Love Yourself the Way You Were Always Meant to… – May 21, 2023


By: Laura Aboli

With the destruction of old beliefs and indoctrination, many of us are having to ‘start over’ to some degree.

Some have either chosen or been forced to make career changes, others have had relationship breakups and others have picked up and left their own country in search of a place where they could enjoy greater freedom.

It certainly takes courage and strength to make such changes and there’s pain and heartache invloved, but the reward is a greater sense of self-respect and self-love.

Standing by your ideals, principles and morals regardless of the consequences, will give you an incredible sense of pride, fulfilment and self-worth that you have probably never felt before.

This is priceless and it will make you fearless, which will in turn empower you to become a light, a beacon and a guide for others to follow.

You’ve done well my darling. Keep going!


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