Raising The Vibration Of Planet Earth: Human Ascension – May 14, 2023


We are in this very movement of time and space to help Earth heal, restore itself, and retune our mother planet to a specific vibrational frequency.

Wise souls are incarnating in this 3D reality, being born in certain conflictive families, and growing in challenging environments to bring their stellar consciousness and uplift those who surround them.

In this way, eventually, Earth will raise its frequency and be re-established as a free port for Cosmic expression and encounters. Then, this place will be a Inter-Galactic colony!

When the time comes, there will be a sense of exaltation. Harmony will be the pattern for human existence. As well as cooperation and unity, creating greater opportunity for all.

The same thing is happening on a universal level. Earth is one of the essential keys to change in this galaxy and Universe, so this is why this story has been going on for so long.

As mother Gaia goes through her transmutation, the combined psychic energy of Earth’s inhabitants, as a global consciousness, will send the message of her transformation process, which will eventually ripple out vibrationally and create a tremendous shift in how all worlds and beings perceive this beautiful planet of ours.

It is our intention to give you a larger perspective on this process. And let your stellar heritage, whatever this is, Pleiadian, Arcturian, or Lyrian… inspire you to be more responsible, courageous, loving, and kind human beings.

Your Cosmic ancestry is much bigger, more complex, and more all-inclusive than you currently recognize.

Remember your ancestry and discover an ancient truth: all existence can be viewed as a fun game to play.

Indeed, it is a game that can become tough if one does not play it by the Divine Laws of the soul. But it is essential to know that certain evil entities, dark moments, or bad endings only have a place on certain vibration levels. On other levels, there are no such things.

This story of human ascension involves all types of Galactic beings who have gathered in this time on Earth. Many are here to deal with their own karma. For them to grow any further in their evolution or search for new forms of energy and meaning of life, they must make sure that other forms of life in this Universe have as much freedom as they desire.

For example, the aim of the Pleiadian mission has to do with finding a way to appease the Mother Goddess. Because it is Mother Gaia with whom we are all connected and working for ascension, they are here to help us.

Many things are going on today: war, economic crisis, and natural disasters. All kinds of phenomena make people wonder what is happening to this world as the global grasp of reality is slipping away.

Understand that it is all in Divine order. The times are changing, and it is not for you to panic over what is coming. It is time for you to feel the exhilaration inside your being. The time you have been waiting for. It’s time for awakening!

I want to remind you that we are your family of Light and are here, by your side, on this quest for Earth’s freedom. As workers, warriors, and ambassadors of Light, you each carry the ability to pull the light frequency into your body and send it all around the Earth.

In this way, Earth herself, a living and vibrating being, can move through her own transition and enter a new life cycle. Some of you are petrified that Earth is being contaminated and polluted and will die. But mother Gaia is pure wisdom and power, and she will come through this process and thrive again.

All the seemingly distasteful and difficult events create the contrast and the momentum needed to move and activate Earth’s seven billion people into change.

You must be an example of this process. “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Others will see that you are stable, grounded, and loving and work in the name of peace and will want to follow you on your journey of ascension.

You are doing very, very powerful work. As a member of the family of light, you are bringing in the age of unified thought, the Golden Age.

As you are able to take in and hold the waves sent from higher dimensions, you will understand that the transformation of this planet is based upon the power of your mind.

This mind revolution is taking hold very quickly all over the world. For now, we may be overcoming cultural limitations and national boundaries. But soon, we’ll all have a broader perspective and continue on our quest of ascending Dimensions.

And remember,

You are not alone.

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of Light.

We are the Galactic Federation.


Divine blessings to all,

Aurora Ray

Ambassador of The Galactic Federation

Copyright 2023 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.


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