Uhaul truck used in White House attack ~ May 24, 2023


A U-haul truck crashed into barriers near the White House. It caused a massive law enforcement response with some area businesses put on lockdown.


Is the ‘Nazi’ Indian Who Crashed into the White House a False Flag? | 5/23/23

Upcoming BlazeTV co-hosts of “Normal World” Dave Landau and ¼ Black Garrett join the show today to discuss a possible false-flag event that occurred overnight in Washington, D.C. A 19-year-old “Nazi” of Indian descent is accused of trying to kidnap and inflict harm on President Biden.

He drove his U-Haul truck into a White House barricade with a Nazi flag in the back. President Biden has stopped doing DNA testing on children and families at the border, allowing drug cartels to easily traffic children into the country.

The LA Dodgers did a 180 after LGBTQ activists were not pleased that they barred the drag queen nuns from their “Pride Night” event next month. Now, the nuns are back and will be honored during the game. Bud Light is buying back its expired, unsold beer from retailers in an effort to keep its wholesalers happy.

Washington state is set to host an employee diversity training conference that will cost taxpayers roughly $83,000. The Washington State DEI Empowerment Conference will include talks on diversity, anti-racism, and equity.

A clout-chasing TikToker made videos expressing her approval of her grandmother’s impending death by euthanasia. Victoria’s Secret model Ali Tate Cutler shared her grandmother’s story to nearly 300,000 of her followers, claiming it will be a death with dignity.


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