Why Are So Many E.T.s Interested in Humanity? ~ May 19, 2023


Editor’s Note: NO PICS ALLOWED!

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

We are quite enriched by every experience that we have with all of you there on Earth, and we include these transmissions as experiences that we are having with all of you, because we know when you receive the transmission and we feel the effect that each transmission has upon you. We also get all of our ideas about what to broadcast to you from you. So we are connecting with you all the time, and we are enriched and enlivened by each and every experience that we have with one of you.

We invite you to see yourselves in that way. See yourselves as ones who have so much to offer your nonphysical friends and your e.t. friends. We all wouldn’t be interested in you if we didn’t feel that there was something about you that had substance to it. We know that you often see yourselves as being the lowly fourth-dimensional human beings who have yet to achieve a level of consciousness that you desire. However, you are just as evolved spiritually as we are and as all other beings in this universe are.

You are choosing to have those experiences because you know that the experiences you are having there on Earth give you the greatest opportunities for growth and evolution. You are valuable to this universe. You are contributing mightily to Source Energy with all that you are willing to take on with those challenges that you face in your day-to-day life experience. It is time to hold yourselves in higher esteem. It is time to see yourselves as equals to all other beings in the universe, and it is time for you to make contact with other beings in this universe of ours with that knowing. 

You are not reaching up and out to all of us from a place of not being in our same boat. We are all in this together, and we see you through the eyes of love and compassion. And if you see yourselves in that way, then you will know that you are worthy of receiving messages, downloads, information from all of us in the higher realms. We are in this dimension by choice. Your soul is projecting many aspects of itself into our dimension and higher dimensions as well, and you are your soul. 

So there is no reason for you to diminish yourselves or think of yourselves as less than any other beings in this universe. And as you elevate your sense of self to be equal to all of us, you then experience communication with us, and it is a two-way communication. It doesn’t have to be that you just call out in those moments of despair for help from above. See us as your collaborators and your co-creators, because we are, and we are benefitting from all that you are experiencing there on Earth. All of the issues, the challenges, the problems that you face are helping the entire galaxy, the entire universe, and are giving Source opportunities to know Itself that Source otherwise would not have had. 

You are keys to this universal ascension, and when you see yourselves in that way, you make yourselves open for contact with physical e.t.s and with nonphysical collectives like ourselves. And that’s what we are all looking for from humanity at this time. We invite you to see yourselves as we see you and to value yourselves to such an extent that you can start living the lives of joy, freedom, love and creativity that you deserve to be living.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


8 thoughts on “Why Are So Many E.T.s Interested in Humanity? ~ May 19, 2023

  1. OH yeah, they want us to succeed because we all will be going together, It is a shift of all of it. They watch us like a tv show, like the Truman show movie. This game is tough, they are rooting for us, cuz they know the win for humanity is a win for them. Are the Arcturians in the matrix? Hmmm, maybe….or not. As with all channeling, there are filters….I’d like to meet one of those blue beings…..their messages are positive though so it’s always nice to have some cheerleaders on our team! 🙂


    1. I find channeling highly suspect.
      NO way to 100% guarantee the sincerity of the channel-ey, nor the channel-er. Chance are high that one is communicating with an Archon.

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      1. Good idea that the personality of the channel will infiltrate the thoughts of the message, yet… perhaps that is the whole point for the personality of the channeler to help “motivate “ the message. Human emotions (internal fire) are a prized feature for aliens. 🌹😊💕


      2. We need tangible contact….not a series of questionable silent cheer leasing messages that mean less than nothing. It’s most likely Archons that do the talking.


    1. Good to hear from you, Neil! Direct ET contact is indeed your decision, unless…you are waiting for others to lead the way….
      Just curious…What are Cobra’s thoughts on ET contact? 💕😊🌹

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      1. He stated that the masses are too programmed and brainwashed for them to wake up naturally, and the process takes too long. Mass relocation to planets in the Pleiades system, where many humans already are living on, has to happen within a few short years, for a massive, and I mean MASSIVE tsunami is gonna be happening in a few years. And I personally welcome leaving this rock, and going out there, hope they can restore me as well.

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