“Free” Blood Donation Scam! – May 19, 2023



Editor’s Note: As a hospital jab director, using “special” vials of plasma-based material are used daily to calibrate lab instruments to determine accuracy if testing. Always wondered how these were manufactured…now I know! Your free donation = free product for $$ blood plasma manufacturing !



5 thoughts on ““Free” Blood Donation Scam! – May 19, 2023

  1. Yep, and where do they get the blood, mostly from the drug addicts who get paid to give blood or plasma….I had a friend who was selling her blood so she could fund her drug habit. I often wondered what they could possibly benefit from getting plasma from drug addicts. Well, if you look into the blood plasma and big pharma you find that they use plasma products to treat many diseases…my Mom had Guillian’s Barre’ Syndrome from the H1N1 flu shot, and she got treatments every month that came from the plasma they collect from these people.
    After I found that out, I told my kids do not let them give me blood if I ever need a blood transfusion, they better be giving me some blood…LOL,


    1. Well… as a hospital lab director, I know all about the need for blood when a patient needs it! However, it seems transfusion limits happen because the blood supplies are going elsewhere. I can also tell you for a fact that most ARC CEO’s are former military, so…😳🌹


      1. You forgot to translate what ARC is in your comments, “ARC CEO’s are former military,”


  2. Kind of always suspected the Blood Drives are scammy. Here in my city,they offer gift cards LOL….I’ve always said if they want my blood, there’s a charge. I don’t give blood for FREE bec I know how much they charge at hospitals for blood.

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