The Energy of Lemuria Rising: Is it in you? – May 26, 2023


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Master Guide Kirael, through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling,

KIRAEL: When I speak of Lemuria rising, I am speaking of the energy of Lemuria inside you, waiting to rise up through your heart chakra to the surface of your being. You will know when that happens, because your heart will answer your questions.

In the third dimension, fear has been the predominant force motivating your every move. Doing the journey of moving from fear to love-the balance of duality-has served you well in your evolution. Anger is a byproduct of fear that causes you to say things you don’t mean to say. You might think that it is all right or necessary to unburden yourself by speaking in anger, but you’d be wrong. Nothing ever needs to be said in anger. When you speak angrily from fear, stop and remind yourself that the fear is just part of your journey, evidence of your lack of understanding of what you really wanted to say. You will learn that whatever you want to say can be said with kindness and without forethought. 

Wars are started because of angry emotions. There’s enough anger in the world. You don’t have to add anything to it. In fact, if you add any more anger to this world, it will tip over and burn. I’m exaggerating to make a point. You may feel that it is human to be angry, but you must also consider that it is more human to be kind.

Soon you will be entering a new world, where anger will be a thing of the past. The Shift in Consciousness is moving in on the Earth plane and you will have to find a way to make love the predominant force in your life. Lemuria rising is about activating and raising the Lemurian energy within your new blue/green heart chakra so that you speak without anger or fear and, in truth, without making excuses for anyone. This is an evolutionary process, just as it was in Lemuria. 

You will learn to raise your heart energy to the same level of understanding of love and light that the Lemurians experienced in their end times.[1] At that point, your journey of moving from fear to love will have been replaced with the journey of moving from love to light. Fear will no longer be part of the journey. If We the People were living that life now, having changed your energies into love, no one on this plane of consciousness would suffer. Embrace your Lemurian energy and help change the world.

You Are Getting Better Every Day

Your DNA plays a role in this journey of raising your Lemurian energy. The body of a third-dimensional being has two strands of DNA, but when you move into the fourth dimension, you will have four strands of DNA vibrating, the fourth strand being golden. Fourth-dimensional people live through their Lemurian energy. They glow around their ears and the tops of their heads, much like Master Jesus did. So, on this plane of consciousness, if you see someone glowing, you’ll know he or she is a fourth-dimensional being, a being living through his or her Lemurian energy.

In the fourth dimension, like the fifth, sixth, seventh, etc., no disease exists. In those dimensions, we can choose to leave, and when we do, we just say goodbye and head out on another journey, no drama or trauma. So raise your Lemurian energy. You will get a new body and a new way of using your body that will strengthen your soul, because your heart will be the boss of your body.

Q: Would you elaborate on the impact of the Lemurian energy on our DNA?

KIRAEL: At this point in time, your DNA strands are bigger and stronger than they’ve ever been. If you were to examine it with a microscope, you’d see a shadow on your DNA. That shadow would be the two extra DNA strands that your scientists call “junk” DNA. You don’t have “junk” DNA. They call it “junk” DNA because they can’t figure out what it’s there for. Everything in your body is important. That so-called “junk” DNA is your ticket to the fourth dimension. That’s the Lemurian energy that will rise to the occasion, so to speak. Your cellular body consists of seventy trillion cells, all of which have DNA strands in them. Those DNA strands have genes inside them that can be turned on and off. Your blueprint is in those DNA strands. Hence each cell in your body has your blueprint in it, the signature cell part of the DNA.

If you succeed in raising your Lemurian energy, you can control your DNA. On this dimension, your blueprint contains everything pertaining to your journey. Let’s say the genes within your DNA contain cancer. You might say, “I’m sixty and I have cancer in my shoulder. Why did I get this cancer?” You got cancer because you put that journey in your DNA before you got into this body process. So, your DNA, in accordance with your blueprint, clicked on this cancer in your shoulder. You can attack the cancer with radiation, but if you don’t turn the cancer gene off in your DNA, the cancer will show up somewhere else in your body. 

If you die from the cancer, then that’s the way you chose to get out of here. You’ll leave and do another journey. If you get cured of the cancer with a clean bill of health, that’s because you turned off those cancer genes. You can turn them off just as easily as you turn them on, but you must be in touch with your Lemurian energy so that you can speak to your DNA.

Q: Can raising the Lemurian energy within help me to keep from getting sick?

KIRAEL: Yes. At the moment, you have diminished that Lemurian energy with fear. You must get past this belief that you’re getting weaker, because that’s why you’re getting weaker. Be aware that your body is now radiating from inside your heart chakra, not your physical heart, but your heart chakra. Think strong thoughts about your body. You can’t raise your Lemurian energy if you’re thinking negative thoughts, nor can you heal yourself. You must be able to speak to your DNA and the only way you’ll do that is through the voice in your head, your thoughts. You don’t have to speak out loud. You must speak to your DNA by intention in order to shut sickness off. You turned the sickness on. Now you have to turn it off. That’s the truth. Go to whatever part of your body is bothering you and speak to your DNA.

Fear is still the overriding factor in this dimension. The Lemurian energy rising says you’ll get through this journey. Understand that the fear is what you’re living with now. Get your heart into this journey. You must find something every day that says you’re getting better. If you say you’re weak, you’ll be weak. You don’t have to do that. Use your Lemurian energy by saying, “I am getting better every day.”

Live from Your Heart Chakra

Q: Can you offer some guidance on how the relationship between the emotional and spirit bodies helps in raising the Lemurian energy?

KIRAEL: Your bodies connect to the love in your heart chakra, which lies underneath your emotional, mental and physical bodies. You can take that love and travel from the emotional body and push through the mental body from the left brain into the right brain, until you get to the spirit body, which must be engaged in this journey. You have always sought to get your heart into this journey, but you were focusing on the physical heart in your chest. Let that idea go. Your love is in your new blue/green heart chakra-the main force of this journey-because that is the only place your love is safe from your actions in the world.

Your heart chakra is the most important part of you and when it dies, you die. It can shut your physical heart off in an instant. That’s when it wants to get your attention. It needs you to understand, “I am your heart. I am the heart of this journey.” Your spiritual, mental and emotional bodies know where your love is, but your physical body doesn’t want to know about it, because that would make the physical body responsible for your love and it doesn’t want that responsibility.

If you lived from your heart chakra, where your Lemurian energy is, you would speak differently and people would respond to you differently. When you spoke, your emotion would come out of your heart chakra-which only knows love-and into your voice and out through your eyes, and so on and so forth. In other words, that emotion would permeate your being and the surrounding energy, and people wouldn’t care about things such as your physical appearance. They would understand that your physical appearance is a projection of your understanding of this third-dimensional journey. More importantly, you wouldn’t focus on your physical appearance, either.

Your heart chakra is filled with love and light. It doesn’t get angry. When you’re angry, your heart chakra pulls itself in tighter. So, if you go home to a raging spouse or partner, just raise your heart energy. If you feel the love, that’s all you need. Show your heart to everybody. Your heart never falters.

Lemurian Energy Rising in Your Familial Relationships

Q: What are the benefits of raising our Lemurian energy when it comes to our family members who are into drama and disapprove of our spirituality?

KIRAEL: When you raise your Lemurian light, you will understand everyone around you and you will know how to love them without letting them drag you down. If you raise your love and move it outside of your body, you will feel it go into your relatives’ hearts rather than bounce off of them. If they persist in their anger or other dramas, you can walk away from that energy. Family members are just other people in your journey. Blood does not create the ties that bind, love does. Your family is whom you choose to be with in this time and space, so it need not be a biological family. It could be your group of friends. When you are free of your family dramas, you will be love. When you epitomize love, you might cry a tear or two for your family members, but you won’t be worried about them. 

When you get involved in family dramas, you take yourself outside of that Lemuria rising energy, because your family members, who are angry with you and who may not be spiritual, diminish your love. They may feel that spirituality is not a good journey at all, because they’re afraid of it. Your love is the only thing that makes any difference, so let your family members do their own journey. All you have to do is feel the love for them. You can move away from their journey, if their journey doesn’t serve you. You don’t have to do anything with your family that you don’t want to do. Your love is the only thing that matters. Get out of that family drama as soon as you can and go to the world of love, where you know you’re safe.

Practice by closing your eyes, reaching out, and letting your love flow out of your chest. Move it to the person next to you and push it into his or her heart. Now, from your heart to that person’s heart, feel your love. This is love in its purest light. Nothing more is required of you.

Q: Is the vibration of our Lemurian family name tied into our DNA, and if so, do we carry that same DNA with us as we evolve lifetime after lifetime?

KIRAEL: Yes to both parts of that question. Those of you who know your Lemurian family name, sound it out until you do so to perfection. That name represents your first strands of DNA in the fourth light.

Lemurian Energy Rising: From the Famous to the Unknown

Q: Did Albert Einstein have his Lemurian energy rising?

KIRAEL: Albert Einstein’s Lemurian energy was raised and he kept it raised. He was a genius, because he had four strands of DNA vibrating and he was living through his Lemurian energy. If you’re a lightworker, you have the capacity to be a genius, because you have four strands of DNA. If you aren’t functioning as a genius, then you haven’t raised your Lemurian energy enough to fully activate those four strands. The four-stranded DNA allows you to pray with power and to go into a deep meditation, where you find all your answers in love.

I repeat: With meditation, you can activate your four strands of DNA. You can live your Lemurian energy by raising it to its apex and maintaining it. Albert Einstein always looked as if he were stunned. That’s because he was a walking meditation. He meditated 24 hours a day, every day. He’d come out long enough to talk to someone about his work and then go back into meditation. That’s how he maintained the Lemurian energy within. He never had that many friends, because he couldn’t understand why people were always angry. He was never angry. He pretended to be angry to get people’s attention. You will find all this out eventually, because Einstein will be representing himself in the fourth dimension.

Q: What is the meaning of birthmarks? I have a birthmark in the shape of Lemuria, so I’ve been told.

KIRAEL: Birthmarks are a reminder of something. You were born into this light as a Caucasian, so you had to be reminded of your Lemurian ancestry. That mark on your arm reminds you that your soul is Lemurian. Your soul energy will move you through this journey into the fourth light. Work at living from that Lemurian energy within. Know in your heart that you are Lemurian. Sometimes when you do Hawaiian chants, you squeak a little because you’re not chanting from your heart. When you chant from your heart, your chants are in perfection because you are in touch with your Lemurian energy. Capture those moments of connecting to your heart even when you’re not chanting.

Diamond Energy Power Sources

Q: What is the correlation between the crystal pyramid in Lemuria, the pyramid of Giza in Egypt, our galactic brothers, and the Lemurian energy rising?

KIRAEL: First, a little history: The crystals associated with the pyramids are diamond at the core. The first such crystal ever on this plane was located in a spot just south of Morocco in North Africa. The crystal was about two feet high. With your Lemurian energy raised, you will be able to locate and work with these crystals, whose role will be amplified in the fourth light.

The diamonds associated with these pyramids have one facet, which is perfect for the Lemurian journey. These are not the sorts of diamonds that are meant to be worn. These diamonds can be cooled, heated, and used as electricity. As you move into the fourth dimension, these diamond crystals will be the basis of this journey. All the power sources will be run through these diamond energies. You will not wear diamonds, because you will appreciate your bodies without needing such adornment. If you do get a diamond, you’ll want to write on it.

These one-facet diamonds are powerful and have a consciousness. They’re working to build up the computer system, since you will have to work with this power in the fourth dimension. Your galactic brothers and sisters know where every one of them is located on this planet. Find out what you can do for your brothers and sisters of the galactic empires. They’re looking for people who genuinely want to get involved with this journey of writing on these diamond crystals. Raise your Lemurian energy and you can connect with the galactic forces and get started on this journey. The crystal pyramid in Lemuria or Hawaii is located off South Point on the Big Island. The pyramid at Giza has a sole diamond crystal deep beneath the Earth and is the galactic portion that will be brought into this journey.

Meditate for Five Minutes a Day

Q: Did the recent solar flare strengthen the energy of Lemuria rising?

KIRAEL: It was probably one of the most powerful flares you ever had over here, but not from a standpoint you’d understand. It was really about the Lemurian energy rising. The flare awakened the Lemurian energy in every person in this world. It came into this journey and engulfed the entire Earth plane. Your Lemurian energy was raised so that your heart would be able to feel you again. In other words, your heart started to tighten. I’m not speaking of your physical heart, but your etheric heart, which got a little stronger. You will get through this journey and into the fourth dimension, where you and everything else will be about love. The light is inside your chest, in your heart chakra. The solar flare was a perfect journey for you to get your etheric heart a little bit stronger. Another flare is coming up right behind it.

Q: Can we ease the journey of Lemuria rising that was activated by the solar flares?

KIRAEL: I may sound like a broken record, but if you want to ease any journey, you must learn to pray and meditate, if only for five minutes a day. Meditation and prayer go hand in hand. They’re like your right leg and your left leg. You can’t get anyplace on this journey without your legs. Your left leg is the prayer and your right leg is the meditation. Do your prayers and meditations and you’ll know and understand what you’re doing.

You live two lives over here: an awakened state and a sleep state. Which is the more powerful? You might jokingly say, “Well, my awakened state is probably not doing anything at all,” and you’d find it’s not a joke, because your awakened state has been programmed. Your sleep state, however, is where the beauty happens for you. You get into your sleep state with meditation energy. You might ask, “How does that work, Master Kirael? I didn’t know I was meditating to get to my sleep state.” Yes, you were. That’s how you get to sleep, so that your spirit can travel at night. You can’t get to sleep or come back into this journey from your sleep state without meditation.

Consciously do the journey by using the four pillars of the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating.[2] They represent the basics of the fourth dimension. Using all ten Principles–from Truth to Masterminding–will be even more empowering.

Think Good Thoughts

Q: When the Lemurians were transitioning, the Creator sang a song that all the Lemurians heard. When it’s time, will we all hear that song again?

KIRAEL: If you want to hear that song, just pick up a dodecahedron, put it to your ears and listen to it. You will hear God’s song. When your Lemurian energy is raised to its apex, you won’t need a crystal to hear that song.

Q: How will we know we’ve accomplished raising our Lemurian energy permanently?

KIRAEL: If you can be in love 100 percent of the time, no anger ever, then you will know you are Lemurian. Love is the only answer you’ll ever have. You will feel what I’m talking about when your Lemurian energy is engaged. When someone speaks angrily, at that point, he or she is not raising the Lemurian energy, but diminishing it. You can’t be angry and be in love.

When you come across an angry person, listen to him or her. That person could have Lemurian energy rising, but is just on a slight downhill coast at that time. When the person finishes being angry, just say, “I love you.” When you love everybody, because you don’t see anything wrong with anybody, you will have raised your Lemurian energy to its height.

Q: Will the Lemurian energy rising affect our thoughts?

KIRAEL: Thought is the wholeness of the fourth dimension. When your Lemurian energy is raised, your thoughts will be, too. It is a conundrum, sort of like the chicken and the egg: which came first? Must you change your thoughts to raise your Lemurian energy? Yes. Will your thoughts be changed and cleansed when you raise your Lemurian energy? Yes. Thought is everything in the fourth dimension. If you want to fly, swim underwater without breathing equipment, eat, etc., it will be all about your thoughts. Start now. Think good thoughts all the time and feel your Lemurian energy rise to the surface of your being and then feel your thoughts get centered even more firmly in your heart chakra. You cannot separate your thoughts from your Lemurian energy, and vice versa.

Q: How would we collectively spread this Lemuria rising energy to other folks who may not be aware of it?

KIRAEL: You must practice awakening the Lemurian energy in yourself. If you live through the energy of Lemuria, if you let that energy rise up and out of you, it will affect others, and, in that way, you may be able to help awaken it in others. Try this: Each day, close your eyes, take a deep breath and do a five-minute meditation. See the glow around yourself, feel your love and light, and separate your spirit from your body. Bring your spirit outside yourself and turn it around to face your body. Since your eyes are closed, you will see through the energy or consciousness of your spirit self. Look at your body, face, hair, and shoulders, then look into your soul and see your Lemurian energy rising. By doing this, you can go anyplace and to any point in time. That’s how you can spread this energy.

Closing Statement

You came here to hear what was rising from Lemuria and you found out that you are rising from Lemuria. Lemuria is just a word until you understand that your words have increased importance in the fourth light. You have a heart that is not your physical heart, but an etheric heart, a heart chakra. Pull it in and then push it out and feel your Lemurian energy rising. My heart is bigger than anything you’ve ever seen and your heart is the same size as mine. Don’t just know it as an intellectual exercise. Feel it, too.[1] In the end times of Lemuria, the people had completed their evolutionary process, meaning that they had completed their journey through all three of their evolutionary periods: First Life, Common Time, and Transition, each of which was comprised of three “souljourns” known as First Life, Common Time, and Transition. See Kirael: Lemurian Legacy for The Great Shift by Fred Sterling for more information.[2] The four pillars are Prayer, Meditation, Sleepstate Programming, and Masterminding. For further reading on the the Four Pillars, please see Kirael: The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating or Guide to the Unseen Self by Fred Sterling. For more information on The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating in general, click here .

About Kahu Fred Sterling

For more than 20 years, Kahu Fred Sterling has served as the exclusive medium for Master Guide Kirael, a seventh dimensional guardian spirit. He is the author of several books , including Kirael: The Great Shift, Kirael: Lemurian Legacy for the Great Shift and Kirael: The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating and shares his messages around the world via workshops , articles , audio recordings , and webcasts on Kahu Sterling is also a master healer and pioneer of the Signature Cell HealingTM modality.


8 thoughts on “The Energy of Lemuria Rising: Is it in you? – May 26, 2023

  1. I wish these writers would stop making 5D sound like the Garden of Eden…we can still get sick, there are still viruses, we will still be vulnerable to OUR OWN ENERGY. If we’re negative, you can bet a virus or illness can take hold. Even in 6D.
    They set the bar so high that when we reach out 100% download of 5D we’re going to be disappointed.
    Life will be the same,but easier. Less emotional strife, it will be easier to let go of negativity because of our consciousness. But sadness will still happen, we’ll still get frustrated… we’ll just let it go quicker than before.

    Through past life regression I learned that I came here as a light worker BECAUSE of a virus orchestrated on a 6D planet, 2 lifetimes ago. Maybe all the reptilians will be annihilated by the time we hit our 100% so the paradise will be a reality. 🤷🏻‍♀️


    1. I kinda agree with the tenor of this comment. 5D is not the ultimate end-all for our society. Things a LOT better? Sure thing, but not absolutely perfect. Much negativity will leave, yet some will remain, but this will start to leave as well! So…get ready for a beautiful ride into an incredible future where even more expansion is available…😊🌹💕


    2. You cannot KNOW the higher dimensions until you finally arrive (such as
      as the worm inside the cocoon before it completes its
      metamorphosis and becomes the MONARCH butterfly). It is Mother
      Nature’s greatest hidden mystery. To those who want this life of
      freedom from all the trappings of the Matrix, one must, above all, decisively
      desire to flee/escape from it. Confusion and Chaos are a good thing because
      it will drive one to look for a better way, a Higher Way, toward transfiguration of the soul. Christ’s answer demands our attention: You must born TWICE.


  2. How to See Your Aura: 1. Go into a room that is dimly lit, like the bathroom.
    Make sure the background you are standing in front of is WHITE I turn off all lights except for my Himalayan salt lamp. Look at yourself
    in the mirror..RELAX. Then, voile, your aura immediately can be seen…I do not know what the colors mean per se, but just now it was lavender and white ??????


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