Breaking: Biden’s Secret Cell Phone Records Subpoenaed ~ May 5, 2023


(SNews) – The House Oversight Committee dealt a massive blow to Democrat President Joe Biden and has subpoenaed phone records for his secret cell phone.

The device belongs to the president and was paid for by Hunter Biden’s business, investigators revealed.

Government Accountability Institute President Peter Schweizer revealed the subpoena in a recent interview.

Republicans discovered the secret phone by looking through Hunter’s notorious “Laptop from Hell.”

Schweizer said: “We obtained that phone number and we’ve shared it with individuals and the Oversight Committee in Congress is going to subpoena those phone records.

“And what’s important here is that’s not a government phone, this is not Joe Biden’s private phone that he’s paying for himself.

“It’s actually [Hunter] Biden’s business that paid for it.

“I think it’s going to yield a lot of interesting information as to who Joe Biden was talking to on this phone that was being paid for by his son.”

“It’s very troubling — the pattern that we’re seeing here,” Schweizer said about the IRS whistleblowers getting taken off the Hunter Biden case.

“You have these whistleblower complaints filed by people in the IRS that were looking at Hunter Biden’s failure to pay taxes.

“They issued a whistleblower complaint to Congress — the report is that those individuals had been removed from the case, which is contrary to the Whistleblower Law — you’re not allowed to remove somebody from their position just because they filed a whistleblower complaint.

“What happened in 2018 was the IRS looked into the fact that Hunter Biden had taken in all this foreign income, we exposed it in Secret Empires in 2018.

“That sort of launched the grand jury and you had this IRS investigation.

“And they basically concluded that Hunter Biden had taken in millions of dollars from foreign sources, had not paid taxes on it.

“You have this friend, this lawyer in Los Angeles that paid two million to the IRS to pay some of the back taxes, but the IRS was looking into charges of tax evasion.

“They went to congressional committees and complained that they believe there had been political interference from DOJ. I haven’t seen the details, but this was the claim.

“And now lo and behold, the IRS says we’re going to remove the team from investigating Hunter Biden, who had been on it now for what, five years, and we’re going to start apparently gonna have to start the whole thing over, so what does that mean to the investigation?

“What does that mean?” Schweizer asked.

“I think it’s massive, but first of all.

“I think it’s illegal by the whistleblower statute.

“You cannot remove somebody from their position, simply because they made a whistleblower complaint.”


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