Hot Rumor: Internet to Go Down by Thursday ~ May 24, 2023



6 thoughts on “Hot Rumor: Internet to Go Down by Thursday ~ May 24, 2023

  1. “The FDA says the internet will go down later this week”? What the hell does the FDA have to do with anything regarding the internet. Makes me suspicious of this post even if it is a “hot rumor”. What isnt a hot rumor on the internet anymore????

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  2. Well…Cindy, how are we gonna read or do anything to communicate without the internet? We certainly can’t read your blog.
    This doesn’t seem like a very ‘genius’ plan to me. According to David Wilcock, it was Val Thor’s plan…If the internet went down and phones, well what are people gonna have to watch? Or is there even gonna be electricity? Just seems like devolution instead of progress.
    I agree with Unicorn, why would the FDA be even ‘in the know’ or what do they have to do with it? It’s like a small town, gossip and rumors and they are the ones panicing? LOL, take down phones, internet and tv…what do you think is gonna happen? Think everyone is gonna stay home and turn their tv’s on to watch the news? The MSM? Oh, what’s next…
    this is a stupid plan. Sorry Val, or whomever is the architect of this plan.
    The christians just say ‘it’s the end times’, jesus is coming…
    The normies (NPCs) don’t watch alternative news or read alternative blogs) and most are consumed with work and their lives, unaware of what is going on. 4 out of 5 are NPC’s (non player characters) so they are programmed and what is the program gonna do in response to this?
    LOL, ok….it’s so ridiculous, I need an island…LOL

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    1. Ok… the point I recognize is that the global “takedown” will need some time to educate the masses about the change in finances! All so interesting, best things for me is to approach all with the best vibe! 😊🌹💕


      1. Ok…well, I guess you would have a little vacation from the blog then… 😉
        I just think with all their tech and how the bad ET’s are gone, and they supposedly arrested and executed or imprisoned most of all the human ones of the deep state, who’s left, and don’t understand the lockdown the whole world and expect everyone to stay inside. The shutting down of all the communications, and forced to watch ‘the new educational truth or whatever they plan on airing’….you think all the normies are gonna watch that? They may just pop in some DVD’s or play some video games…that’s what I’ll be doing. I wouldn’t want kids to see that, it will be disturbing that is if they actually air what these people have done, and that is what they should be doing.
        Well….I guess we shall see.


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