Goldilocks “The timing of everything coming together is impeccable and certainly not a coincidence” ~ May 24, 2023


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Goldilocks posted some news articles with comments:

“LCH SwapClear (originally London Clearing House) is a British clearing house group that serves major international exchanges.”

LCH SwapClear has just completed it’s transition from Libor to SOFR.

There were two parts to this transition. The second and final transition is now over.

This transition was a multi trillion dollar conversion into a collateralized lending service backed by real assets. The first transition was 43 trillion dollars worth of assets. The second and final transition was 43 trillion dollars of assets.

LCH SwapClear converted roughly 600,000 USD Libor contracts into SOFR which is the new reference rate in USD.

LCH clears several asset classes: “commodities, securities, exchange traded derivatives, credit default swaps, energy contracts, freight derivatives, interest rate swaps, foreign exchange and Euro and Sterling denominated bonds and repos.”,Sterling%20denominated%20bonds%20and%20repos.

Going forward, this allows Forex to trade foreign currencies inside a 100% Gold Backed Exchange System recently updated with standardized digital protocols.

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Back in late 2021, I shared with you that Fintech would be part of our new economy.

Now, we are witnessing the formalization of Fintech in the Banking System.

Fintech and the Banking System have signed formal agreements to determine who will do what and why.

This partnership will lead us forward in the new digital banking system and create innovative asset opportunities for their customers.

Artificial Intelligence will create pathways in and through economic scenarios run on a program to determine the most profitable path forward.

© Goldilocks


“Ripple Looking To Deploy $1,000,000,000 To Grow and Acquire Firms in Crypto Industry, Says Brad Garlinghouse”

Ripple is the banking coin that will be used in cross-border international trading around the world.

They are getting ready to give away a billion dollars worth of Ripple to liquidate the above venture.

This is coming at a time when Ripple and the SEC are finalizing their settlement case at any moment.

The timing of everything coming together is impeccable and certainly not a coincidence.

© Goldilocks


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2 thoughts on “Goldilocks “The timing of everything coming together is impeccable and certainly not a coincidence” ~ May 24, 2023

    1. Yes, yes, yes! Everything has happened before (the dark takedown w/emergence of the “good guys”).
      And everything happens for a reason…humanity makes it onward:upward NOW (No Other Way)!😊🌹💕🎉💝💓


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