FEEL GOOD Inside and Outside – May 23, 2023



Deep Breath… aaaah…




Keep your Vibes High, Thoughts Positive, Heart Full of Joy & Mind Full of Imagination!

Visualize your Most Desired Outcomes!

Continue to RISE.



Grand Rising Cosmic Sovereign Souls! The world is still at war, purging chaos, with intense Energy & disturbing disclosure flooding — but that doesn’t mean we cannot live today in our Heavenly quantum realm.

Old infrastructures have created human slaves with little time for personal pursuits but our lives upon Earth are not a waste of time. The tough challenges we’ve experienced makes us ready to help others who follow in our footsteps. No experience is ever wasted & there are many people in need of help.

As we move into higher dimensions, there will be others who wish to share & benefit from our experiences. Lightworkers have volunteered to drop down into the darkness to help others trapped in it. There is much satisfaction in helping our Soul Family find Light & start on their journey back home.

YOU signed up for this & you knew the job was dangerous when you took it. Welcome to the Great Awakening. ✨🙏🏽👁🤍✨



Forget assault weapons-

“Vaccines” are the real

smoking gun 💉 ☠️💉

Share if you agree!




Stop the hustle/chase for a moment & ground yourSelf in your growth.

There’s a lot going on between all of your goals, your thoughts, feelings & energy.

The next Level Up for you is in the Next Phase regardless of when you decide to turn the page.

Stepping into alignment before taking your Next Step IS the NEXT STEP.

ONE BREATH at a time.

Invigorate your Mental Space & BEing~ness.

Amplify your Physical Space & BEing~ness.

Balance your Emotional Space & BEing~ness.

Expand your Spiritual Space & BEing~ness.

Keep Clearing Old Beliefs & Blocks to Make Space > so that you Continue to RISE in the Most Organic Way.

This Next Phase is ALL ABOUT the Fulfillment of your Wildest Dreams.



We are beings of infinite potentiality, let’s learn together to maximise our use of the gifts we possess



Feeling a little nostalgic with some raw emotions today.

It’s easy to comfort others, as it is the core of who I am to support and nurture. The hard part is when I have needs. Or the desire to be cared for. 🙏🏻

A mentor reminded me today that there is lessons to be learned, always changes that can be made and higher places to reach. I accept that challenge today and choose to push forward in love and courage.

I love you all

We move forward in one heart ❤️



I’ve posted this before but this is a better quality video. ❌☠️❌

Hot dogs contain 2% human DNA.

2/3rd’s of the vegetarian hotdogs contained human DNA.

10% of the vegetarian hotdogs contained meat.

Watch a ball game. Eat a hot dog. Bon Appetit. 🤮

The Link Between Highly Processed Foods and Brain Health




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