Odds-n-Ends Tonight – May 12, 2023




Red Cross Expired. 💀

Wait til the world finds out what they did in Haiti.

Intl. Red Cross expresses ‘deep concern’ over Nicaragua closure

RED CROSS goes into areas of disaster, pretends to help


Red Cross is another BIG ONE EVIL entity!


Red Cross receipts — should change their name to Double-Cross




Pffft… OK now the Russians have crossed the line — dissin’ our NASA’s moon landing! 😤😤😤

You can’t handle the PROOF! 🤨😜😁

‘No proof’ US landed on moon – Ex-Russian space boss


Fake Space Force aka NASA Studio Productions


NASA — Naughty Actors Scams All


Stanley Kubrick in an interview of him admitting on film his part in the greatest hoax This footage was filmed in 1999, released in 2015.




Russell Brand & RFK Jr goes on a red pill shooting spree! 💥👀💥

Russell & RFK Jr | FAUCI, CIA Secrets & Running For President – #128 – Stay Free With Russell Brand



Did you guys notice that at the satancon event they tore the pages out of the Bible?

They didn’t tear the pages out of a Koran…🧐


Really good question! 🌹

I wonder if they would allow a song in Times Square that said “God will hold pedophiles accountable for their crimes.”

Just wondering.



The Biden administration is LAWLESS… I would be surprised if they follow the law.


Totally true! 🌹

THIS is why I didn’t want to risk going to the hospital.

We’ve got to Make Hospitals Great Again!!



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