Cosmic Frequency News 13 May 2023 – May 13, 2023


Cosmic Frequency News 13 May 2023 – Quiet? Not According To “Mama Earth” – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

There have been 124 earthquakes in the past 24 hours as we move into Saturday, 5/13/2023, with a “5.3” magnitude quake occurring in Japan.

Solar winds are slightly above normalcy at “438.6” km/s.

Solar flares have been thus far “C.3”, “C.4” and “C.9” (almost “M-Class”). Our Sun is still harboring energy for strong “M-Class” flares.

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The magnetosphere is building in pressing particle plasma coming to our planet from the Sun-facing side with plasma also coming in from the far side.

Magnetosphere Pressure 13 May 2023

Cosmic Frequency News 13 May 2023

“Mama Earth/Gaia” is not “Quiet” as some space weather tools are reporting. “She” never is in this “Now” as solar flares and their CMEs of plasma are thrust out by high-powered winds and as our planet’s tectonic plates shift and stir.

There are times of a slower pace, but the movements continue.

As always, the HIGHER SELF of each citizen of the planet can decipher the energetics of the cosmos based upon physical, emotional, and mental responses as transmissions and receptions between magnetite particles of the planet and those who reside on the planet.

Thus, there are times of a more relaxing “feel” to the energetics, and therefore, more peaceful sleep, a reduction of anxiety, no aches or pains, more vitality, and other welcomed experiences—the gentle cleansing and clearing of cellular records.

As most know, however, there are also times when the “communication” between the planet and its citizens is loud and intense—the hard scrubbing away of dense cellular records.

Eventually as increased percentages of Earth/Gaia’s citizenry orient themselves towards the peace, love, and abundance that a “Golden Age” can provide and remain on the “channel” of SOURCE FREQUENCY, such deep cleansings will become unnecessary, and even the gentle ones will not be required.

We will literally awaken to the perfection that we already are at the level of the HIGHER SELF which is our SOUL—the DIVINE.

Let us continue to nurture ourselves as we travel the “Cosmic Sea” whether the waves are gentle or fierce.

We are headed towards the “Sacred Shore of LIGHT”.

It is welcoming us with every surge into our DNA.


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