Wow…Check Out These Energies – May 29, 2023


Holy smokes… The Cumiana Resonance is also on fire 🔥

“Coincidence” last night there has been a big earthquake in the Fiji area…


Good evening Cosmic Soul Family on this Litt Up Friday! Who’s up for the late shift?! I’m just getting back to to civilization — from being off-grid doing some grid-work. Super intense Energies right now with heavy purging. This Light is dissolving massive old structures. Look at this pic — taken today in Lake Havasu, AZ — from my Soul Sis Salma, who is a nurse & is becoming a whistleblower too. Big Reveals are coming. 💥👀💥



I hear many stories of Humans being sick or have certain ailments — some can’t afford the proper medications & they fall into low state of being, which produces a harsher experience in dealing with their situation.

We know that being in a higher state of emotion can healing us, like ‘laughter is the best medicine’ & we also know that being in a lower state can harm our body.

We know that affirmations work & we can ‘speak things’ into reality. We know fasting, grounding & sun-gazing works — drinking clean alkalized water, eating properly, exercise, doing simple & inexpensive things that can enhance our health.

We know about the Infinite Energy Source in the Aether. We know about Tesla technologies. We know astral projection, lucid dreaming, remote viewing & remote healing works. We know reiki, breath-work, yoga, qigong, mediation & prayers all work. We know coding Human DNA can also be done by light, sound, frequency, energy & intention. We know our brain waves can affect our quantum field.

Everyone talks about ENERGY. However talking about it but actually practicing it, working on it & embodying it are very different things.

We know of all these things, so why are Humans NOT utilizing these elements & techniques as much as possible? Are they waiting for Trump & 2 Space Force Guardians to ring their doorbells to roll in a med-bed?

Detox & purify your Sacred Human Body-vessel. Charge it up. Sit by yourSELF & bring your Energy towards any distortions or areas that need Healing. Pray on it. Feel the Energy flow through your body with your breath. Your breath can purge out the distorted cells causing the pain & dis-ease.

There is no point in learning all these new truths & still live out a third-dimensional lifestyle. That has expired.

Do not be like 3D sports fans with high sports IQ, but only sit around all day watching it while drinking gmo beer, eating chemical snacks with big fat bellies — but never actually pay any sports.

Actions Speaks Louder than Words.

Patriot Streetfighter, with Sacha Stone, on ‘White Hat Revelations’

I wrote this blog for the spiritual community — for Anons, Mega, Patriots & Truthers.


Spiritual Gangster

What is a 3D human?

3D human lifestyle has expired

3D humans are having a difficult time in the current turmoil,



Rest in Peace Dr Rashid Buttar 🙏🏽🤍

It’s incredibly sad to see many truthers get sick, being unhealthy & even passing away. However, there’s no cause of death for Dr Buttar yet.

But truth is many Maga’s & Anons are still very stuck in 3D lifestyles, especially with their health & wellness. I know we love the ‘military, intel, Q, give the [DS] pain’ drops, but this is a 5th gen war, going on 6th gen & we must counter ALL attacks on every level.

I still see many truthers eating ca-ca foods like ice cream, sodas, chocolate milk, drinking alcohol, switching bud light to coors, starbucks, doritos, etc — still supporting those matrix companies that have taken position to harm their customers. Lots of women truthers are doing the same thing, except they’re painting their faces with super toxic make up.

Faith alone is not going to get us to the finish line. There are lots of good Christians, Catholics, Buddhists, etc that have been heavily gas-lit by their organized religions.

Everyone loves to say ‘Use your discernment’, but what good is your discernment if your gut brain is loaded with manipulating parasites & unseen negative entities? We are going to have to work harder on our inner CELLph & the Earth Military Alliance cannot save anyone from that. 💯

Rashid Buttar who worked so hard to expose the ‘Covid’ hoax has died at 57. What a tragedy – he was a good guy




8 thoughts on “Wow…Check Out These Energies – May 29, 2023

  1. It’s hard to believe Dr Buttar is gone….I don’t believe if he is dead, that he died naturally or from any illness. He was one of the first ones to yell and scream about the fake convid, and mask wearing. If he really is gone, they got him…NO way he was eating bad or doing anything against his health. They were threatening him back then and removed him from youtube so…no surprise but I hope he’s just hiding and wants to get the cabal off his back or is being protected. We don’t have enough good Doctors and many have been killed to keep them from curing autism, aids and other things that they don’t want any cure for. Sad.
    I hope you’re out there Dr. Buttar, we barely have a handful of Doctors that came out against this whole thing.


      1. I hope! He was most vocal and sounding the alarm on the mask wearing ritual they put people under…I never wore one, had to run from a Walmart door guard…LOL, I told them I’m fine…and I literally ran.


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