THE REVOLUTION OF HEALING | Advancing Beyond MedBed Technology ~ May 19, 2023


Editor’s Note: The “Energy Enhancement” Scaler systems can also be played on a rotating loop on your computer, perhaps negating the energies of WiFi and leaving you to BE in…

Quantum Joy!



15 thoughts on “THE REVOLUTION OF HEALING | Advancing Beyond MedBed Technology ~ May 19, 2023

  1. Bullshit! I’ve used these and it doesn’t work! It’s not med beds it’s BS lies! $60 an hour and nothing happens.


      1. @Cindy

        Depends on what successful is. The earth base stuff is essentially comparing an 8-track audio tape to a crystal based computer chip (which are being made in the orient, termed ‘superman crystal chips’), or even a modern CD.

        We need full, hardcore alien tech, not dinosaur junk.


  2. According to David Wilcock and this books on The Micheal Prophecies, he says we will be getting abilities that will heal ourselves and do many amazing things. He says it’s like a solar flash but not, an upgrade by 2025.


    1. Well, Wilcock also had many predictions than never happened. His lengthy one about Epstein, shortly after his arrest, never happened. I’m done with that little pipsqueak. I can see why he was thrown off Ancient Aliens, and why his wife left him. Screw him with a phillips, I say.

      And I’ll GLADLY take ALIEN TECHNOLOGY any day over any of the ‘woo woo!’ stuff.


      1. That is your choice Neil, no one can totally predict the future, it’s fluid and it’s a hit and miss, it’s a collective decisions we all make so prophecy is never 100%.
        We can’t judge what happened in his relationship with his wife. I think he started having memories and things went down hill…it seemed like they were sorta competing in their spiritual area when I first looked at their website they put up together. I don’t think she was prepared to be in a relationship with someone who started remembering some of his SSP experiences. At least that was my impression when he first got married.
        It’s also very hard to find someone in this matrix who’ll be there with you thick or thin, especially if you are well known, trusting someone is with you for you and not because you are famous or they think they’re gonna be taken care of.
        I think he needed time alone for this part of his journey. There was alot more going on with Gaia at that time than any of us know. Behind the scenes at the time, many were spreading rumors that the owner of Gaia was Lucerferian, if I remember right. So much crap going around at the time. I remember David had to move and quit Gaia because of it. It was kinda insane.


      2. And his claim to being Edgar Cayce reincarnated, I bet, also made him look like a loony toon. Whatever way, I’m done listening to that that little jerk.

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      3. That is your choice… wasn’t a popular thing to claim you were someone in a previous life…although for a while some did proclaim to be various famous people or leaders from the past….It matters not, we’ve been all sorts of people in the past, Kings and Queens, in many it’s be nice if we came with some sort of validation sticker…LOL, saying yes, it’s me from such and such time….
        we do come in so we recognize each other. I’ve had people come up to me and tell me they knew me in a previous life cuz I look the same as I did in my previous life. Two of them in a life in Greece and one in the egyptian pyramid times when they were used for ascension ceremonies, and another one when I was a princess, by two people come up to me they didn’t know each other but they said…I look the same.


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