By: Starship Earth

May 26, 2023: No Intermission in the “Movie”


As we grow chubby on too much popcorn, we find it’s finally Friday and the news hasn’t slowed down. In fact, it’s ramping up. We are seeing Gitmo flights in the call signs, new candidates injected into the American election-that-never-ends, and the promise of DECLAS?

Does “unsealed” = DECLAS? The crew singled this out. Video on Telegram.

Again, keep an eye on NK action soon. Trump didn’t cover the seal for nothing.

Remember…DJTrump booted the CIA out of N Korea.


UNSEALED.  As in declassified?


Let’s wait and see

— realTX_PATRIOT (@realTX_PATRIOT) May 25, 2023

What did Q have to say about “DECLAS”? A lot. Check out the posts.

A decode we DO know is… MAGA = Many are getting arrested.

There is justice—and we want more.

This is surprising, particularly as NBC News published it. Q told us all about “infiltration”, but we didn’t think it applied absolutely everywhere, especially the military. That was very bad news.

Oath Keepers founder sentenced to 18 years in Jan. 6 seditious conspiracy case

There’s more.

John Solomon @jsolomonreports

·  Watch: Oath Keepers member Jessica Watkins sentenced to 8.5 years in prison for role in Jan. 6 riot

Oath Keepers member Jessica Watkins sentenced to 8.5 years in prison for role in Jan. 6 riot

A Washington Federal Court sentenced Oath Keepers member and Army veteran Jessica Watkins to eight and a half years in prison on Friday for her participation in the January 6 Capitol riot. Watkins was…

href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>

There is no official “big announcement” from Kari Lake as of press time, but there is this… which does make mention of the poor job Sinema has done for the People of Arizona. Qincidence?

Arizona has some of the worst inflation in the country.

Our families are being hurt by @JoeBiden‘s reckless spending & are looking for representatives who will restore some fiscal sanity to this country & avert this debt crisis.

Naturally, @SenatorSinema is nowhere to be found.

— Kari Lake (@KariLake) May 26, 2023

Interesting data posted on government website mentions GCR and QFS. It’s not just a bunch of baloney, folks. Trusted sources tell us it’s the real deal. It may not look the way we expect, but it will break at the right time.

Official mention by a US Govt agency about the GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET (GCR) and QUANTUM FINANCIAL SYSTEM (QFS) “currently running parallel” to the international (SWIFT-based) banking system. From a document hosted on the Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC) ( (

See it on Telegram.

Here’s a charming sampling of Humanity à la Walmart. This is why they’re closing 21 stores this year. Tainted produce.

Sorry to say that in my experience, Walmart lacks a positive vibe. I avoid going there unless it’s absolutely necessary because I’ve seen too much online and experienced some stuff on my rare trips there. I hope they close them all and flush ’em down the memory hole.

WOW!!!! Walmart is having a produce sale…. I’m going to head there after work today.

— Rob/1865 (@Rob1865_) April 28, 2023

Winding down for the week…

Eli wants everyone to know he’s feeling better. Still itchy, but better. He’s eager to go for his walks and brings us toys and wants to play and he appreciates the love and thoughtful comments to speed his recovery. Now that all the fluff is gone I have my little chicken sausage back because Eli is lean and mean and very svelte and looks good in the latte colour, in my opinion. Dare I say it? Dark to Light.

Have a great weekend, all, and Memorial Day on Monday in the US of A. A time to honour the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice. We won’t ponder the horrible waste of Human life and the tragedy of the suffering for long. It’s just too painful. We will focus on preventing war from happening again.  ~ BP

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