Cobra Interview by International Golden Age Group ~ Jan. 20, 2017


I just found this new Cobra interview on the Prepare to Change website ( and this has the usual tidbits of interesting information that we can all use as we prepare for The Event. Thank goodness that is not too far off! Bring it on!

So…please read this for yourself, mine out the nuggets of information you find useful, and…


Hi Cobra,
We are very happy and excited to interview you on behave of our team members. It’s our first time to make this interview with you and we hope we can interview you regularly. Before starting interview, I would like to briefly introduce ourselves. Our group name is “International Golden Age Group” and definitely we are Prepare for Change Group, also Liberation Group for all Chinese in the whole world. We have over 3000 lightworkers’ members in over 10 countries now. And we have many platforms and resources to provide message and healing to any Chinese Lightworkers in any countries free of charge. The following is our website:
Now let’s start the interview.

Situation Update

Patrick : It has been almost seven months since we began to bury cintamani stones worldwide. I wonder if this cintamani grid of Light is now strong enough to withstand the energy of Event Flash.

Cobra : The energy grid of Cintamani stones is getting stronger and stronger,  and when the Event flash happens of course it will be strong enough, but what is even more important is that this grid is now assisting in dissolving the Yaldabaoth entity, and this is one of the reasons why it needs to be stronger and stronger because the stronger this grid is, the more it helps in final dissolution of all plasma anomaly, so this is one of the more important project that we have right now, to assist in acceleration of the Event and to assist in stabilizing the process until then.

P : In order to dissolve the plasma octopus, how many cintamani stones do we have to bury worldwide until those angelic beings reach their critical mass?

C : I would not speak about the numbers for various reasons, some of them are pretty obvious, but I would say that those who feel guided can keep planting the stones according to their own inner guidance, and that is the perfect approach to this particular situation.
P : Project Asgardia launched last October as the first public breakaway civilization. As many people are still unfamiliar with this term, I wonder how Resistance Movement defines breakaway civilization.

C : Breakaway civilization is every group that breaks away from the surface population, and doesn’t mean anything about the purpose of that particular group, but I would say that breakaway group is any group that would choose to branch away from the surface.

Untwine : You said about plasma that it is never dead matter but instead it holds consciousness, and in your last update you talked about some plasma anomaly that is still present outside of this solar system. Is this plasma anomaly hosting any type of being ?

C : There is always life presence in the plasma, and I would put it this way, the whole galaxy is a living being, and I would just say one arm of that living being is to a certain degree still damaged by the primary anomaly, and especially by the galactic wars in that particular place for a very long time, especially in the Orion arm in this branch of the Galactic body, so this is still in the healing process, there is still healing process taking place in this particular part of the galaxy.

U :  Ok, but it’s part of the pleroma consciousness, it’s not a separate consciousness like yaldabaoth ?

C : It’s not like yaldabaoth no.

U : in your last update you mentioned how the cabal is trying to use Trump to create some wars and divisions in the Eastern alliance, is Putin aware of this, of Trump being used as a puppet ?

C : Putin is of course aware of the situation

U : Ok so he’s trying to stir it to a better direction ?

C : He has his advisers and he knows what to do

U : Ok. Can you say what caused the equator to change from the previous Atlantean position to the position where it is now ?

C : The Galactic pulse 75000 years ago

PFC development

Patrick : What should my leadership group do before the Event so that it can become capable of running a legal entity with more than 10,000 lightworkers ?

Cobra : Ok it’s not the purpose of Prepare for Change to become legal entity, it’s the purpose of those groups to be anchors of the energy of the Event and to keep people prepared. So what is most important at this point is for those groups who are already formed, to get to the next level of inner harmony and coherence, and to start doing whatever they can, number one to spread information, and number two to physically meet, do meditations, do energy work, and to prepare for the Event.

P : What should my new technology group do before the Event under the condition that we have very limited access to advanced technologies?

C : Ok at this point there are some technologies which are already out there, and you know some of them, and those technologies can assist to a great degree before other technologies can be released.

P : More than 20,000 Chinese people have subscribed our Wechat group. Also, there are thousands of people following our Facebook page. Yet, it is estimated that we only got less than 4000 people to join our ascension meditation. When it comes to petitions, we have to work very, very hard in order to get enough signs. Here is my question to Resistance Movement : how did they spread the idea of revolution under a very hostile Orwellian environment and then transform it into action?

C : Ok, the tendency of the people is just to observe and it’s easy for them to join a chat, but it’s not easy for them to do anything more productive. So it is expected that at the moment of the Event and after the Event, people will be more willing to participate in something when they see that something interesting is going on. Until then we will just keep working with people that we have, we will be doing our meditation and our energy work, as much as possible with people that we have.

P : You once said to me that new finance group can manifest abundance before the Event. I really want to know what it can do to help our members achieve financial freedom before the Event. 

C : Actually I was speaking a lot about this in Taiwan conference, if you go to the notes I have explained the whole manifestation process, I have explained how to manifest abundance in your lives, within the group and how to spread it around, and you can just go to those notes I have answered this question with many hours of talking, so you can just go to that and you can get this understanding and spread it in your groups.

P : Now that we have a sisterhood of Rose to channel Divine Female energy, should we form a male counterpart, a brotherhood to channel Divine Male energy ?

C : If you feel so guided yes of course you can.

Jedi : Our group, International Golden Age Group, also Prepare for Change Group , held many physical seminars to the public last year. Our participants had very good feedbacks on those sessions led by our Sisterhood of Rose. Should we increase the activities of Sisterhood of Rose within our Event Support Group ?

C : Yes you can

Post Event tasks

P : As the final Breakthrough is getting closer and closer, I think it’s very important for PFC groups worldwide to work on private contact zones in their living areas. Would you like to introduce private contact zone to our audience and some technical know-how of such area ?

C : Ok the basic idea is that those who have private property of 30 by 30 meters, or 30 by 30 yards, if they feel so guided, to give permission for the Pleiadians to land on those properties after the Event, and if they agree to this, the Pleiadians will begin to land on those properties after the Event at a certain point, to prepare humanity for the First Contact.

P : How should people establish their private contact zones in countries which do not recognize private property ?

C : In those countries simply they can dedicate and make the same decisions as in other countries, because after the Event all this will be restructured, and if they give permission for that property even though they are not legal owners at this moment, that can change after the Event

P : As it is almost impossible for all PFC groups to heal 7 billion people with their short-handed healing groups, I really want to know how light forces would execute their mass healing program.

C : After the Event many healers will join the task even though they are not active in this right now, and there will be also a lot of guidance from the Light forces that will introduce new and effective healing techniques, and still there will be a lot of stress on those who are healing others because there will be a lot of demand for healing.

P : What kind of techniques can we imagine for this moment ?

C : There will be first a lot of advanced spiritual healing techniques and of course there will be also new advanced technologies introduced after the Event that will effectively heal physical disease.

P : Compared to our new technology group, there are already many hi-tech companies or government institutions more capable of introducing advanced technologies to our post-Event society. I wonder if there is any indispensable role for our new technology group to play in the transformation of human society.

C : Yes of course, new technology groups of Prepare for Change will have a big role in this, especially after the Event.

P : Can you give some examples of their role ?

C : They will assist in distributing of those technologies, development of those technologies, and will do whatever they can to make those technologies accessible to human population.

Jedi : How would Jesus, Buddha and other ascended beings present themselves on the surface of the Earth after the Event, especially after the First Contact ?

C : They will not present themselves at the moment of the Event, they will present themselves at a certain moment after the first contact, when the consciousness of humanity is high enough to accept those beings as they are, and not how they imagine them to be in this moment. So there will be a great deal of deprogramming taking place before that happens, and humanity will be able to understand and experience their energy directly when the time is right, and that will be quite some time after the Event and a little bit after the First Contact.

P : Some tribes living deep inside Amazon Rainforest are still very primitive in terms of civilization. I want to know what will happen to them by the time when most of surface population begins to prepare for First Contact and the following ascension project. 

C : Actually it will be easier for them because they have been programmed less, it will be easy for them to accept contact with extra-terrestrial races because in their mythology they know about this already, and it will not be so difficult for them to adapt as most people think. 

Proposal to accelerate Planetary Liberation

P : I learned that energy can go beyond space and time. So, I think we can use our intent to go back to Planet X of December,1999 ; harness its energy pattern and anchor its frequency of Planetary Liberation to Planet Earth of 2017. Do you think it is a good idea?

C : You can do that if you feel so guided but the situation on this planet is not exactly the same as it was there so this can help to a certain degree and if you feel so guided you can do that, of course all this helps, but this by itself will not be enough, because situation here is much much different than it was on Planet X in 1999

P : Some of our members are initiated as level 2 Serapis Bey. Since the ray Serapis Bey helps people or things have better connection with angels, can we improve the cintamani grid of Light by sending such ray to it ?

C : It would not actually improve the Cintamani grid, it would bring additional healing to the veil structure, so no matter if you put those healing energies into the grid or on Cintamani stones or anywhere else, it will improve the situation.

P : You said that the collective consciousness of surface population is deeply programed so that people would prepare for the Event in the slowest way. How can we directly deprogram such state of mind and even transform it into immediate mass awakening ?

C : Ok, do not try to deprogram or awaken a certain particular person, what you can do is just spread information, you spread intel you spread Light, and those who are ready will awaken to that particular level, and this is the basic protocol for all awakening on the planet. And I will simply say here that the state of awakening on the planet is not a concern for the Light forces, because when they will remove the veil, humanity is basically ready for the Event right at this moment so it’s not a problem, the main problem is the veil, the toplet bombs, the plasma anomaly, all those things and when they are removed or healed, the Event will simply happen.

P : Oh so we are basically prepared right now

C : I would say the minimum requirements are met according to surface population.

P : In addition to Syrian Pentagram, should we work on the pentagram of Nazi concentration camps in Europe?  

C : That’s a very good idea.

P : Please name five strategically critical places on the surface of Earth which would require immediate and constant energetic healing.

C : The first one of course is the Syria and Iraq area, the second one is Congo area, the third one at this moment is Mexico and certain countries in South America, the fourth one I would agree would be the european pentagram from WW2. I think those four locations are the primary priorities still at this moment.

Jedi : Which one is a better tool for the surface population to accelerate the removal of plasmatic toplet bombs, rainbow vortex or violet flame or others ?

C : Actually both of them are quite effective, and combination of both is actually a good idea, one and the other.

J : Japanese team and Chinese team do Ascension Meditation every night at the same time. And there are over 500 lightworkers who join meditation. We feel the power is quite strong. Would you suggest people living in three consecutive time zones do ascension meditation together every day at the same time in addition to our weekly ascension meditation ?

C : You can do this in addition to the regular weekly meditation if you feel so guided.


P : According to Drunvalo Melchizedeck, the Martians severed their own female aspects and separated themselves from the Source after accepting the Lucifer experiment. I wonder if Martians were tricked by the Archons and then accepted their implant process.

C : Ok basically I do not agree with many ideas that were released about Mars, the history of Mars is a little bit more complex than people portray, there was a mixture of races living there, some of them on the surface, some of them below the surface, mostly below the surface, so I can not answer your question in a simple way.

P : Why did Humanity as a whole invite the dark forces on this planet back in Atlantis?

C : It is for various reasons, number one they didn’t understand what would be the consequences, and number two their own, I would call it imperfections in personality structure that invited the anomaly, and number three, the presence of the anomaly itself, so it was not easy to avoid that situation.

P : Back in 2012, you said Isis got her crown back. I want to know what it means.

C : It’s a symbolic code for the empowerment of the Goddess on the surface of this planet especially, and in the solar system because the Goddess presence has been suppressed and so symbolically, Goddess Isis gets her crown back, it means that the Goddess presence will be empowered back again, and true real feminine principle will begin to flow freely energetically and physically through the surface of the planet.

P : How did St. Germain manage his wealth and accumulate his fortune when he was in France ?

C : There are many aspects to this, one of them is that he was very well versed in principles of manifestation, and with his understanding he was following those principles, and anybody who has the same understanding of those principles of manifestation can acquire wealth in the same manner, and number two he was quite versed in alchemy, he was using his understanding of alchemy and principles of manifestation to manifest his wealth.

P : So he didn’t get a job, he just manifested his wealth ?

C : He did not get a job. He was just following his understanding of manifestation process and by doing that he managed to acquire his wealth.

P : During Battle of Dunkirk, Hitler gave a halt order to the German army on 24 May. This halt order is considered as one of the great turning points of the war. I wonder if it was the intervention by the Sisterhood of Rose that eventually saved 340,000 lives. Or, it was the idea of Hitler’s puppet master to prolong WW2?  

C : Actually there were many things in play in that situation, one of them was actually influence by the Sisterhood of the Rose,  but there was also a lot of, I would say backward deals, one of those deals was saving the lives of top nazi individuals in exchange for surrender so this was a very complex situation but yes Sisterhood of the Rose was involved.

Jedi : We know that Nazi did have weaponized flying saucers, but why would Germany eventually lose WW2 ? 

C : WW2 was a proxy war between the reptilians and the Galactic Confederation basically. And the technology that the German war machine had was reptilian and draco technology, and of course the Galactic Confederation has better war technology, and at a certain point nazis simply began to understand that they will lose the war one way or the other, and they negotiated their surrender in exchange for free tickets to USA through operation paperclip, or to Argentina or Antarctica, and basically the same group is now trying to negotiate their free passage to Argentina and Antarctica, it’s actually a very similar situation right now.

Cosmic Knowledge

J : Do all galaxies orbit around Cosmic Central Sun?

C : It’s not a physical orbiting around a certain location, it is more of an energetic connection, with, I would say, Energy Source

J : What is the purpose of Cosmic Central Sun ?  

C : To transmit energies from the Source into the Universe

J : Does the Central Race around Cosmic Central Sun reach the highest level of evolution among all central races ?

C : In a way yes, I would say there is a tendency for those beings to be more evolved than in other galaxies but it’s not a strict rule that they are more evolved than other central races.

J : What dimension does Cosmic Central Race currently exist in ?

C : As I said, there are people with various levels of evolvement in that central race.

J : Is Cosmic Central Race the mentor of other central races in the universe ?     

C : In a way yes.
J : Does Cosmic Central Race currently assist planetary liberation ?

C : It is not the highest purpose to answer this question.

J : Is our star families, like Pleaideians and Sirians immortal ? Or they will die eventually even though they have very advanced technology ?

C : Sirians and Pleiadians have a certain particular life span of their physical body, but that is not a problem because they can always materialize or engineer or whatever they do, they can always arrange a new physical body whenever they need, it is not an issue in any way for them. They are not subjected to incarnation process as we have it now here.

J : Is there any carnivorous animal inhabiting within Pleiades and Sirius ?

C : Not in those solar systems no.

J : Ok, so the animals there all eat vegetables ?

C : Yes, yes.

J : Is Primary Anomaly simply energy with very low vibrational frequency or a sentient being ?

C : It is not easy to describe, it is not a sentient being in the way that you would understand it, it is not just some energy, it is a principle, it’s a force field which does not have any higher purpose and it exists simply without any purpose. It is the opposite polarity of purpose.

P : What is the exact relationship between chimera group and archons?  

C : Basically chimera group is the one who are issuing commands to the archons, the chimera group is the top of the food chain of the other side.

P : As every moment is present in high dimensions, is it true that high dimensional beings have no concept of space and time ?

C : I would not agree with the first statement, and also not with the second one.

P : How do they perceive Space and Time?

C : They perceive space and time as a flow which comes in the same way we do, but a little bit multidimensionally.


P : What is the difference between esoteric and occult ?

C : Esoteric means that which is not exoteric, it is inner not outer, it means all that is not connected directly with the physical plane. Occult means that which has techniques or ways to deal with those energies in a more concrete way, occult by itself is not positive or negative, it is just an approach to deal with energies, to direct energies, to work with energies one way or the other. And esoteric is more inner connection with the energies, not so much outer manipulation or direction of energies.

P : Did Jesus go to Tibet to study Buddhism when he was young ? Or He actually worked on his spiritual training at Egyptian mystery school with Mary from age of 12 to 31 years old ?

C : Actually yes he was trained in Egypt in mystery school that is absolutely correct, and yes he also travelled to, not exactly Tibet but to area between Ladakh and Kashmir

P : What was the purpose of his travels ?

C : He was continuing his mission

P : What does Christ Consciousness mean ?

C : Christ Consciousness is actually a term that describes Unconditional Love

P : Can people gain any specific spiritual advancement by keeping dogs or cats as their pets ?

C : Connection with animals can of course open the heart and bring more Love in the life of anybody.

P : What is the origin of Dowsing ?

C : Dowsing is one form of detecting energy flow, and is actually a very limited fragment of the old understanding of Atlantis about determining and detecting energy flow.

P : Where are the home planet of Xi WangMu and Jade Emperor?

C : Actually Jade Emperor had some time in the central civilization, and he also spent some time in various star systems in the big dipper constellation, and it is very much the same with Xi WangMu, she also spent a lot of time in Thuban, which is the main star in the Draco constellation, where she was experiencing a lot of her own spiritual growth, and then she later came to this planet to assist in the development of the Chinese civilization.

J : Is Seth Material reliable? Who is this entity Seth?

C : As with all channeled materials I would say it is reliable to a certain degree. And you need to use your own inner guidance with any channeled material.

J : Is it true that Dalai Lama can recognize his next incarnation ? If yes, how can he incarnate 14 times without losing his past life memories ?

C : Actually he can sometimes recognize, because there are certain protocols, but his memory is not uninterrupted completely there was a lot of manipulation with this in the past, so to a certain degree this is correct but not completely.

J : What is Laozu’s mission as a ascended being when he lived in China ?

C : His mission was to give a lot of wisdom to the Chinese population

J : Is Quan Yin his twin soul?

C : It is not his twin soul but one of his soul mate from his soul family.

J : Is Anubis in Egyptian mythology an ascended being ?

C : At this moment yes.

J : And how to connect with him ?

C : As with any other being of Light, there are many techniques, many approaches, there is no difference.

J : What is his role regarding to human souls ?

C : He is assisting for those who are making transition from the physical plane to the non-physical planes.

J : Buddhism puts much emphasis on the concept of incarnation. It also advocates the idea that human beings would incarnate as animals if they commit immoral behaviors before they pass away. Is this part of teaching a negative mind programming ?

C : Actually Buddhism is a mixture of understanding and mind programming, so the part of reincarnation is correct, actually this is what is happening, but a being can never regress back to animal kingdom if he was inside the human kingdom, what could happen is if a certain being went too far in negativity, he can be taken to the Central Sun, re-processed and then go through the whole cycle of evolution again, and of course that includes the animal evolution at a certain point.

J : What is Buddha-nature ?

C : It is the state of enlightenment.

J : When someone’s physical body is deceased, and then he goes to live in astral plane, will his plasma body and etheric body die or disappear or transform ?

C : First, the person who leaves the physical plane goes through a plasma tunnel, and if he succeeds passing through the plasma tunnel, the plasma body gets dissolved, and then he enters the etheric plane, and after a particular time, if he dissolved the etheric body he enters the astral plane.

J : Some cintamani stones are transparent, but others are opaque. What is the function for these two kinds of stone ?

C : Basically the transparent stones are focused more on bringing higher energies and little bit more refined, the opaque stones are better for grounding those particular energies.

J : How to develop our telepathy in order to have better communication with our star family and ascended beings after event ?

C : After the Event, there will be a lot of energy support from the Galactic Central Sun, and it will be much easier then to develop these telepathic abilities, and the Light forces will give guidance and instructions how to develop that and of course it will take some dedicated time and practice for those to be awakened, it will not just happen by itself. People will still need to dedicate quite much time and effort to develop those, but it will be much easier than it is now.

J : Will human keep his or her individual consciousness after he/she ascend back to the Source ?

C : Actually individual consciousness will be expanded to encompass the whole.

J : Is soul destructible or absorbable ?

C : It is possible to destroy a soul if you put it into the Galactic Central Sun, that’s an exceptional situation but basically the soul is eternal. Of course the soul at a certain moment gets dissolved when a certain being goes beyond the soul level, but that is also a very unique and special situation.

J : Have dark forces invented any kind of technology to manipulate or destroy soul ?

C : No, it is not possible for them to do anything like this. They have of course damaged the soul and they have done this with nuclear explosions already, but this is about it.


J : If etheric archons can choose our parents and family conditions, why they would let some lightworkers have relatively better biological parents and better family conditions instead of throwing all starseeds into the worst families or countries on Planet Earth ?

C : Basically the archons can not control every incarnation and every situation 100%, of course the Light forces have some say in this, and sometimes the Light forces manage to arrange a better incarnation for certain people.

J : Do our star families join our weekly ascension meditation and also Goddess vortex?

C : Yes of course they do on their own level yes.

J : If yes, why we have not reached the critical mass yet ?

C : It is because of the free will of humanity that does not cooperate enough.

J : Why people can occasionally see the future in their dreams ?

C : People can see the future for certain specific particular events that have already been determined that they will happen. And then the Light forces inform people in their dreams, or their soul inform them in the dream, that something is about to happen.

J : It is said that Kola Superdeep Borehole was closed because people heard some terrifying screams and even saw monsters popping up from the borehole. Do you have insight about those mysteries ?

C : Actually what was happening is there were reptilian living there underneath, and those things were happening before, people got kidnapped and some of them were controlled by those reptilian underground.

J : Why people can get levitation or other super physical strengths after getting hypnotized ?

C : I would need to see a confirm case of this, because there are many rumors of things happening which under close investigations always turn not to be correct.

J : Is there any world below solid third dimension, like 1 or 2 dimension ?

C : No

J : What is the difference between planetary grid of Light and leyline ?

C : A leyline is one particular line in the planetary grid.

J : So a leyline is actually in the ground or above the ground ?

C : It is actually an energy line that streams through the surface, and extends a little bit below and a little bit above the surface.

P : What is the relationship between Tunnel of Set and Set the Egyptian deity?

C : Tunnels of Set were named after Set by certain occultists because tunnels of Set were used by negative entities to travel through the wormholes in plasma. And Set was known as one of the main entities for the dark forces.

P : Can you describe the principle of photoradionic drive mentioned in your pleaidian interview ?

C : Ok what it basically does, usually it utilizes the principle of energy transition and transmission between the etheric and physical planes, so the energy itself for this drive comes from energy transmission from the etheric and physical planes, it is not entirely a physical phenomenon. And that’s why it appears to contradict some ideas of the mainstream science.

P : So in a way the energy uploads itself to the etheric plane and then manifest itself back to the physical plane ?

C : No there is a flow of energy between the physical plasma and etheric, in the way this drive is structured.

P : Can you describe the working principle of antigravity vehicle ?

C : Basically the underlying principle is the same, I would say most of those advanced technologies are based on energy transmission between the physical and etheric through plasma, and the plasma is actually the medium or I would say the stargate through which the energy flow operates.

P : Is Ophiuchus really the 13th zodiac sign?

C : This is one possible way of interpretation, this is just one possible way how to divide or set the zodiac, but not the only one.

P : We have discovered that some people tend to get even more scalar wave attacks after wearing cintamani stones. I wonder how we can resolve this situation.

C : Ok I would say that everybody who is working for the Light, that is doing their mission, can get more scalar attacks because we are in the middle of a war, and it is simply an indication that you need to spend more effort in protecting yourself.

P : Very good, thank you Cobra, so at the end of this interview do you want to say something to our audience ?

C : Yes I would say that there are some interesting developments lately that are bringing us much closer to our final goal, and it is very important for everybody to be alert, not to do things by default, be awake, be alert, and do our mission because every deed every action counts, now especially.

Thank you, Cobra for your amazing interview. Thanks for Untwine’s help to transcribe Cobra’s interview into text. Thanks for Patrick and Jedi’s efforts to make this interview possible. For more information about earth liberation, please subscribe Cobra’s blog: If you can read Chinese, you can go to : You will find many truths and fantastic information on this website.
Victory of the Light

International Golden Age Group

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The Elders ~ The Year of Wisdom, Teachings of the Eye of Horus ~ Jan. 20, 2017

By Anrita Melchizedek, Jan 2017

Welcome sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this sacred month of January as you enter into this new nine year cycle, and deeper into your Christed Hearts and the pathway of Divine Love.

Sweet ones, where you are now, at this time of new beginnings, is within a deepening flow of creative inspirations, focus, and abounding synchronicities activated through the Unity Grid of Divine Love, to bring about your heart’s dreaming and the changes you wish to co-create within your own lives upon this sacred earth.

Through the many planetary activities of Light in 2016, the diamond light rays of creation, bringing deeper levels of your purity, innocence and divinity, and the third wave of photonic light frequencies activated in early September, you entered into the third wave of the I Am Avatar Consciousness. The first wave in December/January, followed by the second wave in April/May, brought about increased levels of Cosmic Consciousness awareness and interconnectivity, while clearing the remnants of misaligned energies. And through the third wave, you deepened into the quantum starlight streaming of your multidimensional selves and the New Earth geometries as well as deeper into alignment with Source through the petals of your Christed Heart, with a renewed sense of your magnificence and Light and expression of your Soul’s note as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.

This level of Christ Consciousness, called the fourth level of Christ Consciousness, is depicted through a sphere that comes in approximately 12 feet in diameter around you, and is Overlighted by the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light, who greatly assisted in 2016 in a rebalancing of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies, and in particular, the archetypal blueprint of the Divine Masculine archetype, and the merging of the Andromedan and Milky Way Galaxies into what is called the Golden Rose Galaxy. At this dimensional level, there is a focus on the sacred geometry of the icosahedron, brought about through the sixteenth ray of Inter-Galactic Christ Consciousness, a beautiful golden-white Flame of Light taking you deeper into expansion and integration. While these geometries may seem less important to your experience of the collective energies of Christ Consciousness sweet ones, what is occurring now is a renewed activation of the sacred geometries, numerologies and fractal geometries through the New Earth Templates which allows for a deep flow of surrender and trust, in the knowing that the highest outcome will always prevail, no matter the situation from an outward perspective. Within the Unity Grid of Divine Love, this matrix of Light that weaves through you, within you and around you and this sacred earth, are the energetic cords that connect you at a Soul level, not only into the experience of the planetary energies, the 144 Unity Grid of Divine Love, but also to those souls you will meet along the path of Divine Love. So each experience that now unfolds as you touch the hearts of others, will bring greater levels of wisdom, illumination and insight to you personally as well as to all life on this sacred earth.

Many of you may have noticed in the last two to three months the significance of the numbers repeating in the Christ Consciousness frequencies of 11 as well as the dimensional frequency units, such as 11:11, 11:22, 12:12, 22:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 and so on. These frequencies, numerologically and geometrically have now taken you into the next level of your Soul’s Forward Evolution and for many of you, 2016 was the laying of these foundations, as you now deepen into your leadership roles as sacred custodians and wayshowers on this sacred earth. You may have changed jobs, locations, friends, or let go of many relationships that no longer serve you.

And now, in this sacred year of 2017, you enter into the Year of Wisdom or the Year of Initiations of Light Overlighted by Lord Melchizedek and the Order of Melchizedek. This eighth dimensional frequency matrix brings with it a knowing of your challenges as initiations of Light, but what changes sweet ones, are the energy frequencies or patterns being experienced in this Now. The moments of stress and “lack of” start to dissolve into the knowing that there is only Love and the surrender to All That Is takes you deeper into the re-union of hearts with Soul and Star Family and fellow initiates of Light. Everything that unfolds from the Christed Heart serves a purpose sweet ones, part of the Divine Plan; and the energetic cords that connect you to others deepen into the synchronicities that see you taking your service work to the next level in divinely inspired creations of Light, without hesitation, without fear, and without doubt. All is divinely perfect within the seemingly imperfection and this symphony of divinely orchestrated events is further experienced now through the spheres of Metatron’s Cube.

These 13 spheres of Light enfold you within a diamond sphere 54 feet in diameter around you, and as the geometries of the platonic solids activate, you further experience the nine dimensions of creation taking you into the Cosmic Heart of God, the Light Body/Merkaba activation, the rays of creation, the Flower of Life and now, the Fruit of Life. And within this too, the Tree of Life.

Part of the gifts of these Light frequencies sweet ones, is the ability to draw upon many of the tools offered by the Company of Heaven, these ascension keys to self-mastery. And recently, we invited you through a telewebinar transmission to experience what was called the Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light. The Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light, is a beautiful 12-pointed star with two infinity symbols embedded upon the star, one horizontal and one vertical. The Shield of Light initially activates through your chakras and the Overlighting of Lord Michael, Lord Melchizedek, and Lord Metatron. Once fully actualized, it forms a spherical shield 54 feet in diameter around you, surrounding the diamond sphere, the Golden Fruit of Life and Metatron’s cube, and with this, taking you deeper into alignment with the Divine Blueprints of Creation, your perfect blueprint.

The Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light brings with it the atomic seeds of God Consciousness, the bio-energetic matrix circuitry of the Crystalline Life-Code Seed Atoms, whilst simultaneously mapping through the chakras, nadis and meridians your etheric, electronic Body of Light, your I Am Avatar Body of Light, and the knowing, sweet ones, of the higher Heart teachings of Golden Ages of Light.

You may think of this Shield of Light sweet ones as an amplification of the three-fold Flame of Power, Love and Wisdom, which takes you deeper into the energetic matrix of the New Earth Templates, and brings to you the ability to magnetize what you may be needing in any given Now moment.

Lord Michael brings through the Power aspects of this Shield of Light, deeper into the individual expression of sovereignty, truth, protection and the Divine Will aspects of Creation. Lord Metatron brings in the Love aspects through the geometries of creation, as well as energetic rewiring and re-patterning of the physical body, and energy bodies. And Lord Melchizedek, the Wisdom aspects of the Higher Heart teachings through the Left and Right Eye of Horus. And for those of you sweet ones, that have been activating this Shield of Light, you may have noticed changes in the physical diet or exercise routine, a release of stress or old energies, as well as a renewed sense of inspiration or focus on your heart’s dreaming in a new flow of grace and ease.

We also let you know sweet ones that those that assisted in this initial activation of the Trinity Lords Shield of Light drew upon the sacred geometries of the New Earth Templates to bring about the fourth level of Christ Consciousness. For you see, this fourth level of Christ Consciousness vibrates to an imperfect phi-ratio (a 16 x 20 phi-ratio) and in experience of Metatron’s Cube amplified through this Shield, the holographic imprintings of the spheres within spheres, geometries within geometries amplified into a new cohesion quantum field of perfect symmetry, and brought into being the perfect Divine Blueprint for this fourth level of Christ Consciousness.

The Trinity Lords Shield of Light appears initially as a disc of Light. It anchors through the Soul Star Chakra approximately 15 centimeters above the crown chakra, and then through all the chakras, and into the Earth Star Chakra, anchoring the Crystalline Life-Code Seed Atoms, as well as rejuvenating and regenerating body parts and organs in the creation of the bio-energetic matrix circuitry of your I Am Avatar Bodies of Light and related geometries of Solar Crystalline Consciousness. The I Am Avatar Body, or Light Body sweet ones, holds the perfect Blueprint of Creation, the perfect Divine Human Body of Light. This Shield of Light then moves from the base chakra to the crown chakra and then back to the Soul Star Chakra, clearing out old frequencies and aligning you in the New Earth Geometries and Templates of Light.

Additionally sweet ones, there is a harmony that allows the energies of creation to align at this time, not only through this numerological sequence of 1:1 or 1:1:1 but additionally, starting January 7th and going through to February 6th, 2017, all of the major planets will be moving forward. The entire Solar System, now flows in the same direction, all traveling towards this one direction, deepening the dance of Divine Love, the flow of your collective co-creations and Divine inspirations in trust and surrender; without the need to know where you will be next, you experience the intuitive connection to your Beloved I Am Presence and the Company of Heaven in a way that is exciting, new, different and full of Golden opportunities. These celestial vibrations of the collective frequencies of Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness bring a focus to your highest priorities, sweet ones, and allow these magical manifestations to unfold through wisdom, illumination, insight and understanding.

In this transmission with you sweet ones, we anchor the Shield of Light through the chakras, as we have mentioned, starting with a focus on the diamond sphere of Light 54 feet in diameter around you, the Fruit of Life and Metatron’s cube.


Just get yourselves comfortably relaxed now, breathing deep into the body as you move into this beautiful transmission of Light. Bring your focus initially simply to your breath, expanding the lower abdomen as you breath in and contracting the lower abdomen as you breath out.  And just allowing through the conscious awareness of the breath to deepen into the physical body, into the knowing of your bodies as Temples of Light, and into any areas of discomfort, where you send your Love, where you send the healing energy of your magnificent Light.  Having a sense of the knowing of yourselves as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love and Master Beings of Light walking the Path of Divine Love, and co-creating with your Beloved I AM Presence and all these beautiful Beings of Light from On High that you personally acknowledge. Deepening now into the Christed Heart, deepening into the Petals of the Christed Heart as you activate now these beautiful Petals ~ your Peaceful Heart, your Loving Heart, your Healing Heart, your Joyful and Happy Heart, your Innocent and Open Heart, your Powerful Heart, your Knowing Heart, your Passionate Heart, your Overflowing and Prosperous Heart, your Trusting Heart, your Heart of Integrity and Truth, and now your Intimate Heart.

Wonderful sweet ones. Just move the body now into deeper levels of comfort, releasing all stresses, as you just bring your focus to this Now moment. Letting go of what has come, letting go of what is to come, being in this eternal Now moment in the flow of Divine Love that activates within and through your Christed Hearts; in the flow of Divine Love that amplifies the Petals of the Christed Heart through the hearts of all humanity, through the Overlighting of the Beloved I Am Presence of all Life on this sacred earth, walking the Path of Divine Love.  Knowing too, that all you experience as these physical vessels of Light will be experienced by all open hearts in this Golden Age of Light.

You visualize now this beautiful diamond Flame of Melchizedek Consciousness, of innocence, of purity, of divinity, activate within your Christed Hearts. Having a sense now of Lord Melchizedek and the Order of Melchizedek coming forward, acknowledging you as wisdom keepers to this sacred earth, ready to assist you as you step into the next level of your Soul’s blossoming, magnificence and Light; as you now merge with your Beloved I AM Presence, the highest aspects of your soul Light, within the Cosmic Heart of God.

And now, having a sense of Archangel Michael and his Legions of Light stepping forward, bringing this sense of safety, of protection, of courage; and the ability to align your will to the Will of God and let go of any addictions you may still have.

And now, having a sense of Lord Metatron, bringing this deeper sense of interconnectivity to All That Is in geometric patterns of creation, inviting you deeper into the synchronicities in trust and surrender. Trust in Life sweet ones. Trust that the old energies that you experience as perceived challenges are no longer what you will experience. Trust that you will walk with grace, to the maximum Cosmic Law can allow, into your Initiations of Light. Surrender to Love. Surrender to Life.

And now, sweet ones, take a moment to connect to your Soul families and Star family and friends of the Light ~ all those soul brothers and sisters joining you right now, and all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High that are co-creating with you. Calling in now your own Master Guides and Guardian Angel. Wonderful sweet ones.

You just experience now a deeper sense of the Unity Grid of Divine Love and this interweaving with all the souls you are going to connect with in this sacred year of 2017. Deep into your heart’s dreaming, deep into the energetic cords connecting you through the geometries and numerologies, and deeper now, into the geometries of Metatron’s Cube.


You now bring a focus back to this beautiful diamond sphere of Light 54 feet in diameter around you and within this visualizing now, the Fruit of Life and now, Metatron’s Cube.

You have a sense now of the platonic solids activating within Metatron’s Cube, these 13 spheres of God’s Infinite perfection. You see or sense the diamond sphere activating all the Rays of Creation in numerous colors and patterns, as you now bring a focus to the cube, as it activates within Metatron’s Cube.

And now, sweet ones, focus on the octahedron, two four sided pyramids connecting at the base.

And now the tetrahedron. A three sided pyramid and base.

And now the icosahedron, twenty faces of equilateral triangles.

And now the dodecahedron, 12 faces of five sided pentagons.

Good sweet ones. And now, you see or sense a beautiful Golden Flower of Life activate within Metatron’s Cube, and now, the Fruit of Life.


Good sweet ones. Now have a sense of grounding into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth and deepening into the Diamond Light Codes and the Diamond Light Clusters within the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth. And now, experiencing an alignment into the Inner Earth Sun, the Golden Sun within your hearts, activating into these Diamond Light frequencies of the Christed Heart. And now, connecting into the Sun, Central Sun and now the Great Central Sun and Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.


Wonderful. You now you see before you Lord Michael, Lord Metatron and Lord Melchizedek, who together have infused the sacred geometric and Initiatory Codes of Light within this beautiful 12-pointed star with two infinity symbols embedded upon the star, one horizontal and one vertical.

The Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light now anchors and activates as a spinning disc of light through your Soul Star Chakra, approximately 15 centimeters above the crown chakra, anchoring in particular now, the Crystalline Life-Code Seed Atoms and new Earth Templates being experienced in this Now.


And now this Shield of Light moves into the crown chakra, spinning in a clockwise and then counter-clockwise direction respectively, while creating change within the left and right hemispheres of the brain, as well as rejuvenating and regenerating body parts and organs in the creation of the bio-energetic matrix circuitry of your I Am Avatar Bodies of Light and related geometries of Solar Crystalline Consciousness.


Good sweet ones. And now you experience this spinning disc of Light moving into the third eye, now the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the sacral chakra, the base chakra and lastly now, the Earth Star chakra, approximately 15 centimeters below your feet. Just take a moment now to experience the energetic imprinting of the Trinity Lords Shield of Light as the rejuvenation and regeneration of the body parts and organs, the rewiring of the bio-circuitry and nadis, and the expansion of the chakras now occurs within the new Earth Templates of Light.


Wonderful sweet ones. The Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light now activates through the base chakra, takes you deeper into the appreciation of each Now moment, and the nurturing of this sacred earth, looking through your Master Eyes, bring in the flow of this Now moment, with no rush, as you find a new balance and new rhythm in your everyday Life.


Good. The Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light now activates through the sacral chakra bringing a renewed sense of your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies in perfect harmony and creative inspiration.


Good, sweet ones. The Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light now activates through the solar plexus chakra, bringing a new level of empowerment and the ability to stand up for yourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.


Good sweet ones. The Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light now activates through the heart chakra, activating the Petals of the Christed Heart to magnetize what you may need in this Now moment ~ greater levels of inspiration, joy, abundance and Divine Love; as you place your hands, energetically or physically upon your heart chakra. As you say to yourselves: “I Love you, (giving your full name now). I Love you. I Love you.”


Good sweet ones. The Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light now activates through the throat chakra, bringing a new expression to your Soul note, gently, lovingly and calmly, with the ability to be seen and heard, expressed in the wisdom and knowledge of lifetimes of knowing and remembrance.


And now sweet ones, as the Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light activates through the third eye, the appropriate geometries and Ki Codes of Light activate within the third eye, as a recalibration now takes place between the pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus and thalamus glands.


Wonderful sweet ones. And now, bring a focus to the pineal gland, breathing deep into the body now, expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in, and contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out, as you position the tongue just behind the top front teeth, while focusing on the third eye. And have a sense of the pineal gland in particular now, sweet ones, being activated in these streams of Divine Light and the Language of Light.


Wonderful, sweet ones. As you now bring a focus to the crown chakra, the Trinity Lords activate their Shield of Light through the crown chakra, revealing Divine Mysteries to you, taking you beyond the veils of illusion, as you deepen your wisdom as the way showers, and teachers in this Golden Age of Light. This assists you, sweet ones, to turn your knowledge into wisdom as you bring a focus to your service work, as well as deepening your intuition and other unique ESP gifts as you walk the Path of Divine Love.


Through this activation, you are drawn deeper now into the energy of your Beloved I Am Presence, and the many Illumined Beings and Councils of Light from On High. And you just take a moment now to get a sense of the Councils you are working with on the inner planes to deepen your service work, moving now into greater levels of harmony, wisdom, knowing, joy and co-creation, sweet ones.

And now you get a sense of Lord Melchizedek who comes forward to offer to you the Ring of Solomon, a symbol representing your Initiations of Light, in this sacred year of 2017.

The Ring of Solomon, sweet ones, is a magical ring bearing the symbol of the Melchizedek Brotherhood of the Light, the six-pointed star, also known as the Star of Solomon, the Star of David or the Star of Melchizedek. Using this energetic totem, you come into a deeper sense of the alchemical ceremonial magic and power that you collectively hold to manifest all that you need in this Now, for yourselves and for this sacred Earth.

As you now affirm: “I now bring a focus to the Ring of Solomon, this Seal of Solomon bearing the symbol of the Star of Melchizedek, which is now placed upon the fourth finger on my right hand.

Surrounded by the Illumined Beings of Light from On High, I now request to experience the timelines and lineage of the True Teachings of Light of the Order of Melchizedek.

I request that the Order of Melchizedek align with me at this time and henceforth, revealing all things to me. To teach me how I may increase my wisdom and knowledge and show unto me all the Secrets of the Magic Art, that I may therefore stand forth the Glory and Will of God, paving the way through the Flame of Divine Love in this Golden Age of Light.

And so it is.” 


Wonderful sweet ones. And now, you bring a focus back to the Soul Star chakra, 15 centimeters above the crown chakra, as you experience now the activation of the kundalini energy, this serpent kundalini energy, uncoiling from within the base chakra, climbing through the chakras, through these Crystalline infused Life-Code Seed Atoms of the Trinity Lords Shield of Light. You experience now an alignment of all the chakras in one unified column of Light, and now, the Divine unconditional Love of Mother/Father God and all the Illumined Beings of Light from on High, knowing how greatly you are celebrated, appreciated and deeply loved.


Good, sweet ones. You are now connecting into the higher dimensional fields of Light and for a moment now, sweet ones, you see or sense this beautiful Shield of Light activating through the high dimensional portals. Through the fourth dimensional portal 0.02 feet above the crown chakra, through the fifth dimensional portal 0.6 feet above the crown chakra, through the sixth dimensional portal 2.4 feet above the crown chakra, through the seventh dimensional portal 3 feet above the crown chakra, through the eight dimensional portal 5.4 feet above the crown chakra and now, through the ninth dimensional portal 24 feet above the crown chakra. And now, you bring your focus back to this beautiful diamond sphere of Light 54 feet in diameter around you and the full integration and merger with your Beloved I Am Presence in the creation of your I AM Avatar Body of Light.


And now within this, sweet ones, you see once more the Golden Fruit of Life,  Metatron’s Cube in the Tree of Life, as these geometries, Light codes, templatings, numerologies, fractal geometries and the new Earth frequencies activate now within this diamond sphere of Light.


As you now say to yourselves: “I activate the Trinity Lords Shield of Light ~ Activate ~ Activate ~ Activate.”

You experience the Trinity Lords’ Shield of Light activate now as this spherical Shield of Light around this diamond sphere, 54 feet in diameter around your body and energy field. This level of energetic protection and wisdom, empowerment and Love, is of the highest order, sweet ones, and only the Beings of the Highest Light will be able to enter or penetrate this Shield of Light.

This is a very powerful Shield of Light that is accelerating the next level of your Soul’s blossoming, magnificence and Light, through the Initiations of Light and new beginnings experienced in this sacred year of 2017, sweet ones. Just know that this Shield of Light has been activated for you and you will find that flow of perfect harmony and balance as you walk the Path of Divine Love.

You now thank all these Illumined Beings of Light from On High, sweet ones, as you find yourselves now back in your sacred space. Grounding once more into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth while keeping this connection open to all these Beings of Light from On High, and to your Beloved I AM Presence; and with the knowing, sweet ones, of your magnificence and Light, immeasurable and incomparable to another.

At this time, sweet ones, through these new Earth Templates, you join the hearts and minds of all awakened souls to assist in lifting all life into Solar Crystalline Consciousness; and for those ready, into the next wave of Initiations and teachings of Light as Melchizedek Ambassadors of Light.

We thank you for your service work, sweet ones, as we bless you, and with this, bid you a most magical day.

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Brought to you by The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network


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Energy Update by The Venusian Council ~ Jan 2017


By Jenny Schiltz, 01/19/2017

The energies that have been streaming in since the third week of December are really doing some serious work within us. They are pulling up long hidden, deep fears and anxieties. Here is an energy update explaining what is happening followed by a channeling from the Venusian Council.

I hope that you all are doing well and managing in these higher energies.  Sending love and the intention that we transverse these waves with ease and grace. Thank you to all who share this work, it is greatly appreciated.


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Channeling text:

We are the Venusian Council. We come to you to give information on what is taking place within your planet. The energies have changed, there is an ebb and flow to them that does not match anything that you have previously received.  Understand that you have been here before, many of you.  Those who have lived during the Atlantean times cellularly remember this space. You know deep within that you have been here before, for some of you this brings about fear and discord. For others, it brings excitement. We want you to understand that you are not your cellular memory and while it has been beneficial throughout your many lives to keep this recording, it is no longer so. For those who feel fear, who fear that there is doom and that there is imminent demise currently taking place, it is simply because you have been here before. There have been many attempts, some successful, for the human to ascend, to walk the narrow path that lead to other dimensions, other frequencies. There are those who have felt these energies before and were not able to complete the task. For them, these energies are painful reminders. However, you must know that this time, there will be no mistakes. While there will be changes that are the result of the elevated frequency on your planet, know that humanity will not be done for. There will not be a reset.

So we ask you to see our energies, to feel them as a sign that you are on your way. That as a whole, humanity is changing.  You will come to a point where you will feel within a shift, and the fear will leave, for your cells will not have a reference point for anything beyond. This point is where you will walk into the shoes of the creator. For this point it will be your choice, how you feel, how you act and how you receive. We recommend that you speak to your cells, your form. Explain that you understand where the feelings are coming from, but that the form is safe. For some of you who are feeling anger, guilt, remorse, and frustration, we ask you to tap into these energies and release them. Know that at the time of Atlantis there was much discord, there was much frustration, similar to how many of you have also felt in this time. However, things have been put into place to not allow annihilation of the human race.
So you must trust that this time will be different. You have a choice as these energies flood into your planet more and more, as your children are born carrying these frequencies, you have a choice to embrace the love that is being offered.

The hope that is being offered or should you choose you may allow yourself to sink into what was.  Allow your heart to open, allow it to be full. Allow your eyes to see the new possibilities, for they are all around you. It is important to anchor the energies in through you, this can be done very easily with intention. Intend to bring these energies through your form, deep into the foundation of the earth, without fear, but with joy and gratitude. For this marks a very important phase in the development of the ascending human. For as these frequencies surround your planet and as they anchor in and change all that is, it creates a greater ability for your soul to descend upon you. Consider it a meeting ground, for as you rise to match these frequencies, your soul is able to lower to match them as well. This is a blessed union and this is what changes everything.

open herts
We call on you to open your hearts, to feel the frequencies and to tap into the joy that surrounds you that is yours.
Until we meet again.

For information on having a session with Jenny Schiltz please visit Information on booking a session or to book directly go to

Click here for information on assisting your integration, click here: Obtaining a Soul Retrieval

Join the Facebook page to keep up to date on the energies and offers Channeling the Masters

Copyright 2017, Jenny Schiltz

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including all the links above and the link to this original post. Thank you.

**As with all information we receive regarding the ascension process, discernment is necessary. If you read or hear something and it does not resonate, simply let it go and find what makes your soul say YES! **


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Mike Quinsey ~ All Are a Facet of Universal Love ~ Jan. 20, 2017

By Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 214

0th January 2017

You should all now have a reasonable idea as to how the future will work out. The timing of events is not rigid but quite flexible, and based on the best opportunity to bring the changes about. They will come without any doubt so do not be concerned if the timing does not match your expectations. Those who have planned your end times have the power and authority to do whatever is necessary to ensure completion in accordance with the end of this cycle. You are already experiencing yet another period of time speeding up and so it will continue. Do not allow outer happenings to affect your own journey, as many groups are going through their own needs to clear their lower energies that must be done if they are to have any chance of lifting up their vibrations. Those who cannot move up with the changes will simply follow another path that is in accordance with their needs.

Some of you are waiting for the changes in certain currencies that may bring you a great gain. Most people are unaware of such opportunities, but are assured that before long many more currencies will rise in value. Eventually it is planned to abolish poverty or need, and in reality it is not that far away. Meantime many will struggle through the changes but hopefully will be uplifted knowing that all is progressing well. Your future is very bright and for most beyond their wildest dreams. So keep your eyes on the promises for the future, knowing that in reality it is fully assured and protected to ensure your success.

The dark Ones can no longer keep their activities secret, and slowly but surely their actions are being revealed which is preventing them from being escalated. They had thought they were invincible, but reckoned without the support that Humanity is being given by those who have come from outside of your Solar System. You are far from fighting a losing battle and when the Forces of Light show their hand victory is assured. You would be amazed if you knew how many Beings of Light oversee your activities, and as far as karma permits are helping you to achieve the victory that you have been promised. Much of the activity and battles between the dark Ones and the Forces of Light is out of your sight, occurring both inside and outside of the Earth.

Fortunately those who work for the Light greatly outnumber those of the dark Ones who oppose them. As you will certainly know, the Lightworkers quietly contribute to the spreading of the Love and Light and in no way introduce devious or negative methods. Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe and the vibrations of evil are unable to destroy it or exist in its presence. So dear friends of Light never falter in your work to spread the Light, and you will be achieving considerably much more than you can imagine. If sufficient people were to come together in a high vibration of love, all would be lifted up immediately beyond the reaches of the dark Ones.

As souls who are of the Light, you can spread it far and wide simply by walking amongst those who are around you. Depending on how high your vibrations are, you will have some effect on them that in some instances can be felt. Certainly you at least give out a “feel good” energy which is why people like to be around you. Your auric energy can have many colours, that when seen by a clairvoyant are described as very pure and bright. That is how one who is giving out the love energy would be described. Auras are your undeniable light “signature” that shows how well and how far you have developed spiritually.

There are few if any who read such channelling who are unaware that you have an etheric body, and it is your Light body that is sometimes known as your Light signature. The purer the energy the more spiritual you are and that does not necessarily mean in a religious sense. It is the gradual understanding when an evolved soul will see all others as a part of the whole and therefore All as One. It is the realisation that all are a facet of Universal Love, “you are me and I am you”. It is a goal to be achieved and to be One with God. It is certainly a lot to contemplate yet through such understanding one can find complete peace. It is worth great consideration and capable of lifting you up into the higher vibrations.

Life is a continual search for the Truth and most souls seek the answers outside of themselves, yet all of the time it lies within. It may take time to come to that conclusion, and acceptance will come as all roads lead to the One Truth. It will take time to find the answers that satisfy your longing for such an understanding, and all souls will at some stage follow such a path to full understanding. All along the way are those who offer a helping hand when it is needed, and ask for nothing in return. Their joy and happiness lies within having helped another soul along its journey to find the way home.

When you are ready to venture out you will know beyond doubt, and surge ahead into the next stage of your adventure. Many, many souls have gone before you and the pathway is in place that leads to fullfilment. It will bring utter joy and a love that knows no parallel. The pain and misery that you have experienced will pass and it will feel strange as you came from the higher realms and dropped into the realm of duality to help show others the way forward.

In your quiet moments you will absolutely know that you are not your body, but a beautiful soul that has taken an incarnation in the lower vibrations to help others. Because of it you have gained more experience and are able to understand the nature of physical life and can help others complete their journey. Service to others is the keyword to evolution as you recognize that All are One. In a world so full of turmoil and danger it is difficult to see the way out and step onto a path that leads to peace and happiness, but that is the way it is when the old ways are reluctant to go and make way for the new. However, so many souls have found the Light and their combined energy is helping others to become awake to the truth.

Time is continuing to speed up so make sure you are prepared for Ascension that is coming very near, and will be within most of your lifetimes. You should know by now how much you have evolved and whether you are on course to ascend. Keep looking straight ahead and let nothing take away your focus. Help is always with you so call on your Guides any time you need assistance, and be assured that it will be given. It may not be exactly what you asked for but will help solve your problems. Share your thoughts with your Guides as they enjoy being part of your life’s experiences.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light


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Stay Completely Committed To Your Highest Outcome ~ Jan. 19, 2017


By Sophie Gregoire, 01/19/2017

Our favourite food isn’t always available when we think that we are ready. Sometimes we’re asked to walk in trust even if we can’t see it yet in front of our eyes.
That’s when PATIENCE & FAITH become the most powerful swords for the warriors of the heart.

We are now at a time of rapid MANIFESTATION. Dreams can come true so make sure that you do remember your dream.

Stay absolutely committed to you highest outcome — wholly committed : actions, words, thoughts, visualizations.
Remain body heart and soul, committed to it.
YOU KNOW which dream, which awesome outcome I’m speaking of. You do know.

Don’t trade your CHAMPAGNE for a wine of a lesser quality, simply because champagne hasn’t landed yet in your physical space.

Stay no matter what — and without questions or hesitations — committed to your highest potential.
Don’t give too much of your attention or energy to something else — IF this makes you walk away from your highest outcome.
Watch TV yes but don’t get stuck on the couch simply because your champagne party hasn’t started yet — or you’ll simply miss it.
Have fun, yes. But don’t become your DISTRACTION. Be clear with yourself : what’s the dream, and what’s the distraction.
Don’t give up on your HIGHEST OUTCOME now, because 2016 was too long or too rough on you.

Keep aiming HIGH.

Don’t settle before you reach the  REAL station of your heart.
Have fun yes, smell flowers on the road for sure — but keep walking your Holy way. Don’t question, this Holy way was your goal, remember?
Watch another movie if your favourite one hasn’t started yet — but don’t become this new movie, don’t forget the real plan, don’t miss your sacred story for a less lovely novelty.
Walk your path and smell the flowers on the way yes — roses, hyacinths, dafodills. Smell everything but remember that in the first place, you had entered this garden center in order to buy THOSE — your most favourite orange trees.
When you entered 2017, you had your goal in mind.
Don’t stop at the wrong ski resorts, because your most favourite one is far, too faraway.
No instead, drive in trust.
You’re at the driver’s seat. Yes you’re the chalice, you do receive life — BUT you still choose to what extent you eat this or that, and when you stop drinking this or that wine.
Now visualize your highest outcome. You know what I’m speaking of. Your highest outcome, your secret, your golden novel, your Unicorn road, these magical eyes.
I know that you know what I’m speaking of.
Remember your goal. Remember now, all the steps that you’ve taken for that dream. Picture in your mind’s eyes all that you’ve done, for THIS.
Cherish in your heart your commitment, the passion that you hold in our heart only for THIS DREAM.
Remember now that NOTHING will EVER feel as good as, THIS OUTCOME.
Now visualize it, this highest outcome — as vividly as you can — and keep this picture in your heart.

You are committed to make this picture real.
You walk your own HOLY WAY.
You are, and you’ll stay, committed to your highest outcome.

Now walk in trust, and don’t settle before this picture is right in front of your eyes — real and tangible and felt and touched and immensely real.
Trust that your feast is waiting for you and now, WALK IN FAITH.


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Are You BEing Your Ascended Aspect You? All of the Time? ~ Jan. 19, 2017


By Lisa Brown, 01/19/2017

Okay loves. We had a huge blast of PURE SOURCE LIGHT earlier (not the biggest we’ve ever experienced, yet powerful non-the-less. Seems this huge upgrade lasted 3 days thus far. Anytime we have PURE SOURCE LIGHT it activates dualistic human’s stuff to trigger to come up. There have been reports lately of many going through deep Atlantean cleansings, well…… here comes a huge one…

Where there are ANY UNCONSCIOUS PROGRAMS (separation from love and unity inside), these will play out in exterior realities. We had a huge collapse of lower density programs earlier as well.We have observed interesting energies going on with many collectives. You shall be surprised at what you see when you just observe.

Pay attention to your own emotions, the words that you speak, that which YOU PROJECT OUT… this will show you anything that you have been oblivious to thus far.

Inner conflict plays out as outer conflict. Many having their ego surface. Let’s face it, this is a huge Atlantean energy and these next few days are a huge collective trigger/activation/cleansing process for anyone still holding ego, judgment, finger pointing and imposing their realities on another. Many will lose their minds (literally) when their inner chaos is triggered to play out.

These upcoming days set the stage for your own realities to play out. Heaven or hell. Still playing/participating/caught up in the old matrix/illusory simulation programs or beyond the matrix living in peace, magic and bliss.

Are your thoughts, actions and emotions of unity, peace and love? Do they unite or tear down/apart? Do they transmit respect for you and all as one? Are they driven by an emotion or a pre-considered observation from within?

Many “spiritual” peeps will get caught up in the chaos, because they have not moved out of “separation spiritual” and into full consciousness yet. There is spiritual ego and hierarchy that has to be resolved by all. It’s a part of the process as well.

There is no battle of dark and light. That is an old program that each hold inside. There is fully conscious of ourselves, total responsibility, total accountability, total awareness and choice. Every word spoken transmits a frequency, just as every emotion and subconscious energy does.

A fully conscious being comes from PURE LOVE AND UNITY INSIDE. There is no separation, there is no “out there” that wasn’t created from within. There is no duality. There are purposes, gifts. opportunities and experiences that teach/show us what is within us/going on with us, so that we can understand. There is Mastery of all realities, not just ourselves, but all in our reality, for higher-heart-mind soul love transcends dualistic realities completely. They no longer exist unless they exist within.

Human plays the “that is against” game. Something was done “against”… which is the separation game. The ego is antagonistic, selfish and with out thought. WE do all FOR all, as one, as love.

Hours ago we had lower density timelines go into collapse mode, collapsing those realities which “push” anything of those vibrations to the surface for un/conscious beings to feel/see. One can clear these, deal with these things consciously and intentionally with greater ease. One must be fully conscious to do this though.

Peace or struggle.. this will show you the dimension your consciousness and body occupies. Love or duality. This will too.

Heighten emotions are a result of timeline collapses… observe YOU and how you re-act/act …. this will determine the physical reality/timeline you exist in. To experience a different timeline, you must tune & shift, you must open your heart, eyes, mind and truly see (become conscious) to accomplish this. ♥

Get ready loves…. WE go higher than ever before. If you exist beyond the old illusory matrix, YOUR REALITIES shall be more amazing than ever before! All that you dream & desire shall activate to come forth. All a vibrational response to the expanded conscious that you continually hold. All that you have worked for, in-service, by continuously raising your vibration higher, including all around you too, by intentionally anchoring light in your physical body vessel and choosing to transcend/leave all of the old behind and go on…..

The frequencies on Earth are higher than ever before. Unconscious physical reality timelines cannot exist in these vibrations anymore. Your experiences will show you which dimension your consciousness & body are in… in every moment. It’s up to you to be fully conscious in order to choose which one you are occupying at any given time.

Your ability to hold the highest consciousness at all times, will activate the cellular encodements of your physical matter body to re-structure themselves in order to re-code/re-dial a different reality for you. Your body is intelligent and the more in-tune you are, the more aligned you are inside, the more your outside world can easier align for you as well. There are times that you must align your own physical reality, because you created/allowed a distorted/mis-aligned reality to occur. You can do this as LOVE from that soft powerful place inside. The stronger you react, the more human you have gone. External realities are not unconscious, you are. They are your creation and a thing for you to master & transcend from within. The external occurs to teach you Mastery Skills and bring forth your many gifts. When you maintain full consciousness and full alignment, your physical reality does too.

The physical is simple when you understand, when you pay attention, when you listen/see/honor from within. The physical is a response to your vibrational transmissions of all times. In this moment you get to change that transmission if you so desire or experience the magic created from a previous transmission as it arrives in this moment right here. ♥

Here we go loves. NEW Timelines activating to arrive as the old one’s collapse/unify as fast as you allow. ♥ In every moment you have the capability to raise the vibration of all, transmit intentionally or experience an unconscious one. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Galactic Light BEing in physical form


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Energy Update ~ Blasts of New Stronger and Higher Frequencies ~ Jan. 19, 2017


By Lisa Brown, 01/18/2017

In sessions again today loves, so not able to write on all that is energetically/cosmically activating/going on.

We are on Day 3 of “exert no energy, honor your upgrades, go week to build inner power/strength/come out on the other side stronger and able to do/be/handle/produce/understand/create more”.

Yesterday during my session we had blasts of new strong/higher frequencies that cut/went straight to certain points… sounded/observed… it was like diamonds/lasers on crack/jacked up. Then we went into Pure Source Light for awhile. Today, awoke to solar plasma activations, which again weaken to build, clear old template/cellular programs, doing lots in our sleep.

Right now we have “weakening & charging” all in the same bandwidth, so many’s bodies could be very confused. Honor however you feel. Some may be super charged and ready to rock & roll productively and intentionally, while others may go weak again to sleep to integrate faster/more.

These are powerful and necessary for us all, for the next phase that we are all always beginning. There is a lot of “re-writing” going on, re-gridding and synchronizing heaven/earth together as one. This goes on inside of our bodies and correlates outside in response to that which we are able to hold/embody here. Processors taken offline, new everything “loaded”, deep cellular cleansings, new neural synapses, new communications within the body, nodes clearing, crystals developing, genetic/DNA/chromosomal mutations that need to occur for this phase of our evolution we are now in.

Honor your sacred galactic body temple that continues to become a living breathing collective organism too. Your little light ship, your Light House/Tower, your vehicle/form that carries you in & out of a bazillion vibrational physical timelines/realities constantly. Your ability to participate will be your ability to maintain expanded super consciousness within a physical form that constantly re-configures itself to house/hold/support you. ♥

Back later where I can. I’m honoring me while I work/do too! ♥ Love and continued magical everything to you! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

p.s. Gravity going as we shift density huge. ♦


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