Oops! Late posting… – May 25, 2023


Hageman called it. First Democrat to speak:

“MAGA Republicans are a threat to the rule of law in America.”



Trump’s media company is filing a massive 3.78 billion dollar lawsuit against Jeff Bezos controlled Washington Post for publishing defamatory articles about Truth Social, Trump and Nunes. 👀

That’s a lot of money!









2 thoughts on “Oops! Late posting… – May 25, 2023

  1. Seems alot is going on now…it’s so funny, Ron Desantis is running for president and he came out with his wife and kids, his wife was dressed like Jackie O, I tell ya, she looked like she stepped out of the 60’s. She had a beehive hairdo and a cape dress…sorta pastel mint color…I haven’t seen those since the 60’s..LOL, He doesn’t even look the same.
    Anyway…hope everyone has a nice memorial day weekend, so far internet still working. I hope it continues to work and this movie can end without a hitch..a better way.


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