Yahweh…A Better Way – May 18, 2023


Editor’s Note: Wow…what obsfucation is goin’ on! Not only is a political crisis being played out , but also a spiritual crisis!

Earth is NOW (No Other Way) in a situation where 2-sides of the coin are playing out. Who will win? Why… the good guys, of course, issuing in abundance, and a thousand years of peace!

Wait! Only a “thousand years”? This the “game plan” for the White Side of the same coin. How to escape this dilemma? By learning how to BE Quantum!

Quantum IS, and allows one to be an observer to witness the game on Earth, and to introduce a NEW way of BEing on Earth! Leave the various “control” systems of governments/religions/other belief systems to become FREE!

Quantum has “no rules”, yet concentrates on allowing…without harm!

So…by all means, enjoy the show put on by the White hats, know that ALL religions have “rules” to follow, recognize you, yourself IS a sovereign BEing reaching for a Quantum existence, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


What is the one thing [THEY] fear the most?

What did they spend thousands of years, and quadrillions-worth of humanity’s wealth, to Hide?

Why is the entire history of Humankind, our Earth, down to our calendars, our concept of “Time”, and our knowledge of the Stars, bastardized?

Answer: The Creator is REAL


And WE are the Image and Likeness, in Man-flesh form.

Sons and Daughters of the Most High.

Terror strikes what was once their soul at the sound of God’s Name.

Tremble and Fall https://truthsocial.com/users/RealSGAnon/statuses/110390815643073252


2 thoughts on “Yahweh…A Better Way – May 18, 2023

  1. Yahweh was Enki, as far as some will say…but he wasn’t ‘the creator’, he was a powerful being, has a pretty cool realm from what I’ve heard. Still the matrix though. YOD HOD VEY…Yahweh, but the supposed real name of god? Tettragrammaton, sacred geometry…yeah, he’s not source, just another being in the God realm. There are many. Source has no name, it’s pure love consciousness.


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