Texas passes bill banning transgender treatments on minors ~ May 20, 2023


Texas is set to become the largest US state yet to outlaw transgender treatments on minors after its Republican-controlled legislature on Wednesday passed a bill banning such procedures.

Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican whose administration has already taken actions targeting trans youth and their parents, is expected to sign the ban into law.

Abbott is following tightly on the heels of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a fellow Republican, who earlier Wednesday signed a bill passed by the Republican-led legislature in early May that bans transgender care for minors.

Texas and Florida are the second and third most populous US states.

DeSantis, who is expected to announce an official presidential campaign imminently, also signed into law a ban on transgender people using bathrooms and locker rooms in public facilities that do not correlate with their biological sex.

The Texas bill, known as SB14, passed the state House on Wednesday and was quickly affirmed in the Senate.

It bans medical professionals from prescribing hormone blockers or performing gender transitioning surgeries to anyone under 18 years old.

The legislation does include an exception for minors already receiving puberty blockers or hormone therapy, but requires that they “shall wean off the prescription drug over a period of time and in a manner that is safe and medically appropriate.”

In addition to Florida, nearly a dozen other Republican-led states have passed similar bans in recent months, with transgender rights becoming a leading cleavage line in America’s culture wars.

Democratic leaders have condemned such moves as encroaching on Americans’ civil liberties, while protesters have frequently taken to state houses to denounce Republican initiatives.

In March, President Joe Biden said that such “attacks” on transgender rights were “un-American and must end.”

“No one should have to be brave just to be themselves,” the Democratic leader wrote in a statement marking the International Transgender Day of Visibility.

More than half of trans youth had seriously considered suicide and nearly one in five made a suicide attempt during the past year, according to 2021 survey by the Trevor Project, a nonprofit engaged in suicide prevention efforts among LGBTQ+ youth.

They are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, eating disorders, risky behavior and self mutilation than other


11 thoughts on “Texas passes bill banning transgender treatments on minors ~ May 20, 2023

  1. I’m sure every young trans person is sooooooooo gonna appreciate it when puberty ravages them, thus making it harder, if not impossible to transition successfully…..like ME.


      1. DAMN IT, CINDY!!!!

        The outer is AS important as inner, damn it. Talk to anyone with a similar problem like I do, and maybe you’ll learn what it’s like.


      2. Oh…I get it far more broadly than you know, my dear. In fact, my disappointment in my “outer” led to exhaustive research into my “inner” all leading to…BEing a walk-in! I get it, damn it! 😊🌹💕🎉


  2. And forcing, for example, transwomen, to use a man’s bathroom is gonna end up possibly in the girl getting raped, OR, seeing how homophobia going wild, beaten or killed.

    And HOW is the bathroom thing gonna be enforced? Like what they got at airports the past 20+ years? And what happens if an effeminate man or a really butch woman want to use the bathrooms? This whole bill is bullshit. And ‘weaning them’ off the hormones and stuff……you are just ASKING for suicides, or in the very least, these kids STEALING what they need. This is a lose/lose situation, folks. WHY are trans people the ‘new niggers’, now? WHY do some folks feel the trans folks MUST be stopped at all costs? THIS is just one of MANY reasons I want off this fucking planet, I do NOT want to live in some conservative, Christian paradise, akin to 1950’s America or Victorian England.

    What a friend of mine on Cobra’s blog, who is a transgender, says it perfectly here:


    For disabled, they show respect, because the disability is tangible for them. For trans people they don’t, because transsexuality isn’t tangible (enough).

    Mostly, this non-acceptance comes from the normies, but personally, I even got disrespected by so-called “spiritual” and “evolved” people… even HERE!

    A couple of months ago I had a talk with an experienced transwoman in my country and she also told me among other things that transgender folks are a fetish for many people. (so in other words, we are a sex objects for them)

    Living as a transgender means living behind enemy lines – constantly.”

    And another post my friend made: (I go by ‘Sherman’ on Cobra’s blog)

    “Quote from the second part of the notes from Golden Ages:
    “Another aspect of Goddess energy is the energy of beauty. Beauty is the expression of soul.We can express our beauty in many ways. We can express beauty through architecture, music and art. Women can express the beauty of the goddess through their bodies.”

    – “Women can express the beauty of the goddess through their bodies….”
    – “Beauty is the expression of the soul…”

    As a transsexual, this is among other things EXACTLY what I try to explain people all time!
    It is not “just” a body, not “just” a… *cough, cough*… um, not “just” about a meatsuit…

    It’s about EXPRESSION!

    And that’s exactly why we transgirls are so pissed all the time, you know?
    Maybe people understand now why Sherman wants to be a mega hot alien babe.
    And maybe, this will also help to understand our emotional agony at least a litte bit more.

    Thanks to all the cabal interference, we are practically denied the rights to beauty and expression.”

    And other friend on the blog posted:

    “es, transgender identity is a very vicious restriction. Like the disabled, transgender people are physically deprived of many abilities, such as inability to swim, no social interaction, no intimate relationship, and sexual disability.

    Different from the disabled, people usually show sympathy and love for the disabled, believing that this is the misfortune of fate. But once they face transgender people, they will show disgust and rejection, believing that transgender people are the product of evil and lewdness. Most of the transgender people I have seen live like rats on the street, which is a good job done by the dark force.”


    1. I truly am beginning to recognize your distress…so very grounded in You! However, your placement here on Earth is not so you can change your “outer” self allowing personal satisfaction for your time spent here, but rather learning how to accept your “inner” self in this challenging environment. No-thing happens by accident! The inner expresses the outer…every time!😊💕🌹


      1. I DON’T CARE about ” learning how to accept your “inner” self in this challenging environment”, I really don’t. I NEED my outer self changed….again, Cindy, you just DON’T GET IT.

        First chance I get to change my gender and genetics, I AM DOING IT, FUCK any ‘learning experience’, for I don’t give a damn shit about that, NONE.


      2. I don’t care, it’s what I want and need that matters in this case. And I will NOT be happy until I am able to be both FEMININE and ALIEN.


      3. I get that! Hmm… just exploring here, what if you really ARE an alien female, here to learn a bit about handling human emotions otherwise unavailable in your alien form? Would not learning Joy be a lot more valuable to return to your alien collective, rather than…”Eww…we do NOT want THAT”? Just sayin…😊🌹💕


      4. How about…..NO!….Cindy?

        STOP thinking there is some purpose to all this CRAP I been though, why not just come to realization that I was forced against my till to incarnate, here, that the dark forces captured me, killed me and forced me to incarnate on this damned planet, in this REPUGNANT masculine human body? WHY is that such a ‘no no’ concept for you? And STOP thinking only HUMANS are capable of various emotions, quit acting like it’s some exclusive thing only to homo sapiens?

        There is NO JOY, Cindy, DOES that COMPUTE?!


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