Restored Republic via a GCR as of May 26, 2023


Compiled Fri. 26 May 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her Twenty Two Multiple Personalities”

The Hour Is Upon Us!
The Day Has Come!
The Truth Will Come to Light!
…John McAfee, Alive on Telegram

US at Heightened Terrorism Threat May 24 through Nov. 24 2023

Chinese Communist Party Attacking US Communications Infrastructure

The Department of Homeland Security Has Secured Continuity of Government Until 2024

Over the past year and a half Banking Cartel collapses worldwide have culminated in a Global Economic Crisis that has reverberated throughout multiple countries, while dismantling NATO and the UN – which perpetuated human trafficking, engineered world wars, exerted control over global banks and depleted the US Treasury.

US Military to Enforce Martial Law by This Coming Memorial Day Weekend
For your own safety please follow Military instructions including staying indoors if so instructed.
It’s only wise to have at least a month’s supply of food, water, cash and essential items on hand.

Emergency Broadcast System Activation Imminent
The EBS would involve two to twelve days of Worldwide Communication Darkness. Phones, Internet, Credit/Debit Cards and ATMs would not work, while three eight-hour documentaries a day would be broadcast on TV and Radio 24/7 across the Globe.

A World-Wide Call For Fast and Prayer
Pray for a restoration of Freedom for People of the World. Pray for the brave Military Forces making mass arrests of Global and Political Elites who have kept The People enslaved and please do special prayers for the rescue of Ritually Abused Children and Adult Survivors who Satan worshippers have used as fodder for Pedophilia, Child Sacrifice and Cannibalism rites in honor of Satan.

“The Highest, Holiest, Happiest Way”

April 2, 2023 – #4881 Music & the Spoken Word (

It’s true that in life we encounter people who make life difficult, even unbearable at times. But, Evil will not be lessened with more conflict and strife. It’s a great fallacy that you can fight fire with fire; firefighters know that water works much better. Nothing extinguishes an inflammatory situation quite like kindness, compassion and love.

Judy Note: That the FDA announced that the “Internet would go down by Thurs. 25 May” was misinformation put out by the FDA. I apologize to my readers for falling for it. Not funny, FDA – please grow up.

Issued May 24, 2023, 2:00 pm EST Department of Homeland Security on ALL Federal Continuity Directives outlined a Continuity of Government until 2024: The United States remains in a heightened threat environment. Lone offenders and small groups motivated by a range of ideological beliefs and personal grievances continue to pose a persistent and lethal threat to the Homeland. Both domestic violent extremists (DVEs) and those associated with foreign terrorist organizations continue to attempt to motivate supporters to conduct attacks in the Homeland, including through violent extremist messaging and online calls for violence. In the coming months, factors that could mobilize individuals to commit violence include their perceptions of the 2024 general election cycle and legislative or judicial decisions pertaining to sociopolitical issues. Likely targets of potential violence include US critical infrastructure, faith-based institutions, individuals or events associated with the LGBTQIA+ community, schools, racial and ethnic minorities, and government facilities and personnel, including law enforcement.

Terrorism Threats:

  • In May 2023, a now-deceased individual killed eight and injured seven others at an outlet mall in Allen, Texas. Law enforcement continues to investigate the motive behind the attack, but initial reporting suggests the attacker fixated on mass shootings and held views consistent with racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist (RMVE) and involuntary celibate violent extremist ideologies.
  • In March 2023, a now-deceased individual shot and killed six people at a Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee. Law enforcement continues to investigate the motive behind the attack and has indicated the individual studied other mass murderers.
  • Also in March 2023, a RMVE driven by a belief in the superiority of the white race was arrested and charged with allegedly attempting to use an improvised incendiary device to burn down a church in Ohio that was planning to host a drag-themed event.
  • In February 2023, two RMVEs driven by a belief in the superiority of the white race were arrested and are now awaiting trial for plotting an attack against electrical substations in Maryland. These arrests followed a series of recent attacks against electrical infrastructure, which some DVEs have praised and leveraged to call for more attacks on critical infrastructure.
  • Since spring of 2022, alleged DVEs in Georgia have cited anarchist violent extremism, animal rights/environmental violent extremism, and anti-law enforcement sentiment to justify criminal activity in opposition to a planned public safety training facility in Atlanta. Criminal acts have included an alleged shooting and assaults targeting law enforcement and property damage targeting the facility, construction companies, and financial institutions for their perceived involvement with the planned facility.
  • Meanwhile, foreign terrorists continue to use media to call for lone offender attacks in the West, condemn US foreign policy, and attempt to expand their reach and grow global support networks. Most recently, in January 2023, an individual from Maine who was inspired by a variety of foreign terrorist content was charged with federal crimes for an attack on New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers during New Year’s Eve celebrations in Times Square.

Judy Note on Global Currency Revaluation: It was my personal opinion that since an Event was supposed to usher in the RV, that Event could very well be the Global Financial Crash that could easily occur on or around next Thurs. 1 June when the US defaults on it’s debt – which will have worldwide repercussions. The USAFCC has said that the US Military was under orders to enforce Martial Law (including activating the Emergency Broadcast System) by Fri. 26 May – the beginning of Memorial Day Weekend. Head of the redemption committee Dr. Charlie Ward indicated on his show that Tier4b notification would come after the EBS – which could happen in or around seven days after EBS activation, or on Thurs. 1 June.

Thurs. 25 May MarkZ:

  • I was told they are trying to have us start our appointments around the 30th and 31st. Remember, nobody knows the exact timing.
  • I am hearing we will see a lot happening over the weekend-including Iraq’s budget. They expect to pass it –rubber stamp it this Saturday allowing them to move forward with rate changes.
  • A number of banks have already sent out notices that “cash withdrawals, Zelle payments ect will be restricted over the coming weekend for about a 3 day period. I received an email from US Bank this morning saying there will be Limited Digital banking services May 28th. Paypal, zelle and venmo will be limited!”

Thurs. 25 May 2023 Bruce, The Big Call The Big Call Universe (  667-770-1866, pin123456#

  • On Sat. 27 May Iraq will publish their budget in their Gazette and make their new Dinar International rate public on Sun. 28 May.
  • Four new countries have joined BRICS: Libya, Lebanon, Pakistan and Syria.
  • By Thurs. 1 June all 209 countries will be connected to the new Quantum Financial System.
  • Seven people in the Biden Administration have been impeached.
  • On Fri. 26 May Trump will Tweet something like “The Storm is Upon Us. We are awaiting the new Republic.”
  • Today Thurs. 25 May some Bond Holders received their packages by Federal Express and the rest will receive them over the next few days.
  • Tier 4b (us, the Internet Group) are supposed to receive notification to set appointments any time after Markets closed today Thurs. 25 May and it should happen over the weekend.
  • Bruce’s Wells Fargo Source said “it should come together over the weekend.”
  • They have created a diversion to cover Tier4b exchanges, but we don’t know what that is.

Global Economic Collapse

The Cabal’s fiat currency Great Reset:

The Alliance’s gold/asset-backed Global Currency Revaluation:

Apparent Timeline:

  • Thurs. 25 May some Bond Holders received their packages by Federal Express and the rest will receive them over the next few days. …Bruce
  • According to the USAFCC the US Military was under orders to enforce Martial Law by Memorial Day Weekend. Activation of the Emergency Broadcast System was imminent. …USAFCC
  • Tier 4b (us, the Internet Group) are supposed to receive notification to set appointments any time after Markets closed Thurs. 25 May and it should happen over the weekend. …Bruce
  • I was told they are trying to have us start our appointments around the 30th and 31st. …MarkZ
  • On Fri. 26 May Trump will Tweet something like “The Storm is Upon Us. We are awaiting the new Republic.” …Bruce
  • On Sat. 27 May Iraq will publish their budget in their Gazette and make their new Dinar International rate public on Sun. 28 May. …Bruce
  • By Thurs. 1 June all 209 countries will be connected to the new Quantum Financial System. …Bruce
  • Thurs. 1 June the US would run out of cash according to Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury. The day was being referred to as a Financial Armageddon. It was also a day when we would see the implementation of ISO20022 International Payment System where money can be transferred from one financial institution to another on the new Quantum Financial System. …Janet Yellen, Secretary of US Treasury
  • Yellen also said that all chaos would ensue including a Stock Market crash – that likely would never recover according to the White Hats, who were taking down all corporations involved in Child Sex Trafficking.
  • Tues. 13 June Q’s Timeline: (30 days from Mother’s Day) to MOAB attack the king and queen. …Q
  • Thurs. 16 June was the Back Wall for GESARA to be announced and implemented, with full collapse of IRS and all tax orgs.
  • Sun. 18 June was a Back Wall for EBS Disclosure implementation.
  • Sun. 23 July was set to be the Inauguration of Pres. Donald J. Trump and his VP, JFK Jr, a celebration where all in the World Protection Program coming out.
  • Tues. 25 July was set to beQueen Diana’s Coronation.
  • Access to Med Beds for the General Public was coming in June 2023.

The Brunson Supreme Court Case and Takedown of the Biden Administration and all of Congress.

The Fake Mainstream Media:

  • Bill Gates donated $319 million to media organizations over the years
  • Soros funneled $131 million to 253 media organizations in 4 years
  • Bezos bought the Washington Post
  • Pfizer spent $2.8 billion in media advertisements just last year alone (A vaccine so awesome you have to spend 2.8 billion dollars a year to convince people to take it.)
  • BBC Fights Fake News with Fake Twitter Accounts:

The Real News for Thurs. 25 May 2023:

CBK News:

  • A group of valiant individuals known as the White Hats, have been silently working to thwart the CIA’s wicked ambitions. Get ready for a riveting rollercoaster ride as the action shifts to Africa, where an unprecedented showdown is set to unfold at a breathtaking pace.
  • The looming confrontation between the United States and Russia in Africa holds the key to unveiling the true face of the CIA’s global manipulation. Prepare to witness a meticulously planned exposé, where the heroic trio of Trump, Musk, and JFKJr. joined by Congress, will lift the veil on the CIA’s covert operations within their own borders.
  • Africa, long plagued by corruption and poverty, will finally break free from the shackles of the military-industrial complex and the deep state’s stranglehold. The time has come to restore power to the people and reclaim the stolen wealth that has perpetuated their suffering.
  • As the world braces for the final war that will reshape our destiny, Africa takes center stage in the fight for true liberation. It’s a clash of epic proportions, where nations rise and fall, and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.
  • These extraordinary events, carefully orchestrated behind the scenes, mark the turning point in our struggle for freedom. Embrace the magnitude of this pivotal moment, as the dark secrets of the CIA’s reign of terror are exposed and dismantled. It’s a journey towards a world where truth and justice prevail, and the malevolent grip of the CIA, responsible for the assassination of JFK and countless wars, is forever shattered.
  • Get ready to witness history in the making, as the world hurtles towards a cataclysmic transformation. The battle lines are drawn, the storm is brewing, and a new era of enlightenment is within our grasp. Hold on tight as the truth sets us free!

Durham Report, Awake Disclosure 17 on Telegram: 99.99% of Americans won’t read the 306 page Durham Report. But I strongly recommend that everyone read at least pages 91-101 of the Durham Report. Takeaways:

A. Obama and Biden were told about what the intelligence community referred to as “the Clinton Intelligence”.

B. The “Clinton Intelligence” was clearly viewed within the intelligence community as a spurious effort to tar and feather Trump with a concocted story that he had colluded in a nefarious way with the Russian government.

C. In sum, Obama and Biden were in a room with Brennan in August of 2016 and were clearly informed of the highly sketchy and dubious information intentionally contained in the “Clinton Intelligence”.

D. There is no ambiguity fact the CIA issued a memo expressly referring in a negative way to “the Clinton Intelligence”. Obama and Biden were clearly and unequivocally notified that “the Clinton Intelligence” was viewed by the FBI and CIA as being based on a falsehood.

E. Who was Clinton’s “Foreign Policy Adviser 1“? This is important because according to the Durham Report “Foreign Policy Adviser 1” cooked up the Trump Russia Collusion plan and gave it to Clinton.

F. Jake Sullivan was Clinton’s senior foreign policy adviser. Was he the one who cooked up the plan? Is Sullivan going to be called to testify before Congress?

G. After reading pp. 91-101 of the Durham Report, ask yourself- is it humanly possible for Robert Mueller to NOT HAVE KNOWN that the CIA and the FBI had told Obama and Biden that the “Clinton Intelligence” was considered by the agencies as nothing more than a political campaign dirty trick?

Fulford Report:

Former Vice President and Chief Scientist of Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yeadon, has expressed concerning views regarding the COVID vaccine, claiming it is part of a deliberate operation to cause harm and fatalities. He believes that the vaccines were designed with intentional toxicities, leading to various adverse effects. These allegations raise questions about the motivations behind the global response to the pandemic.

Behind the scenes, there are discussions within Congress about exposing the truth behind the pandemic and virus origins. Similar grounds exist for exposing concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine, including connections to depopulation agendas, infiltration into the military, money laundering, and the potential for global control through vaccine passports and a pandemic treaty.

Recent leaks and internal struggles within the FBI have caused turmoil, with agents leaving the agency and early retirements taking place. Congress is actively seeking FBI documents and attempting to locate a whistleblower who may have direct connections between President Biden and alleged crimes.

Furthermore, the mention of the Durham report alludes to a deeper story, suggesting that military and intelligence agencies possess documents related to the investigation. It is implied that the current publicized Durham report serves as a cover for their operations, with the true findings being held privately.

Behind the scenes, influential individuals are reaching out to world health officials and top doctors, influencing a shift in their perspectives on the pandemic. Medical whistleblowers from major countries are coming forward to expose corruption and vaccine-related deaths. This raises questions about who is influencing these changes and pulling the strings.

The topic of bringing down the CIA is also mentioned, along with its connections to various organizations such as the WHO, vaccines, biolabs, banks, CDC, and NIH. Additionally, references are made to important individuals possessing classified JFK files and the involvement of RFK Jr. and former President Trump in unveiling undisclosed information. Congress and senators are actively discussing the Durham investigation, and Elon Musk is said to be setting a trap with Twitter, indicating that not everything is as it appears.

Quantum Healing Technologies of Med Beds Med Beds In US – Details Of Med Bed Plans In The USA – Q & A about Med Beds – American Media Group (

  • Medical Beds use a technology to transform your body into optimal health using the original codes in your DNA. This technology has been proven. With this technology, our society will focus on health rather than disease in the medical field. There will be no reason for any industry to benefit from the epidemic. With Med Beds, every human being will be able to freely restore health and live a healthier life at an older age than we have been able to experience recently.
  • Technology. This technology has been around for 50 years and is completely safe.
    The Secret Space program has used it successfully for the past 50 years.
  • Funding. Med beds are being installed in specialized treatment centers. They will initially be available outside of the current healthcare system. As medical bed technology is revealed, large hospitals and pharmaceuticals will be phased out. This is because our health system will no longer be based on disease but on health. This technology will be fully funded by the white hat military.
  • Cost. There will be no cost to use the medical bed. They will be freely available to the public. The cost of hospital beds will be covered by the White Hats military.
  • Each country will have a Central for people to book appointments. Your first appointment will be a consultation that includes a medical history and a physical exam. The patient’s information will then be entered into a quantum computer, where the computer will determine the urgency of the patient’s medical needs. A nearby center will be arranged based on that review.
  • Launch: Currently, initially, Med Beds will be strictly controlled by the military for a period of time so that the technology cannot be abused. There will be no preference for status in society. Everyone will be treated fairly and beds will be made available first to those in urgent need.
  • Country: When the hospital beds run out, a nationwide hotline will be set up for people to schedule an appointment.
  • Production: Med Beds are being copied using advanced technology, it is estimated that one thousand Med Beds can be produced per day for distribution.
  • Med beds are advanced medical technology: At first, Medical Beds will only be available to specific healing centers and will not be available for purchase for your own clinic or another home. Like all advanced medical technology, considerable training is required to use this technology safely. You also need to have a considerable amount of knowledge in biological and medical diseases and, for the uninitiated, will take at least 12-18 months of training.
  • Med Beds will be used only by trained medical professionals, while the clinics will be run by the military medical departments of the armed forces along with other medical personnel. Philanthropists.
  • Those who will use the bed as interns will only be required to work when invited. Then there will be courses and opportunities open to medical professionals.
  • A person cannot operate this medical technology without medical training. For example, if you have a patient who has heart failure or is seriously injured in a car accident, you need to know first aid and how to treat the patient before you step into the hospital bed. The specialist must know how to read some of the abnormalities detected in the bed. Many people will not understand HEALTH technology. This is not a technology that someone can simply press a button to operate.
    Not so at all.
  • Med Bed Centers: I understand that they will initially be in major centers scattered throughout each state and will not be available for purchase. As far as I know, your application will depend on the needs, the services are already available. There will be opportunities for other technologies in the meantime if they are needed.
  • Everyone will be trained on all types of medical beds, as each facility will have a variety of beds. Each staff member will be trained to operate the medical bed.
  • No training costs. The military will provide training. Initially, training is free. The type of training will be tailored to your personal experience. For example, an auxiliary nurse will need more training than a neurosurgeon.
  • Equipment: If the center wants to have a hospital bed, it must have six operating rooms and seven beds; two in one of the rooms must be extremely large. There will be a preoperative room and a recovery room. Both with about 30 beds each. In addition, the overnight accommodation has about 27 rooms, each with four or more beds. You will also need about 15-20 mentors plus any other well-rounded staff. You also need support staff such as reception staff, canteen staff, cleaning staff, laundry staff, security guards, etc.
  • Doctors and technicians will operate the hospital beds. In addition, you will need a lot of nurses to take care of before and after. It’s a huge mission, so for quite some time, Med Beds will be controlled by the army and the alliance.
  • Every city will have many medical beds and Tesla chambers capable of healing and repairing DNA along with curing all ailments. Like Age regression, up to 30 years.
  • No more Cancer, Autism, Alzheimer, Fibromyalgia (fi·bro·my·al·gi·a) a condition that causes joint pain all over the body, sleep problems, fatigue, and often emotional and mental distress, and many other deficiencies.
  • The world is about to take a giant quantum leap into the revolutionary ‘New Age’ of healing technology systems that will become an integral part of transforming the way our traditional medical communities heal and remedy the masses with plasmatic use energies and healing frequencies.
  • First appointment. The procedure takes anywhere from a few minutes to 15 hours, depending on what you did. So when you call your national center, they will schedule an initial consultation with the center closest to you. When you come to the consultation, the medical staff will review your medical history. During that session, you’ll have a full body scan, usually in a type of hospital gown that only lasts a few minutes. They will then discuss the scan results and details of their results. You will discuss what you want to accomplish and that information will be entered into the computer.
  • The computer will then decide where you will be listed and you will be notified of the date, time and location of your treatment. On the day of your treatment, upon arrival, you will be asked to change into a gown and be given a mild sedative. Moments later, when you go to bed, a sleep-inducing gas is released. This gas will help you sleep during the treatment. When your treatment is complete, you will be taken to a recovery area and examined by medical professionals. You may also be able to see counselors depending on the type of procedure you went through.
  • Session. Most problems will be fixed in one visit. The most complex cases may require up to 3 sessions.
  • Preparation: People are given a sedative at bedtime and then put to sleep during treatment, for a few minutes or 15 hours. Claustrophobia is not a problem.
  • Vaccinated: People who have not been vaccinated will have priority over those who have been vaccinated. People who have side effects from injecting toxins from vaccines will be treated for some time after those who have not been vaccinated. There is a lot of information about the potential dangers of vaccines. While there will be preferences for those who have not been immunized, it can be expected that everyone who needs treatment will be treated immediately. No need to worry about being treated in the hospital bed.
  • First Priority: Those who were born with a critical illness and have illnesses with other medical problems will get to use the Hospital Bed first. All have the option of being vaccinated or not. The risks are already available for everyone to choose for themselves.

1. Health benefits. Med beds can correct a patient’s medical problems to restore one’s body to its optimal state.

2. The organs grow back. The beds can replace or grow limbs and organs.

3. New bone healing and bone healing. For those who have a prosthesis, the prosthesis will be removed in bed and dissolved so beneficial healing can take place.

4. Surgery. Surgery in the hospital bed will give immediate results. For example, a baseball pitcher who needs surgery may be in a medical bed and ready to go on the field immediately after treatment. They’ll be really ready to go before they wake up and roll out of bed.

5. Damage the B4K/a. Beds can reverse the damage inflicted by B4 K/a, however beds that are not empty and have a natural wound, their wound will take precedence.

6. Cardiovascular patients. Bed Med treats all kinds of heart diseases.

7. Addiction. Friend. Addiction can be cured. But people will still have to figure out why they are addicted in the first place.

8. Dissolve surgical attachments. The beds will dissolve any surgically added grafts and repair the damage, returning the body to a healthy state before the problems started.

9. Chemotherapy. The medical bed not only heals the damage caused by chemotherapy, but also restores the body’s overall health by removing all abnormal tumors.

10. Allergies. Allergies will be eliminated

11. Dentistry. Any dental problems will be fixed. And the tooth will regenerate. The teeth will also stretch out if necessary.

12. Overweight. Yes, you can get back to your ideal weight.

13. Sight and hearing. Yes, your vision and hearing can return to their optimal state and cataracts can also be corrected.

14. Scars.The scars will heal and disappear.

15. Schizophrenia. Mental problems can be overcome

16. Autism. Children with autism can be helped with treatment.

17. Orthopedic instruments. Spelling issues like setting bones and editing bones will also be addressed.

18. Depression. The depression will gradually subside. Ultimately, a subject will have to deal with trauma in a positive way. There will be many mentally trained counselors, both human and non-human, to help anyone with depression.

19. Improvements. Bed Med can make someone more empathetic, smarter, etc. Additional languages ​​can also be learned/downloaded. However, it is important to have a reason to use the enhancements that you request to download. For example, there’s no reason to download every language on the planet if you’re not planning to use them.And an important part of the experience on this planet is the process of learning the knowledge you need.

20. Perfect health. The beds will return your body to optimal health.

21. Heal the mind. When you heal the mind, you heal the body.

22. Vitality. Med Beds return people to their optimal state of health. For example, if you are 80 years old, you will have the best health for an 80 year old. That doesn’t mean you’ll be as agile and fit as you were when you were 30. Age regression is possible to prolong your life. Not everyone will be approved for age regression. It is not something to be taken lightly. It will be approved for appropriate purposes.

23. Problems from birth. Beds can fix problems that even appear at birth.

24. DNA. Med Beds will reverse muted gene expressions such as MTHFR, estrogen dominance and methylation problems with DNA detoxification and cleanup.


1. Hair. You can change your hair color and hair growth. 

2. Eyes. You can change your eye color. Vision and eye problems can also be corrected. 

3. Height. However, its height can change, only under extreme circumstances. 

4. Gender. Bed Med can change the sex back to the original gender if desired. 

5. Anniversary. All memories will return if they are turned off. 

6. Tattoos. Bed Med can remove tattoos. 

7. Teeth. Teeth can be straightened and also reconstructed. 

8. Smoking. Medical beds can undo the damage caused by years of smoking.

9. Knowledge. Information can be downloaded, any information can be downloaded to your brain, including other languages. However, part of the human experience is the acquisition of knowledge.

Psychiatric Trauma 

1. What is excluded? Mental and emotional wounds will be irreparable. Technology can extinguish memories, but at some point, you will have to face the hurt.

2. Emotional Issues: It seems that the medical bed only heals the body, and emotional and spiritual issues are something that each person will need to solve on their own. Obviously, dealing with those issues is what causes an individual to raise their vibration. So maybe having a machine to do it would make human sublimation more difficult. Maybe that’s why Med Bed focuses on healing the body.


 1. Up to three times. Right now, the only thing the bed can’t do is make the age go backwards by more than three times, because brain cells can’t be larger than two retrogrades. 

2. Belief. Some people seem to believe that healing has to do with our will and all the hardships this implies. They may believe they need to resist miraculous healing. Everyone decides to believe in things like this and we must respect their beliefs. 

3. Free will. Everyone has free will. For those with negative thoughts, they can leave the Med Bed session and be back the next day because of their way of thinking. Some people enjoy their difficulties and pain. Med Beds and the new land are not here to change people the way you want them to. This technology is here to support physical health and vitality. Every soul’s choice is to think, feel, and behave in a certain way in order for that soul to experience that particular life, and interfering with that choice of experience is against universal law.


1. Age regression. The Secret Space program hasn’t perfected the technology to deal with the effects of aging on the brain. Age recovery is a very different process than healing. The technology works differently during age regression than it does during healing. Today, if age is reduced more than three times, memory loss, scar tissue and problems with nerves and motor skills are more likely.

2. Regression limit by age. You can safely perform age regression twice. For the third time, brain cells begin to die.


1. Pets. The bed is also suitable for pets, including all animals, dogs, cats, horses and any living thing for that matter, all animals can benefit from Med Bed technology.


1. Lifestyle. People may need to be educated on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that they are not dependent on technology. It’s like if you go through a treatment and then you keep going back and doing all the things you did, your results can start to fade. And yes, it will be necessary to make better lifestyle choices in many cases.

2. Shelf life. You cannot choose to live forever. It can regress no more than three times after brain cells begin to die. You will need a soul transfer to continue. 

3. 100 years +. Correct. You can live more than 100 years and be healthy. In fact, humans can live more than 200 years

4. Frequency. Frequency and energy patterns access DNA and how it is geometrically arranged. DNA itself is an antenna that derives its frequency/energy from the primordial source (field). Therefore, each person is specific in their individual expression of origin, and even physical appearance is an expression of their personal appearance. Being open to receiving blessings is VITAL.

Q&A about Med Beds: Q & A about Med Beds | Everything You Need to Know about Everything You Need to Know about Med Beds (video) – American Media Group (

  • Med Beds are extremely advanced medical technology. At first med beds will only be available to specific healing centers and not available to purchase for your own clinic or home. Like all advanced medical technology there is quite a bit of training needed to safely use it including a substantial amount of knowledge regarding biological, medical, disease, etc.
  • Use of a Med Bed requires 12 to 18 months of training. When they are first rolled out, it will be used only by professional medical staff trained by the military personnel.
  • For some time people will not be able to purchase a Med Bed for personal use. They will be used on a triage basis, so the real sick take priority.
  • When they are made public, each country will have a central center where you book an appointment for the consultation which will involve a medical history, full body exam, etc then your information will be entered into a quantum computer in which the computer will decide based on urgency and what you are having done as to when you use the bed in a center nearest you.
  • Trump has said that with introduction of Med Beds “within a year’s time or so almost all hospital procedures will be obsolete.”
  • Every city will have many medical beds and Tesla chambers capable of healing and repairing DNA along with curing all ailments. Like Age regression, up to 30 years.
  • No more Cancer, Autism, Alzheimer, Fibromyalgia (fi·bro·my·al·gi·a) a condition that causes joint pain all over the body, sleep problems, fatigue, brain injuries, emotional and mental distress, and many other deficiencies such as Downs Syndrome.
  • Med Beds are being set up in specialized healing centers away from the current health care system. When the Med Beds and other advanced healing tech is disclosed hospitals, big pharma, etc will be phased out.
  • The clinic will be run by the militaries medical departments. Later down the track, there will be courses and job openings.
  • A person cannot operate medical technology without knowledge of medical procedures. See the issue is, say you have a patient come in that is in heart failure or has severe injuries from a car accident, you need to know initial first aid, you need to know how to treat and handle that patient especially in the waiting area, etc. What if someone as your sedating them goes into cardiac arrest, etc. You need to know how to read certain anomalies the bed is picking up. Many people talking about using the beds don’t understand its MEDICAL technology and they think all they have to do is push a single button. It’s not like that at all.
  • There will be pre and post counseling depending on what you are having done.
  • There will be no cost to use a Med Bed. Costs are covered by NESARA funds.
  • Med Beds are being replicated using advanced etc technology. They can make I believe something like 1,000 per day.
  • Basically procedures last anywhere between a few minutes to about 15 hours depending on what your having done. So you ring your national centre and they will set up the initial consultation with your nearest center, when you get to the consultation they will go through medical history, you will have a full body scan usually wearing a type of hospital gown that only last a few minutes, then they will discuss the findings of the scan and then your details and results and what you want done will all be entered in the computer.
  • The computer will decide on where you will be placed on the list and you will be notified of your treatment date, time and place.
  • On the day of your treatment, when you arrive you’ll be asked to change into a gown and given a light sedative then when you get on the bed, a sleeping gas will be released and this gas will keep you asleep for the duration of your treatment. When the treatment is complete you will be moved to the recovery area and seen by medical professionals and counselors depending on what type of procedure you had.
  • Med beds can repair anything from teeth to hair to eyes to organs to joints to muscles, they can re-grow limbs and repair spinal damage. They can also age regress someone by approximately 30 years while keeping all memories and knowledge. The only thing that the beds can’t do is age regress someone more than three times as the brain cells are not great for more than three times.
  • Prosthesis in the body will be removed by the Med Bed and dissolved so real healing can be carried out.
  • Basically if you are 60 years old now and you age regress 30 years, you will be exactly as you were when you were 30.
  • All Med Beds work on all biological life including animals, plants, humans. It’s based on DNA not species.
  • The quantum computers of the beds and the full body scanners use the vibration frequency of the person to determine whether or not they are a candidate and or if they need counseling etc.
  • Everyone is given a sedative before going in the bed then put to sleep for the duration of the treatment whether that be for a few minutes or 15 hours. Claustrophobia is no issue.
  • Healing in a Med Bed is immediate. You go in at 70 and come out at 40. During your first consultation they will discuss and former injuries, genetic anomalies etc. They generally can be done at the same time.
  • They have not perfected the technology to deal with the effects on the brain from age regression. Age regression is a very different process than healing. The technology works differently in age regression than it does for healing. At the moment if you age regress more than three times, dementia, scar tissue, neurological and motor skills issues become more likely.
  • Med Beds are based on your vibration. If you are not willing to heal the mental or emotional pain, the healing of the physical body will be pointless as the mind still wants to be in pain. The computer is unbiased and removes all emotions and feelings and potential aggressive people wanting to push in and use it first. It is done this way, so people need to improve their mental state and believe it or not that’s exactly what humans are here for. To learn to deal with life’s challenges.
  • The priority for people to go into the Med Bed: they will take the most severe cases first based on triage, so the ones closest to death will obviously go first then it filters down from there.


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