News Today – May 26, 2023


Let the SNITCHENING & the BACK-STABBENING commence! 🍿👀🍿

JPMorgan is accusing former US Virgin Islands First Lady, Cecile de Jongh, of being a primary conduit in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking in a new filing. 😯

– She managed his companies & received $200K from him in 2007 alone.

– Epstein paid for her children’s tuition.

– She helped obtain visas for a few of his victims & arranged enrollment for them at the university.

– She asked Epstein for his approval on a bill before the USVI legislature to increase monitoring of sex offenders.

– She helped Epstein maintain a good relationship with the USVI Port Authority & facilitated a plan to make travel easier for Epstein.

-Liz Crokin

JPMorgan says former US Virgin Islands first lady sought visas for Jeffrey Epstein victims



JPMorgan lays off 1,000 First Republic bank employees in ‘four-minute, scripted phone call’ three weeks after acquiring the bank

A THOUSAND comms! 💣👀💣

JPMorgan lays off 1,000 First Republic bank employees in ‘four-minute, scripted phone call’ three weeks after acquiring the bank

At least 1,000 Amazon workers to walk off job over return-to-office mandate, layoffs

Elon Musk has chopped Twitter down to about 1,000 employees

Lyft will cut 1,000 jobs in upcoming layoffs

Reliance JioMart Begins Layoffs, Sacks 1,000 Employees



We’NO’Work no more. 😜😁😂

WeWork CEO Adam Neumann steps down

WeWork CFO To Step Down A Week After CEO’s Surprise Resignation



Allie Bones

[DS} puppets getting their strings clipped.

Problems in Kartel Katie’s Kamp.👇🏽😜

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs chief of staff Allie Bones resigns

Soros-Backed US Prosecutor Resigns After Lying Under Oath, Concealing Crimes

Villanueva tests positive for Covid




Somebody came a lil too close with the hot blow dryer while doing avatar pedo Joe’s wig! 😜😁😂🤣

Best Supporting Actor



They are literally telling the public the TRUTH! 👁

Pedo Jack has indeed hit the road.



Elon Musk’s Neuralink gets FDA approval for human test of brain implants



2 thoughts on “News Today – May 26, 2023

  1. I don’t believe the deep state is crashing their own system. The good guys are to bring in the rainbow and quantum unhackable system.


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