May 16, 2023: Choosing Between the Real and the Unreal


As the world learns what is and has been happening on our planet for a long time, there will be choices to make. They can cling to the old paradigm of illusion, smoke and mirrors and shell games, or they can accept the challenge to accept that it was all lies and that we have been manipulated and deceived for centuries and longer.

For most, their level of acceptance varies between subjects. One can more easily form a new opinion about the medical profession and governments after the Covid fiasco, but in more sensitive territory like the presence of aliens or the nature of our reality, some may be reticent to change their view on our perceived “globe” vs flat plane and who we are as a species.

We all have our feet in two different worlds and will for awhile until the system devised to keep the controllers in power is dismantled completely. It would take years for a full overhaul, but since we have the unique promise of a quantum jump ahead of us in the near future—an unprecedented shift in consciousness from the lower densities to higher ones—we may not see the completion of the mission in this realm.

We just don’t know enough about the mechanics of the “Event”, the “Rapture”, the “Flash”, Ascension, or other terms for the same energetic morphogenesis. Like everything else, there are volumes of information, disinformation, coverups, and ridicule about it so we may not know much more than we do now when it actually happens.

How does one even explain that concept to someone who has had no basis for even acknowledging our purpose in this temporary life and all the other basic tenets of Creation that we have garnered over the years? What we can perhaps grasp is that the whole process is under control, is being managed, and will eventually unfold for the greater good.

“Where we go one, we go all” is a comforting thought for many to cling to if we are fretting about who qualifies to move on up and who does not, and when. We needn’t be concerned with the “how”. It will happen, but understandably, since this has never been done before there are probably some aspects that needed a little tweaking to make the process work.

We hear it is taking far longer than anyone in charge expected to kickstart us in the Age of Aquarius so we’re just hanging out, doing our best to learn as much as possible, support the movement to educate Humanity, to be rational-altruistic Humans in service to others, and make the world a better place. We’re learning to trust our intuition, dream big, remain calm, and make the best of the situation we are currently operating in, for as long as it takes.

Getting some to accept routine and repeated election rigging is a very difficult task. Link to Telegram.

Kari Lake is going back to trial on May 17, 18, and 19! It will be streamed live

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson ruled

Thompson ruled that the arguments by Katie Hobbs and Maricopa County to dismiss Count III regarding fraudulent signature verification failed and were “not persuasive.”

The up side of seeing the appalling circumstances our civilization has sunk to under the iron fist of the evil invading forces is that it helps us know what we do NOT want going forward, which in turn assists in fueling the creative juices to enable us to shape our future.  Those who heard the call are getting quite an education and will be well-equipped to bring into form the kind of world we deserve to enjoy.

We are fortunate indeed to have sources of “real news”; of truth, of research beyond what most of us are capable of doing, and insiders who are sharing from their perspective what is developing in their areas of expertise—be it science, health, politics, the military, food and nutrition, etc. It’s sad to need a “decode” of most of the news put out by the legacy media but that is our reality.

THE DEEP STATE LIED: Durham Report Destroys ANY INKLING of Trump-Russia Collusion – Strzok Knew NO ONE in Trump Camp Contacted Russia, Blows His Court Case Out of the Water

There are also vast sources of enemy efforts to misinform; to keep us thinking small, to demoralize us, keep us in a state of despair, but most of all, in fear, because that strategy has worked for them for millennia. They have hidden and lied about our origins [evolved from apes? NOT!], destroyed evidence of our older civilization and even fairly recent eras, and of course genetically altered us to keep us easily manipulated and herded like cattle and ignorant of our ties to our star brethren.

Often, what seems “unreal” and “it will never happen” is simply the planting of the seeds of change that are going to come eventually. For example, we understand the United States’ leadership will also be governing Canada at some point, and Mexico.

Here we have the mainstream news floating the idea that a small sample of Canada in the form of the province of Alberta, become America’s 51st state. Crazy? Perhaps, but I suspect some iteration of this is coming and they are getting people used to the idea very gradually. That’s how the cabal has done everything over the years; slowly and incrementally over decades so the Humans aren’t alerted to the massive changes coming. The crew points to the following article.

Separatists fed up with Trudeau want province to break away from Canada, become 51st state

The strategy shouldn’t be too alarming because Canada has been dealing with separatist issues for decades. The French in Québec province found their language and culture at risk of being eliminated and for awhile they spoke of leaving Canada and going it alone but that didn’t fly. It didn’t have the support of the majority and when you consider the economics, how would one transport food, etc. across Canada with Quebec there “in the middle”? What about tariffs, imports, etc. What about marketing and labeling in English vs French? It would be a logistical nightmare at the very least.

There have also been groups in Western Canada who felt they were unrepresented in Parliament where the high population areas are in the East and they spoke of secession, as has the state of Texas in America so it’s not like it’s a radical, new concept.

As far as introducing change that would not ultimately be welcomed by the masses in a gradual way, the globalists did it with Covid in a much shorter timeframe and many memes and video clips on social media did an effective job of getting the strategy across.

Everything is changing every day, in minor and major ways. Viewers must have noticed the change at the Rumble video platform. They “went dark”. There has been talk of Rumble encountering interference, hacks, etc. which have delayed the ability of content creators to upload their new videos. Is this new look a marker of some kind, or a simple move to a more contemporary theme? It’s definitely more dramatic looking with this “midnight” colouring. Perhaps this is the eleventh hour. This particular update is 2 hr. if you watch the whole thing.

Durham Report EXPOSES greatest crime in U.S. history? This was a COUP! | Redacted w Clayton Morris

Slowly but surely… the reality will evolve.

Kash Patel says the fake news is being forced to report that President Trump is innocent as a result of the Durham report & they are “injecting that into the media narrative for the first time to an audience that has never really heard that.” 

Welcome to the great awakening.

— TheStormHasArrived (@TheStormRedux) May 15, 2023

More change…

#Arizona’s Republican-led House gave final approval to a bill making it a felony crime to possess, import, or traffic in sex dolls that resemble infants or children.

The bill will be sent to Democrat Gov. @KatieHobbsfor her signature or veto.

— The Epoch Times (@EpochTimes) May 16, 2023

The dramatic economic shift is coming and the chatter tells us it is already in progress. We do hope that the sparring match between the cabal that is trying to maintain control of the central banking system and the White Hats who are wresting control and transferring it to the new Quantum Financial System which the banksters will NOT be able to access or manipulate—will be a somewhat “controlled burn”.

Some are saying this crash will be far worse than the 2008 Lehman collapse, but others, like Clif High, are expecting the recovery to be rapid. There is the BRICS cooperative to consider which is growing and is now far more than just Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Jim speaks positively about NESARA/GESARA. David Nino Rodriguez interviews Jim Willie to get his take on the global financial outlook. 45 min.

The Dollar Collapse Happening Now

I couldn’t resist this image of Trump. He’s like our favourite doll for whom we add hats, sunglasses, gold chains, championship fighting belts, angel’s wings, and all kinds of accessories to illustrate what we feel he is responsible for in his efforts to wake up and engage Humanity.

Sarge posting. Is Donald Trump wearing BRICS.

— Nancy Chester (@AmethystNancy) May 8, 2023

It appears there could be major military operations ongoing in the Great White Gulag with reports of communication outages. Link to Telegram.


Confirmed: Network data show that internet provider Lightspeed in #Canada is experiencing a general outage with high impact to provinces bordering the US to the south, attributed to a disruption on its fibre route to Seattle 

I had to read this twice because it was so surprising. Link to Telegram.

After a long pause, Trump admits Pompeo blocked release of JFK files

He’s the deep state’s con artist formerly known as “fat mike”

Signing off for today, although I wish I could share more. Interesting news hits the WWW every day and I am behind in videos and research due to my schedule lately. It’s been a very social month with meals and beautiful evenings on various patios but that may be squelched with the 101F we have now.

Expect the unexpected!  ~ BP


2 thoughts on “May 16, 2023: Choosing Between the Real and the Unreal

  1. The thing is I have lost all interest in the crap show going on. I really don’t care anymore what happens in the external world here. I know I will be going back home to my star family. The last few years have literally been hell. My brother committed suicide at the end of 2018 (he shot himself and I found him). At that same time my dad went into a medical coma caused by sepsis and died twice NDE. My mom and I had to be strong. My job fires me because they said I took too much time for my brother’s funeral and dad’s medical emergency (I had taken less than two weeks). Then fast forward to September 2021…my dad got very ill again and went into the hospital in a medical coma due to a severe infection in his sinuses plus they said he had covid. A week after he was in that coma my mom died and the hospital would not let me see her because she had ‘covid’ and no visitors. I couldn’t even say goodbye. I am not looking for pity or sympathy. I’m just sick of this horrible planet and I fully believe the ‘Flash’ will happen way before the dark are gone. The energy from this Flash event will destroy these heathen and good riddance. People probably think I’m angry and bitter but it’s I’m just sick of this crap happening and don’t give a damn about disclosure or anything like that. More power to those who stick with it but I’m done. I will continue working on my inner self and heal my heart.


    1. Thanks for your thoughts, and it’s a tough road you have been on. I like to “flip” events on life, and am glad your mom decided to move on to another way of BEing. Your brother made the same decision with a sudden outcome. Is your father still here?
      At any rate, you are here and are here for a surreal experience as Earth’s shift occurs!
      May I advise finding a way to foster happiness in yourself? Even simple smiling helps you heart out a lot! Don’t mean to intrude, yet happy is a good way to BE these days…🌹😊💓


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