Tucker Carlson – I’m Exposing The Whole Thing – May 14, 2023


Editor’s Notes: (Thanks to NHNE for this share!) Wow… Tucker speaks on “the whole thing” … does he know he speaks of Quantum?

We ALL have the ability to think as we wish, to BE as we wish, and Tucker speaks to that concept being adopted regardless of consequences…who among us possesses that amount of inner FREEDOM? Just sayin… as this concept allows us to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


7 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson – I’m Exposing The Whole Thing – May 14, 2023

    1. TCarlson should stick to Dancing with the Stars. He was entertaining
      and fun to watch. Authentic … enjoyed the show !


  1. True: the Quantum Perspective! All the yet unseen pieces are falling together nicely ! All is motion ! Thanks for the reminder.


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