Federal Indictment of George H. W. Bush (2018) – May 20, 2023


Editor’s Note: (Many thanks to reader U. For sending in this share!) For those who “want to know”, please click on the link below to actually see the Federal Indictment filed against former President G. H. W. Bush.

Many are yet unaware of his message sent to many dark political figures at his “funeral” witnessed on T.V. apologizing for his confession of evil actions to the Alliance. We are now all experiencing the “take-down” of dark control of Planet Earth!

Of positive note (!), the dark takedown is also coupled with an extraordinary expansion of human consciousness so that “life-on-earth” is rising above poverty, above the need for outer control, and into each of us BEing in..,

Quantum Joy!




2 thoughts on “Federal Indictment of George H. W. Bush (2018) – May 20, 2023

    1. Thank s for reading my blog! Many feel this is…taking way too long!
      Yet, chaos ALWAYS resolves in a higher order! Check that out in science…
      Quantum Joy is happening! 😊🌹💕


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