Energy Update ~ Huge Activation and Integration of Encodements ~ Feb. 22, 2017


By Lisa Brown, 02/21/2017

Yesterday was a huge activation and integration day of encodements relative to each of our individual (and collective) evolution here. Powerful is an understatement. By afternoon, we had gone ultra-sonic, then a half hour later we hit Stellar Frequencies. Needless to say, I too pulled away to allow for what I needed to do as a GateKeeper/Gridkeeper here.

We anchored the mathematical equations for how Realities are constructed here. Much of what we’ve been doing since December has been upgrading Galactic Gaia/Earth’s Crystalline Structure/Template with the new Galactic Grids, continually upgrading her template and ours with new codes for our NEW EXISTENCE here. These Galactic Codes give us access to what was not available before. Integration into our own Crystalline Structure gives us the ability to deliver these codes from within us in everything that we do/are. It takes much “work” on our end to honor the process until complete. Anything inside of us that has to come up, it’s coming up for a cleansing/cellular release. These eclipses are a passageway to move old anything out, resolve it, move through it, see it and re-construct our realities accordingly now.

We are in continual RE-everything. Reassessing, recalculating, re-configuring, re-aligning, re-calibrating, re-structuring realities based upon what is present “right now”. The dynamics of each’s reality is changing dramatically. Each must now decide what truly important and constantly re-focus energy on whatever that is. Realities are very different here than they were on old earth… as sleeping amnesiac humans.

We’ve cleared tons over the last week as we’ve shifted timelines and as we move through this Gateway, we are continually re-aligning now. It’s been intense with our bodies as they release. Some experiencing releasing the old Matrix from their muscles, Plasma activating in their bones, teeth, skulls for expansion, now starting to realize the complexity of this process that wasn’t understandable before. Photonic light druggy/groggy/foggy filling the body to make it so heavy that moving takes every ounce of energy until those immediate veils are removed and the body is brought online at a higher frequency for functioning a little bit, to turn around and start all over again. This is how it works here. Mastering/Maneuvering and having any kind of a life changes when this part of the process occurs. Sleep/wake flipping/merging/blurring for awhile as Lucid Dreamy states move back and forth and multiple dimensions open up, StarGates activate, portals open, then close and a different dimensional reality must be mastered to then move to another one, sometimes many of them simultaneously until all have been mastered from within.

The physical body upgrades dominate our lives for awhile, yet we master that too, because we re-shape our world/reality around what we came here to be/do as multi-dimensionals, not the other way around, as human aspects try to do.

Realities are re-shaped, continually. Realities de-construct and re-construct on a whole new FOUNDATION of purity, love, respect, integrity, kindness, compassion and power… in a whole new way. This is a complete overhaul of everything. We get to participate and shape realities if we are present, fully conscious, fully on-board and participating from within.

The transition from Old Earth to NEW Earth occurs over the separation of time until each works through their own separation inside. Emerging on the OTHER SIDE – FOR GOOD – means your body has completed the processes of becoming a CRYSTALLINE GRIDKEEPER AND STARGATE SYSTEM OF NEW EARTH. The whole physical body has to be re-coded, re-calibrated, re-constructed too. This is an evolution from one species to another. This is a transition from one existence to another. This is all dimensions of existences merged into this one right here. ♥

This is a UNIFIED EXISTENCE where the holographic codes for our NEW EXISTENCE are transmitted from inside our Galactic Earth’s Crystalline Structure and our NEW CRYSTALLINE BODIES through mathematical and geometric codes and sequences. Your body must be cleansed/pure for this to occur. Your old attachments, beliefs, emotions and thoughts cannot come through these StarGates. Your body can’t come through with them…. Our NEW Body templates are encoded with the maps of our NEW GALACTIC CIVILIZATIONS HERE. Your physical body is not what you thought it was. It’s the Sacred Vessel that holds your entire existence in it. What you do dictates your experience here.

Let all of the old go…. come together, work it out, move on. Do whatever you have to do to figure it out, resolve it all, move through it and see what you came here for. Honor your body upgrades and focus when you are able to function. If you waste your energy, if it doesn’t feed your soul, if it doesn’t come from inside of you, you won’t be able to do it…. You will short out, get overwhelmed, deplete and your physical reality will too. You will not be able to tolerate the old, as it will affect you in a whole new way. Your body will shut down, go offline… you cannot suppress your soul anymore. The life force that fuels your body (SOURCE) will not allow you to disconnect anymore…. your body will “suffer” separation and start to die if you don’t listen and move through things…. and open your heart back up. Your life must have purpose or you’ll feel lost….

Your human wants to hide, your soul wants to be open & free. Alone time is necessary for you to clear old suppressed energies and bring more of who you are through …

In one aspect, this is the toughest experience you will go through, transitioning from human to multi-dimensional. You will meet every challenge, see everything you didn’t want to see, have to learn everything all over again. It’s also the most rewarding experience, bringing forth the most gifts and physical abundance because you come from unification from within. Separation kept you from ALL OF THIS. Unification returns you to existences forgotten….. to live the PURE EXISTENCE without all of the heavy stuff anymore….

Be patient, honor you and figure out your priorities. If it’s not worth it to you, then your experiences will reflect this back to you. You have to choose to do the work, inside and out, you have to choose to invest in our “future”. You receive exactly what you put into this. Part commitment keeps you bound to old Earth. This is how it works here. All or none. One foot in each world until you jump… go for it. Finally and fully….

Non-linear realities deliver exactly what we “need” to experience vibrationally…. They show us what we need to see about ourselves, they show us what’s truly important, they show us where we come from, they show us how open we are, how much we contribute, step-up and how ready we are…. They show us how separated/disconnected or how unified/connected we are inside, as love, as higher selves, as Source Creator… They show us where we are still little humans and what is left inside. Experiences are vibrational matches….. ♥

Intensity or simplicity? Energetic existence is intense to our human. Simple to us. Challenging to our human. Understood and honored by us. We LOVE easy…. ♥

I love you. Love yourself fully. It’s the greatest gift you will give to you (and all of us here). ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


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Sheldan Nidle Update ~ Feb. 22, 2017

Sheldon Nidle

2 Manik, 10 Zac, 13 Caban

Dratzo! A slowed but steady pace is now in effect. Processes continue that put security over delivery. Those who represent the old cabal are fighting hard, and producing a series of worrisome protracted delays. It is a strategy that is returning our allies to a more cautious attitude. We are reminded of how well the dark likes complexity. It is the last stand of these dark ones and the last means of further delaying our strategy. Yet part of a new timetable is shortly to meet with success. A number of old items currently require our attention. All of the other pathways are to be reopened. The dark minions are finally to be arrested, their activities revealed and a prosperous reality unveiled. Until then, we need to ask you to be patient. Your grand reward is close to fruition. Those who have been in power for so long are shortly to be vanquished. Although our progress has been slow it is nevertheless succeeding. This corrupt and tyrannical, illegal governance is being squeezed out. A new time is nearly here!

A wondrous scenario is readying a new global financial system. It is something that is truly worth its present and surreptitious nature. Continuing the current operation in such a peculiar way assures its overall success. At present, we are awaiting a number of key steps that still need to be announced. Once these tasks are finished, we are to finally terminate the Federal Reserve Bank. This one major step legitimizes the new gold-backed global monetary system! With this behind us, a series of bold moves can support the distribution of the new Treasury-supported currencies. The new currency alone is to end the present power of fiat monies. We are looking forward to the steps that are to lead to this most welcome and required process. It can then most easily create the conditions for delivery. This in turn permits us to spread a worldwide prosperity. It also permits us to carry out a number of important clauses in last year’s Paris treaty.

There is currently a struggle between the last remnants of the dark minions and those who represent the forces of the Light. This is mainly about your freedom and those who somehow wish to keep this new reality in an odd sense of flux. This struggle exists only because the forces of the Light still doubt its prophesied destiny. When this lingering doubt is at last dispatched, the Light’s triumph is assured. This operation commenced as a sort of “pie in the sky” operation. Its success is something like that of a Hollywood story. In other words, the allies of the Light do not yet own their power. What we wish is that the various elements of the Light acknowledge its amazing power. This surface world can still not believe what has occurred. You are the ones who against all odds produced a truly great win. Use this newly acquired power to accept who you are. Be brave and wise. Let all know that you understand what is occurring across this grand globe!

We now have the beginnings of a new power structure, one that is to create a de jure Republic and out of this new arrangement, NESARA. Be proud so you can bring all of this out. The dark is destined for the dustbin of history. The old realm is actually finished and a new and wondrous understanding of this reality is occurring. It is not easy to let go of the uneasy and fearful past, but inside you is the way to a new world. Let it BE and come together in the ever-spreading brightness of this new Light and Love. The old dark ways are gone. Take this power by the hand and allow it to be. You have dispatched the old tyranny. Be smart about it all. Follow the wise edicts of the Masters. Rise up and be free! You are the ones who have suffered in silence and were afraid to acknowledge your power. Set this aside and act like you won. Be true to this and do those deeds that prove the wondrous extent of your power. It is the time for mass arrests and the formal proclaiming of the NESARA Republic! Rise up and be sovereign, prosperous and free!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! This time is especially relevant for setting up the various blessed elements for the global RV to happen. It is a sacred task for all to come together and use our various visions to ensure that the most fabulous set of beliefs happen. We deeply require events to manifest, to prove the sanctity of our joint efforts. Long ago, we came together and promised each other that our mutual beliefs were indeed real. We now need to prove this to each other. This realm has already shown the power that we jointly possess. Next, we need to continue so the global RV can happen. In this process of hope and joy, we can engender the collective boldness that is to swiftly bring in this divine era. This is thus the correct right time to end all our suppositions and manifest this new sacred reality.

Thus, it is vitally important that we use our positive visions to forge a reality that finally permits many global events to happen. Take time to bring forth joy and thereby allow us all to experience prosperity, sovereignty and other things. Let us together transform this reality. This is a time meant for miracles and visions. The dark has been targeted. It now needs to be eliminated. This world can no longer continue in its current state. Rather, it is the moment for your true liberation. This globe is bracing for a revolt of unprecedented proportions. It cannot be asked by the lame to secure the rewards of the blind. Come together my Children! Demand that those who are defeated act as such. Give out the promises of Heaven. Realize in your heart what you really are and come together to receive this holy blessing.

As previously stated, this is a time for divine action, one that is capable of transforming this surface realm and providing a divine blueprint for the kind of alterations that put tyranny to bed. Gaia understands what is happening and dearly wishes to support a quiet revolution that raises humanity to its potential. Humanity has reached a point where the heinous ways of the cabal are known to all and the cabal is defeated. It is in this Light that Love needs to soar and its victorious postures properly rewarded. This age is about creating the steps just before disclosure and altering Gaia’s mindset forever. Humanity needs to be aware of where it is now and exactly where it is now heading. We bless this and ready you for what is to be your magnificent fate. Ahead of you is a series of events that are to permit you to again live among your spiritual and space families.

Today, we have carried on with our weekly global report. You are on the verge of a new time for humanity, to forge an opportunity to experience what you have long dreamed of and at last be free of the debt that you have inherited. Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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“Golden” – Intel SITREP – 20:00 EST – Monday – February 20, 2017

Received via email at 8:00 PM EST for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

It’s said he who has the gold makes the golden rule. And in sovereign nation universe, this statement has never been more true.

Western civilization has very little gold in relationship to the Eastern world. A fraction actually. An irrelevant fraction to be more precise.

And when the Eastern Elders (gold keepers) decided it was time to reset the global financial system (again), they simply did so in a way that it can never been compromised again, as it has been post Bretton Woods 1944.

This is what we’re witnessing whether you understand all the components and players. This is a transition of power from west to east.

As Eastern gold owners are making not only new financial rules via their enormous gold leverage, but creating an entirely new, moral and expansive reality right before our very eyes.

If you’re in alignment with this new Eastern vision of the world, you’ll benefit exponentially.

If not, you’ll struggle to grasp the scope of his new reality which is quickly and permanently replacing the West’s deteriorating master plan.

With what reality are you aligned? Are you golden? Willing to change? Open to new ideas, technologies and truths?

Hope so. Because the RV is here.

All major banks worldwide are at this very moment scrambling to get their people and final policies in place to process 30 million plus currency redeemers, who all saw the writing on the wall and decided to live by the old golden rules… do no harm, speak truth, live as equals, be one with Source.

Once powerful governmental leaders of North Korea, Israel and Ukraine chose otherwise, and are paying the ultimate price tonight.

Their nations have been financially cut off from the rest of the world pre-RV until said leaders publicly surrender.

Their nation’s will not be participating in new financial system post-RV until they are removed, as the system is set up in such a way that it can freeze out their national economies and banks–meaning no gold backed monies in or out of their countries or banks.

This allows Eastern leaders to start the RV ASAP. General Dunford is just waiting on their go ahead. Trump is a non factor. So is Mnuchin.

In response of the decision to move forward exactly one month after Trump’s faux inauguration, Mossad decided to high lowered dart murder the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations today as well as turn off the water supply to Palestines in the West Bank.

Scorpions sting because they are scorpions. But they shall sting no more as Mossad will be removed with the Netanyahu Administration.

All three nations are rapidly collapsing financially without any future economic prospects for rehydration.

For instance, Israel has no funding to continue funding in their military budget without the US Congress, who has demanded that Netanyahu resign, and if not he’ll be indicted by his own Knesset (like our Congress) in order to collect on their $38 Billion, 10 year military package.

Ukraine has no coal or oil to heat their population come March. And has no incoming Russian pipeline revenue to mount a serious military defense. Their leader Poroshenko must sign the Minsk Agreement which ends his government on the spot. There is no other option for Ukraine to move forward.

North Korea lost their primary income stream this week when China stopped buying their coal. And sadly, they we’re destitute financially to begin with. Meaning, North Korea’s economy is collapsing no matter what, and Kim Jong Un will be removed by special forces–with China and South Korea splitting up that nation’s assets and population responsibilities long term.

This is why General Mattis was recently in South Korea–and made it his first overseas trip.

So this is really, really it kids. The adults have laid down the golden rules for all to follow per the GESARA Treaty (aka 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change).

Expect the final diplomatic shoe to drop and 800 numbers to be made available at anytime now, day or night, because we’re golden.

God is with us.







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Higher Truth Channel

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The Pleiadians ~ You Are Now Ready to Receive as You Have Never Received Before ~ Feb. 20, 2017


By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan, 02/20/2017

As we are forced into new cogs of time via the whims and wishes of others a shift comes to our planetary light structure. We have known for some time that Time itself has been unraveling and is choosing to wrap itself in another direction. Often times the selfish agenda of humans allows them entrance into something that is truly for their betterment.

Like blind mice they search for explanations that can only be felt and never written. As earth is issued more time to do what it could not get to in regular day light hours humanity is feeling stretched like handy wrap. More and more demands are placed on an already frayed world.

Like one who has won millions of dollars everyone comes knocking upon your door asking for handouts and a hand up. Life demands your attention but with only 24 hours per earth day how are you going to spend your very precious time?

The time equations and the linear-ness of your time expressions is about to shift in dimensional context.  What this is means to you is such.  You open up time equations that have been dormant up until now.  These are light filled numeric formulas of expansion. 

Time is a 360 degree equation of change.  It can be approached from above, from below, from in between or from the past and the future.  Your capabilities are far surpassing what your Earthen imagination has taken to be expanded thinking.  You are opening up portals of self, portals of knowing, and portals of expression that you have never dreamt or that has ever been dreamt by anyone on your Earth could be experienced.

Coming in to your true self is a dimensional shift as well.  The true you is not one Being.  It is not one frequency of heightened ascended Light.  It is not one aspect.  The true essence of you is multitudes of experience.  You are a multi-universal expression of unending light.  You look at your 3rd dimensional world and see such limited possibilities.  In the next few years you will be experiencing paramount knowledge. this knowledge in all of its exquisiteness and expansiveness is but a minuscule particle of what is available. 

You are now ready to receive as you have never received before.  The receiving will come in knowledge packets.  The receiving will come in dreams.  The receiving will come in encodings that are released from your DNA.  Every aspect of you, every cell, every hair, every iota is activating into what is known as God encodings.  This is means your hair is becoming a celestial event. 

Your skin is becoming a celestial event. Every aspect of you walks into fullness.  And in that fullness, you will recognize that it is not enough and reach for more.  you stretch yourself to go home, to embrace what you know as God.  the God that you search for is within you and has been within you from the beginning.  You stretch your arms out as a baby that wants its parents.  The  parent holds it already.  The child searches for what it has. 

The more God knows itself; the more God realizes that he/she does not know itself at all.  The Universe expands through you, for you, and to you; it is continually birthing itself into more just for you.  And yet that more is smart enough to realizes it is less, Which draws it into birthing more.   There is not an end to you.  There is not a beginning to you.  Existence just is! 

Each one of you is more than you can ever comprehend.  To find that remembrance within your system would be to explode your system from humanness and to re-emerge as what you were in the beginning.    The space in between the stars, the planets, the black holes, is God calling himself back into beginning which will immediately be formed again. 

Everyday you are challenged by your beliefs and for your beliefs., Everyday you are challenged as you hold tightly and grip what seems to be reality.  You are afraid to know more.  Each time, each minute, each level of information that comes to you, challenges your sanity, challenges your existence.  You each are continually downloaded and upgraded.  Many Truths are for your ears, your heart only.  They may not fit your metaphysical belief system.  We are the Pleiades and we will go at this time.  Honor what comes through your thinking patterns. 


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Stargate Activated ~ Gateways Open for Embodiment ~ Feb. 20, 2017


By Sandra Walter, 02/20/2017

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Our Gateway week is upon us. Gatekeepers opened for the influx on SUNday, and the energies increased immediately. This is a powerful and transitional stargate for HUmanity, which will greatly affect those engaging with Solar Cosmic Christ embodiment. This massive stargate portal from the Great Central Sun is a highly encoded geometric template. The Gateway of this week – beginning on the 222 (February 22) will trigger aspects within the new HUman templates, and launch many of you into a stronger experience of the Cosmic Christ.

In December we received the vision of a timeline division this year, which appeared as DNA splitting the higher and lower realities. The 222 also presented as a turning point – a cosmic click in the combination lock – and our first trigger that would align us, prepare us, for the March Equinox shift. The split appears as DNA because our activated DNA is the key to shifting dimensions on a personal and global level. During this Gateway, your current timeline trajectory will become clear. Embodiers may experience a dramatic blissful state of consciousness as the new HUman crystalline templates activate to a new level.

The massive stargate approaching (it looks like multi-layered geometry burning with sacred fire) has already begun to trigger DNA codes and the new crystalline templates. Engage with your sacred Ascension practices and zero point stillness during this window. Be willing to surrender the old trajectory, thought forms, beliefs, habits completely if you desire embodiment. Breathe through the stronger activations, meditate often, get outside to receive the stronger light emanating through Gaia. Gaia will be adjusting to the approaching stargate as well, however the focus on activating the Solar aspects of the grids allows this to unfold with as much ease and grace as possible. The etheric bands of light are aligned at the equator; another indication that Equinox will provide accelerated shifts in consciousness. Wayshowers, open to receive these frequencies and embodiment experiences in the Now. We anchor this into the HUman Heart grid to create a smoother experience for all.

Starseed Gatekeepers and many Gridworkers carry unique encodements within our DNA which activate at certain stages of the Ascension process. These encodements also trigger the opening of Gateways, portals, and Solar aspects of Gaia. This is why it is so important to follow the intuition when guided to travel to certain areas, or engage in Gridwork. Your DNA aligns with crystal beds, sacred sites, or ancient sites underground where you or your Divine Team have left specific codes to activate during the Shift. Your Solar Heart center becomes the mechanism for serving as a pure conduit, and reactivating those sacred aspects of your DNA in absolute presence during Gatework or Gridwork.

In the state of Divine Neutrality, when calling forth the highest light, highest activations, highest Christed timeline acceleration possible, in the highest interests of the Ascension, you become the pure conduit of Source via the Multidimensional Self. There is a merging of consciousness, and this consistent practice has prepared us for what is about to unfold. For those pursuing a path of Ascension, the intention of pure service and calm, clear resonation through the Solar Cosmic Christ Heart center is key to receiving what has been activated upon this planet. Vibrational match of pure intention.

Solar focus: Your internal Solar Gateway

In order to create the Christed embodiment, our Heart center torus becomes a Solar generator during our Ascension process. This is how we communicate with the SUN, Beloveds. The Solar aspect within connects with DNA stored within the SUN (and the Great Central Sun for Master Gatekeepers), and allows access to the big Galactic project of Ascension. This process is about accessing and embodying our Creator Self. Many of you are experiencing the reunification with much Higher aspects of Self that are deeply involved in the cosmic trajectory of this planet and Solar system. This is a brilliant co-creative process with much higher realms of consciousness, which is why responsible creation is emphasized. The magnetic shifts of these Gateways supports manifestation at the crystalline level; purity, divinity, and laser-focus on creating the New Earth experience for everyone. Anything that sidesteps the Solar Heart center will create disharmony for that creator in this new frequency. That applies to individuals as well as collective creations; the amplification of intent is the revelation prophecy unfolding right now.

Solar aspects being affected by this Gateway include:

– Solar aspects of the HUman Heart: Don’t mistake activation for interference. Open up to the new level.
– Solar temples within and above the planet: Memories of these structures present through Star Family or Guardian levels.
– Solar crystalline aspects in the crystal beds: Program and use your crystals to hold and activate this intention. Get them in the ground, set up grids in your space for this specific Gateway.
– Solar aspects of water: The water elemental is capable of transmitting Solar aspects instantaneously, both in the body and in/on Gaia.
– Solar aspects of the Cosmic Christ: Use your DNA to bilocate these aspects into your body and fields. Reactivate your Master Self; many of you know how to do this and will be activating others via the HUman Heart grids as SUNs of God.

Masters, Unify for this Divine Passage

February 22 -25 activates us for the Solar eclipse trigger. Much is available to us when we unite in service. remember the final piece of this puzzle must be placed together as One. We cannot force the hand of God, however our Unity Meditations and heart-based efforts to co-create the New have called in the stargate which will trigger higher timeline trajectories for the whole population. Let this level of Divine Will flow through you as you work with the girds.  This is a feeling mechanism of the Heart center, and you may feel more Solar as this activates through the HUman Heart grid.  It is time to dismiss the personal and collective darkness from its old role in our Ascension. Focus on Spiritual disclosure, and witness the truth of what is unfolding: The glass was, and is, always full. Shift your feelings about everything to love, forgiveness, gratitude, and celebration of this tremendous undertaking of the Ascension.

Wayshowers hold a huge space for HUmanity to step into. Acceleration occurs by unified intention, co-creation of higher experiences. Participate in the weekly Unity Meditations on SUNday; the eclipse energies will support integration of the embodiment experiences during this week’s Gateway. Let us call forth our higher Ascension experience as one unified force of Source.

In Love, Light and Service,


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Opening Your Pressure Cooker ~ Feb. 20, 2017


Dear Ones,

Perhaps you feel as if you cannot remove your anger shell. For just as you shift to happiness, another event sends you into a tailspin of discomfort and fear.

Such is to be expected during this time. For you are clearing deeply seated fears as are so many – you are not only feeling your anger but also that of others.

As you move deeper into this transition, you have greater abilities to sense the feelings of others. Even though now you likely believe that such is a curse, it is merely an indicator of how far you have come in a short time.

Of course, you are tired of clearing. You want your rewards for a job well-done. It is no longer enough for us to tell you how courageous you are and have been. You are tired of 3D fears. You are tired of seemingly false carrots. You are just tired.

When will you finally feel the joy you have been promised?

You are  discovering more answers to last week’s question of, “Who am I?” But those answers have not necessarily produced joy within you. They merely opened some uncomfortable places that increase or maintain your fears – and therefore, anger.

What are you to do? You cannot return to 3D – that option closed the moment you entered 5D. Just as you cannot unlearn how to read. Yet, the future seems heavy and dreary to most of you given world events and personal concerns.

You have tried many techniques to move through your current fears – only to discover something new that returns you to deep fear. Of course, you could cloister yourself in your home, but even that does not seem to create the joy it once did. It is as if you have no place to run or hide.

So it is you are allowing, maybe even forcing yourself to discover what generated this latest dark hole of fear. Is it your family? Past life memories? Politics related to past fears? Or just a general anger that seems to float about your being without any given attachment.

In the next few days, that fear bubble will burst in ways you cannot yet imagine. For the political, personal, global fears you are now experiencing are coming to a head very rapidly.

Last week we indicated you were letting off steam. The next few days, you will remove the cover of whatever product you envision in your pressure cooker. Meaning you will receive an AHA of understanding how this fear piece directly relates to you – that it is not a global fear felt by all, but instead a unique fear that is yours and yours alone.

Those of you reading these words are most likely experiencing deeply hidden – personal fears, not global fears. Your politicians, family members, and society, as a whole, are working together to help you eradicate the fear you are now exploring.

Unfortunately, your transition continues to feel as if it is one continuous clearing. That you experience joy for a few days only to have that joy removed or disrupted. So it is that you are starting to fear this transition. For what other deep fears must you clear before you experience long-term joy?

We do not know the answer to that question any more than you. For you have transitioned so rapidly and so far beyond expectations that we are no longer privy to the master plan. But we do know that you will never destroy yourselves by delving too deeply into fears you feel necessary to eradicate each time you move deeper into new you.

Which brings up your anger pertaining to rewards for a job well done. Your life seems little different from when you started this transition. And for some of you, even less secure than was true before you started. Where is your joy?

En masse you requested this latest energy burst to expose the fear you are eradicating. You have all now requested a rest, a period of peace if you will. So it is that once you remove the lid of your pressure cooker, everything will seem to fall into place easily and effortlessly.

This latest round of clearing does not make you a better person, but instead a deeper person. Someone who is able to explore greater depths of 5D and beyond.

One piece of that 5D depth and beyond is ease of creation. So it is that some of you will discover others who wish to create new social realms with you. Others of you will wish to create more personal items or a combination thereof. For the social realms include scientific discoveries, new modes of social interaction, healing, governance, education, etc. And the personal realms include everything from a new home to new or more concrete relationships.

You have never been limited to what you could create while of earth. But eons of conditioning rendered your creation skills to a few after a great deal of work. So it is, that you forerunners are finally clearing that conditioning piece. And when you decide to open your pressure cooker to explore your finished product, you will express the same amazement about your skills as we do continuously.

You are in the midst of your fear feelings so you cannot understand how we can be so joyous in describing your new you evolution for you feel as if you have taken twenty steps back.  Instead, you have just created a new product, a more 5D competent you through this pressure cooker of fear. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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