SG Anon Dropping Huge Bombs! ~ May 27, 2023


The CCP and Xi Jinping were given a chance to turn against the New World Order, Trump Administration always offers a diplomatic solution first and will only use force when all other viable options have been exhausted, but Xi and his faction in Beijing’s CCP appear to have gone their own way, betraying the New World Order as well as us, they are not allies, they are a third faction and hostile to the United States, adversarial against both Patriots and Deep State. If there is any other interpretation of events, I’d like to hear it.

4 thoughts on “SG Anon Dropping Huge Bombs! ~ May 27, 2023

  1. Thank you for your commitment. God bless you. I must say that every time the timeline for completion or public awareness and justice is extended by SG, my heart breaks even further. I wish I never knew about these events. They have failed to provide reasonable action. Families are in peril, people are dying and we all know the events are over. The ongoing delay disgusts me. My life has been on hold for almost 3 years just trying to stock up on poisoned food I don’t have money for because my daughter is a T1D and in an emergency it could be fatal if we can’t maintain blood sugar levels or have a supply of medical equipment or insulin. I, too, am compromised and disabled. Every day I look for hope and as a believer I trust God, but I’m sad to say that I’ve lost all faith in the US military. God heal our nation.


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