

Something sacred is coming this way.”

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Arcturus Star Family Connection – Portal ~ October 17, 2020

15th-16-17th Oct is when our Earth-Sun align directly to Arcturus (once each year). .

Also during these few days.

Earth catches and passes Mars: Red Ray-Root Chakra-Dance-Drum-Explore the Future Earth.

Earth also catches Eris: Eris is one of around 15 new planetoids discovered by astronomers during the past 2 decades that orbit beyond Neptune.

Neptune resonates as our Crown Chakra, these nearly found transNeptunians represent the Ascended/5D Reality.

Many have already tuned into these archetypes and are living examples of 5D lifestyles.

The influences of Eris are easy to understand, best summed up by the examples Edward Snowden, Robin Hood and Luke Skywalker. Its often Eris which makes the initial impact on those just awakening, they see the world for what it is and take a stand.

Another transNeptunian Ixion has been passing the Galactic Centre Node for the past twelve months, Ixion was a ruler who made numerous mistakes and given ample opportunities to amend his ways, he chose not to do so.

We see this Ixion/Galactic Centre alignment playing in world affairs. Ziggy Marley chose to birth exactly as Earth/Sun aligned to Arcturus (outer chart), Earth was then also with the asteroid DNA (Arcturian genetics confirmed), while the asteroid Calliope (a poetess interested in broad issues) was conjunct the Sun.

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“October 16th, 2020 NEW MOON ~ Power Authority & The Election” ~ October 17, 2020

Adding to the MERCURY Retrograde which ends November 3rd and impacts communications for a few days after the 3rd; taking us into the election. Is the NEW MOON aspected by several harsh potentially violent responses to authority. THIS NEW MOON IN LIBRA is on Friday October 16th, 2020 at 4:31pm ADT. And the energies will play out till the next New Moon in November, 2020. We have MARS, PLUTO and SATURN with harsh aspects to this New Moon. For those in their hearts, these are the moments to LET GO OF ALL ELSE and stay present MOMENT to moment. This is the ONLY way to get through with EASE and harmony. MOMENT TO MOMENT. The old ways will not suffice.

With the New Moon square Saturn we have what will feel like tests and challenges, every which way we THINK. Yet when mastered staying present through the heart living in FLOW nothing can move us out of the peace that is beyond understanding. With this New Moon opposite Mars, we have the potential for execrated violence and threats of violence on the world stage. Again to be at peace with no MATTER what takes place externally, is through the heart. Nothing else will do. With the New Moon square Pluto we have a potential crisis and/or violence and resistance to authority. All of this relates now to the world stage of protests and the violence that was going on that had not yet been addressed, all in the name of and disguised as freedom of speech.

Anything and ALL will be on the table.

So what to do?

MONITOR your own energy/frequency. It is only love within oneself that will get you THROUGH* and in the flow as the DIVINE BEING.

Otherwise; you fall prey to the lower energies of ego, the external and living as if IT IS ALL OUT THERE. And it is NOT!

Within you is the seed held within your DNA to live fully through your heart. Many have not yet activated this beginning of Earth DNA programming as they hold so many fears and ideas of weaknesses, shame, hatred and separation.

LET GO of all else and be with YOU, within yourself. THAT is all that it comes down to. YOU FACE your SOUL, being true to the eternal FOREVER NOW. OR succumbing to the lower self in suffering and belief in separation. ONLY for the temporary purpose of avoiding facing the true YOU.

In this we bless you, ACTIVATE you as we were here before time, before Earth and during its creation. YOUR DNA holds this truth. FIRST let go of all else. And be present NOW as surely as WE ARE, present through love NOW!

FULL POST:…/october-16th-2020…/ L’Aura Pleiadian

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New Moon October 16, 2020 ~ October 16, 2020

~Aluna Ash- Soul Family Page

It’s a powerful time to guide the Soul- where your Greater Self operates in inner space outside of external mirage of linear time. All experiences and events already exists- they just need to be attuned to internally by thought, feeling and belief for them to surface from the subjective.

It is done. “Let there be Light” or awareness where it is done. Space is within.

In inner space you are moving beyond linear time.

As you move into the inner-space of what you want, you will be naturally moved to experience it in “time” -the outer world.

Within your Soul is a file cabinet of creation. The file you choose holds the story your Greater Self will guide your shadow (physical self) to experience… “the how” is done.

So forget “the How.” It is done. All of creation that we can experience here, is finished…it’s just about Faith, belief and trust while moving into the experience.

The Creator lives inside the seat of your Soul-imagination as a flame of Spirit, a Light that you can shine in the file cabinet and choose your story.

What you are meant to experience here is encoded within your Soul by Spirit and cannot be lost- but you can change your daily experience from choosing from what is already available as a potential.

To a certain extent: You can change life experiences, people that come into your experience, relationships, what goals you want to accomplish, to be wealthy, to experience poverty, to be in health, to display illness, to embody love or hate, etc… while the overall Divine Plan of your life is fulfilled.

Nothing will get in the way of what part you are specifically to fill in the overall story of Humanity.

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Hare in the Moon Astrology ~ October 17, 2020

Friday October 16 2020

A heads up! Frame today’s Super Stealth New Moon at 23° Libra in the Via Combusta aka the Fiery Way as a burnt out candle extinguishing itself- an old way of life going permanently dark.

The seismic window is wide open between 13-18th, bringing emotional, psychological, etheric or geo-physical disturbance such as high tides, super storms or earth movements.

The Super Moon is conjunct Haumea – the bringer of epochal events – in a cardinal T-square to Mars/Eris/Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter -all aligned with the karmic Node of Fate. Falling as it does not only in a Mercury Max, but within just two days of Mercury’s retrograde station this is set to be one of the most pivotal points in 2020.

Make your wellbeing a priority, get more rest, more hydration, more grounding outside. Be kind to yourself ,be discerning, patient and tender towards your growing edge and tattered heart. The past is withdrawing from us just as we are in the process of disabling the past If you’re feeling – as so many of us sensitives are – down, depleted, drained, alone or in a void like floating on the Dead Sea, understand that you are not fading, falling or failing but energetically detaching from the ending of many planetary cycles.

Detaching so you can witness the withdrawal of many of your previous creations – roles, labels, careers, alliances Instead of focusing on what isn’t happening or what you’re not doing, allow yourself rest, withdrawal and space as the physical and psychic cleansing builds.

Your physicality is sending bio feedback about your current operating system so be present in your body and allow outworn gestalts, debris, illusions, attachments and patterns to dissolve “This is what it feels like to be brilliantly achingly alive. Alive in the shatter. Alive in the empty. This is what it is to belong to things we cannot possibly understand. This is what it is to trust in the terrifying wisdom of our own becoming” Jeanette LeBlanc Read your free October 11-18 Week Ahead Sign Forecasts at : New! Sign up to my November 2020 5D Report: “A Critical Rite of Passage”:

Libra Super New Moon October 2020

The October 16th New Moon is the closest Super New Moon of the year and falls in the sign of Libra.

Libra is all about balance, fairness, and justice, and these are qualities we are going to have to keep in mind under the intense energies this New Moon brings. As this is a Super New Moon, we are going to feel the lunar energies strongly. Even though the sky will be dark on this night, we will feel the pull of the Moon, drawing us inward and into the deeper depths of our soul.

There is some dense, heated energy surrounding this Libra Super New Moon. It feels a little harsh but also oddly magical. This New Moon may stir some troubles for us or bring some pain points to the surface of our heart. It may make us feel a little heavy or lethargic, and add to the confusion or uncertainty we may already be feeling.

Libra energy can also shine a spotlight on our relationships and reveal to us where things may be out of balance. If you have been giving too much of yourself away, if you have been acting for the sake of others rather than yourself, this New Moon may help you to return to yourself and to realize a new way. The New Moon calls for us to return to ourselves, to step out of shame and blame and to focus on giving back to ourselves.

When we are “full of ourselves” then we can pour into others. If you are dealing with a challenging relationship, this New Moon may bring things to a head. A new strategy may have to be taken, but first, allow the dust to settle.

Don’t feel like you need to have it all figured out in one go, as this New Moon calls for patience, reflection, and inner-work. Creating connection and spending time with friends (even if it’s just online) can also be a soothing way to ease some of the heightened energy circling in the cosmic skies.

New Moons are always a time of new beginnings, and while we may feel this in the air, we may also feel a growing sense of confusion about how to move forward. This confusion is amplified by the fact that both Mars and Mercury are in retrograde at the time of the New Moon. When the world outside us feels confusing and unsure, there are always things we can feel certain about, and those are the things that we should keep in our focus.

Having both these planets in retrograde at the same time is a challenging combination and may make us feel like we are taking steps backward not forward! It can also add to miscommunications so be mindful of this if you need to have an important conversation.

While this feels like a challenging cycle that is opening up for us under this New Moon, know that it is also powerful for spiritual awakenings and intuitive work. If you can open to the energies, you may receive some new spiritual insights and understandings. You may even find that connecting with your spirit guides and angels become easier.

This spiritual awakening energy is also helped by the star Arcturus, which will be very active at the time of this New Moon. Arcturus is a bright start in our solar system that is believed to be home to an advanced alien race known as the Arcturians. Arcturian beings have appeared to me as blue light and carry the most wonderful, heart-centered energy. They are pure and their presence is very healing. The heart-centered energy they carry can remind us to focus on love, to be kind to ourselves and each other, and to practicing the art of forgiveness.

How can you view your troubles through the eyes of love? How can you shift your awareness to a heart-centered place where you can see and feel only love? While living from this state all the time is not always possible in this earthly realm, the light energy that pours down to the planet from the star Arcturus can be our reminder.

Another way we can channel this energy is through creative projects- especially ones that require us to make something with our hands. How can your hands creating something nourishing and soothing for your soul? The October New Moon is a powerful one, so be gentle with yourself and remember, that the darkest nights often lead to the brighter mornings. New Moon Ritual is here

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Judith Kusel ~ October 17, 2020

Intense energy shifts and upgrades are happening.

I find I am buzzing with intense energy and then suddenly fatigue. I

t is working intensely with the cranium and throat area and spinal column.

Our throat center is our power center from which we need to express our deepest and most authentic self.

This one of the most clogged up centers in humanity, as many fear speaking their truth or expressing their authentic true self.

If you are a very sensitive starseed like me, you often cannot find human words to express what you are experiencing within and multi dimensional.

This is because one is naturally telepathic and thus find human speech inadequate.

Starseeds read energy and energy fields easily and thus read other people’s energy and intent quite easily.

If you were persecuted in other lifetimes by speaking your truth, then these energies will dislodge that fear.

The spinal column acts like an antenna, and a cosmic tuning fork and decoder.

Our spinal columns are being intensely upgraded now and thus our higher cosmic communication centers tuned into the higher dimensional frequency bands.

Judith Kusel

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Pars Kutay ~ October 17, 2020

At a Certain Point. . . very Soon. . .

ENERGIES of the Great Central Sun and the Galactic Central Sun Will Burn through ALL obstacles. . . The Net WILL Come Down. . .

and It WILL End. . .


The BEST is yet to COME!

The Victory of the LIGHT!

Believing is Seeing!!!


WE are Moving Away from the Negativity of the old Earth. . .

WE are Letting Go of the Energy of the old Reality. . .

The Universe Will bring the NEW! And it is going to BE a Complete Turnaround. . . BEyond BElief. . .

and WE are ALL Going there NOW!

WE have the POWER to Choose the NEW Energy Frequency of HIGHER States of Consciousness. with Sacred LOVE of ONE

~ ~ Photo: Stunning Rainbow Energies – captured over the Świętokrzyskich Mountains, Poland by Jurek Kot

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Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn

Beloved Souls of Light, we know this has been a difficult year for you and for the Planet.  It has seemed like a year of shock, surprise, conflict and division that is ongoing.  It has left many people stressed, fatigued and confused.  But, we want you to know that this is because the process of Ascension is accelerating and you are moving into higher frequencies at a rapid pace.

Really, Beloveds, you are living through lifetimes of experience in a single year.  `This is because you are completing a major cycle of experience and beginning a new one.

The old cycle was third dimensional, and the new cycle is fifth dimensional.  At this point, these two dimensional time frequencies are existing together, creating a chaos vortex that is necessary to collapse the old matrix and grids and seed new possibilities.

In this fluid “in between” period, it is often difficult to see the process or to know which quantum seeds will germinate and manifest the New Earth that is birthing.  At this time, it is important to always be aware of what is important and to always be aware of what is happening around you and what frequencies are taking your attention.  Strive to stay in the higher frequencies of Peace and Love.  We say this because in the coming months of October and November you will need to be Balanced and Centered and to deal with the powerful energies that will arise in the days of 31st October to 11th November : the Full Moon to the 11/11 Scorpio Gate.

The  Phoenix as Symbol of the 11/11 Gateway

The 11/11 Gateway is a powerful portal that allows you, and the Earth, to adjust your timeline and to create new and higher experiences as you evolve and manifest.  In this 11 day portal period between the Full Moon in October and the 11/11 Portal, the Earth has transitioned from the constellation of Libra to the constellation of Scorpio, relative to the Sun.  The bright star Antares dominates the night sky, and the interstellar frequencies are deep and powerful.

The symbol for Scorpio is the Scorpion,  but less well known symbols are also the Eagle and the Phoenix.  The Scorpion represents the lower or shadow aspects of Scorpio, those of basic instinct and aggression.  You can expect to see many people coming from animal instinct and aggression in this time if they are triggered and unaware.  But, the second symbol, that of the Eagle, represents those who are soul aware and have the Wisdom to see the bigger picture.  Like the Eagle, they can soar above the chaos and act with discernment.

But, Beloved Ones, those of you who are shifting, transforming and ascending with the Earth will follow the Flight of the Phoenix.  This represents the complete transmutation of the old and the past, and the birthing and ongoing manifestation of the New!

The Phoenix was the symbol that the Sirian Star Teachers used to describe the process of Creation out of Chaos, and they called it the “Bennu Bird”.  In their Wisdom Stories, the Bennu Bird would live for a certain time and then would burst into flame and annihilate itself.  But, from the ashes would arise a new Bennu Bird.  This story represented the cyclic processes of life and creation of material reality.

Those of you who are undergoing the “Flight of the Phoenix” will feel as though everything you knew has been taken away.  You may feel confused and sad or angry.  Or, you may feel a deep peace if you allow yourself to move through this process in a place of acceptance and surrender.  You will know that you are following the Laws of Creation and allowing yourself to birth into a New Cycle of Self and of experience.

This will be intense – and it will reach a climax point at the 11/11 Portal on the 11th of November!

The Golden Bridge : Full Moon to 11/11

The period of 11 days after the October Blue Moon/Full Moon will be a Bridge between the old and the new.  Those of you who are “conscious” and “awakened” will seek to cross this bridge with Inner Peace and Tranquility.  Stay Calm and Stay Balanced.

The Bridge opens with the Full Moon on October 31st.  This is the time known as “Halloween” or “All Saints Eve”, or Samhain in the Celtic Festival cycle.  It is also the time of the Dias de Los Muertos” in the Hispanic culture.  It is a time when the veils between the dimensions are very thin, and there is a celebration of our ancestors and those within the Spirit Realms.  This is aligned with a very powerful Blue Moon/Full Moon; the Blue Moon being the second Full Moon in October.

This is the opening of the Golden Multi-dimensional Bridge – and it is a powerful time for Ancestral and deep DNA healing and cleansing of old beliefs and “programs”.  Beloveds, just “Let Go” and release all past fears and stories that are encoded in your Ancestral DNA.  Allow yourself to feel close to the Angelic Families and call on them to assist in your healing and balancing as you prepare to manifest the New Earth.  The Full Moon energy will magnify energies as they come up, so it is so important to remain within your Sacred Heart Temple of Love and to not allow yourself to be triggered into anger and division.

There will be many opportunities to fall into anger and enmity as emotions run high around the elections in the USA.  We ask that you do not get drawn into the energy of division and conflict and duality, for this will ensure that you are pulled down into the old and crumbling third-dimensional reality.  Rather, focus on making your way across the Golden Bridge of Light towards the 11/11 Portal.  The Angelic and Galactic families will support you, and the Antares Council of Light will be sending Light Codes of supportive energy as Earth passes into the energy zone of the Antares system.

The energy will continue to build as you head towards the 11/11 Portal on the 11th November.  The 11/11 Portal itself is a powerful Consciousness Doorway or Time/Space portal that is held by the Antareans and the Pleiadians, and it is also the closest portal to the Galactic Center/Central Sun of the Galaxy. For this reason the Galactic Council also has an interest in the energies of the 11/11 Portal, and you will receive waves of Diamond Light Code transmissions to assist the process.  And the final Power energy of this Portal will be the energy of the Great Mother/Divine Feminine or Shekinah, whose loving presence will be available as Divine Love and Compassion for All.

These powerful energy transmissions will intensify the chaos on the lower dimensions, as the Phoenix takes flight shrouded in Angelic Fire.  But, we ask you, Beloved Ones, to keep your inner eye focussed on the Golden Bridge of Light and move gracefully through the 11/11 Wisdom Portal.

The more intense the chaos, the more intense the Flowering and Birthing of the New as the Bennu Bird/`Phoenix begins to manifest its new form and shape.

We wish you Grace and Love in these powerful Times.

Remember always that you never alone and that you are Loved and Supported.

You need only ask and the Angels are with you!ARCHANGEL MICHAEL

Channeled through Celia Fenn Photo: Phoenix is Risen – captured over Iceland by Hallgrimur P Helgason

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