The Coming Mass Exodus of Illegal Aliens From America – by Mr.Ed (with additional comments by researcher Ernie) – May 25, 2023


The Coming Mass Exodus of Illegal Aliens From America – by Mr.Ed (with additional comments by researcher Ernie)

I worked on a 65′ schooner in a San Diego boat yard for 2 years 20 years ago. I saw with my own eyes the border was wide open back then even.

The left agenda is to dilute America to bring it down to the same level as a 3rd world country. Today not only is the border still wide open…fake Joe is bussing and flying them into cities all over America.

They even get jobs and a cell phone and cash. It just keeps getting worse and worse. Some people can’t be told…they must be shown. This is all part of the movie to wake the sleepers.

It is a big problem and it is getting worse all the time. 
But there is a simple plan to fix it and it is perfect. It cracks me up every time I think about it.

I get a visual and it is hilarious. 
I heard this once from the Q camp. I didn’t make it up and I never heard it again. But I think this is the plan.

Under NESARA law (which is soon to occur and be announced to the public) there will be funding for all.

But NESARA is only for American citizens.

GESARA is the global version of the same thing.

Well, under this new global system is prosperity for all.

But you can only get it from your country of birth or citizenship…so all the illegal aliens here in the USA…will be making a mass exodus of this country to get back to where they came from as fast as they can go. And it won’t cost us a dime. lol 🤣

It will be so funny to watch as they all go back to Mexico over the fence and thru the water to go back home asap. And we don’t lift a finger to get it done. How perfect is that?

They can stay here if they want to…but they won’t get paid. So most will go back where they belong and stay there. 🙂 Mr.Ed


Further Comments by Researcher Ernie:

Yes! That is part of the plan.

They will be very wealthy in their own countries where they can relate to their friends and live amongst their peoples who will rebuild their nations into a much better place of living.

No more long distance phone calls because of the income discrepancies between America and other countries.

The best of luck who choose to go home…and those few who choose to stay will remain in their present situation of work and toil.

If those in other countries try to transfer monies into America, the new transparent system (QFS) will see it and block the transfer.



2 thoughts on “The Coming Mass Exodus of Illegal Aliens From America – by Mr.Ed (with additional comments by researcher Ernie) – May 25, 2023

  1. So, Here’s what I don’t get…are there really thousands of illegals coming here, getting cash and phones and jobs and homes free? As per this article, fake Joe is doing this….you know, the ‘movie’ that’s not suppose to be real?
    I know this has been happening for decades, it’s apparent if you are paying attention how they want to replace us with these illegals who have let their countries be taken over by these cabal and instead of changing that, they have run here but we know they were solicited by the cabal to come here, many with paid travel from all over the world to our border.
    I know Trump worked his best to stop this, but now that he is supposedly in charge, and that isn’t Biden there, is this still going on?
    I know they are saying these illegals don’t have to take the jab, but recently just removed the jab requirements for those coming legally here from Europe, but telling Americans they had to get the jab, so it’s not rocket science, anyone can figure out what they are doing.
    But they blame the fake Biden…here, and so, is this real or is this some fake news that all these people are coming across the border?
    I grow weary of them blaming fake Biden when we are to believe it’s Trump running this or the white hats are in control.


    1. My understanding is…when individual countries start their own prosperity programs, recipients will have to be “ in country”. If a Mexican immigrant us slated to receive mucho peso…he:she MUST be in Mexico to receive this! Mass illegal alien exodus! 🌹😊💕🎉

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