FALL OF CABAL – Discover the Criminal Network that Terrorizes Humanity ~ May 17, 2023


  • Who is really behind the wars that devastate humanity?
  • Why are breakthrough cancer cures always suppressed?
  • How come most of humanity is unhealthy, weak, tired or depressed?
  • Where do the millions of children go, that disappear every year?
  • What is the true cause of the extensive corruption in governments?

Courageous journalists have been doing in depth research to answer these – and many more – critical questions.

  • What is the true reason for the unspeakable suffering of humanity?
  • Who is pushing the tsunami of perversion, violence, and wickedness in the entertainment industry?
  • How come most food is filled with toxins that wreak havoc on the health of humanity?
  • For what reason are our soil, skies, and water constantly poisoned?

You will find the answer in the world renowned docuseries THE FALL OF THE CABAL.

These groundbreaking documentaries expose the hidden entities behind the criminal governments, election fraud, media deception, toxic food industry, corrupt health care, and so on.

They are like the mafia, only much worse…


This world renowned docuseries exposes crimes so horrible, no normal human can even comprehend them. Yet they are normal day to day practice for the superrich overlords who secretly destroy the human race and the earth, for their own enrichment.


Beginning the search for the truth, left & right in politics, Wikileaks, the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, and the birth of the Q-phenomenon…


About the Q-phenomenon, the battle for world dominance, shadow governments, the 1%, the power of the banks, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and George Soros…


About the migrant caravan, George Soros, NAMBLA, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the destabilization of the world, the importance of “United we stand, divided we fall”.

About the role of President Trump, his achievements, Fake News, human trafficking, the wall, and child trafficking for the elite… 


Child trafficking, paedophile logos used by child protection agencies, adoption agencies, in Disney cartoons & movies, in Hollywood, in business and in politics. Haiti as child trafficking island, the role of the Clintons and Trudeau…

ALSO: BOMBSHELL! List of Hollywood Pedo-Names, Deep State, CIA and Mossad – Names of Visitors on Epstein “Pedophile Island” – Comet Ping Pong & Pizzagate


About the sexualization of children and the normalization of paedophilia, child seks trafficking for the elite. About Pizza Restaurant Comet Ping Pong and its owner James Alefantis, his background and familyline (Rothchild), his close friendship with the Obamas, the Clintons, David Brock, John and Tony Podesta.

RELATED: PizzaGate The Pedophile Scandal of The American Elites: Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, John and Tony Podesta … The List Would Be Endless

The artwork they buy and exhibit portraying naked, abused and murdered children. About the Pizzagate scandal, the Podesta e-mails, the encoded meaning of the pizza-related jargon, and the shocking secret behind Comet Ping Pong. About Cognitive Dissonance and the psychology of denial…


The torture swimming pool of Gloria Vanderbilt, her son CNN-reporter Anderson Cooper. About fake news, media manipulation & propaganda, the CIA, Project Mockingbird, whistle blower Udo Ulfkotte, the illusion of choice in media land, major sponsors of Hillary Clinton & the Democratic Party.

About the dangers of censorship, Media Matters for America, Correct the Record, Facebook, Google & YouTube, Snopes. About Avaaz and the use of Controlled Opposition…


About Marina Abramovic, Spirit Cooking, the Brazilian healer John of God, 8 cases of alleged suicides by hanging from a doorknob (Dolores Zorreguieta, L’Wren Scott, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Tim Bergling (Avicii), Annabelle Neilson, Aaron Swartz, Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain), the wrath of Hillary Clinton. About worshipping the devil, normalizing cannibalism, the Church of Satan, statues of Moloch. About the Dutch royal family, the Nazi connection, Operation Paperclip, Bariloche, the Bilderberg Group…

RELATED: Clones, Doubles, Actors, Transvestites Hiding in Plain Sight, Holographic or CGI – The Illusions are SO REAL Now.. They Have Become Normal!


About the hunting parties of the European royal families & the elite, Pizzagate, Adrenochrome, survivor accounts, the English royal family, their connection with Jeffrey Epstein, the naked boy trying to escape from Buckinham Palace, the ITCCS, Kevin Annett, 50,000 murdered Canadian children, the evidence, the sacrifice of children throughout the ages, the tradition of the red shoes. About Anthony Weiner’s laptop, his Life Insurance file, blackmail, and the murder of those who speak up…


Q Mystery Book

About the Q-phenomenon, the Q-Anons, the Yellow Vests, the uprise & revolution of the people, the help of Q, the identity of Q and the Truth Movement. About the hints and clues by president Trump, NXIVM, the Bronfman sisters, the Dalai Lama, Frank Giustra. About red-pilling the people, draining the swamp, Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server(s), the mysterious soccer ball at Helsinki & president Putin, Barron Trump.

About the stepping down of 80,000 CEOs, the assassination attempts on president Trump, about the real Russian Collusion, the Uranium One scandal, the Rosatom Deal, bribary, corruption, money laundering, pay-to-play. About Clinton’s & Obama’s high treason, the infiltration by the Muslim Brotherhood, the execution of John McCabe, the encoded flag on his coffin & Osama Bin Laden…


11.The Great Awakening: We are Witnessing the Destruction of The Old Guard

You are witnessing the greatest ‘coordinated’ misinformation attack, campaign, ever to be launched against the public – all in an effort to protect themselves from prosecution, public exposure and regain power, control.

Article here: https://amg-news.com/the-great-awakening-we-are-witnessing-the-destruction-of-the-old-guard/

12. The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia

100-800 AD – an incredibly Evil Society Emerges in Khazaria:
Khazarians develop into a nation ruled by an evil king, who had ancient Babylonian black arts, occult oligarchs serving as his court. During this time, Khazarians became known to surround countries as thieves, murderers, road bandits, and for assuming the identities of those travelers they murdered as a normal occupational practice and way of life.

800 AD – The Ultimatum is delivered by Russia and other surrounding nations:
The leaders of the surrounding nations, especially Russia, have had so many years of complaints by their citizens that, as a group, they deliver an ultimatum to the Khazarian king. They send a communique to the Khazarian king that he must choose one of the three Abrahamic religions for his people, and make it his official state religion and require all Khazarian citizens to practice it, and socialize all Khazarian children to practice that faith.
Read the fuul article HERE: https://amg-news.com/boom-most-controversial-document-in-internet-history-the-hidden-history-of-the-incredibly-evil-khazarian-mafia-must-see-video/

13. QAnon: Where They Come One They Come All. To GITMO! This Revolution Will Not be Televised!

>>Why do we still see these “people” in public appearances and on social media?<<

I believe that this is for optics. If people learned about all of this all at once, it would be very upsetting to them. Feel free to research deep fakes, robotics, body doubles, and cloning and decide for yourself.

Donald Trump’s swamp draining is about to begin in earnest, with political crooks around the country concealing ankle monitors, house fires attempting to destroy evidence at an array of high-profile people’s houses, and Guantanamo Bay being prepared for the influx of American high-profile prisoners.

There is plenty of evidence out there for those who know what to look for. Feast your eyes on these fine examples:

The Executed: Clones, Doubles, Actors, Transvestites Hiding in Plain Sight, Holographic or CGI: https://amg-news.com/the-executed-clones-doubles-actors-transvestites-hiding-in-plain-sight-holographic-or-cgi/

List of Indictments, Arrests and Executions – Dismantling the Deep State Operatives and Doubles: https://amg-news.com/list-of-indictments-arrests-and-executions-dismantling-the-deep-state-operatives-and-doubles/

The End of the World as we Know it – The Fall of the Cabal: ‘Arrests and Executions’. “We Have It All” ~Q! (video): https://amg-news.com/the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it-the-fall-of-the-cabal-arrests-and-executions-we-have-it-all-q-video/

Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp Arrests, Indictments and Executions for Thousands of New Ex-Elite Prisoners – Official Documents: https://amg-news.com/guantanamo-bay-detention-camp-arrests-indictments-and-executions-for-thousands-of-new-ex-elite-prisoners-official-documents/

GITMO Files | The List of Traitors Hanged in GITMO | You Watch The News Every Day But You See “Fake Persons”, Human Clone, Because They Have Been Executed: https://amg-news.com/gitmo-files-the-list-of-traitors-hanged-in-gitmo-you-watch-the-news-every-day-but-you-see-fake-persons-human-clone-because-they-have-been-executed/

14. The Q Team’s Takedown of the Cabal A to Z

The Q Team’s Takedown of the Cabal A to Z

This is your must-watch video for today. It will take time, but you’ll be glad you did. Thanks to the intel team for the share.

This takes the “MAGA Movie Fully Explained” that we recently shared, to new depths. See and hear exactly what President Trump and the Kew Team have been doing since inauguration behind the scenes.

See the symbolism, the clues we missed, and the miracles they have brought about. Learn what was done, how, and why it had to be done that way.

Read more HERE: https://amg-news.com/the-q-teams-takedown-of-the-cabal-a-to-z/

Also: Make GITMO Great Again! A Military Tribunal In GITMO: List of Those Believed Named in Over 71,000 Federal Indictments: https://amg-news.com/make-gitmo-great-again-a-military-tribunal-in-gitmo-list-of-those-believed-named-in-over-71000-federal-indictments/

15. The End of the World as we Know it – The Fall of the Cabal: ‘Arrests and Executions’. “We Have It All” ~Q!


I know this post could get me in trouble, considering the power of the entities that I am writing about, but it’s important for me to share this anyway. I have long had a problem with them, culminating with their surveillance of me in my private life and attempts to censor my writings in various platforms. If they are under the delusion that I am going to shut up due to their intimidation and harassment, they have thought entirely wrong.

Read the full article HERE:https://amg-news.com/the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it-the-fall-of-the-cabal-arrests-and-executions-we-have-it-all-q-video/

Also: GITMO: Which Presidents Are Going? Deep State, Treason, Military Tribunals, Official Documents, List of Indictments – https://amg-news.com/gitmo-which-presidents-are-going-deep-state-treason-military-tribunals-official-documents-list-of-indictments/

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article may not represent the official views of Medeea Greere or the American Media Group. Stories filed under Opinion contain information from various sources that may be both, verified and unverified. Medeea Greere and the American Media Group do not make any claims as to the validity of the information expressed in the opinion section, however we do encourage the reader to do further research on their own and we hope that you will share your findings with us. The mission for the truth requires a collective effort.


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