The Solar Flash – May 20, 2023


Editor’s Note: The “Solar Flash”, the Solar flash…who can tell about the solar flash? This article from E. raises questions about this event from more of a Galactic point-of-view.

For me, this article is reassuring as to our safety, as well as our importance as creators to have (finally) learned ourselves as fractals (portions) of All That Is, or…Quantum. Which is prompting our success for ascending into a higher state of consciousness!

The “details” for the Solar Flash (a blog reader tells me COBRA refers to this as a “Solar sneeze”), do not really matter, as much as the reasons for this flash, better allowing us all to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Recently, questions on the possibility of a solar flash occurring happen quite frequently in “spiritual” circles.

While I was reading through The Seeders, Return of the Gods, by Elena Danaan, (page 217, Barnes and Noble edition), I noted that Lady Oona, Elena’s prime contact in the Intergalactic Confederation, aka The Guardians (the Seeders) had some reassuring words. (22.8.22)

I am not going to repeat the quote word by word, but in essence, Lady Oona assured Elena that their peoples are capable of creating stars.  They seed life.  They fractualize the very consciousness of Source and embed it into planetary matrices.

In essence, Lady Oona was telling Elena that if our star became a threat, they could do something about it.

The Seeders have returned to this solar system to view the graduation of one of their proudest achievements, the Terran Hu.  They are not about to see or allow anything to destroy our world or humanity.

This is just one of the distractions currently making the rounds along so-called ascension guides.  And it is a distraction.

To go along with the solar flash scenario, Elena has had several discussions with her Galactic Federation of World contact, Commander Thor Han Ereydon about the passage of our solar system into a higher frequency zone within space.  These zones are like bubbles and vary in frequency to surrounding space.

Currently, our solar system is being protected by a plasma shield erected and monitored by the Galactic Federation.  There is also the presence of a giant fleet (500+ motherships) from the Intergalactic Confederation, a battle mothership of the GFW in orbit around Terra, the presence of the Negumak fleet outside the solar system, AND Ea has announced that his Anunnaki fleet will arrive to also add to the protection of the Sol system.

While our sun adjusts to fifth density, it will be making small adjustments – the CMEs we have been experiencing.  These bursts of light bring more light to the planet, which translates into photonic light entering our bodies.  In the recent past, the frequency of our solar system was kept at a lower frequency level so the regressive ETs could remain present.  When they were chased out of the system in 2021 by the cooperative efforts of the Earth Alliance (Solar Warden, et al) all remaining Nebu technology was disabled, on Saturn and the Moon (Luna).  I’ll explain more about that in another article.

In short, our solar system, our star, our planet and us, the Terran Hu, humanity of Earth, are slowly being upgraded, coming online, as we would have naturallyhad not our evolution been interfered with long ago.

However, before anyone goes into a tirade about the “evil” Anunnaki, keep in mind that evolution requires challenge.  If one is not challenged, they will remain static.  While change is often uncomfortable, it is through change that one can grow and evolve.  The regressive Anunnaki of Enlil’s faction were but one of the triggers to help us do just that.

So, there will be CMEs, M-class flares, but no all-consuming life-threatening solar flash, according to someone whose technology is hundreds of thousands of years ahead of our own, and yet has compassion upon us. There is always the possibility of the power grid going offline temporarily, but even that is about to get upgraded when we transition to free energy and get away from the low frequency wires and towers.

Ea, the human Anunnaki, has returned to assist his people – which is how he thinks of us, as it was his alchemical mastery of genetics that created the original Adam, father of modern man, out of the pristine genome seeded millions of years ago upon this beautiful water world. Ea will not be returning to Terra as his people have done great damage to the generations of humanity since he was forced to leave after the sinking of Atlantis.  Elena is learning more about this story every time she meets the tall, slender, elegant Anunnaki prince.  Despite being a prince of a galactic empire, he is a humble, curious scientist, as are the scientists of the Intergalactic Confederation.  They are not ‘gods’.  No fractal of Source is required to bow down to another.  Respect, yes, as equals.

We have a lot to learn about ourselves.

So, if you hear anyone talking about a solar flash coming, know they are spouting 1) what they have heard from other sources, and/or 2) making themselves out to be some kind of authority about evolution when in fact they are no better than anyone else.  Ascension or raising one’s frequency is an inside job.  It can’t be given to you by anyone else.  It is all about self-mastery, as an individuated fractal of Source, recognizing that you are already Source and can simply be.


P.S. I’ve had enough of New Age charlatans who charge people for their services. Can you tell?


12 thoughts on “The Solar Flash – May 20, 2023

    1. Thanks for asking! The pineal gland us located deep inside your brain directly behind the middle of your forehead, between your eyes. We actually have a few glands on our head, can you tell me where your “bump” is located? Thx!😊🌹


      1. Mmm…perhaps you have irritated the skin on top of your head? Is this site site to the touch? How does it feel! Hard, like your skull? Of soft, like a pimpleish thing? How long has you noticed this bump? Thx! 😊🌹


  1. It escapes me at this time, but just yesterday I was watching a video of someone who said another place got the solar flash we were suppose to get but that we’d get it but not for a while yet…but maybe by 2025…that year keeps coming up mostly because of the 2030 agenda, and they supposedly ramped it up to 2025 cuz they know once we have this solar flash, they are outta here.
    Some were saying it’d be a pole shift in 2030 to 2034, and in my research, pole shifts are caused from our consciousness. If we fail, the poles shift and everything is destroyed and it’s a reset. From what I’ve heard is this time we will succeed and it’ll all rise and not be destroyed.
    The pole shift is interesting as many Native Hopi prophecies and even Bible will speak of it except the Bible is very mysterious, they just say there’ll be 3 days of darkness and you are not to open the door, and cover the windows, and not even if someone who’s voice you recognize is begging you to open the door, it won’t be them…that is suppose to be the time the demons are running amuck, and anyone who hasn’t practiced controlling their mind, their energy, much like Drunvalo Speaks of in his merkaba meditation, they will be frozen…won’t move if they are caught outside.
    It’s when the earth stops rotating, that is when the tsunamis happen and then the really fast winds, so to not be on the coasts, then for 3 days of darkness on one side, three days of sun on the other, would burn up. Then the sun would rise again earth starts rotating but it will come up in the west and set in the east.
    One time I had a dream that I was standing in a group of people, the sun rolled away out of the sky and disappeared. I stood there just looking at it, it was so bizarre, then everyone started screaming and panicing, it was totally black. I felt no fear and puzzled at why everyone was so afraid.
    I think that is what happens on a pole shift. Of course the land would change as well.. I think the planet grows just like we do, and why the land has seperated and it expands.
    This projected pole shift is supposedly why the elites have their underground bunkers, and they want to depopulate, of course for our own good, because they don’t want us knocking on the vault door. I’d probably find their air vent and go plug it up and say…open the door or not. LOL


    1. Who is this Eliza that wrote this article?
      That name came out to me and now I remember where I saw it. In the movie the crow, at the end of the movie is dedicated to Brandon and Eliza.
      AS you know Brandon Lee was killed on the set by one of the stage guns supposedly accidently being loaded with real bullets instead of blanks.


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