Monumental Millennium Cosmic Commentaries #71-75 — Bennett Ross – May 14, 2023


Monumental Millenium Cosmic Commentaries #71

We are a multiplicity of eternal minds
With energetic frequency patterns
Based on complex mathematical information

We use our bodies like an avatar in a video game
To examine and investigate the physical world

Our universe is generated in a grand cosmic equation
We are exploring our god selves in multiple dimensional diversities

Each of us is a unique expression of the ultimate divine
You are not a drop in the ocean
You are the ocean in a drop

We are avatars with self awareness exploring our transformation
Which is programmed in the forces of reality
We are directing processes embedded in the code of existence

We need to rewire from survival instincts
To a conscious thriving purposeful mode of fulfillment

We let other people trigger us into self sabotaging emotions
Which together with limiting thought forms
Manifest as vibrational frequencies

We allow fear porn to scare us into submission
And become addicted to degrading social media

We are complicit in being mind controlled into a low state of consciousness
But the veil is lifting and the spell is wearing off
Transcendence means ending the trance

Prioritize the soul and unpack your psychological suitcase
Know your worth and evolve into your heavenly self

Transition from the seed you are encased in
And emerge into your new aspect of life
An emergency is where you see an emergence

Go outside of your comfort zone
And live the life you have not lived!


Monumental Millenium Cosmic Commentaries #72

The moon is an electromagnetic computer
That amplifies broadcasts from Saturn to our world
Like a celestial dish transmitting information

Its surface is made up of extremely hard titanium and processed metals
Such as uranium 236 and neptunium 237

Saturn is the Lord of the Rings
There are sound waves emanating from the rings that we are unable to see
They are frequency bands

Crystals are being put into the rings
That dramatically impact the signals
And induce a virtual reality experience

Saturn has a dark cube with a hexagon on its north pole
It is a standing wave from a beamed frequency
Just like its permanent eye storm

The cube is box shaped
Its archon manipulated sound frequency pulls us from the heart state

When you are thinking independently beyond the cube
You are thinking outside the box

Sounds and symbols have the energetic level
Of the frequency field which they represent

The Kabbah at Mecca is a big black cube
It is a symbol of the cube of Saturn

The energy given to it as a holy object goes to the real thing
And helps broadcast the sound wave transmissions of a fake reality system
That we are decoding

Corporations in various countries have a big dark cube outside of their headquarters
The Cube of Saturn is also the square city of the New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation

Humanity is swimming in a sea of energy
We are being broadcast a frequency that hacks the human body computer
Which puts us in a sub reality

We are playing moonopoly

The Saturn Moon Matrix manipulates the photon energy stream
Causing us to perceive what does not exist
And not to perceive what does exist

We go through the waveforms of different epochs
Which give us a sense of limitation

We can only break out of the low vibrational virtual reality bubble
That controls our emotions and suppresses our awareness
By being conscious of it!


Monumental Millenium Cosmic Commentaries #73

Phobos and Deimos are the steeds of Mars that pulled his chariot
They had 7 sisters and were also connected to the Amazons

Phoebus glowed with fire and means terror
Deimos means rout and was famous for his thunder and lightning

The age of gods and wonders came to an end
And Mars capitulated to a steady predictable orbit
Becoming a lone wanderer without companions

In 1726 Jonathon Swift wrote in his book Gullivers Travels that Mars has 2 new satellites
He said Certain astrologers have discovered 2 lesser stars that revolve around Mars

The innermost one is distant from the center of the primary exactly 3 of its diameters
And orbits around it in 7 hours and 39 minutes
Completing a full spin in a span of 10 hours

The outermost one is exactly 5 diameters of the primary away
Orbits around it in 30 hours and 18 minutes
Completing a spin in 21 hours and 30 minutes

It was not until 1877 that the 2 satellites were officially proclaimed
And it was not until 1878 that they were given the names Phobos and Deimos
Who are the ones who pulled the chariot of Ares

Just like our moon the moons of Mars are artificial satellites
And also like our moon were not present hundreds of years ago in the early myth making epoch

They have lights emanating from them and are described as little bright elongated stars
Even though they are pictured by NASA in computer graphic illustrations as dark cratered irregular shaped asteroids
They are also said to be hollow like our moon is sometimes admitted to be

Nergal was accompanied at his left and right by raging demons
They were awesome in number bringing pestilence and causing earthquakes
They moved rapidly acted violently and changed their form hourly

The Furies and Erinyes were a part of them
They flashed flames with their eyes and swung around wheel like torches
They had glowing serpents about their heads
At first they were 1 group but then split into 2

The Vedic hymns call them the Maruts

Your march O Maruts appears brilliant
We invoke you the great Maruts the constant wanderers

Like the dawn you uncover the dark nights with red rays
Streaming down with rushing splendor you have assumed a bright color

The Book of Isaiah describes them as an army of the Most High
The Book of Joel calls them quick steeds whose chariots leap on top of mountains
A fire devoureth before them causing the heavens to tremble and the earth to shake

The steeds of Mars in yesteryear are not the same as the artificial satellites called Phobos and Deimos of today

If our moon and the moons of Mars are advanced alien technology
Then why not some of the moons of Jupiter such as Europa Ganymede or Enceladus
And why not some of the moons of Uranus and Neptune

Actually it looks like that is probably the case!


Monumental Millenium Cosmic Commentaries #74

I get up very early to write
Before I begin I take a little walk in the darkness to awaken myself

I walk up a hill which overlooks the college campus I live near
And I gaze upon the lights and look up at the stars

This morning as I was looking down upon the campus
I noticed an appearance of a phenomenon in the star lit heavens

A long string of lights was slowly gliding across the sky
I stared at it in amazement and realized it was a huge craft
Being barely able to make out the form above the flowing stream of lights

It traveled toward the southwest and was visible for maybe 10 to 15 seconds
Until it suddenly disappeared

A week ago I was working out at the University Rec Center
It was a nice day so I took a break went outside and walked up a little hill that is behind it

A storm was passing to the north so I sat down on a picnic table and watched it
I noticed above the big clouds there was a spherical shaped darker cloud which I thought was unusual

Tall pillar formations of clouds like fluffy basaltic columns appeared below the darker sphere
Which intrigued me all the more

Then all of a sudden there was a bright flash
And a cylinder shaped metallic object became visible in what was the dark area above the columnar clouds

It was visible only for a few seconds
Then it took on the appearance of the white fluffy clouds below it and merged with them

The columned clouds also lost their structure
Which I assume were formed by electrical currents emanating from the craft

The reality of our existence is not what people think!


Monumental Millennium Cosmic Commentaries #75

In the previous era a dragon appears as a obstructive force
Threatening the stability of the world

The dragons assault upon the heavenly kingdom
Results in the obscuration of the former sun
And the imprisonment of the gods

It is only through the intervention of a warrior hero
That the world is saved from the brink of destruction

Upon the dragons defeat the Saturnian sun is restored to its proper place in heaven
And the King of the gods reinstated back into power

In the Vedic account of Indra and Vritra
Indra is confronted by the colossal dragon monster Vritra
Who conceals the sun and threatens the very existence of the world

Indras defeat of the serpent secured the release of the primeval sun
And also its life giving waters

When thou was first born O Indra
Thou struckest terror into all the people with thy thunder

Thou slew the dragon with thy heavenly bolt
Who lay against the water channels of the mountain torrents
And freed the flow of the waters to rapidly descend downward

In the ancient world these eclipses were occasions of great terror and omen
When order was abandoned to the powers of darkness

The slaying of the dragon and freeing of the sun
Is one of the most pervasive themes in myth

Heracles descended into the belly of the beast
And three days later emerged victorious
The only battle scar was the loss of hair

Another version has Heracles escaping from the Nemean lions den

Polynesians relate how their war god Tangaroa was swallowed by a whale
After 3 days he found his way out but became bald

Jason in his expedition to recover the Golden Fleece
Was swallowed by the jaws of a gigantic snake

The parallels to the Biblical Jonah Samson and Daniel should not escape notice

In our world today a lunar or solar eclipse is impossible
The earth is never between the sun and moon
And the moon is never between the earth and sun

The solar eclipse in August of 2017 was obviously fake
Because the direction of the darkening went in the opposite way of the movement of the moon

When we believe the earth is a spinning sphere
When we are brainwashed by a big lie dealing with something so fundamental
It makes other forms of indoctrination a piece of cake!



2 thoughts on “Monumental Millennium Cosmic Commentaries #71-75 — Bennett Ross – May 14, 2023

  1. Yep: A Piece of Cake. Those who believe in the spinning ball, the walk on the moon, the Challenger, Sandy Hook et all are also who took the VAX.
    It reveals the desperate need for Humanity’s Quantum Awakening NOW.


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