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Editor’s Note: Thanks to NHNE for submitting this share! Corruption IS the “name of the game” on Planet Earth where “those who have” try their best to bake certain you do not join them!


The DALE, RODNEY Vs UNITED STATES lawsuit, filed in 2009, was aimed at the heart of the de facto government.  Unfortunately (but not surprisingly) the de facto government (USA INC) has elected to ignore this incredibly important legal action.  However, the information and documentation the Class, Weston research team have shared opened the door for another effort to proceed in unison with theirs: the state nullification of the 14th Amendment

“There are 1000 hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root “

-Henry David Thoreau, Walden



The United States ‘government’ is actually a corporation. [1] State, county and municipal ‘governments’ (and agencies) are also corporations and have become part of the federal-municipal corporate franchise system.  This massive corporate structure [2] is founded on commercial/contract/statutory law which does not recognize the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. 

  1. How and when did this happen?
  2. What does it mean to all of us?
  3. What is the ‘endgame’?
  4. Do our ‘elected representatives’ in Washington know about this?
  5. How do we recover our country and our Constitutional rights?


1.     How and when did this happen?

“From its inception, the federal government of the United States of America was created to function as a constitutionally limited federation state. In practical sense, this contracted state is fundamentally an agent for several states of the American union, which had their own Constitutions and their own citizen nationals.” 

“Accordingly, the original federal government—i.e., the United States—did not have nationals of its own. Hence, in a strict sense, a federation state is neither a country nor a nation but is simply a contractually created entity functioning as an agent in certain capacities for the benefit of its creator(s). And the 10th Amendment of the Constitution limited the authority of this federation body.” [3]

There seems to be some dispute as to when the conversion from a Constitutional Republic to a Federal Corporation (USA INC) actually occurred. However, after the Civil War the passage of the Reconstruction Act and the 14th Amendment cemented the Federal Corporation into place giving USA INC control over both the ‘Federal’ and ‘state’ governments. [4]

2.    What does this mean to all of us?

Not long after the passage of the Reconstruction Act and the 14th Amendment, the corrupt Supreme Court gave corporations the same ‘rights’ as live flesh and blood humans in the 1886 Santa Clara vs the Southern Pacific RRdecision.

One year after that, the ‘regulatory agency’ era was born with the creation of the Interstate Commerce Commission. But the ‘regulatory agency’ system was never really constructed to protect the public.  It was designed to control competition through onerous government regulations, and help the corporate mega industries. [5] Example: the Food and Drug Administration was created to help advance oil Baron  Rockefeller’s petro-pharmaceutical industry over the popular natural remedies. [6]  Another example of an agency promoting corporate interests over the public’s well being is the Center for Disease Control, which promotes toxic vaccines on behalf of Big Pharma. [7] And possibly the all-time worst example of a government agency working against the welfare of the public is the United States Dept of Agriculture (USDA).  Outrageously, the USDA co-owns the patent [with Monsanto] on the “Terminator Gene”, which means that the seeds have been modified to “commit suicide” after one season, and will not germinate if they are planted in a subsequent season. This technology could potentially wipe out food on the planet in one season. [8] In fact all of the government ‘agencies’ today are listed on Dun and Bradstreet as businesses.

From this corporation foundation the state, county and municipal governments were eventually all incorporated (they are listed on Dun & Bradstreet) as well. All of this resulted in the construction of the Federal-Municipal Franchise system. We are now truly a  ‘Corporation Nation’. [9] Consequently the term ‘public official’ is really a misnomer.

These government/corporations are run as businesses and have their own ‘investment’ funds (CAFR). [10] Collectively these government-corporation investment funds amount to trillions of dollars being invested by their own managers in the Stock Market each year. Their decisions are made solely on rate of return. The good of the people and/or the protection of the environment are not considerations. In fact the investment fund managers invest in corporations that are actually working against local businesses and farms such as: Walmart and Monsanto. [11]

In 1913 the Congress of USA INC turned monetary policy over to an international banking cartel aka the Federal Reserve. [12]

Then in 1933, in response to the bankruptcy of USA INC (caused by the Federal Reserve), President Roosevelt: [13]

  • commandeered the population’s gold
  • turned the population into collateral against the corporation’s debt via the Social Security system
  • Acquired dictatorial powers (Executive Orders) via the War and Emergency Powers Act


We now find ourselves victims to a profiteering for-profit government/business system that taxes, fines, and penalizes us by way of their ability to write and enforce statutes, rules and regulations ad nauseum.  These rules, regulations, and restrictions are frequently in direct violation of the Bill of Rights and the original/organic Constitution.

Our legal system has been converted to a debtor-creditor maritime system which does not recognize common law or the Constitution. The bankruptcy ‘creditors’ (the international bankster) control our currency and our debt-based economy. [14] [15]

And the corrupt ‘elected officials’ in Washington, District of Corporations, shamelessly take bribes from corporations to pass more and more draconian legislation to further tax and restrict us in the name of  ‘commerce’ on behalf of USA INC and the international banking cartel. Since the murder of JFK no President has opposed the banksters.  Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan openly admitted that neither the President nor Congress has any authority over the Federal Reserve.

3.         What is the ‘endgame’?

The endgame is the international banking cartel’s plan for a one-world government with them controlling the resources and economies of the entire world. If you have read the book 1984 you have an idea of their ultimate goal. Author and former insider John Christian described it as a one world earth corporation run out of London. [16] And turning the United States into a Corporation Nation was an integral part of their long standing plan.  An important step in the implementation of this plan is the ‘federal regionalization‘  of our country (precursor to the North American Union) which was started under Nixon and advanced by Obama.

4.     Do our ‘elected representatives’ in Washington know about USA INC?

Congress was informed in 1967 that the 14th Amendment overrode both the U.S. and state Constitutions and there is evidence of this in the Congressional Record. [17] Then in 1972 a Senatorial Committee researched and reported back to Congress that the office of the President was able to exert dictatorial powers by merely declaring a ‘national emergency’ at will. Since the passage of the War and Emergency Powers Act in 1933 each consecutive president has made such a declaration. [18]

5.     How do we recover our country and our Constitutional rights?

The solution will NOT come from Washington, District of Corporations! Congress has known about these travesties for many years and has maintained the position of willing accomplices. 

Deconstruction of the ‘corporation nation’ is the only peaceful path to recovering a legitimate government that is Of the People, By the People and For the People. 

Since it is on the Congressional Record that the 14th Amendment WAS NOT lawfully ratified by the states [19], the most direct path to the ‘recovery’ of our state governments lies in the hands of our state legislators. They alone have the Constitutional ‘authority’ and obligation to NULLIFY the unlawful 14th Amendment. [20]

Here is a 40 minute audio clip from the Rod Class 12-17-10 TalkShoe program. Rod explains that he is now talking to state legislators who have admitted to him that once they are elected they are told they are working for a ‘corporation’.

Rodney talked about state legislators repealing the following – in order to recover their nation state Constitutional du jure status:

  • The Banking Law of 1863
  • Reconstruction Act
  • 14th Amendment
  • Federal Reserve Act
  • Bankruptcy Act
  • Trading with the Enemy Act
  • War and Emergency Powers Act

State legislators also need to pass legislation creating State-owned banks.  As Bill Bradbury, candidate for Governor or Oregon, said:

“It is time to put Oregonians back to work. It is also time to declare economic sovereignty from the multi-national banks that in large part are responsible for much of our current economic crisis. We can achieve these two goals by creating our own bank.”

See: Campaigning for state-owned banks

It is up to We the People to lobby each state legislature ‘relentlessly’ until they meet their obligations. Things will only get worse (like the TSA controlling air travel and SB 510 controlling all food production) and corruption will continue to flourish until they do!! And unless state legislators WAKE UP, the ‘federal regionalization’(that has been done by Executive Orders – not by Congress) of our country will move us closer and closer to a North American Union structure, thus making state legislators (and our entire state government) obsolite.  This of course would bury the U.S. (and state) Constitution making way for a new ‘agreement’, that has already been proposed, called the New States of America.


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