Q: White Hats Intel – Don’t Trust Any of Them! ~ May 13, 2023



2 thoughts on “Q: White Hats Intel – Don’t Trust Any of Them! ~ May 13, 2023

  1. Lies…lies….WHAT DO YOU EXPECT. WE HAVE BEEN TOLD FOR MONTHS THAT WE WOULD GET SOME RESTITUTION….REMEMBER $$$$$$$$ THAT GREEN STUFF THAT KEEPS A ROOF OVER OUR HEAD AND FOOD IN OUR BELLIES!! We wait and WAIT AND WAIT,!! You all talk and talk about the breakdown of our world and Economy…..WE GET IT….ITS HORRIFIC,!! So are the lives we are living and which is crumbling! We have been holding on for years…..we know NESARA is many months away….YES WE UNDERSTAND.! Where is the large Social Security increase for SENIORS.?? ALSO THE RESTITUTION PROMISED US WEEKS AGO.?? We ONLY CAN LIVE MINUTE TO MINUTE….STRETCHING WHAT LITTLE WE HAVE LEFT. WAITING,!! I would love to play Golf and have a super meal at a Resort. Many of us have peanut butter sandwiches sitting in a cardboard box under a tree. And we WAIT. NOT ASKING FOR MUCH…..JUST A LITTLE $$$$ in our bank accounts as promised.


    1. So sorry for your financial distress which I share. If I let myself, I might worry how in the heck I will make payments after this month…no $$ in any of my accounts! Yet, I literally choose NOT to worry. Rather, I trust in myself to synchronistically bring that which I need to me.
      As far as promises go…maybe it’s time to let go of promises from others, and promise some things to yourself!

      Example: I promise myself I WILL see my SS provide all that I need! Don’t know how, yet… this is happening for ME! I alive myself, and…I Am worth it!
      Just say this to yourself as often as you want, and BELIEVE it! 😊🌹💕


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