Starship Earth: The Big Picture

May 24, 2023: Maintain Holding Pattern [videos]

We’re still holding the line, and through the trials and tribulations of the War to End All Wars, there are light-hearted moments and chuckles, warm, fuzzy bubbles of love volleyed back and forth between willing participants, and substantial efforts to quell the noise, confusion, fear, and frustration.

Life goes on, and it’s not all bad. In fact, I see signs it is improving. The eternal pessimists do not, but they will. Good things are manifesting. We are learning more about how our world functions and can therefore seize more control over it. We need no longer be at the whim of the psychopaths because we are honing our skills of co-creation and the People are waking up.

Even television programmes like Law and Order are using language like “psychopath”, and their scripts are ripped from our life; tormented trans kids, Human trafficking, sex cults. They have specifically used the NXIVM cult name in the script. They have covered fentanyl, prescription drugs causing violence, highlight problems with the justice system, witnesses are either threatened or taken out… there’s very little fiction involved any more.

The Earth Alliance has thought of everything in this grooming effort to de-programme Humanity and reveal the truth about the complete control of our civilization. I get constant texts and emails from Congressmen and women, Senators, representatives, all kinds of people I am not familiar with, expounding on a problem that needs to be addressed, requests to sign petitions, donations for campaigns so they can run in the election… every day—including Sunday. I don’t read them, I delete them, but I expect some do take them more seriously and it will draw them in.

For some time I have felt like we are waiting for something, and I still do. It’s a balancing act. As more information and connected people share what they have gathered over the years, it seems to be hard fact that we are awaiting our ascension while we are already part way there. The main event will be The Event, the Rapture, the Solar Flash… whatever one wishes to call it.

We spoke the other day about our spiritual evolution and why it is being handled this way; that it has never been done before, and if we subscribe to the intel of Yellow Rose for Texas channel, there will be a big party and celebration on the other end of it. It will be something new they have planned, she said, in honour of all of us coming home.

Last night I learned a lot more about our reality at a KKK meeting. Yup. Captain Kyle, Kelly, and Kerry K—and it was outstanding. Kerry explained so many things I’ve heard no one address before and it made sense and Kyle’s part in fleshing out the details is invaluable as we strive to make sense of everything; to parse the disinformation, the fear porn, and negativity, the misconceptions.

I highly recommend listening to this one. It got better and better as the minutes ticked by and there was a Q&A at the end. Overall it was very positive—of course. 2 hr. 15 min.

Capt. Kyle Patriots Podcast w Capt Kyle, Kelly & Kerry K – Ascension Frequency Timeline Wars 3D to5D

Our health and physical well-being has certainly come to the fore these past few years. The explosive reports from experts about the true nature of Covid and the mandated treatments and prevention the controllers engineered has been something no one can ignore.

We have a staggering new episode of “Watch the Water” with Dr. Brian Ardis and Stew Peters that is more mandatory than the clot shots. I first rewatched Part 1 from a year ago, and then the new one and was glad I did the review. The most effusive adjectives you can think of are almost too weak to describe this research.

You can watch both videos via the links below. I sat through most of both without words because they would have been inadequate. It’s unfathomable evil; the serpent’s last stand. These need to be shared.


PREMIERE: Watch The Water 2: Closing Chapter

As you probably noted at the end of the video above, there are manycures for Covid/snake venom poisoning. We now know that to declare a “pandemic” was unlawful and should never have been allowed to happen. Had we known more at the beginning and had the lying, treasonous media turds not done such a con job and coverup operation, there would not have been a scamdemic at all—but I believe that is one of the hard lessons we had to learn. It was all contrived on both sides.

Compounds that protect against snake venom poisoning:

Vitamin C
Bentonite Clay
Budesonide [nebulized]

So Covid wasn’t parasites? They too, could have been spread in the water. The research Dr. Ardis did was exceptional. We may have been confused by the fact that some prominent “celebrity doctors” like Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough and others were called into question when they refused to look at the research Dr. Ardis presented.

I recall Dr. Lee Merritt also mentioned Dr. Malone on one of her podcasts and questioned his integrity based on his background. Our discernment is in overdrive any more as we struggle to evaluate the messengers, their message, and potential ulterior motives.

You didn’t think we would get to the 5th density without going through boot camp, did you? Not a chance. By the time this is over we will be bench pressing the heftiest lies and disinformation like they’re feathers.

This article on Before It’s Newsrecommended by the crew has several videos about Covid and the jabs. Some believe there were parasites. Perhaps some had parasites and some had snake venom? Perhaps there were both weapons? It’s interesting that some of the same heavy hitters which address snake venom also kill or prevent parasites, don’t you think?

People are wiser and more engaged now and in Montana they want to make sure that only PureBloods are donating blood and tissue.

When Q said “Watch CA”, I couldn’t ignore the CANADA [CA] aspect of that, and the Great White Gulag has indeed played a pivotal role in our Great Awakening.

Now this. Outstanding. Link to Telegram.



I’m listening to a Patriot Underground interview with SG Anon who is doing remarkably well—better than he has been in quite some time since his surgery. He always makes good sense in his geopolitical updates and diffuses some of the confusion over the operations unfolding. Unfortunately, the end was cut short at the 1 hr. 28 min. mark just when they were discussing a theory about Project Bluebeam; the very theory I postulated some weeks ago. The Patriots are in control.

SG Anon Interview #6

The crew also points out that SG uploaded File 51 which may overlap some of the above but he’s our go-to guy for his unique insights, research, and even spiritual takes on our liberation.

Trump Conspiracy Charges Coming | WW3 Going Public | Major FF Events Being Staged | Hang On Tight

France is a very challenging place for patriots to live. Check this out. Link to Telegram.

France bans domestic flights with “alternative” train

As of today, France prohibits regional flights when there is an “alternative” train lasting up to two and a half hours, so it immediately affects air links between Nantes, Bordeaux, Lyon, and Paris-Orly.

This measure, included within the Climate Law approved in August 2021, is applied for three years; it indicates that train journeys must have “sufficient frequencies and adequate schedules”, while the connection must allow the passenger to be more than eight hours at the destination during the day.

In addition, the route of the rail service must be carried out between stations that serve the same cities as the respective airports in question.

“However, when the more important of these two airports, taking into account the average traffic registered in the last seven years, is directly served by a high-speed rail service, the station that will be taken into account for the application of the provisions of this section will be the one that serves this airport, “explains the decree.

In this regard, the French Minister of Transport, Clément Beaune, declared this measure “an essential step” and “a strong symbol in the policy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

“It is a world first and is fully in line with the Government’s policy of promoting the use of modes of transport that emit fewer greenhouse gases,” he stressed in a statement.

Fortunately, little Eli isn’t feeling quite so poorly today and I believe we can avoid another trip to emergency for hot spots. We got the topical lidocaine the doctor recommended, and along with the aloe which I scavenged from a neighbour’s yard and the colloidal silver and cortizone cream, he’s not quite as uncomfortable and is holding his own. No spread, no new spots. Lots of “air scratching” though, like he has a phantom limb, even on our walks.

We will be getting new fur/saliva diagnostics done to find out why he keeps having these problems but in the mean time, once I shave him down and deliver the annual “puppy cut” we give our Goldens when the hot weather and pool season arrive, without all the flowing locks we can keep a closer eye on the skin.

I anticipate the challenge will be to get Eli to stand for any length of time—and particularly for his first haircut. He rarely stands long term and prefers to lie down so he may be done in stages. Egads. He would look such a fright half done but we got to get down to those tighty whities; his undercoat.

A million thanks to all the loving hearts out there who shared their expertise and tried and true remedies. I’m learning a lot. I’ve never had such an itchy dog and Eli’s excessive hair loss has begun anew so there is definitely something off and we will resolve it. It could be a carry-over from his very early life as he wasn’t healthy when I got him just prior to 8 weeks. He was underweight and his coat was in poor shape but if he chose to incarnate at this time then he’s a warrior and we will persevere.

Cheers and see you next time.  ~ BP



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