EBS Coming Memorial Day Weekend? ~ May 23, 2023


By Danlboon, Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 23, 2023

EBS Coming Memorial Day Weekend?

What comments coming out are to be followed as there are some warning signs by a few, yet things like from Mr. Ed have not always come to fruition, so what comes first the EBS or the US Military actions?

Is the US Military going to be spoiling the Memorial Day Holiday weekend for many by taking their military actions and while many will not be at home or work to get the EBS to get home as the people in their travels will be out making matters worse for the military?

One text from USAFCC came out on Sunday is; “This is coming directly from command. The US military is under orders to take our country back on Memorial Day weekend if not before. The west coast will be hit the hardest as far as troops in the streets. Expect the emergency broadcast in the near future. Please stock up on 2 weeks of food and water. Follow instruction provided by the military. If instructed to stay indoors please stay indoors.”

It would be great to happen now as this is a 3 days weekend for the USA, but not for other countries, yet for the QFS to get into place prior to June 1 and the US CORP being shut down for the public to know while no government official should be in D.C. or government offices nationwide. June 19 would be the next holiday for a 3 days weekend.

The EBS should be best put out during the end of regular business hours for the East Coast on Friday, May 26 to get the most people to know what is going on and get home and not be on their travels going on thru Monday. 4 PM EDT is 1 PM PDT and most nationwide could hear then.

Many politicians and government employees may be taking Friday off altogether and will miss hearing the EBS as they will have no way to get home or to a TV or radio.

Posted: “50 Senators Were Issued Special Phones for an Expected Communications Blackout”

Were these the Patriot Senators or the Black Hat Senators that received them? And if the Black Hat Senators received them will they be led to a certain location for their arrest thinking it would be their safe house?

One item for me is if the EBS begins this weekend I will miss receiving my SSA Benefits that should arrive in my account on next Tuesday and I may have to wait till maybe June 5 or later to get anything.





2 thoughts on “EBS Coming Memorial Day Weekend? ~ May 23, 2023

  1. Great, here we go again…stock up folks, as if many of us can afford to buy food just for the week…and on a holiday…now they’re in a hurry?
    Oh…I think I’ll just enjoy my memorial day holiday, maybe roast my BarS hot dogs on the barbe and nothing will happen…we’ll see.


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