911 Truth Architect Richard Gage Unloads Irrefutable Evidence Of Building 7 Controlled Demolition! ~ May 18, 2023



17 thoughts on “911 Truth Architect Richard Gage Unloads Irrefutable Evidence Of Building 7 Controlled Demolition! ~ May 18, 2023

      1. Yes, the midday are implicit in do very many factions of the deep state from long ago. Their plans to control through many various factions are truly nefarious. The issue of which they are unaware of…is their inability to β€œcreate”, thus they try their best to usurp that ability! IMHO, both the Mossad, and the White Hats want yo prevent


      2. …want to prevent Quantum Awareness from ruining their plans of achievement (control)! πŸŒΉπŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸŽ‰πŸ˜³


  1. How many times do we gotta SHOW that this was an inside job, just like Aaron Russo said, just like many said, and yet, here we go again. 9-11 back and the same stuff…rinse repeat. The very day I watched this on tv, knew it was an inside job. Such a horrible event and they feed on that energy, it was a feeding frenzy for the looshers, the ones who feed on our emotional negative energy. Yet, no one goes to jail for it, no one is exposed until they’re all dead…at least to the people since they barely will release anything about the kennedy assasination even decades later…Just plain sick of it all…these criminals who use us like pawns and feed off of humanity’s pain. Either put them all in jail for put it in the history books that our own people did this and for what? Brave New World…their never ending war on terror, and control and enslavement of every man, woman and child.


    1. We were brainwashed to “hate Iran”…. the ZIONISTS are deserving of the hate. Your common Israeli are not Zionists, the ZIONISTS are the enemy.


      1. They always gotta have a boogeyman, the real reason there was always war there is the stargate technology, also why they want to go into Turkey. This war in the middle east was never about those leaders or even religion. It’s why no one is allowed in Antartica. They wanted the stargate technology. Tesla had invented a stargate but dared not to write it down for fear it would get into the wrong hands. He was right, his inventions were used as weapons, after Morgon Chase took his funds because he invested in copper wiring and wanted to put a meter on everyone’s home, he didn’t want free energy, Tesla went to work for the gooberment. He was working with Einstein on the Philadelphia experiment, Tesla refused to do the experiment because it was unstable, and he left, and died that night. Kinda suspicious since the gooberment went and got his journals and experiments, at least the majority of them.
        Anyway….the reason they kept telling us Iran bad (also cuz Sadam was trying to sell oil for gold instead of the petro dollar which he was told to do by some CIA agent) is because there are stargates all over in that area, especially in the mountains where Moses and others would go speak to God, there was the land of the gods…aka aliens. and they left technology like in Antartica they wanted.


  2. I have seen the controlled demolition of Building 7 several times before and now I and others KNOW why it was destroyed….seeing the various vids on this bldg’s demise was really what woke me up a couple of years ago….

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    1. Yes, On the morning of the attack, the stock market was going crazy with the put options of planes hitting the towers and unblievable trades, totally illegal but right when that was going on, the towers got hit, (actually it was various places that thermite was planted on various critical structure supports and the planes were holograms) Then to bring them down, the twin towers they used DEW, which turned it all to dust and a pool of still hot liquid under the rubble…cars burned blocks away…just like those fires in California, trees right next to houses untouched, cars burned a block away. We all know why building 7 came down, The owner Larry Silverstein was also gonna have to spend millions removing the asbestors from those building, he got a double insurance payment from it. Wonder if he shared that with anyone…probably not.
      It’s kinda like the Titanic, a supposed tragedy but all with an agenda and these people don’t play fair.
      The day before Rumsfeld says they lost 9 trillion or billion, can’t remember the amount, next day they the country shuts down. Our gooberment was suppose to give China back their gold they were holding for 60 years and they wanted to cash the bonds, but they told China, the gold was under the buildings, Jeb Bush was head of security for the towers…it just doesn’t get better than that but no way anyone could speak of it…those people, the ones who did that, were these banking cabal and it was a heist because all evidence was gonna be destroyed.


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