Ukraine is FINISHED and Blackrock is taking over | Redacted with Clayton Morris – May14, 2023


It’s all about money

Editor’s Note: Many thanks to NHNE for this share!

It’s happening! Ukraine’s President Zelensky has met with executives from BlackRock to auction off Ukraine for profit. He solicited this in a recent speech and now it is happening. In case you were wondering who would be enriched by this war: big business. Not you.

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6 thoughts on “Ukraine is FINISHED and Blackrock is taking over | Redacted with Clayton Morris – May14, 2023

    1. Is there ANYTHING that can be done to keep the Secrets of Ukraine from being exposed? If there is… that is what we should expect them to try. If they can turn Ukraine into a hole in the ground… or a radioactive waste land… they will. What they have created in the labs is inconceivable to the average person. Say hello to Locutus humanity!


      1. It MUST happen this way to “wake up the sleeping folks”. So sad…yet, the payoff is priceless! Question: Do ends justify the means? 😳🌹💕😊


      2. Do ends justify the means? They do in my world. A warrior of light must do what must be done. As well… they must bare the burden… of that which became necessary… by ignorance and misunderstanding.


      3. From my point-of-view, ends do indeed justify means, yet…I like to “flip” the not-so- good stuff into joyful by changing my perspective! Ex: This blog takes a lot of time/$$, yet I Am SO happy to blog, that it becomes my Joy!
        Thanks for reading, snd comnenting, and BEing a support! 😊🌹💕🎉


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