Kat Is The Sea – May 26, 2023


🇺🇸 Juan O Savin

Gaddafi had accumulated a vast amount of gold 
about $350 billion
that he had hidden away in Libya. 
It saved Gaddafi, who was negotiating with the Rothschilds.
He wanted to create a gold-backed currency in Africa
that would compete with other currencies around the world.
We went in & provided the Air cap 
& started this whole fight in Libya 
like Gaddafi had done all these terrible bad things.
Then it was just a matter of time for Gaddafi
who was captured & killed
on his way to exile at an island location.
When Gaddafi fell that gold was eventually located 
& taken out of Libya.
The gold was going to be laundered through 
American Barrick Gold Mining in Haiti, allegedly, 
where Hillary’s brother was on the Board of Gold Mining there.
HAITI is where Child Trafficking is taking place
on a very large scale.
After the earthquake we came in ‘to do good.’
A lot of people who went into Haiti did very well indeed
— trading children 💔



😼 There are no words vile enough 
castigating enough
or forswearing enough
for the vomitus traitor demon witch HRC 💥

Regards John McAfee
I believe he’s still alive.
He provided much of the materials
that are being & will be used 
at the Military Tribunals!
Some believe McAfee is Mr Pool ❤️🇺🇸

🇺🇸 Juan O Savin
BTW – Where’s McAfee? Is he actually dead? 
Where’s Epstein?
Do you allow them free somewhere
or do they go to what we call
some holding place that’s not able to be in communication
with the rest of the world
but is a community 
& then you can bring em out later on 😉



In response Ellen Caroline to her Publication

🐼 Are those Red Pandas?? Adorable.

Agree with your last sentence 💯🤢

Here’s what I know about “Z” 🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸



 Juan O Savin

There’s a slave bazaar in Tripoli, Libya,
that Gaddafi had shut down when he was alive.
One of my friends who was a Senior Officer
@ Wheelus Air Force Base told me
they would sell young blonde girls
that had been kidnapped from N Europe
& brought to Tripoli to be sold.
The guys @ Wheelus wanted to buy some of these girls
& get them home.
It wasn’t just girls, it was also boys.
But they were under standing orders not to go near that bazaar.
So what my friend & others did
they would get money to friends in Tripoli who’d go in there,
especially if it was a young vulnerable child
& buy them & get them out of the country.
They could only do a little & it was very hard.
There’s a Jewish saying,
“He who saves one life
it’s as though he saved the whole world.”
It’s a very emotional thing.
If there are children
being traded around the world for ANY reason
it’s the grossest, most horrid thing that can exist 💔




Juan talked about how very very dangerous
this was for the Soldiers to do.

I didn’t understand that
but IF they consider children
THEIR livestock
(& I NEVER consider animals livestock either, BTW, 
I think Animals & Children are Earth Angels
the closest thing to God there is on planet,)
then I can understand that this was
a dangerous operation.
Especially getting the babies OUT of the country.

There are 2 slave markets Juan has spoken about: Haiti & Tripoli.

Gene Decode also talked about Haiti
being one of the Child Trafficking hubs
& we know the Clintons run that one.

I can’t think of a punishment that suits this crime.
Death seems too easy 💥💔🕊


💯 The heroes in this effort, J5,
the ANGELIC warriors are COUNTLESS.

Most are unseen
& we won’t ever know their names & families,
but we remember them
in our hearts & blessings 24/7 🙏🏻🐾❤️🇺🇸🕊




🙏🏻 EXCELLENT questions.

Juan O Savin said HRC is another
hidden Rockefeller
like her ‘husband’ Bill Clinton
who is Winthrop Rockefeller & Pamela Harriman’s son 💥

NONE of the main minion players
are who we think they are
IF they’re human
& IF they’re even the sex we think they are?
They certainly don’t come from the
“family” we’ve been lied into believing 
they come from.

Hillary is ALL OVER 
the Nazi satanic DS demon Rockefeller Ops:
Council On Foreign Relations, etc.

Many of those are funded by the 
Rockefeller $ fueled “Lucis / LUCIFER Trust”
that has a swastika on its emblem
& that funds the U.N.
& Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, etc.

When we consider the fathoms deep of evil
it gives me such compassion & gratitude 
to QTeam for taking on this battle ❤️🕊

“Swamp” doesn’t begin to cover
this diabolic octopi matrix of slime
we have been imprisoned by for millennia 🤢




Im going to break this down simply.

Castle Rock means all the Big Bad shit goes down on BidAn Admin.

34 Buildings bombed, All Major Dams, Stock Market Crash. Major Cyber Attacks to shutdown Earth.

The Event starts with Water. Double Meanings Dams & Liquidity, Stock Market, Financial.

It is based on the 3 Day War “Bay Of Pigs”

Others have shown the 27th as the day the Election is flipped previously. Now the Scavino Comms. The Dog/Puppy Comms showing us today National Puppy Day.

There are massive Cyber Attacks coming to shutdown Earth.

Trains & Planes will be grounded/halted.

Prepare now for THE EVENT.

Kat Is TWhat follows the Event is the Activation of EBS & a 10 Day Worldwide Movie.


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